BoatBuilding - Finishing the Deck Structure! (EP73)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Finishing the Deck Structure! (EP73)
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    EPISODE 73.
    This is the day - the big reveal! With the deck structure fastened permanently into the Beam Shelf, we can remove the temporary cross-palls and finally see Tally Ho’s internal space and the underside of the deck structure.
    But before we bolt them into place, we have to prepare the deck beams by sanding, chamfering and varnishing them. Luckily we have the help of a new volunteer - Clark. We also fasten the bilge stringer to the frames, and take care of the most satisfying job of all - trimming all the frame-heads with a chainsaw!

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    73. BoatBuilding - Finishing the Deck Structure! (TALLY HO EP73)

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    1. Sampson Boat Co

      Okay, here's a ridiculous challenge - can anyone find the moment when Pancho poops?! You can hear it **splat** as well as see it, even if you can't see Pancho herself very well... !

      1. Sold to be Diers

        Even the Angels we entertain unawares, show proof of a sense of humor.

      2. Paul Klem

        Sampson Boat Co episode 82

      3. Paul Sloan

        12:23 or 12:24 in there somewhere

      4. Stuart Johnson

        tally ho was used for the transportation of slaves

      5. Tony Grimes

        @OldAgitator Not Leo's bird but his hosts.

    2. David Vivian

      Hi Leo, why are you being careful not to get varnish on the bolt heads?

    3. cowetaok


    4. calartian85

      She’s yar!

    5. llfoldes1187

      Back when I watched you knocking out old keel bolts I said to myself what a dreamer to think he can build this boat in his life time. Keeps it real for the rest of us dreamers,hats off to you sir!

    6. Jasfras1

      843,707 views and only 33,000 likes ???

    7. Jean michel picard

      Serait-il envisageable que le dialogues soient sous titres en français? Merci

    8. kssarh

      It's so beautiful now.

    9. Juncus Bufonius

      It was very nice to see the real lines of the boat when the frames were cut. Then to see the sweep of the deck as the deck beams went in. The finish scene in side the whale. The roof may not be water tight but she has all three sides.

    10. Jay Adams

      Just found your channel. Love what I have seen so far.

    11. Damian J

      Looking good mate :)

    12. Slashley gibbins

      Those trimmers (building terminology) around the openings on the deck look a bit thin or may even sag in time. In the roofing game we always double up those timbers to prevent this happening. Of course, you may be building a structure under them to strengthen them up. Just something I noticed but may be wrong.

    13. Sohel Mahboob

      The moment I saw the parrot, I started looking for the hook hand, the pirate flag and, all that jazz!

    14. David Culpepper

      The best yet, but I bet there are more bests yet to come. She is really beautieful. Each watcher is proud.

    15. drtb69

      Absolutely amazing work!!

    16. John Tripp

      Almost always love your music.

    17. OldSkool 55F100

      Leo.... You and Tally Ho's Crew are absolutely killing it!!! Keep it up... She'll be back on the water in no time..

    18. Ish Ure


    19. david mahan

      Just found you guys!! Hope all goes well!! Subscribed! Just one question at the moment!! Using the "Silica Bronze" I believe you said, Does the grain structure of the alloy supporte the tempertures and hammering so that in 4 Years they won''t crack and fail! Retired machinist, just hate to see something central to you hard work cause issues down the road??

      1. on4xb

        @david mahan external ballast 4.5 tonnes, internal ballast +- 8 tonnes

      2. david mahan

        How heavy will the keel be?

      3. david mahan

        Is this a restoration, If not is it an original design! There used to be a Restaurant in San Diego California that had scale models of the famous 12 meter yachts of days gone by!! Nothing more beautiful than some sailboat hulls!

    20. gerald estes

      > nice going, thumbs the spar varnish - one of my favorite natural wood finishes. thnx.

    21. terryclotf

      what's left from the old boat or is it just a pattern????

    22. Richard Hortle

      I was lucky enough to notice and start watching Leo's project from the beginning. Despite religiously consuming every video he's made I remain very confused. I see many commenters refer to the restoration of some old boat. I don't understand, as surely this Sampson channel concerns music. I keep coming back for Leo's superb soundtracks.

