Restoring a HUGE vintage Ship Saw / Bandsaw - Rebuilding TALLY HO EP22

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Restoring the Ship Saw. Support; Become a Patron;
    This episode, I take some measurements and consider the hogging of the hull of the 1910 yacht TALLY HO, and then use jacks to bend the whole boat back into shape, having removed some of the Iron Floors first. I borrow a forklift, and then start the process of moving and restoring a massive vintage ship-saw - which is like a huge bandsaw but with a static table and a rotating cutting band. This impressive tool could be over 100 years old - perhaps even older than TALLY HO herself!
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    22. Restoring the Ship Saw - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP22

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    1. Sampson Boat Co

      Thanks all! Note; the url in the video for Sorbatto is incorrect - should be

      1. Chris Hubbard

        I’d have them come out and put a logo and webaddress on both sides of the forklift. That you aren’t plugging and they get a bit of advertising for the loan. Win win.

      2. faircompetition1

        Love the hair .

      3. Tom Hutchins

        Taewachien He probably should not run around with a lady that could kick his --------

      4. Cssfiend

        try and persuade those sorbatto guys to try a blackcurrant version

      5. Gary Brown

        Send me a copy too

    2. Richard Perrin


    3. Joe Scola

      Wow I love the fact that the previous owner wanted to see it go to a good home! I have restored 2 antique cars and I'm sure my son will car for them when I'm gone. A good home for them is all I can ask for when I'm gone.

    4. David Black

      I am surprised that they didn't completely strip / repaint the green parts. Seems like chips of paint could break off and get into things. I'm sure that they sanded off all of the obvious rust. But at that point why wouldn't they have taken a little bit of time and repainted it? That would stop the rusting process from continuing. Mind you, I'm not saying that I know better. Just someone who appreciates old machinery.

    5. awfurby

      All these people helping out - it's really great to see.

    6. calartian85

      Just found you the other day. I am enjoying this very much. Cheers from Coupeville.

    7. Steverino

      That's pretty impressive- a treadmill powered excavator!

    8. Benjamin Scoville

      The guy in the saw photo is really hot haha -- just me?

    9. Слоупок Ленивецшвилли

      Шо за тёлка? Женюсь!!

    10. Mark Deus

      That Gigantic bandsaw has a nice history to it indeed. It was used in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones as General Grievous personal vehicle.

    11. John Pandolfino

      Beautiful saw.......a real piece of history......use it well......

    12. Stephen Charles


    13. Jack watson

      Can I have a job please, former kiwi boat builder

    14. Up North Yooper

      love that saw!

    15. JG and E

      slightly frightening.. anyway.. keep going. catching up on the videos after a late start..

    16. hnnnggh

      great saw. great neighbor.

    17. Roger D Deane

      So committed and conscientious. Most of us would have given up by now.

    18. K.D. Pearce

      That saw was made by the Crescent Co.

    19. Hector Aguilar

      Them arms on Andrea dayyum

    20. Nic Harding

      Another great video, well done!

    21. drail80s

      Hi, that knot you are using at 2:10 is a Truckers Cinch or Knot correct?

    22. C O

      Classic boat building is a chick magnet. I'm in the wrong biz.

    23. C O

      Funny you are subscribed to David Waelder channel but not Jimmy Diresta. Machinist Keith Fenner out of Cape Cod has a fantastic marine oriented machine shop.

    24. Samuel Willis

      The bird is having a Dog's Life!

    25. Vee Dragon

      That saw is incredible! What a find!

    26. J Hemphill

      Wow! That ship saw beats the crap out of the jury-rigged one the other channel uses for Arabella.

    27. Dennis Medina

      🔨🔨fortunate to come across one of your videos and was real impress with it and now a “SUBSCRIBER”🔨

    28. Umwz Hills

      Thank you Leo, (and now Pete) a wonderful display of quality craftsmanship. It is so great to know shipwrights and their art still survives and is flourishing.

    29. Real Talk with Aaron

      should have had your show at his place years

    30. Tom Oakhill

      I hope that as I binge-watch these videos, 2.25 years after this one was made, that there comes a video where there are hand-made, wooden, guards over those two giant DEADLY wheels of that ship's saw, and over the open chain and belt drive system. It is incredibly easy to get tangled into that sort of mechanism and it will be FATAL ! Death happened in an instant on an historic steam engine at Greenfield Village: Leo can make mistakes. Leo forgot the chain 18:35, that sort of error around those two huge wheels will result in a horrible injury, or death. Cover that saw.

    31. Tom Oakhill

      In the previous episode, Leo moves several thousand pounds of purple heart into position. This being the sort of thing the average couch-potato does, Leo goes down to the beach to get some exercise by running. LOL.

    32. Tinysim

      The electrical setup is really an old school way to convert power. A variable frequency drive would be more efficient. Many will run on single phase and output 3 phase.

