The largest new wooden boat in the country! - Replica Pilot Cutter PELLEW Update (Tally Ho EP32)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - An update on the replica Pilot Cutter Pellew. Support; Become a Patron;
    EPISODE 32.
    This episode I visit the massively impressive new Pilot Cutter being built in Cornwall, UK. She is named the Pellew, and is a replica of the 68′ Falmouth Pilot Cutter Vincent, which was built in St Mawes in 1852. I have a conversation with Luke Powell, Project Manager and Chief Shipwright, about their progress since last time I visited the project 6 months ago. We discuss the enormous mast that is currently being made, and also the challenges of managing a project of this size and scope.
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    32. An update on the replica Pilot Cutter Pellew

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    1. calartian85

      10:27 true in every business. The good ones leave and the bad ones will stay forever if you let them. One is constantly training their competition.

    2. AJ Theriault

      Did Luke cut the mast down with his forearms? Sheesh!

    3. JayDeitch

      Seems like if it was built in 1910, it would be 110 years old now - not 108. Maybe it was 108 when you started. Love your videos!

    4. Bill Dyke

      When you tell someone to get the main sheets in and they start making the beds you know you're in trouble... What a great project. Carpenters, such as I was, go doolally at the thought of big timbers. Respect.

    5. John Stride

      I love these trips back to the UK to see these wonderful boats being built. It’s really opened my eyes to boatbuilding here.

    6. Tom Oakhill

      At 6:15 Luke Powell begins to describe Project Management. The profession of figuring out the order in which each component must be installed into the finished product. Many components are themselves complex projects which need their own Project Management. Even something as "simple" as Stonehenge required Project Management. We *know* that they ate cattle from Lincolnshire, 200 miles away. How did they order, pay for, and move those cattle? How did they get them on-site for slaughter when needed? How do you plan the cooking for the large number of people moving the larger stones. If there were 200 men moving a stone, you need 600 eggs, 50 loaves of bread, and 10 hog bellies (bacon), every single morning. Those men needed PowerFood to do that work. Yet everything I read skips this part, and speaks of them as simple primitive people.

    7. John Dunlap

      The "Popeye" forearms on that guy...

      1. Chris Debono

        Not one drop of tea the whole interview 😃

    8. Ted Heavy

      It's really interesting to see the inspiration to do this kind of thing.

    9. Ted Heavy

      look at the forearms on this guy. He could be an arm wrestling champion if he ever gave up boats. Boat building is not for the lighthearted.

    10. XSAVIER busy

      the subs are hilarious 😂

    11. Bill Brand

      What a brilliant vision Luke Powell described - inspirational!

    12. Captain DeStructo

      If size matters.

    13. whotknots

      Leo with regard to "crash jibes" is that particular hazard why some cruising yachts I have seen have a sort of supportive frame under the boom near the stern? In my youth I saw some yachts with a sort of lateral travelling block acting on the boom from below via lines so apart from controlling the set of the mainsail is it also some form of restraint which can be applied to the boom when running with the wind a bit like a spinnaker pole does for that particular sail? Or is the structure primarily a rest for supporting and securing a large boom with some kinds of rigging when not under sail?

    14. whotknots

      I wonder what material was originally used for the sails given the amount of stress placed upon them moving the mass of such a large vessel through a resistive medium like water? No doubt they were as light as possible yet durable, were they treated to repel water in any way? Given reasonable care how long did sails last on average?

    15. Peter Brickwood

      Great to see a man dedicating the time and effort to keep the craft alive.

    16. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    17. avryptickle

      Luke seems like a great dude.

    18. James Hurst

      English pilot cutters were fast and stable.

    19. David Williams

      Update? Coming up on a year. Love your channel Leo!

      1. on4xb

        Lauched in feb 2020,

    20. Bob Frazier

      This nice man probably has no idea that there are millions of these big Douglas Firs within just a few miles where Leo's boat is.

    21. Peter Galgano

      Wow, check out the popeye arms on that man. He works for a living!

    22. Jon Beedell

      I hadn't seen this until now. Great stuff and very informative. Big forearms and all... Can't wait to sail on this big girl..

    23. K Utton

      Kill the background music.

