BoatBuilding - Bilge Stringers / Oak problems! (EP72)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Bilge Stringers / Oak problems! (EP72)
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    EPISODE 72.
    In this episode we face a major dilemma - having found that one of the White Oak logs had porous grain (bad news!) I have to make the painful decision of whether or not to replace 19 deck beams that we already made from it. Meanwhile, Tally Ho’s planking stock arrives and is stacked ready for planking. The frames get faired and the bilge stringers get made, scarphed, and finally bent into the hull of the boat. Finally all is well, and Patrick teaches us some useful boat terminology.
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    72. BoatBuilding - Bilge Stringers / Oak problems! (TALLY HO EP72)

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    1. Chris Debono

      My five year old son comes in the room and says what's Leo doing today dad? ☺️

    2. Kent Piatt

      Loving the work! I'm looking for any info on the best way to prevent shipworms today. Thanks!

    3. Chris Anderson

      Just got a bollocking from the missus because she caught me watching this without casting it to the tv i didn't even know she was interested ☺

    4. David Colmer

      Awesome seeing young people do something besides play video games and post ticktocks all day. Keep it up!

    5. Benjamin Scoville

      That's a yard dog if I've ever seen one

    6. Phil Stevens

      Why not seal the end grain before assembly???

    7. Ekiiiq rat

      Wao mantap

    8. Dan

      20:45 Wow!

    9. Sail Away

      You need to be more respectful towards your partner

    10. Scribe

      I personally would have selected ‘Pinus rigida’ or Pitch pine for these stringers instead of Oak. You can find reclaimed pitch pine timber’s throughout central England in good lengths, some up to 50ft+. It would’ve saved an awful lot of f@#king about.

    11. Work Hard

      Just found your channel bud... I’m a mechanic so I work with metals and welders all the time but have never worked with wood.. Very cool watching you all build this. Blowing my mind how you all are working this wood into place... Very cool 👍🏼🤘🏼

    12. Wong Tuek


    13. aulia ahmad jaler pinilih pro

      Love the background bluesy music

    14. Straimtrite Mumbercook

      I started watching these videos about a week ago. I am 71 years old and retired, living in New Hampshire. Yesterday, I was out walking along an abandoned railbed along a riverbank with mixed hardwood stands. I noticed White Oak (Quercus Alba) trees mixed in with Swamp White Oak (Quercus Bicolor). Both trees are in the White Oak family but the Swamp White Oak has open pores. Perhaps the "bad" Oak was from a Swamp White Oak? The use of White Oak in the project evoked childhood memories of my grandfathers back yard where he built a Cabin Cruiser using White Oak. He had stacks of milled White Oak which he had salvaged from felled trees in the aftermath of the great 1938 hurricane. I also remember watching my parents helping him salvage more Oak in the aftermath of hurricane Carol in 1953.

    15. home and electronics stop


    16. David Bolduc

      Yeah I've had to throw away material and many hours of my time on some projects, but the best thing to do is correct the problem and get on with remaking the pieces. Once this is done you will feel a lot better knowing you have done it right.

    17. Alain Le noen


    18. Josef Saiedi

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    19. John Moore

      Would hate for red oak to be your weakest link. I would replace it with white oak.

    20. Karen

      Did Noah use great wood, or what?

    21. Paul Standing

      Leo boatbuilding bilge stringers next Leo bike testing and flying plane ✈️ lol on a better note as you say team a bit down due to the bad ok yes it is like a sponge 🧽 sucking the water up but at least you all have found it now rather than after you started to do the boarding take care 😀👍

    22. Leo St. Pierre

      Hard work! No fat men here. Lol

    23. drtb69

      You guys are fantastic master woodworkers!!..well shopwrights..I guess a higher level?.. anyhooo Officially have my Mind blown after watching this.

    24. Andrew Seaman

      Leo, have a look at that video which shows the diffeence between red oak and white oak.

    25. Mark Jennings

      Can the suspect wood pores be sealed with a wood treatment.

    26. Jimmy Ellis

      Theres not any hybrid white red oaks, there are oaks that dont really fall into either category but red and white oak arent species (in the lumber trade at least) but literally mostly whether there is tylose in the pores to make it water proof (also some other considerations) That was definitely red oak

    27. The Home WoodWorker

      i am a part time lumber broker here in the southern part of the us and thaty looks like some type of red oak or hybrid red/white oak breaks cleanly and has huge open pores that suck up liquid like a straw

    28. Errol Gumusdere


    29. michael nelson

      Seriously, will there be any old wood in her, when you’re done? It is awe inspiring.