    33. Android480

      This gives me memories of Fred Dibnah

    34. Bryant Lehman

      Andrea: you are a badass. I’m scared of you but I want to take you out for coffee all at the same time.

    35. Акакий Татьянович

      Hey! Andrea! A wanna to marry you !!

    36. bistromathics6

      In hindsight, it looks like this one piece of equipment changed the whole project. Am I wrong?

    37. Edghar The Explorer

      Saw Andrea and thought ... there will be comments on her. I was not disappointed 😋😆

    38. xpez

      I am digging this idea of a small village rallying behind the reconstruction of this vessel.


      Love the shipbuilder's haircut! Very nautical.

    40. 50gary

      I wonder why the Ship saw was dismantled for transport? It's not that large or heavy to move as a piece. I work at a machine shop we move. machine tools all the time. I'm not being critical but it could have saved a lot of time? I'm now going to be somewhat critical haha, at about 18:00 there's a helper in the woodyard wearing flip-flops! I'm not an OSHA guy but that's a stretch.

    41. James Fenton

      I love seeing old equipment being used, it needs to be used to survive. Lost my old diesel tractor in the divorce, and that's what hurt me the most. It's pretty sad, it was a very nice tractor, the Ex wasn't so nice.

    42. SparkeyDogfish

      Was the “User Manual “ on Google? Lol!

    43. Denny Fuller

      16hrs of watching Leo build and Andrea was the best part of the 16hrs invested

    44. Ian dlV

      Most tools and machines can be bought new BUT the Ship Saw was a fantastic find making the special shapes much easier.

    45. David Grenis


      1. Schnapps ist gesund!

        1stly, you accidentally left Caps-lock on, that makes it very annoying to read 2ndly, by the time you wrote this, Leo has allready postet a new video in which he started making new "floors" (those braces) out of bronze 3rdly, this project isn't about saving money by buying used, but about restoring a piece of history (building a new boat would be much cheaper and Leo knows that) 4thly, Leo surely knows MUCH MORE than you do, aside from the fact, that today's boatbuilders have an extra 100 years worth of knowledge at their disposal, so Leo might very well know more than the original Boat builders 5thly, Leo will put the Saw to great use, rather than leaving it rusting somewhere in the states. Stop crying

    46. whotknots

      All the fascinating people you have met and probably befriended along the way must be a most interesting, informative and generally rewarding adventure in itself Leo. Given that most who have appeared on your presentations thus far expressed a desire to sail on Tally Ho you will never want for pleasant company at the very least.

    47. Peter Brickwood

      That is one massive saw.

    48. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    49. Ken Marapese

      Don't paint the saw!

    50. Mark Couper

      13:45 I think I am in love

    51. Dale Pomraning

      That is a nice bandsaw. And nice forklift

    52. Dave Tucker

      Hand tool rescue would have a hay day with this saw! Should send it to him before you take it back to the old land

    53. Jason Lockhart

      Damn that's a bad chick you seen them damn triceps

    54. Marco Nespoli

      14:21 .... well....

    55. Roberto Pierdomenico

      andrea is my new wonderwoman!

    56. immmelting

      Always seem to be surrounded by beautiful woman.

    57. Gabriel Malta

      Me everytime I see Poncho: PONCHO!

      1. Clyde Willis

        I hesitate to release my grammar nazi, but do believe PONCHO in this context is actually spelled 'PANCHO' as in Pancho Villa the Mexican revolutionary (a poncho, on the other hand, is to keep the rain off and/or to conceal weaponry as in ' A Fistful of Dollars')... that being said, totally with you on everytime seeing Pancho: Heya! PANCHO! Same with Andrea the farmer neighbor, as we say in the south: BLESSINGS BE!

    58. 1MinuteFlipDoc

      14:27 gorgeous buff babe!! Meow!!

    59. Tim Gay

      This is awesome to see. I love the old shipsaw and great to see it being used on a worthy project.

    60. z zzires

      too heavy i take it to ship with the tally ho?

    61. Carlos Sanchez

      I can see now that is easy build than rebuild ( KEEP on GOING) .I like the Cuban GUAGUANCO music

    62. Eric Turner

      Ha ha that pause when he asked if you were having fun or if you were "pissed". American pissed, not British pissed. ;) Also, cool to see the old girl sawing again!

    63. Islacrusez

      That saw looks like it needs some tender love and care. You should see if you can convince “my mechanics” here on IThomes to come and overhaul it for you. It’ll come out better than new, and every bit as functional as when it was first assembled. Details on how long it’ll take may be a little hazy though!

    64. claverton

      Andrea has very impressive biceps!

    65. American Jeeper

      The Western Boat Building Company auctioned off all of its shipbuilding equipment in 1980, which is when Nate said he bought it. If your saw was purchased from that auction, its sister, which WAS bought at that auction, is sitting at the Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op and is currently being used to rebuild the Western Flyer, the seiner chartered by John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts in 1940 to go to the Sea of Cortez. Ironically, it was the Western Boat Building Company that built the Western Flyer in 1937. The Western Flyer Foundation is, as you are, doing a series of videos documenting the rebuild.

