From Lofting to Re-Framing / Removing Planks - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP27

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - From Lofting to Re-Framing / Removing Planks. Support; Become a Patron;
    This episode, I get some more help to remove a lot of Tally Ho’s hull planking. The volunteers grind and hammer copper rivets, while I finish lofting the intermediate frames inside the workshop. Finally I make the first frame template, and cut the first futtocks for that frame, shaping the Live Oak timber using the huge ship/bandsaw, a large circular saw, and the custom sawzall assembly.
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    27. From Lofting to Re-Framing / Removing Planks

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    1. Liam Childs

      Man that ship bandsaw is quite a piece of machinery! Beautiful

    2. Old Iron Shops

      im very close to petaluma ca myself

    3. Trevor Scott

      I thought I had carried out a lot of work fitting out a 40 ft hull whilst working as an engineer but now I've seen what Leo has built, I feel like an under achiever!! Well done Leo. You're brilliant. You can see my boat on "Building a Saltram 40 " on IThomes.

    4. Rick Pennington

      As a more modern day fabricator , usually metal , those rolling bevels on the frame futtocks are awesome to see cut . Getting them all the right way round when they are split frames too must of taken a lot of careful thought . Well done everyone . Makes me think how much skill the old boatbuilders had constructing the massive warships and ships of the line etc , late tudor like the Mary Rose ,Henry VIII s naval behemoth there must of been a lot more fairing by eye in those days 👍 👍

    5. toadamine

      I call out "TALLY HO!" at high volume at the beginning of every episode haha! 🤷‍♂️🤣😁👍

    6. Slashley gibbins

      That Makita is HUUUGE.

    7. a de

      Leo, I believe that is a pair of compasses, 9.00 not a compass? Love your work, a true craftsman.

    8. Roy Garino

      i have a mission to my self too ,,to watch all your ducomentary or blog from the very beggining until on the latest good job leo

    9. Zorg

      The guy who made french subtitles did a very good job! They are excellents.


      Logan reminded me of a cartoon character, Credit were due that's fine Maine That's the character Mufasa

    11. Dink Plays

      Inspired me to build my own boat, great series! If anyone has any advice let me know! Aside from that, I’m addicted to this series Leo!

    12. Daniel Morris

      I was worried for your foot with the circular saw

    13. Christopher Smead

      How would they have possibly done a refurbishment like this in the old days? Can you grind rivets and sawzall fastenings with hand tools in any efficient way? Or, would they have just scrapped the whole lot?

    14. Eric's Channel

      I'm binge watching this series.. and I am amazed by all the support and volunteer you have received till now... It's a very wonderful community!! Congrats!

    15. Lady Dew Build

      Dude, you ARE building a new boat.

    16. Seanoldio Sweatio

      Ah, the real life example of Theseus' ship

    17. 5280ryan

      20:57. If that saw kicks your toes are in the line of fire. Working those slabs anything can happen. Lotsa tension in there. Your skills are phenomenal. Episode 14 parts 1 and 2 were two of the best youtube vids I've ever seen. You're an inspiration. Thank you and good luck.

    18. crowdozer

      crows can remember a friendly face for years, chances are he still remembers that you all helped him out

    19. xpez

      I wish I could see a apge with all of the episodes in order.. the home page stops at 12 then I usually get my suggestions in the 50-70 episodes I have really work to watch the 15-40 episodes! but I am doing it! this is good content!

    20. William Hunter

      That Steve Cross Georgia Saw or Georgia Cross Saw is ingenious. For someone who doesn't have access to a Ship Saw it provides a means with which to proceed. Perhaps it's a good backup too, if the Ship Saw were to fail.

    21. NAMELESS

      Dude I would fucking love a baby crow or raven aghhhhhhhhhh

    22. Galerak

      That Georgia ship saw looks amazing. And with it having been made by Steve Cross, it makes me wonder how many fork-lift trucks went into the build lol

    23. Bruce Driggers

      Cecca is a keeper. Lovely inside and out. It looks to me that's she's a joyful soul.