    24. Bruce MacKinnon

      Hi, I'm from Oz, and will try to get in touch before long. I used to sail little skiffs, but what you are doing has a special level of knowledge. I am preparing material on Noah's Ark, a (largely) wooden ship 500 feet long, which was constructed (carbon dated wood) about 4,500 years ago. Its remains, and they are very substantial, are in three places in the same approximate vicinity in eastern Turkey, and it had a sharp bow, a rounded stern and was constructed with a high degree of skill, in every detail. It is a vast project. The outer hull now petrified wood, at 6000 ft, is evidently made of cross laminated and glued solid timber about 5 layers thick. The bilge strakes are fixed to the ribs with advanced metal rivets of large size, composed of 8 metals in alloy, laboratory tested as titanium, aluminium, manganese, iron and four others. I would be keen to get advice from yourself as an expert or anyone you could recommend, as to the correct names for the parts, the most well preserved of which are in the solid ice cap in large quantity in the NE slope of 14,500 ft on Ararat itself. Much of this exposed by searchers can be viewed online. I suspect it had sail propulsion available, and it evidently used dragging sea anchors to keep the bow into the waves. These are there too. There are a lot of signs of prior occupation by animals of various sorts including straw, ropes and hitching rails. You probably had an ancestor or three on board. .

      1. Bruce MacKinnon

        PS. It has/had a lead (?) keel for stability, which is still there, suggesting sail/sails, but not in the large relative proportions as a sloop.

    25. Jeff Walker

      I just watched this episode, in it you discuss delegation. I'll give my experience, My Capt. Jack Chapman retired senior program writer for The Bechtel Corporation! Yah that one! I've been his deckhand & friend for 8 years now. I Molded his dream home here in Oregon. I brought up friends in the trade during the job. Just being around him he inspires Others to do there best! I don't know how or where this quality comes from! I just try to stay as close to it as much as I can & pass on what I've learned. It has given me some personal quality while working with others. I see I it with you Leo! You give each man the same respect in each task, regardless of importance, a man among men! That isn't given! It is earned! Luke said, go off to make their own shirt! Well, I don't look for the yield when I'm planting a seed! Good Job!😊

    26. Nancy Keck


    27. Paweł Kurek

      I can't get rid of that feeling that you remind me of someone..... even when you talk. And from the profile BOOM! Edward Norton....

    28. Bung Fu Panda

      Fantastic project with very honourable aims, saving traditional boat building skills for future generations. Pellew is already a tremendously beautiful boat, I cannot wait to see her finished, fitted out and on the water. When I left the Royal Navy in 1991 as a marine engineering mechanic & living in Cornwall with aspirations to become a traditional boat builder & repairer, I approached several boat yards & builders to learn the craft from the ground up, the overwhelming response at every door was "Cornish jobs for Cornishmen" , the only job offer I got almost led to the yard downing tools! Needless to say the offer was quickly withdrawn. I sincerely hope that attitude has changed now for the sake of saving the skills and passing them on. Subsequently I sold my home, left Cornwall and returned to the home counties and unfulfilling work ever since, I sometimes wonder about how different life might have been if I'd have managed to get a toe in the door with someone like Luke and the satisfaction this kind work brings. Watching Tally Ho evolving is giving thousands the opportunity to vicariously enjoy and take immense satisfaction from your hawkish attention to detail and the magnificent job you're doing on her rebuild. Bravo Zulu!! 👍

    29. Josh Drexler

      Job interview.

    30. Michael McClafferty

      What an interesting man and video!

    31. Robert Salanon


    32. new ac invention

      What the human exhales the tree inhales what the tree exhales the human inhales. this is why the wooden boat is said to have a spiirt.

    33. flat5sharp11

      This is an excellent video on the history and development of Pilot Cutters:

    34. Leonardo Ferreira

      Eu qr ver é o bote feito,,,, tanta conversa nam

    35. Rusty Reckman

      How do they clean all the dust when they are ready to finishing the inside trimming?

    36. JohnnyAirstream

      What a fabulous chap and a worthy cause!

    37. Александр Шарипов

      ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ...

    38. Focused on the Road

      Hey Viewers! I know the adds can be obnoxious.... but if you watch them, Leo gets PAID... so take a break and watch the ads. It helps out his channel.

    39. Keith Staton

      Love the teeshirt.

    40. Keith Rowell

      What an important project, so great kudos to the patron. Love all of this stuff. (Still think you should have done some of the talk in the office, though....)

