Lofting the Lines; Part 1 - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP24

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Lofting the Lines; Part 1. Support; Become a Patron;
    This episode, I take some more measurements of Tally Ho’s current shape compared to her original lines, and make a big decision about how to go about bringing her back to a more authentic and elegant shape. I have a visitor from England and we set about building a lofting floor in the workshop, making some very long battens, and beginning the actual process of lofting the original plans up to full size.

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    Live Oak Transport; from Iron City, GA - Sequim, WA.
    2 Bundles of 10 slabs of timber. Could be stacked. Oddly shaped, but approx. dimensions are;
    #1. L=12’, W=48”, H=32”
    #2. L=14’, W=32”, H=30”
    Combined weight = approx 5000 - 7500lbs
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    24. Lofting the Lines; Part 1

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    1. RJ

      I do and don't envy you lofting this, it took me like a month to do my 15 ducker part time.

    2. calartian85


    3. Andrew Mantle

      I can't afford to contribute financially but love this content truly.

    4. bart deVos

      I just noticed your roller skate collection, I love your enthusiasm!

    5. toadamine

      I yelled repeatedly when she repeatedly bounced the 60" straight edge, end wise, off the concrete... "STOP" "NO" "I WILL CUT YOU!" 🤣🤣🤣

    6. Mark Jennings

      So nice to attractive girls swinging by :-)

    7. Terry Smiley

      Thank you so much for sharing what I call pattern drafting! As a copper smith it is one of my favorite skills, and seeing it done on such a complicated form is amazing!!!

    8. Up North Yooper

      A pretty girl always makes the video better.

    9. ImHibby

      Amazing. Quick question is it possible to use something like the scarfing jig to hog out a bulk of material from a keel with a router? Is the power planer quicker?

    10. Harbour Dog

      14:02 Of course a completely different scale, but I'd also recommend "The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships" by C. Nepean Longridge, it dissects every single thing you need to know.

    11. Harbour Dog

      My god but this guy is brilliant. A solution for every problem, and meticulous attention to the smallest detail. These videos are the best thing on YT.

    12. Phil Rant

      A wise decision, to almost rebuild her is a good opportunity to rectify and errors or changes from her design. Otherwise you may regret not doing so when you had the opportunity. Bon Chance!

    13. Nicolas Jacquemin

      hole in a socket, classic british fashion :-p

    14. Chris K

      7:50 But if you decide to use a table saw without a riving knife installed or a jointer without a guard, don't be amazed if you lose at least the tip of a finger in your career. Everybody has the right to set up their shop how they like and use tools however pleases them. They don't have the right to ask others to use tools that haven't got safety products installed.

    15. Heid Bumbee

      Offsets. Super awesome once you get in to them

    16. Jason Peeters

      Would have been cool, if you would have drew it on the concrete directly and then seal it. The plan would have been a part of the shop then! Greetings from Belgium.

    17. Grunions

      This is absolutely majestic

    18. J Hemphill

      Classy way to tell the safety nazis to get stuffed.

    19. Nick Maiorelle

      Do you see the irony in your comments in this episode about machine technic and safety? Asking out of massive respect for you. I truly love your work. But can't help smiling at your comments here about respecting your technic when in in the near future you lose part of a digit. While you won't tell us how (fair enough, maybe one day?), but have eliminated several power tools, I'm going to put my money on the planer.

    20. Real Talk with Aaron

      the "stone sons" built the boat

    21. John Daut

      You will be doing what my profession was. You will be a real Draftsman!

    22. Twotone

      It has struck me that to be one of Leo's friends you have to have a piercing.

    23. ClayZ

      This is your coolest episoid.

    24. John Doe

      Lol and your judgment goes here.......

    25. KSD Zafeer Gaming

      Nice bro

    26. Sailing Circles

      This helped me wrap my brain around certain aspects of lofting and reading the offset tables. Thanks

    27. amazonhippie

      You’re like Alby Mangels. Different chicks in each video. 😆

    28. James Fenton

      I built a home for myself and the wife, the second it was done, I got divorce papers. The tooling has been stored for 11 years, I just got a new tool shed and room to deploy the tools again. The woodworking stuff has been underneath all the car repair stuff for so long I almost forgot how it works. Watching you make battens inspires me to get on with it and build some aircraft, miniature aircraft are cool, very much like a boat. Never getting married again, did it twice and it is entirely overrated, it's like building this ship and having it taken away. Never give up, not with women, not with buildings, not with ships or planes. Never give up on dreams, it's what makes us free....