    23. Stephen Charles

      Can i have the off-cuts please 😜

    24. Stephen Charles


    25. Sold to be Diers

      Seems the Creator never shows any evidence of fashioning anything perfectly square. Seems He'd left that particular shape unique only to man. Good to see His design being adhered to in many of you're works Y'all.

    26. Ron White

      Hi Leo, I love the progress on Tally-Ho. I see that you only at 80% so I just started a weekly episode contribution. I hope it helps.

    27. Don Raptor

      Worms will eat it in no time! Second, it will always leak!

    28. Beefalo Bart

      On this episode of Binky the Boat... (couldn't resist) I really admire the quality of work going into this project. Only bad part is that some day the build videos stop.

    29. George Lewicki

      "Hi my name is Leo and I guess you know what I'm up to by now." It took Leo 73 Episodes to arrive to this insightful observation. God bless him.

    30. Sandy White

      I can see how excited you were when all the added support boards came out of the frame, MAN, that was great to see...Excellent to get to this point even if I am behind with your episodes. I agree with The DarthChief about Leo, the volunteers and support folks. Keep it up!

    31. Ronald Chick

      There is only one word. Beautiful to describe what I am seeing Thanks rc

    32. GRIZZ 357

      Yo Leo your boy Pete is a really cool Homie. As always you guys F/A Rock!

    33. Pointpilot


    34. Ken Shores

      Wickedly awesome. Besides Pancho was cute in this video.

    35. Jason Malone

      Can you believe how Pete swings the hammer. Don’t think I have seen better hammer skills. He may be a shipwright, but his second degree is in hammer badassery.

    36. Bill Dyke

      Hmm... Not a lot of headroom in there, big guy. Tear it down. Start again...

    37. Tony deBruyne

      Leo, there is not an original piece of wood in the “refurbished” Tallyho. You had the original lines drawing, so why didn’t you just build a new boat, which you ended up doing anyway? Just wondering. Love your videos, great skills, and learning a lot from your videos.

      1. Raoul Cruz

        That question has been answered and discussed in his videos and in the comments quite a bit. Incidentally, the transom is original.

    38. Luther Hendricks

      Oh?! It's a boat.

    39. Dr. Lex Winter

      Did you guys lose a bet to get the stupidest teenage girl piercings imaginable?

    40. C O

      A BIG shout out for airline pilots. Their job is taken for granted now adays.

    41. Mel Shea

      Cool pirate ship!⛵️

    42. Dr. A.

      This labor of nautical love is mind-blowing. It’s a piece of sculpture.

    43. Heid Bumbee

      Like many others I found this channel late and binge watched. Now that I have caught up, I'm re-watching between uploads. In this vid @ 6:12 I assumed that the thing bouncing up n down in the background was Pancho. Oops.

    44. Joseph Moore

      I don't sail, but I do love to see real craftsmanship applied to creating something beautiful Talley Ho, even now, is really beautiful.

    45. IcyMidnight

      Woo hoo!

    46. Mr Me

      Hey Leo, how is your money situation? Have you ever thought about selling rides on the boat? 5 days for $5000.00 10 days for $10,000.00 ride starts from where the boat is and ends where ever the boat is going. You get to ride along! How is your labor situation?

    47. Zake Harrop

      Offsetting open spaces prevents a "weak point", in a straight line?? Does not allow the ship to split in two halves maybe??

    48. Ron White

      This latest video is like icing on the cake, or opening a Christmas package, can't wait to see the next. Great job Leo and friends.

    49. RealOlawo

      The heart of a naval architect opens up when you see the nice shape of the hull....

    50. Leigh Yates

      How long is this boat compared to Salt and Tar and Accorn to Arrebella ?

    51. Areadaptada Associació

      Brutal! Awesom! Congrats.

    52. MrDjemal10

      Flokie would be proud

    53. Edward McCue


    54. Chris Hamilton

      All these young men are fit, skinny, intelligent, hardworking and resourceful. Why am I jealous?

    55. Dan S Brown

      I want to support your project! I can budget $5.00 CDN per month but don't see that as an option. Advice? Dan

    56. Matthew Weber

      Wow. I just binged this whole thing so far in the last two weeks, and THIS episode was even more satisfying that I imagined it would be. Fuck Yeah!!!