    30. fingerbottom

      lol "a few more weeks before we start planking"

    31. Jaime Saenz

      Climate Cultist sells defective lumber putting lives at risk then lies about it. Shocking. This channel is starting to reek of patchouli.

    32. Phil McCuen

      I know this is an older video but I wanted to guess that the porous wood is red oak instead of white. I'm at 5:52 and dont know if the answer is in this video. If it isnt I'll have to google it I suppose.

    33. C O

      Cool work Patrick!!! The Sledge O Matic saved the say.

    34. in motion

      Just seal the wood holes womt matter

    35. GeorgeGraves

      I was hit by a car and can't sail - so rewatching this for the second time is interesting. You were so hopeful to save things - then at some point, you said "screw it" - good for you.

    36. Roger D Deane

      Patrick is a realy nice guy. Take care Patrick.

    37. Harbour Dog

      5 minutes in and I'm thinking "this bloke is pretty smart, and this video is really interesting" and then comes the demonstration around 5:50 and I'm saying to myself "This guy is bloody brilliant and this video is fascinating!" I'm subscribing, but now I have 71 videos to watch before I can finish watching this's going to be fun, and an education. Thanks!

    38. mervyn moon

      Leo good job

    39. linda bergquist

      Hi Leo, when I was living in the UP I had a few times some one cut about 500 feet of red oak, all of it had a strong smell of vinegar until it was dried, I don't know if that is only characteristic of red oak. Rich

    40. i9001s


    41. Samuel Willis

      Leo's Dodgy Boat School... "Where you know less about a boat when you graduate then you knew before you enrolled!"

    42. Саня Листратов

      Хоть бы подстригся

    43. Eric Fermin

      Nicht so schlecht

    44. J Hemphill

      Starboard = passenger side Port = driver side Tiller = steering handle Fore / Forward = front end Aft / After = back end Transom = backside Galley = kitchen Cabin = bedroom Bilge = cesspool / sump Captain = driver Propeller = crankshaft Stringers = framing Planks = floorboards Head = bathroom Hatch = doorway Deck = floor Below deck = basement

    45. laweidman

      Hey Leo, I'm an Arborist and a woodworker. Your mystery timber looks a lot like Northern Red Oak or Black Oak to me. Check this out:

    46. Nikolas Nago rinu

      Good luck guys

    47. pulse301

      When you do the really technical explanations where you tell us we can skip ahead, you should have Patrick do a voice over at that point and explain to us simpletons what you really mean.

    48. Bryan Vazquez

      the sarcasm at 1:20

    49. Matthew Weinhold

      I imagine you and your compatriots are the proteins, Strange the DNA. Ya'll crawling within the forming lumber, the instruments of her physical structure. If she were a living thing............. Perhaps we ought be more grateful for the precise process of our existence.

    50. waheed mughal

      master in pakistaan

    51. Petra Z.

      Love your videos yet pausing to show that your girlfriend helps in every video 3 times might be sweet at first yet gets annoying quickly..just keep that in mind

    52. Lars Neunfinger

      Noah’s Ark?

    53. Lance Hill

      is that a scarf joint in your stringer?

    54. SpicyOrange

      Why dry the planking stock so much. When it's green it's easier to bend it into the shape of ship and it's getting weat anyway when u launch the boat. When your gonna plank do u take into consideration the expansions of the planks with regards to the gaps between the planks. Great work love watching your videos 😀

    55. Dixon Peer

      The planking looks like what we call Sapele around here.

    56. Sir Scofferoff

      Just "Cactus Juice" it all :)

    57. * sicksteaneyen *

      The beatings will continue until moral improves!

    58. 3D The Duke

      I laughed so much when Pete mentioned it was a double restoration. It is fantastic to see such dedication to such craftsmanship. I hope all good things to those that have helped this project. Thank you all.

    59. John Pandolfino

      Shameless plug.......

    60. John Pandolfino

      Can't even imagine what wood costs for something like this....... nevermind the labour.......

    61. John Pandolfino

      Massively brilliant........

    62. John Pandolfino

      Find the guy who sold you that crap and kick his arse.......

    63. John Pandolfino

      This hull is truly like a piece of sculpture.......very poetic looking joinery.......

    64. andrew taylor

      note to self ... buy a forklift before starting on a project like this

    65. Jack St George

      A genuinely nice guy I think.

    66. Pavel Komarov

      Patrick is hilarious

    67. TJ

      almost 15 years of internet use for me, this series is easily my favorite thing.

    68. Jerry Baird

      That’s a tattoo of Missouri on Pete’s arm.