      1. Kristian Holsting

        James Fenton i wish you luck man

    29. philip Brailey

      Now I can build a boat tonight.

    30. tacitus101010

      Leo: hurts self Caelia: finds that hilarious

    31. The Pocky Jocky

      Watching this in 2020 has me thinking Leo was prophetic in his endorsement of the mask

    32. KAVIN

      This was the most confusing episode so far

    33. Balázs Monori-Kiss

      This was awesome! Thanks for the deep explanation!

    34. Andrew Davies

      These videos are incredible! Loved the explanation of the lines plan!

    35. Bill Brand

      This is an absolutely fascinating video. Your standards are unwaveringly high, which is inspirational, and your work ethic heroic. Learning so much.

    36. Peter Brickwood

      What happened to Caelia the magnificent music maker.

    37. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    38. SEND FOR A CAR

      Your attention to detail is impeccable.

    39. Rod Christian

      Quite simply wonderful ,cheers Leo

    40. Dan O'Neill

      "and please allow me to use mine" most hopeful plea I've ever heard!

    41. Seanoldio Sweatio

      I'm here for the technical explanations

    42. Simon Ek

      Down the rabbit hole he goes.

    43. Vaughan Holtom

      Fiar play regarding ability. I totaly understand. It's all about experience and respect!!!!!!!

    44. tactus tenebris

      inking a snap line would have been quick!

    45. Divided We Fall

      These Albert Strange plans you often reference, were these available via the web or a historical database? It's great that you have the actual numbers as planned. From N.Cal. These videos beat all the chaos/nonsense on TV, great work, thanks.

    46. Ray Masek

      Never been into boats, but I do know a few people in Burnham-on-Crouch who are. This channel has really opened my eyes to the engineering involved and the traditions. Thanks so much for your explanations and sharing your skill.

    47. Ip sissimus

      My copy of the book you mentioned, Boat Building by Howard I. Chapelle, as well as his Yacht Designing and Planning, are always to hand by my desk, together with Modern Practical Joinery by George Ellis, first printed 1902, absolutely the best book ever written for bench joiners.

    48. Turnedover Woodstudio

      Just discovered your channel a few days ago, so i am a bit behind. Great to see how you handle it most time single handed.

    49. Tim Larcombe

      Pure class in every respect

    50. Blaž Bohinc

      7:52 lol he knew he was gonna get flack for using flattener the wrong way XD

    51. Josh Drexler

      When you were so painstakingly scarfing the keel joint I was wondering why you didn't make a router scarfing jig...precisely like the one you made to scarf the battens. Only larger, to fit the heroic dimensions of the keel. Routing wouldn't be intended to take down the entire keel scarf, but rather to accurately set (rebate) the edges of the scarf and perhaps a few depth indicating dados down midlines as well. The remaining bulk of wood would then be taken down flush with the index rebates and dados, by planes and chisels, as you did. If the scarf profile were to be initially cut from 12/4 stock, resawing would then guarantee that left and right halves of the jig would be identical. I was surprised to see you break out a scarfing jig for the battens, when you didn't use one for the far more difficult and demanding task of scarfing the keel.

    52. OccasionalGamer

      Mad dogs and Englishmen! I admire your tenacity and gumption as much as your skill and craftsmanship.

    53. Old Scout

      I understand this is a year old, but listening to you talk, I just thought how much easier it would have been if you had done this in English.

    54. Default Name

      por la carretera🎶🎶 i like your choice of music... any recommendations on Spotify playlist?

    55. Bob Vines

      Leo, you have some of the best friends in the world to come over from England to visit & help. Also, thank you for the lofting class -- aircraft use the same basics, at least older ones do. In my career (aircraft-related), I had to deal with lofting drawings and was totally confused by them. I had no experience with them, but finally was able to scale them with a ~12-inch proportional protractor to get the data I needed. Now I need to order that book, even though I'm retired. ;)

    56. Jimmie Flanagan

      I worked in the last lofting attic on the west coast for “ships”.In other words for three masted fully rigged ships. To give you an idea they used to play high school football when the weather was bad or when the boys were bad. By the time I got to Highschool the Loft was long gone the Harbor Freeway wiped it out.Oh what was my job a very young “gopher” I would go for what ever my grandpa wanted.