    57. Ben Jamin

      The guy in the overalls with the nose piercing . Need to quit. If he's able to have kids. I don't give then a hop on earth. Have u seen him ewwwww

    58. Schorty2

      what kind of wood are they using?

    59. Eric Fermin

      Does the black tape aid in hypertonic shrinking or it for some other reason?

    60. Frazer Verth

      Clark looks like a young NIck Offerman, and I feel like Nick would be the sort of person who would love to get involved in this project!

      1. Hoelgashmor

        i was about to comment the same!

    61. Jordi Sabate Abad

      Just came across this. One episode in and im already addicted

    62. Tom Oakhill

      It is obvious that you will finish the restoration. The Tally Ho will live on many more years. She really looks like a ship now that the deck beams are in, and the temporary bracing is out. Well done mate.

    63. Jacob Simpson

      step brothers? you filming your Boats and Hoes Music Video?

    64. Jess Whallon

      It's amazing how ship building and airplane building started with the same kinds of craftsmanship. You almost never see airplanes built the same today as they were 100 years ago whereas ship building like this is still relatively common.

    65. Thomas Davison

      I think the boat launching video will be the most watched video on in this series. Tally Ho looks fabulous!


      What a beauty so awesome to see traditional craft and skills continue to be in use in the 2 century keep on trucking guys

    67. Appeldorn Privé

      why a lead primer instead of a leadfree primer? in our country we only use the leadfree

    68. Cameron Stornello

      I’m curious what you use the gorilla tape for while using the it to reduce tear out?

    69. Mr Legendary

      Love the effort man. Very cool.

    70. MataS

      7:39 Covid-19 MASK

    71. Leo Candido

      Hey Leo it’s Leo, how you doing?

    72. SEBO


    73. nagib ali

      How much cost for build this boat ..thank you very much

    74. ElatedNightmare

      The way 2020 is going so far, looks like we need someone to make the 2nd ‘Noah’s Arc”

      1. Raoul Cruz

        Nah. I'd look for a nuclear blast or a giant explosion.

    75. Anton Mellinghoff

      Bro you really look like a cartoon caracter lol. 4:10

    76. Benoit s

      Magnificent ! really good work. A beautiful boat made by real marine carpenters.

    77. akhtiar balouch

      hi my nameis floki and i am a boat buildee

    78. Bergi214

      Imagine NOAH did this without tools....

    79. roman popov

      Makita tools are the best!

    80. Jamie MacDonald

      great photography!

    81. Rusticza

      Isn't she beautiful, great jobe everyone.

    82. Ryan D

      What's the orange paint being used at 11:11 in the video? Anyone know?

      1. on4xb

        Red lead primer (to stop rot)

    83. tonymanic

      Love the spongebob music interlude in the beginning

    84. Night Wing

      Noah's ark be growing

    85. Godam Keras

      at first i search for css grid tutorial, after finish watch em, youtube suggest me to watch rebuilding office from 46works channel, from that channel youtube suggest me how to make a wheel hub for bmw, then now youtube ask me how to make a BOAT! youtube always surprise me..

    86. netdog713

      we had a Chris Craft too and I grew up on it :) love those old boats

    87. Linas Ramanauskas

      r/noagettheboat we have it!

    88. keep it

      More complicated than expected. Good craftsmanship.

    89. Lumber91

      I thought the thumbnail was the Arc.

    90. Alex Bird

      Shit just got real, as they say.

    91. Krm Karma

      Finally a boat tutorial

    92. Anagros

      are you guys getting paid in money or paired animals ?

    93. IDoThingsSomeTimes

      Kind of amazing to know ow that pirates would build Hughes boats just to have them blown apart in an hours or less

    94. Eric's Channel

      I've just found out this vidéo about your Little project.. and I love this... oh dear it means I have to subscribe and look at your first 72 vidéos?? That's a few nights without sleep!! LOL Can't wait to have the week end off to check that out!! Cheers from Montréal!

    95. Theboss47

      I feel Like every sailing, boating, or building channel has around 150-300k subscribers and I just somewhat feel it’s the same 300k people watching every channel

    96. Deus sigue natura

      Floki would be proud.

    97. Zer0

      Tally Ho! Fine chap

    98. William Aureli

      Please talk to this guy.

    99. Drechen Lard

      are you noah?

    100. Robgurt

      Why is this in my recommend I don’t know any thing about boats