I’m on a mission to rebuild a 109-year old English sailing yacht called Tally Ho. Designed by Albert Strange in 1909, she is a well-known and important historic vessel - but after many adventures she was left in a remote port in Oregon to rot for decades, despite some valiant attempts to rescue her. I bought her and moved her to the Olympic Peninsular earlier this year, and am now starting to rebuild her from the keel up. Eventually I hope to sail her back to the UK.

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  1. Dudley Davis

    I found this video to represent the best of human kind. This humble and delightful young man has helped me “ survive “ during this horrible pandemic. Leo, you are a treasure, humble to a fault but engaging beyond belief. I join the legends who follow you and wish you well. Keep the dialogue going as you follow your dream.Dudley Davis

  2. Jeff Weijohn

    Please please add your content to rumble.

  3. David Procter

    you learn some thing every day. always thought a citizen swiss was a watch , but as I dont ware a watch what would I know.

  4. Louis Gorman

    any one have any pic of the gaar scott vertical husk that runs the carriage with the small tire , looking to see how the belt drive is hooked up setting up 1890s saw mill ? email [email protected]

  5. cowetaok

    When beating the tops of the rivets why do you use the rounded end of the hammer?

  6. Dragon Dragon

    Gde bi bio svet da su svi ljudi kao ova ekipa. Pozdrav za istu

  7. Carl Blomgren


  8. Kurt Dykstra

    This episode is not part of the playlist. Started getting into episode 87 until I realized that a bunch of planks went up with no video footage.

  9. DonQuixotedeKaw

    Ahoy me hearties! I'm sure it's been mentioned, but in case it hasn't, in another age he would have been called Peg Legs Pete. Especially considering his passions. I love this family of choice. I am in giddy anticipation to see you all out on the water aboard the Tally Ho.

  10. David Scott

    Wonderful! Loved this Pete episode - SOLID dude and I will admit he was a curiosity for me.

  11. Mike Love

    One good thing Pete when get old like me you dont have to worry about cutting your toenails ! Live Life Pete !

  12. Teej 1000

    I always thought that train hopping looked fun, but between Pete and Stobe. I think I’ll give it a miss.

  13. theeUgly Duckling

    What an absolute madlad Pete is. Astonishing video leo!

  14. Wyatt M

    Wow! Pete, I had no idea! Been watching this channel since the beginning! I'm happy you weren't killed also!! I'm also happy you've not let it ruin your life and you've made a great career doing what you love. Inspiring, my friend. God Bless and Peace to you all on the Tally Ho project. - from Myrtle Beach SC USA

  15. Vornamed Nachnamed

    If you'd push Ruben from the boat, you could see a real flying dutchmen ;)

  16. modelman65

    I would like to compliment you Leo on your awesome work ethics young man!!! I am 55 years old & you give me hope in your generation, LOL. But seriously, you are a fine young upstanding man who will go far in this crazy world with your awesome work ethics my man!!!!!!

  17. Gene Williams

    Hey Leo, I have a beautiful stain glass picture of a patriot. I sketched it out as a young man and my mom cutout and assembled. I would love to donate if you could use in boat interior build out. Can send pictures if your interested. Would great to have on the boat in her memory. Good reminder of old poncho.

  18. Greg Fisher

    Now I get the pun stepping on toes too funny .

  19. Viktor Reznov

    I'm from Michigan and see many a old sail boats and sail yachts, it warms my heart as a mariner to such a great feat being made. i showed my grandfather and he said that it looks beautiful. oh and my grandma thinks the parrot and the dogs are cute.

  20. RJ

    oh yah back then they were rated for working horsepower like tractors not like they are nowadays. I think my 1946 truck is rated for 28 AMA horsepower which is 100 hp now.

  21. Moto Machine

    Which country does the wood come from?

    1. Frederick Stibbert

      Leo imported both the Wana & Angelique from Suriname.

  22. David Moore

    It’s so nice to see all of the people drift in and out of this project, the slice of life they’ve shared with us all. I’m glad Rosy got a helping hand with the tools collection. Thanks for sharing.