    24. Peter Brickwood

      Very belated happy birthday.

    25. Deivid Correia

      Top de linha 👍👍

    26. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    27. Who Am I?

      Boats are artifacts in the technical sense, so any amount of change would be irrelevant, since the boat (as a “boat”) only exists as an accidental arrangement of substances (wood, iron, bronze, water, etc). A boat is actually just a concept, not a thing that actually exists. What actually exists, again, is certain substances which are arranged in a particular way, say, the shape of a “boat”

    28. Aaron S

      David from Petaluma! It’s always a fun little surprise when you hear such a familiar location in such an abstract video

    29. Will Thomas

      can poncho not fly ???

    30. NikNiks1

      My heart skipped a beat watching you plunge the big Makita. Such a powerful machine and your foot right behind the blade. C'mon Leo - you know all about kickback 101. Meanwhile -- easily the best channel on IThomes ever !!

    31. FullCanoe

      If that soldier can't reduce the live oak to mulch in 120 seconds flat - it's GOT to be the most sturdy wood on the planet :D

    32. constantinos schinas

      8:30 you have just admitted you are building a now boat. which is completely ok. happy building the new Ho.

      1. Welderman

        Yeah he's still tearing it down and starting again, just one piece at a time.

    33. constantinos schinas

      who is "she"? you mean "it"? language does not make logical mistakes. only people do.

    34. mono man

      what happens if there is slight ground movement to the levels.?

    35. BetheChange Me

      Stop pretending yer working, ye've clearly been spending all yer time playing x's and o's

    36. J.D. Bondy

      Well, I was holding my breath hoping you would address a question about lofting the frames, but you went right past it! How do you determine the molded dimension of a frame, once you have cut out its shape? Is that prescribed somewhere in the lofting, or is it a calculation I haven't yet been able to find in Chapelle's Boatbuilding? I am a model ship builder, and I am lofting out frame shapes for my next model but I don't know how to determine the molded dimension of each of these frames. Thanks!

    37. Eric Turner

      It's so great that you have a ragtag crew to help with the work!

    38. OccasionalGamer

      Utterly fascinating series, and I know nothing about boat building and carpentry. The path not taken ...

    39. OccasionalGamer

      Love your music selection for your videos. How do you find the time in each day to do all the things that you do?

    40. Robert Mecalis


    41. Matt Moody

      She's gettin' nekkid! :)


      Guten Tag, ich mochte das Puzzle von der Säbelsäge. Rot ist das, was ich als Gebläse zum Entfernen von Sägemehl verstand. Was für ein Getriebe hinter der Säge. Ich möchte die Geschichte eines Handpuzzles auf meiner Seite im Betreff veröffentlichen.

    43. John Hill

      nice job, your basically replacing everything,, would be faster to build a copy lol,,,,,, jokin

    44. Sheffield Bailey

      Leo, I absolutely Love the people Tally Ho has attracted and your relationship with them. I’m pretty amazed by your ability to lead so effectively while still staying focused on your tasks. Cheers, will

    45. Gene Goodman

      Your Birthday well how many little kid?

    46. John Crawford

      Leo is a man to be admired. Rarely you see a person that can do what he does... He is the ultimate renaissance man. Jc

    47. Aleksandr Goldyrev

      In some points it looks like built exact replica from the scratch will be alot cheaper and more easy than this restoration

    48. Bruce Fulper

      Is it done yet? What's the latest episode #?

    49. Focused on the Road

      One EASY things you can do to help out Leo’s channel and help him out..simply watch all the adds all the way through. It may be a small but I’ve been told IThomes gives him more $$ by watching all the way to the end of the adds..... Also check out his patronage page and donate a little for each video. Subscribing and smashing the like button on each video works to help others find this channel. Keep up the great work Leo!

