I’m on a mission to rebuild a 109-year old English sailing yacht called Tally Ho. Designed by Albert Strange in 1909, she is a well-known and important historic vessel - but after many adventures she was left in a remote port in Oregon to rot for decades, despite some valiant attempts to rescue her. I bought her and moved her to the Olympic Peninsular earlier this year, and am now starting to rebuild her from the keel up. Eventually I hope to sail her back to the UK.

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  1. Danny Archer

    I wonder how many taps were tapped during this process.

  2. Danny Archer

    0:52 - As a South African, this is a huge relief to find out. Whenever I have heard the word in DIY contexts, I've always thought it was 'corking' and wondered why cork was never involved.

  3. Theodore Omtzigt

    That you attempt these jobs by yourself is scaring me to death. It's impressive that you get them done without injury.

  4. Colin Fletcher

    God bless creation

  5. Peter Gabany, R.G.D.

    I have now watched 31+ episodes and have to say, how do we get you a HotDocs or Academy award for this series. I am beyond intrigued and already a huge fan. I'm also extremely jealous that I am not part of this journey (yet). You are to be commended. The series may not interest everyone, but do run through a few episodes, you may become hooked. Incredible - 5+ Stars.

  6. Roger Sanderson

    Wonderful episode! My father went to sea on the last of the tall ships in the mid-twenties. He taught me knots and splices, and we built a boat when I was 14, splices and oakum were rolled under your foot to even them up. I later watched shipwrights "horsing-up" the seams on wooden Sein-netters on the fish dock slips in Grimsby...Superb craftsmanship by all your team.

  7. lazytopaz

    Just a quick question from a clueless yet curious anon - how much of original yacht body remained after rebuilding it? (sry if it was mentioned in comments or in one of the/this episode/s).

  8. Dannygo Roxy

    What would the world be without bandsaws?

  9. James McGee

    What a corker!

  10. James McGee

    Looking good!!

  11. modelman65

    The only thing I hate about this is waiting for the next video!!! Love this series about the rebuilding of the Tally Ho from Leo & Pete & all the volunteers!!!!!!!

  12. Roy Ryker

    Loved this episode. Pure talent! So impressed by their skills.

  13. Ray C

    There's an American 80's sitcom from back in the called "King of Queens" starring Kevin James, Leah Remini, Jerry Stiller, & Patton Oswalt. In the bedroom scenes of Carry and Doug Heffernan (the shows main characters) as they pan around with the camera filming the show, you can see a black & white picture on the wall of a pretty old sailing ship. The sailboat ..... none other than the Tally Ho. It took me a few minutes to make the connection ... but once I did ... all I could picture was Leo and his project. I wish I could post a picture here.

  14. Ismail Gezen

    Kalo Mehmet [kalafatçı] geldi aklıma

  15. Claes Nycander

    Amazing, I am so impressed! Cant stop watching.

  16. Allan Crow

    I liked Pete already, but now I have mad respect.

  17. Andy Douglass

    Beautiful editing around the pouring process

  18. fenixfp40

    A glass of water is not you, but when you drink it, it is.

  19. Mike Sandberg

    You should sell the wood that was suspect. Great way to raise some more money. Like souvenirs

  20. Kent mcmm Sorensen

    I hope the beef up the supports as they go along, the boat is getting heavier and heavier

  21. Chas Wolf

    So much repetitive motion!! Wow. I'm sure you don't want your hammer to be even a half an ounce heavier than it needs to be. Amazing to watch, as is so much of what you put on your channel - thanks.

  22. Christian McCone

    Rewatching all of the episodes from the beginning and came across episode 24. This is when Leo decided to re-loft Talley Ho. You made the right choice. How sweet it is.

  23. Claes Nycander

    Great boat building show, thanks!