    69. Peter Sahenkari

      I LOVE your bandsaw, beautiful tool

    70. Gino Asci

      @ 11:07 you can really see the shape and picture the vessel sailing and making way thru the ocean and the water brushing against the hull as the parrot sits in your shoulder asking for food.....

    71. SteamboatEd Haas

      How do you determine the correct curve for the deck beams? Monster compass or do you plot it out on the blanks?

    72. David Grove

      It is a good thing you have a crazy Englishman leading the way forward!

    73. Koning Bolo

      Aeronautical Oak !? Which is kind of Nautical....right ????

    74. Galerak

      Patrick was great, I learnt so much. I always thought it was pointy end and flat end, so glad he put me straight on that. Farewell Patrick, hope you find time to come back to the (re)build.

    75. John Robertson

      Does Gallagher know you have his mallet?

    76. Savage Hornpoke

      take your red oak parts and build a chamber so you can force 2 part epoxy through the pores--fill the pores and use it.

    77. sion evans

      Very envious of your vocation chaps...I work with the land...awspme knowledge....hats off

    78. Helen Leary

      I have no interest in boats .. but your exploits are mesmerising.

    79. Hellwish Presley

      You guys are truly something. The skill! Shipyards making supertankers cannot even compare. I am a construction superintendent in a shipyard making oil platforms and we make dead stuff. You guys make a living breathing boat. Cheers.

    80. Aaron Starnes

      Man, tough break on the funky wood. Better to find it now though rather than down the line. Great video as always.

    81. Denny Fuller

      Leo, just hire Patrick! He’s great

    82. Craig Keller

      Try give the oak in question a smell test, taste test, burn test any other test you can think of.

    83. AkulaSpawn

      After watching a lot of these episodes, can you tell me what is going to be original on the ship in the end?? Looks great.

    84. David Parry

      if it sucks air then its red oak.

    85. Peter Brickwood

      Who's cooking? I missed the answer to why Patrick was planing backwards. Anyone?

    86. atticus pelissier

      less than a week after finding your channel and many sleepless nights i finally caught up with your current videos!!! where do i sign up for "Leos Dodgy Boat School"?

    87. atticus pelissier

      I would love to go to Leo's Dodgy Boat School!!!!!!!

    88. Flodgeshploff

      Could you have not just soaked all the porous white oak in a tub of resin until it absorbed it all?

    89. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    90. Ludwig Haskins

      Too beautiful. What a project, what love.

    91. Pointpilot

      I wonder what SB Co. does with all that sawdust?

    92. Rod D

      Patrick your awesome 🤣😁

    93. Ouroboros Armory

      Do you glue your bolted scarf joints?

    94. Darryl May

      Put the suspect timber in a bath of thin, slow cure epoxy. Apply a vacuum and and presto; a timber which is far stronger and rot resistant than anything else except the bronze.

    95. Michael Davis

      Wrong Patrick, there will be a steering wheel.

    96. Bob Bailey

      Very nice work.

    97. Vaughan Holtom

      Double restorizationating! Now that's a thing to see!

    98. Craig Spicer

      This project symbolizes more than just building a boat. It has brought a lot of different people from different back grounds to share there story and be part of something truly amazing. Leo and the people that help you, what a fantastic job so far. I don't even sail but it seems interesting to take up.

    99. Elli P

      Hey... Wait a mo... A big part of this project is the minute attention to detail, the gorgeous lines, and the exquisite quality of the joinery. It's virtually large-scale cabinetmaking. We're used to seeing super-sexy close-ups of joints and housings and other naughty nautical things that make us (ex-)woodbutchers go all unnecessary at the knees. When I think of Leo working those monstrous slabs of purpleheart for the keel thingy [technical term], I still find myself muttering, "I'll have what she's having..." But we didn't see any porno-style close-ups of the mighty scarf joints in those bilge stringers. There was a glimpse of... something... over Leo's shoulder at around the 24:40 mark, but I feel incomplete. What's up, Petey-babe? Still a little shy, sweetie? Hmmm? ;-)

    100. Alien Jazz Monkey

      I'd like to echo all the positive sentiments concerning this project and accompanying vids (I write towards the end of two-week binge fest). I'm no boatie, but I was based in Falmouth (UK) 1985-97 where it was hard to avoid boats, boatbuilders and sailing types, so hard that I even worked on some and sailed on the wretched things. In certain quarters I'm known for yawning openly when the subject of boats arises in pub discussions, but even I've bunged a few quid in the pot. Excellent work, chaps. Btw, I'm with Patrick on the correct use of the Queen's English: front, back, left, right; why mess around? And what's this I hear about there being no wheels? Are you sure you know what you're doing?