  23. James

    Ole Cross is smarter than you look

  24. Jonathon Carstens

    Hey Leo, please consider uploading videos to odysee as well! IThomes/Google is awful for many reasons.

  25. Joseph higgins

    One of your best.

  26. marina brizard

    You are congratulated 100% efficiency, I just took the courage to buy a used boat, however I don't have your skills, I need something in a better state of conservation, but it is fantastic to see that you can do a lot by yourself. congratulations!!

  27. John Hackney

    Boat builders, worldwide, have a very strict dress code. Rock on.

  28. John

    This project is doing a lot of good - very uplifting. Good timing for the times✌️

  29. Drop_D Tuned

    Hi Leo. I have now watch all your restoration videos. This episode by far is the most memorable. Adding Steve’s telling of that story was a brilliant stroke. Tally Ho!

  30. pepechen

    This chapter blew my mind, Pete you're admirable, you make light of it but it's remarkable. Lovely place you've got in the port, very nice. What a great bunch.

  31. Pavel Komarov

    Saw that dust and immediately knew it had to be Padauk

  32. Dave P

    A really lovely, quite touching video. Tally Ho is a wonderful project, shining a positive light in dark times.

  33. Jon Erlandson

    very interesting system... still... diesel either needs to be treated for bugs.. or consumed before it get 'em...

  34. S C

    Steel toed boots.....steel toes! You are an excellent shipmwright

  35. Jon Erlandson

    the cabin is goin to be interesting...

  36. Andrew kim

    The fluttering pastry archaeologically lie because vessel extragingivally wave worth a volatile pie. deranged, awesome event

  37. Chris Debono

    My five year old son comes in the room and says what's Leo doing today dad? ☺️


    Just recently came across your channel via Keith Rucker. I'm so glad he was doing a job for you. Love your passion for this Eleventy One year old yacht. I bet it will look absolutely gorgeous when you have finished. That Purple-Heart is damn beautiful wood. Just stunning!!!! So satisfying to see the scarf joint come together, just incredible craftsmanship. Damn excellent scarf joint Buddy!!!

  39. Kevin Murano

    Good luck Rosie with your new tools, it’s amazing to be able have tools passed along for a dying breed.keep up the hard work.

  40. Nick Parker

    That leg reveal was the biggest "What the WTF?" moment I've had since "I am your father" in Empire Strikes Back. Outstanding cinema.

  41. E. M. Buck

    So, now that we know that Pete has no feet, maybe you can finally tell us about the finger incident? Glad to see you all well and making good progress. Cheers and best wishes to all of you, and thank you all for sharing your journey with us!! ⛵

  42. Nathan Edwards

    I can now understand why Pete is so handy around the yard.😁. Well done.

  43. Soma Devo

    Classic project and classic crew.....so much to admire here

  44. Michael Taravella

    I love Pete! What a beautiful human being. I love watching him work. He's so crafty and methodical.

  45. Matt Zoerner

    Well your pretty bad ass Pete, and have a talent most of us only wish for. Best part working in cold weather your feet wont get cold.

  46. M Richardson

    pete just take it one step at a time as you have a major FEAT to accomplish.

  47. OldSkool 55F100

    Pete you are a certified bad ass...

  48. Farage82


  49. Ronan Audren de Kerdrel

    Bravo Léo pour ce magnifique projet de reconstruction. Bien plus que ce chantier naval c'est surtout une véritable aventure humaine, au regard du parcours de vie de Pete votre bras droit, qui sous son air rustique se cache un garçon sensible et intelligent. C'est d'ailleurs incroyable quand on réfléchit bien, Tally Ho a subi la dureté de la mer et Pete la dureté de la vie mais au bout du compte les deux finiront par se relancer. N'est ce pas ça la vie !

  50. promielex

    just in case Pete hasn't heard this song. ithomes.info/net/nMyz1MeEb41rjpg/video

  51. Barry Tonner

    Wow...Pete....new found respect, not only for your expertise at boat building, but for you admiral (pun intended) courage and ability to carry on.

  52. thecapturban

    English birth, American Purple Heart, Southern Live Oak, west coast nails, and worker bees from around the world... Thats a hell of bloodline Tally Ho is amassing! She truly will be a boat of the world when this all done!