  24. Allan Crow

    Macroplastics(like bags, containers, packaging and tarps etc) eventually break down into microplastics. Microplastics are persistent pollutants that don't break down. All of the ocean's sediments and every cubic meter of seawater now contains microplastic particles, even in remote locations. The microplastic particles are ingested by filter-feeding marine life and passed up the food chain.

  25. Mike Sandberg


  26. Lory

    Kortlan (sp?) 28:37 wins the internet for me today. “... atrophies in front of computer screens...”

  27. Lory

    *Foreshadowing* - 2020 4:18

  28. Lory

    No boat should be built without a parrot on site, just sayin’.

  29. Hunter2323

    Leo, are you having visitors?.. I'd ito stop by tomorrow, May 5th, in the morning..

  30. Mike Sandberg

    Love this channel! Thank you for sharing your life. You are building a very beautiful boat.

  31. kingbilly cokebottle

    Was that a ct90? Mate you really do have impeccable taste!

  32. u tuber

    wow that work sure adze up!!! 🤣😄😲😵👀

  33. YeOldeBaccyFarm

    Pete should have an only fans. Just feet pics.

  34. Emman Miclat

    Wow that engine is nice🤩

  35. Mike Sandberg

    Love your videos! You have a manor about your self that is quite healing. The attitude you exude is very positive influence on the world. You have helped me a lot. Thank you for that.

  36. Andrew Black

    And now it’s finished!!! ithomes.info/net/mqah0tmIhZ-GaXo/video

  37. Grobbelski

    Excellent sound editing on this vid.

  38. Andy Douglass

    Amazing, what a feeling to see teh frames from inside! can only imagine what it felt like to you guys!

  39. Chris Waldron

    ‘Caulking’, same as when you run a bead of silicone as a sealant on a surface/

  40. whotknots

    Leo I really enjoy the cover of Railroad Bill by Wayward Jane but cannot find it to download to my playlist anywhere! Can you offer any suggestions? Not, good at this sort of thing!

  41. Ian Larson

    Am I the only one who found jacking up the boat kind of terifying to watch?

  42. Lory

    Phew!!, 25 watched 71 left... I am now enjoying lockdown.

  43. Douglas Shrugged

    came for the boat - stayed for the critters

  44. Tony Butchart

    Art, pure and simple. Beautiful. Well done lads.

  45. roastduckie

    "I hope to re-use as many of them as possible." LOL

  46. Douglas Shrugged

    naughty fitches

  47. Torsten Behrendt

    Click, click, click, click, click, ...

  48. rob neukirch

    is there a skill that Pete DOESN'T have...? Asking for a friend.

  49. Pat H

    You guys make Maguyver look like an armature.

  50. Peter Gabany, R.G.D.

    Mr. Cross is a gem. The poetry reading was awesome as was the description of his sawmill rig. Thank you

  51. Andy Douglass

    But I notice they all wear gloves on the ships saw from now on!

  52. Jan KOSCHIN

    With a airpressure? By hand much Better. You can feel Better how hard it should be.

  53. Unstoppable Zone

    For comparison, here is another boat rebuilding project I have been following, from Brazil. It is a schooner, severely neglected and I thought really impossible. Now it seems they are making a go of it and having fun in the process. They will retain a lot of wood that looks rotted to me...but I'm not an expert so I'll let others be the judge. :) ithomes.info/net/sMtwzJt7pqysZGk/video Unlike Tally Ho, the owners of YaBa know exactly nothing about boat building and are entirely reliant on the local shipwrights who do seem to have some experience and considerable skills.

  54. Sound

    This is my dreamjob, unfortunately is nonexisting where i live...

  55. Pat H

    Pete up’s his game every episode.

  56. Yirlani

    Once it’s set, does the caulk get hard when you touch it?

  57. Yirlani

    Is it white caulk or black caulk?

  58. David Hancock

    ithomes.info/net/mqah0tmIhZ-GaXo/video Tally Ho sailing on Lake Wivenhoe Queensland Australia

  59. Dr. Albert Sanchez

    what's that funky chicken music? It's like those andean cumbian rols!