    57. Orxenhorf

      7:45 - Nothing, NOTHING, in your "experience and ability" makes the way you are using that jointer with no blade guard, a loose t-shirt, and leaning over into it safe in any way shape or form.

    58. Paul and Sue Roberts

      How come you get all these lovely girls to work for you!

    59. TheJustonemore

      She likes the Camera, she should definitely be boat Crew and spindles should play when you have a launch Party.

    60. bfarm44

      I have never so thoroughly enjoyed an explanation of a lofting floor as I have this. Wish I could get my hands on a printable size to hang in my shop. Completely fascinating to me

    61. SFtruckerWolf

      The saw can play little same way as that liner.

    62. Gruntslayer 35

      how do you have so many friends who can just visit for weeks at a time

    63. Gene Goodman

      No wonder your hair is such a mess, after that episode of explaining how to get all these measurements just right, there's so much steam and energy coming out of your head, it's a wonder you have any hair at all. I don't know how much your paid to come back to the UK to work on the other boats but your knowledge is worth a hell of a lot. I have noticed your ability to make anything is second to no one. The work that you will do to get the drawing and or piece of wood that your making perfect is out of this world. Leo you are something else. I am so glad I found you and Tally Ho. Stay safe

    64. Jeff Collins

      What's the difference between a boat builder andca shipwright?

    65. Samuel Taylor

      Damn, I cringed when she purposely banged the straight edge on the concrete. And you filmed her doing it! I hope it was your straight edge.

      1. Cliff Stevenson

        Worth the risk to see her pleasure. Priorities.

    66. Andrew Acampora

      I have Ben watching for a few days now and I've got to say, this is awesome just a grate idea and a tremendous under taken ,I love it

    67. travis dunn

      Are people in england less fond of PVA? As opposed to polyurethane glues?

    68. Martin Matias

      you are using your tools corectly :) keep up nice videos i subscribe inmediatly thank you. !

    69. Kjartan P

      Warning. Lots of technical talk.... Gimme more technical talk! I need them books 😁👍 I have a great view of an old Cutter outside. It has been laying there on a reef since the 70's though, but it was my great grandfather's uncle who had it and it is the only one left from the fishing fleet here in this little pearl of a place a bit outside Bergen. It's called Alf built in 1918 it was at least at one time 36 long 13.5 wide and 6.0 deep and I think it was from Sweden but that's just a theory from a nicname. It looks good but it has to be quite in a state by now sadly. The fellow who owns it is 80 something now so maybe a little more than a fair bit of interest would make him want to give it up to me 😉

    70. fenixfp40

      Proper lofting socks are available on amazon

    71. Jasan Grey

      omg Caelia's music is so lovely

    72. Richard Bohling Sr

      This gives some explanation of how you draw a 3 dimensional object on a 2 dimensional surface. Sometimes making wood bend to the desired curves in near impossible, so you do the best you can.

    73. Charles Reliable

      Excellent Documentation, for a hundred years.

    74. anthony rondolino


    75. mick coomer

      Old rallying trick. Wipe the inside of your goggles with a potato. Let it dry. Buff if off. Job done.

    76. john smith

      wow the skill he has and so young

    77. Joe Kahno

      One of my younger brothers worked at a shoe company when such things still existed in the US. I had an opportunity to walk through a large room full of heavy leather stitching sewing machines being operated at breakneck speed by people paid, "piece rate". Your wood working isn't even close to THAT cringe fest.

    78. BirdDog Mason

      Did you get the load of lumber from Ga?

    79. Dave Weber

      Stunning... Absolutely incredible. Your attention to detail, your integrity and passion to rebuild the boat as the original engineer had pictured it in his mind's eye, and drawn it (down to even correcting his possible errors in arithmetic - by the way, is that not a job for a computer, all those calculations?! :-) ) is utterly amazing - and a joy to watch. And that colorful bird in so many of your shots, that's just hilariously appropriate! :-) I have rarely binge watched You Tube videos for this long - but this has been my day, today, watching 1 through 24, lol! Thank you, for so much solid entertainment, and challenging, thought-provoking education. If I were able to, I would contribute in some way...