  53. Georgie Tirebiter

    Cecca is my favorite 👍😁. You lucky bastard, Leo 🤪

  54. Tiger Traveler

    Its not 100 year old. .... its a new ship

    1. Titus Pullo

      According to Lloyd's of London, it is a 111 year old ship.


    had visions of the ground being too soft and it just keeling over into her house...pun intended haha, glad it didnt

  56. tom salisbury

    It would be super cool if everyone who got the tool box would add one new tool that they used in their use of the tools.

  57. maxim rickard

    Thank you Pete and Rosie for sharing. A very uplifting and well told episode.

  58. Iain King

    Hi Leo hope your Christmas and New Year were happy and safe, stay free of COVID and we will see you in 2021 looking all happy and well. Hey where is your girl friend haven’t seen her for ages. Cheers from Oz

    1. on4xb

      She is stuck in the UK for almost a year now: Covid travel ban

  59. Joseph Bianco

    I'm wondering who the better shipwright is, Pete or Leo?

  60. Don Nelson

    It's so inspirational to see you carry on the work of our ancestors and get a feel of what it took to create our past. Great work and dedication Leo.

  61. Patrick Hayes

    system is fitting for a boat of this age. She has had different motors across the decades, others have updated the system, you are continuing that progression.

  62. Patrick Hayes

    ok, one more time I am finding I should have watched the whole video before commenting. I like the hybrid option noted, especially the regen aspect. I was failing to account for redundancy. An all electric drivetrain would give you all you needed, though requires some ability to troubleshoot an electronic system, your hybrid is a better failsafe.

  63. Bryce Pelletier

    I am actually very pleased to have seen this more in depth view into who Pete is. Fantastic segment! We do appreciate you Pete!

  64. Aluminium workboat project

    Someone should have asked ”pete, what are you doing” when he was riding those trains. :-/

  65. thecapturban

    Poncho in a hard hat.. Dats gonna b funny

  66. Sandy White

    Sorry, also wanted to know why you plank one side then the other, both up and down? Is it because of evening out the stress on the timbers and keeping even all the way through?

  67. Sandy White

    Leo, Pete and Gang, wonderful video compalation, always great to see the new posts and fantastic that the loaner tools start with Rosie! Keep it up and pass it along.

  68. SHANE'O

    Peg leg pete make one out of wood

  69. CaptainToyota

    Im SO ready for Fastnet 27 prep on tally ho. So much to do after she is launched

  70. trut hurts

    you are building much more than a boat, which would seem to be a big enough job. You are also building a lasting video record that will have a long life of its own. Very, very nicely done...

  71. Michael E Jean- louis

    Please get Finn back

  72. gwheyduke

    OMG ! Had no idea Pete had prosthetic legs ! He has really awesome sailboat too. BTW - What is the difference between wanna wood and angelic wood ?

    1. Frederick Stibbert

      They are both tropical hardwoods. Angelique is heavier & stronger than Wana.

  73. Michael E Jean- louis

    Mate go with yanmar kubota is not made for the sea,yamaha is also making simple marine diesels do not go german its the best but lots of electronic that perkin from your friend will also be better than marinising any engine

  74. Colin Jones

    Leo I have a cox caulking gun like they are using on the Flyer if you need it let me know. Great job in the channel.

  75. J S

    No Feet Pete is bloody brilliant. If you can't laugh at yourself then you don't have a sense of humor.

  76. Paul Cockram

    A question for Leo and anyone out there - after planking what next, would it be internal fittings like the work around the engine install and secure locations for the mast. I am just really interested in any ones thoughts.

  77. thisnicklldo

    Pancho says "So what, if I can't fly. I can climb, I go places. None of my relatives get to eat as many different types of wood as me, and for sure none of them have built a yacht single-winged, like me. You can't do everything". Pete is an amazing guy, also.

  78. Michael E Jean- louis

    Only in US they will use a 16 wheeler to bring a small case like this

  79. Laurent-22

    Très touchants témoignages...Belle équipe!

  80. Sailing Citrine Sunset

    Nice video.