    66. Kim Doss

      Wow that Ban Saw is such a great addition 2 your work shop, it will be great 4 breaking down etc. Regards Kad

    67. Cucullain

      Boat ? Did someone mention a boat ? What do you feed those farm girls on over there ? The healthiest looking woman I think I’ve ever seen . And a knockout . Obviously .

    68. Douglas Darrell

      This is one of the best informative productions on another art in wooden construction on youtube. With a sustainable future that can have a minimum impact on the environment all of you are creating another revival of when ships were made of wood and men were made of iron. Keep a going and Thanks , Doug

    69. Timothy Kelmer


    70. Dwayne Koblitz

      Going back to rewatch these videos is so satisfying. I’d forgotten all about Andrea! 😍

    71. TheJustonemore

      If it takes you 59 years to rebuil tally ho I’m done.

    72. Timothy Keech

      Leo, your skill, patience and commitment are really inspiring. What a piece of work that ship saw is. I'm working my way through the videos fascinated by the process and the fact that, no matter what the problem, you just get on and solve it. You are a true engineer.

    73. Craig Tate

      Not much of a boat person, but I love that saw!

    74. Peter Dalby

      Great to find the vid of this fantastic machine Leo! Good luck with the MASSIVE project. Greetings from the Guadiana.😘😘

    75. Mathieu DAVID

      i'm totaly in love with this amazing saw!!!

    76. immasurvivor

      Andrea is the hottest woman ive ever seen. Good googli moogli.

    77. Jeff Collins

      Should have reached outcto hand tool rescue

    78. edaxsvensson

      Andrea...Hell Yeah!...... Good Work!

    79. Lu KN

      11:36 kudos, man!

    80. RobJ Workshop

      Haha! Health & Safety nerds would have a field day with you guys walking on the forklift tracks!!

    81. Troy Koo

      maybe you should move here and start a yard here in the states:) look at all that live oak calling your name. just saying

    82. mopedmarathon

      Seems like being a dashing young charming Englishman really does do funny things to American women..............🤔

    83. TillmanXL

      Leo, I'd really like to see more of (Andrea, the neighborhood farmer) 14:00 very nice.

    84. Tim Brown

      Whatever happened to Farmer Andrea? . I'm re-watching the series, I'd forgotten her :-)

    85. Y Sanchez

      hi leo ,your one cool dude, don't take crap from no one, your humbleness is what gives you respect and as opened doors of favor, where I come from many are cowards! they don't respect trades like this and people like you...

    86. James Platt

      Wasn't the Tally ho in an old black and wight movie once? and that saw is the only one I've ever seen that's a great find

    87. timothy jones


    88. Peter T

      Hmmmm OH&S would probably like a guard or two on that shipsaw. When it was built, they did not worry so much about blades going whoopsie like they do now. (modern pikers)

    89. Richard Bohling Sr

      Great find on the ship saw. It's great that it is getting a new life in the boat building industry. I'd call it a prize of a life time. I'd call it a vintage around the 1910 to 20's It was set up for steam engine line shaft power to run it. The fact that it has brass or bronze bearings instead of poured Babbitt bearings leads me to believe the later years.

    90. chris macleod

      Whaw a Girl with a Jack Hammer

    91. James Linderman

      Hey dude I want to know who does your hair for the video shoots

    92. Daniel C

      Andrea could kick my ass, what a bad ass chick.

    93. Terry Herrera

      Where are U n your boat ?? I’m a Timber worker !-Have Made trusses n cabinets in boats ! Would like to come up n help ?

    94. Bob Eden

      The Old Defender built in Kincumber in 1895 had a 12" hog on a hull length of 120 ft. I spent 18 months on her as 1st mate in mid 2000.

    95. David Cooper

      The level of complexity, craftsmanship, variety of skills, attention to detail, courage, patience (and on and on and on...) that is required to successfully engage with this project is really staggering. Mad props to you, Leo, and to all who are helping you. Your work renews my faith in the creative power of people. And that saw! Never seen one like it. Fantastic that it was able to be provided to you.

    96. Welder Sandblaster

      Would it have been less work to build the same boat new from scratch? Or is it less work to rebuild this boat? I realize that question does not take into consideration the preservation aspects which have their own value.

    97. J Parr

      Whats up with miss farmer..

    98. scowell

      Love the ship-saw! Thanks to the owner-donor... it indeed has found a good home. Stupid, I know, to have empathy for tools... but it has a long history of people bound up with it, those that built it and all those that have used it.

    99. lanesteele240

      I could watch that farm lady dig holes all day

    100. bigniper

      I'd love to get my hands on that Ships Saw and do a total Refurbishment and put it back to Spec.