  60. gordo mello

    Man, I'm feeling very emotive now. That end even make me drop some tears of emotion! What a great job you are doing! Truly inspiring!

  61. Big Dan

    Why isn't the cotton treated . Linseed oil , plaster , silicone .........?

  62. Christopher DeKenipp

    What a milestone! Congratulations!

  63. taheelur1

    Did you just wake up or something in this video? Jesus dude. Your hair is wild.

  64. Bob Suruncle

    Here's something similar but different. ithomes.info/net/xbCTlr2mrYeJaGk/video

  65. Jeff

    Add - "the best music selection for a youtube channel" to your long list of accomplishments to this channel Leo.

  66. Athertones


  67. Victor Dalziel

    Hi Leo. Essentially just about 3 years too late with this piece of advise. Do you still have the ship saw? The "contraption" made at around 14:38 in this episode (Ep22) is about as old school and ancient as the saw itself. Not sure if anyone else has told you but a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) can do the same function as this device and is very much smaller, safer and efficient. The only thing is you will have to manufacture a mounting box with a dust filter as they don't like lots of dust. We use them in the Bladesmithing/Knife Making industry or hobby to power our 3 phase motors on our belt grinders. The other advantage is that it has is not only does it convert 2 phase to 3 phase, but it is actually designed for speed control so you will have the added advantage of programming it to match the motor of your saw and you will be able to adjust the speed of the motor in accordance with the type of wood you are cutting. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Variable-frequency_drive

  68. Allan Martin

    How much does the first officer make per day? Having a bit of a guessing game with my Dad on how much we think Leo made for that little stint.

  69. Lory

    20 down... 76 to go!! I don’t have much money so I watch every ad. Small help but I enjoy this so much. Thank you Leo.

  70. Tom Hman

    There is another age old trade called a barber. They work in a barbershop. You should try visiting one.

    1. Try Thinking

      Oh god yes. Had one cut my covid hair and beard. Straight razor shave too. It was awesome.

  71. Phyones Arc

    Leo, I cannot stress enough how much I respect you for your calm attitude towards that issue. If I was you I would run around in circles screaming, waving my arms in the air cuz I would have NO idea how to deal with the issue. I would most likely shut it down. So kudos to you. I just hope that this gets resolved peacefully, as a carpenter and a sailboat enthusiast I enjoy watching you guys work on Tally Ho, and I would love to see it in waters once it is done. I tip my hat to you, don't let this pull you down.

  72. J Mc

    That was an awesome vid,I sed to do sand casting for a while years ago and it brought back some fond memories ,and I know all the extra effort you ppl are putting into this project is well worth it now and forever,imagine this boat still being around and in good shape in another 100 years and more.best wishes to all,from,Auckland,New Zealand.👍👍🥰🙂🙂😉💯🦜🦜⛴🙂🙂👍👍👍

  73. J Mc

    Masters at work,very specialized tradesman,obviously very skilled,much respect to them...

  74. J Mc

    Thankyou for showing this,big ups to the caulkers,what a prick of a job,very interesting vid,wish you best of luck with the tally ho,and best wishes to the caulkers and all involved...,from,Auckland,New Zealand 💪👍👍🙂🙂😉

  75. Mark Jarvis

    Why did the caulkers only do short pieces??? is it purely for reach??

  76. Salmonandfriends

    Boot Question : does anyone know for sure which boots Pete has?

  77. Salmonandfriends

    Boot Question : does anyone know for sure which boots Pete has?

  78. Salmonandfriends

    Boot Question : does anyone know for sure which boots Pete has?

  79. Salmonandfriends

    Boot Question : does anyone know for sure which boots Pete has?

  80. TJ

    Hello, I'm Popeye, I'm a sailor and spinach connoisseur. P.S. Here in NEW YORK we call it CALL-KING or CAW-KING. This was one helluva corking good video!!