    41. J B

      That dude’s a legend and that boat is beautiful

    42. Keith Noneya

      I'm re-watching this video and I just heard and saw something that I missed the first time through. At time index, about 1:58, they talk about that the tree for this mast was planted in 1903 for the sole purpose of being a Mast on a ship. The thought that there are trees planted and grown for over 100 years to be a Mast on a ship, knowing that the person who planted it would be dead by the time it gets harvested, is absolutely mind boggling to me. The fact that there are forests, trees, foresters with pedigree's kept on trees for over 100 years is really amazing. The thought and dedication to a particular object for over 100 years and the people and company dedicated to it for that soul purpose has just left me with a profound respect and bewilderment of the dedication to the craft and art of ship building. Thank you Leo for sharing this part of shipbuilding with us in this video. I makes me wonder what else are we or have we missed, that the general public has no clue exists. Keep up the good work Leo, I always look fwd to your video. Best Wishes & Blessings. Keith Noneya

    43. DitzyDoo

      I've found my new IThomes game. How many times will Leo say "Yea" during a one sided conversation? >_

    44. who cares

      Can wait to see her underway. She's going to be a beast.

    45. allan campbell


    46. Scott Reid

      Is he hiring?

    47. Cawfee Dawg

      Interesting that Tally Ho is smack in the Native range of Douglas fir.

    48. Luke Paul

      How much would a boat like this cost to buy new?

    49. Conan the Destroyer

      Yes the Brits use Feet as a measurement like the US. Jolly Good!!!

    50. lookronjon

      Thanks Leo. Great videos.

    51. Jeff Stevens

      I've watched a few of these builds on different channels one word describes it for me for all of them passion from the tree to the sailing I hope it never dies.

    52. Edward Tall

      This is 5 minutes away from my front door 😁

    53. Life On The Hulls

      Superb story and brilliant to see the philanthropy going to a great cause. Thanks for this video Leo it is such an interesting project. Cheers

    54. Tony Stokes

      I keep thinking these vids are really short but they're not.

    55. Gary Souza

      Incredible project. Very impressed, but take a broom to the interior. Clean shop is a safe shop...

    56. K Hannan

      Thanks Leo, helps give an idea of how your project will progress too.

    57. MrcabooseVG

      1903, now that's some generational commitment

    58. Andy C

      Oh I've caught up with progress!!.. I came home from work early today (POETS Day) and had full intentions of washing the three cars and the Motorhome.. Just thought I'd check IThomes while I had a cup of tea.... Now it's 1am. What a fine project Sir!! Looking forward to future episodes and I'm not even a carpenter!

    59. projekt6

      Absolutely love the gray/blue color of the ship. Thanks for sharing!

    60. Bear


    61. Scott Maschino

      Another interview with Luke about this project. or search for Falmouth pilot cutter CIC

    62. chrispy_wa

      Interesting chap. Pilot Cutter Pellew is going to be something to behold under sail too.

    63. Thales Miletus

      Just amazing intentionality demonstrated in this video ( as well as ALL the vids on this channel)!!! The tree used for the mast is native to American and was planted over 100 years ago and tended JUST to make a mast - mind boggling in todays world This kind of intentionality is what the world needs, not only here but in many other spheres where disconnect from the physical world has allowed mental opinionating to become ascendant.

    64. Douglas Dearden

      Remarkable story-telling. Thanks for providing this great glimpse into an otherwise hidden process. Wonderful.

    65. Charlie Cain

      A question about that in hell do you whittle a 3 ft trunk into a 14in mast?

    66. Casey McDonnell

      Delegation is the toughest nut to crack. He said a mouthful right there.

    67. BILL randell

      Does anyone here know Ian from Scotland who builds 2 and 3 masted Tall Ships for Cities and Countries?? I lost touch with him and would love to reconnect

    68. Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS

      Thanks Leo, for showing us this build! She's gonna be a great lady!

    69. Tim Hyatt

      Don't you DARE forget to bring your camera for the launch and the First Sail!! :)

    70. coolredpen

      are there any projects like this in the North of the UK? I'd love to get stuck in with helping rebuilt an old ship!

    71. Beans 694

      can you post the plans for tally ho online somewhere that I can download them? As a project in school, I have to make something and I decided to try to make a model of the Tally Ho. If I could have access to the lines drawings and table of offsets would be awesome and better then trying to use blurry images off the internet.