    80. Tim Fevens

      Loft twists my mind as I try to follow what is being done. I understand it, but to follow it is crazy

    81. Sen Sey

      Not sure of your relationship with all these fine women visiting you, but way to man.

    82. 797cc

      Very impressive project, Leo! When you were discussing options to address the discrepancies in hull form between the port and starboard sides I was sure your solution would be to mirror the undamaged starboard side on port. That in itself would have been an arduous task. To instead return to the original plans and offsets and loft it all out full-scale is as admirable as it is bold. I know from studying naval architecture in the era of long drawing tables, battens and chisel-point pencils, how much of a challenge it can be on paper to arrive at a hull form that's fair in all three dimensions. But to apply that to an existing hull that's over a hundred years old... Again, impressive. Hope it all works out!

    83. Christopher Moore

      Okay... I'm a numbers geek and this is, by far, my favorite episode in the whole series. There was no way in hell that I was going to "skip ahead" and miss the explanations of how to translate the original plans into a lofting floor reality.

    84. Matthew Defer

      Favorite IThomes series ever!!!!!!!!!

    85. hansa

      What you have explained below is the exact same thing that happens in most mechanical things like that over a lifetime, like race cars and airplanes (however you do have to pay a bit more attention to the shape of certain items) but the overall effect is the same!

    86. razvan isa

      Respekt 🤝✌❤

    87. Grady Harper

      An excellent video. Thanks.

    88. Paul McGee

      I wonder if you might have any idea about how CAD and 3D visualisation might play into this design, or redesign, process in the future?

    89. Michael Patterson

      It is incredible that the same principles of modelling 3d existed before modern scanners. It would be a great benefit to have it 3D scanned to act as a precise "as built" example of a wood boat. It would help future generations to understand that it is vital to be flexible and compromises don't necessarily mean that the end product is inferior.

    90. lookronjon

      Hi Leo. Good job. Your a great teacher. Thanks.

    91. John Duffy

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    93. Андрей Голиков

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    94. nrm swen

      nrm swen 1 second ago Unbelievable ! I've been voyaging for 37 years now with my DownEast 32 from SF, CA to Mexico and South Pac, have built 3 home/cabins and all I can say is "what a project"! You have my admiration! What a wonderful career and life you have ahead of you with your drive. I'm almost 80 and respect you as a creative, high adventure individual! Thank you for sharing!!

    95. Andy C

      If you drill two small holes top and botom on the outer edge of each of the polycarb lenses. should let some air movement in to help stop the fogging. Not personally tried it but seem someone doing a house build in ridiculous weather try it with great success.

    96. Andy C

      I knew it and you knew it. well done on a hard but correct decision I think.. Oh and is this TT No 5 already.. :-D

    97. HozelRocket

      20:16 - "It's quarter past nine and I really should have some supper, but I can just tell that this process is just starting to get to the really fun bit". *drinks beer* and keeps working !! Guess things ARE more similar the world over. Cheers.

    98. Kirk Hancock

      There is no better word for Leo than "Craftsman". It is a pleasure to watch these episodes. Doing the job right means planning and doing all the bits - easy and hard. An excellent result only comes if the whole process was done well at all stages. I completely understand how a lack of fairness at one [or more] spots would be a nagging ache if not dealt with properly. Cheers.

    99. Mier Beuker

      8:01 I'm sorry, but this would just not be possible, as I have an opinion, and a keyboard, and more importantly, have never built anything myself. Therefore, as you can not point out any mistakes I have ever made, you have to do it the way I say. Let me start by saying you are doing everything wrong, obviously. You even have the wrong breed of dog. Just kidding. No dog is wrong in any way. But seriously, your saw is the wrong colour, your tools are not hanging straight down, the labeling on the drawers are atrocious, and don't even get me started on those socks. And what happened to your hair? Did you insult the local witch? Your pencil is not sharpened correctly, you do not eat on time, and lofting is when you crash with someone that lives in a loft. So don't try and fool anybody with all those fancy words that you use out of context. I see what you're doing. I even caught the "transom" you threw in there. It's pronounced ransom, and it's when you kidnap someone, and ask for money to return them. Did you really think you were going to fool anybody by just throwing a T in front of it, and expect everybody to just assume it's a new word? Well I think not. That was just pushing it too far, and just because of that, I am not even going to tell you how to do it the right way. So there.

    100. Chad M

      We know where you dropped anchor this week sailor.