    72. wingding028

      what a good project

    73. stingray427man

      That mast though, Did they turn that massive timber to get it rounded? Amazing craftsmanship in that mast alone!

    74. simo

      11:48 I'm glad to hear about this support for homosexual boat builders is going strong!

    75. SpocksBro

      Funny how males always use female pronouns for their most precious toys like cars, ships etc. Not criticism by the way, just an observation.

    76. Mr M

      Great content. Amazing to see these skills passed on. I mean no disrespect but did lol at the edit around wastage. Personally you and the industry your in has nothing to worry about because when you are at sea and perhaps caught in poor conditions that decision to make it right even with wastage was of course the right decision. Cant muck about with those levels of risk we get it.

    77. Twist


    78. Tom M

      Great video. I love wooden boats. And I always loved wood shop:)

    79. Bruce

      I find your profession and the entire concept of boating obscene and offensive. You use the innards of what used to be a living thing to float across the ocean for fun and leisure.

      1. Tom Hutchins

        Bruce you may be nuttier than I am.

    80. symbolsandsystems

      grow more hair.

    81. David Duffy

      I am speechless, the only issue, I wish the vessel had been commissioned by a billionaire and that their was an intra competition between billionaires for the biggest timber vessel build.

    82. Duncan Mac

      What a fantastic project! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    83. bmkarma

      What is the cost for a tree like that? I would imagine it being that old and cared for and documented, it would be pricey but can’t guess.

    84. cogpastorc

      Beautiful boat. Just love the woodwork that goes into rebuilding these old boats. Thanks for sharing with us Leo. By the way, don't touch the hair. Would not be the same.

    85. Cristian Elvis

      yup, yup, yup, yup, yup, yup, yup, yup, yup kkkkk :)

    86. Maj. Tom

      110 yrs ago they planted a tree and cared for all this time to become a mast for a sailboat that people would build somewhere sometime...Lets all take the time to thank them, and all who are continuing the tradition. ❤️

    87. Cptn Uwe's Pirate Tales

      Thanks I enjoy your interview with other ship builders very much

    88. michael thomas

      My dad worked on a friend of his boat back in the late 80's. It was big but not that big. She was named the Tecumseh and was a 1914 schooner 63 feet long with a 12 foot beam. This video brought back some good memories. My dad is still around but his friend died quite a while ago. They never finished the Tecumseh but she was close. I wonder what happened to that boat and if she ever sailed again. Nice video I'll be keeping an eye on your channel thanks

    89. Trevor .Balch

      Ok you know the challenge you have now? You have to be there for the launch and first sail of this beautiful ship IN the Talley ho what a picture the two two sailing side by side the old lady and and the youngster. Oh my what a picture that would be☺

    90. THEO FAULK

      Very well done!!

    91. Shane Scholtz

      Lol -- Lotz of "yeas"

    92. Juha Tuomala mentions tally ho around 1:40 :-o

    93. Andy Weimer

      Thank you Leo for filling in the gaps and linking to the project! A real shame I can't be there and continue to document the build myself anymore at the moment. Great to see Luke and team. I can't wait to go back to Cornwall again and visit everybody... we are missing the great company. Enjoy your time in the UK and all the best with Tally Ho.

    94. Massimo Bondone

      Well, i almost understood nothing, but i "love" these 2 guys for sure ( and Francesca "Cecca", all the helpers female and male, the parrot, the labbie, etc).

    95. Don Krypton

      Depending on his arms, this guy's nickname must be "Popeye"! And he's a real master...only takling of becoming a hairdresser made your hair less and less tousled during the interview!

    96. Bruce white

      Douglas fur oh yeah

    97. Russell Peterson

      Greetings from Juneau Alaska aboard the MV SEAL She is almost 100 Years old and I have been restoring her for 13 Years with almost no help at all and hand to mouth working to support the project. Love Your Videos! Thank you!

    98. Norman Boyes

      Always worthy and always interesting 😀👍.

    99. fishbiscuit2000

      Luke built a friend of mine a traditional Scilly Isles pilot cutter back in 2006. Absolutely stunning boat. This one looks to be just as nice.

    100. peanuthead

      Hey there Leo, what will this ship be used for upon completion. Love your videos.