    50. Ronnie Stanley

      The contraption used to start the shipsaw is not a 3-phase converter. All it is doing is using a single phase motor to get the 3-phase motor turning. Once the 3-phase motor is turning at its top rpms the belt is removed. 3-phase motors use all 3 legs of power to get the motor up to speed. But, they can loose one leg of power and will still run. Only thing is that when used this way the horsepower rating will drop nearly in half. Single phase motors actually use this same principle. Only, they use a capacitor to produce a 3rd power leg and once the motor reaches a high rpm a centripical switch cuts it out. One solution that would have fixed this would have been to simply replace the 3phase motor with a single phase motor of equal or less horsepower. Another would have been to put a cheap harborfreight engine on it.

    51. timothy jones


    52. Daniel Güntner

      Marry her DO IT

    53. scal92253

      It just dawned on me, the parrot is a perfect member of the team since old time pirates had parrots on board as the fable goes :) whether it's true or not, who knows!!

    54. Richard Bohling Sr

      Hull is looking better now that most of the planking is off and you can reshape the hull lines. Good to see the first frame come off the saw.

    55. Charles Reliable

      At Minute 10:54, You have written the degree of bevel, to be used at the 'Big Saw'. Please explain, in more detail, how You arrived at the numbers, to get a fit, between the inside hull and the outside frame mating? It's fascinating to see the Skill, where there are so many variables, to blend.

    56. Bob Eden

      Here In Fremantle, Western Australia, when we built the Bark Endeavour Replica, one old guy made all the trunn'ls, over 6000, one of which went into space aboard the Shuttle 'Endeavour" . What a wonderful world hey?

    57. Joe Kahno

      I understand how you feel. I had a friend that was quite fond of an axe that had been handed down in his family from father to son. Over the course of four generations it had two new heads and countless handles. :-)

    58. 797cc

      Lofting completed, now you can go into series production of gaff-rigged cutters! Why not, after all the effort and devotion you've put in? Or you might be able to interest a mainstream broadcaster in a classic boat restoration TV series.

    59. neptun733

      It's good to look at your vids man, the music makes it relaxing and comfy, in contrast with other youtubers. hope all works out for you man. nothing better than the old stuff!

    60. Conan the Destroyer

      The ships C Saw is a dream!

    61. Mark Heilmann

      How did you determine which planks to remove? Sorry if I missed an explanation along the way.

    62. Roger Minost


    63. Andy C

      Ahh The Steve Cross Frankensaw!!

    64. tachikoma10101011

      Love that parrot, I could watch a whole video just on him/her(?).

    65. Diesel Ramcharger

      a potential relay and a capacitor and you can get rid of the pony start on that phase cost, 15 bucks. Or you can put an 80 dollar VFD on the bandsaw and run direct from 220 single phase....

    66. Eric Sorensen

      This is the Best channel on YT right now - IMHO. I'm always blown away by Leo's skill as a shipwright, woodworker and story teller! Amazing, binge-worthy content.

    67. Ronchi

      happy b-day!!!

    68. Fraser Moffatt

      Kudos to you Leo for this restoration. Been watching and catching up for a week or so now. The lofting process you describe is fascinating cementing my opinion that you have both engineering AND craftsman DNA. Question for you though: while the paper diagrams and full scale model make for a really interesting analysis, I wonder why you hadn't used AutoCAD or some other program to do the modelling and "corrections". I get that the analog process is truer to form. Anyways. Great work and very inspiring.

      1. Fraser Moffatt

        I like that - 108 year old AutoCAD...definitely! And not as buggy!

      2. JimTheSoundman

        I think part of it, is he's trying to document a dying art. 108 year old boat, and he's trying to show what 108 year old Auto-Cad would have looked like.

    69. Scott S.

      Dude I hope you realize what a cool woman she is and make plans to keep her around permanently.

    70. Michael Lewis

      I knew a guy that was using a bandsaw like yours. He was using it and was looking at the blade up close like you do then the blade kinked and then the blade broke came out like a snake and hit him in the eye. He was instantly blinded in one eye and a lot of stitches on the rest of his face. It happened the first week of his retirement. He told me it was the worst pain of his life. He was alone in his work shop and all he could do to signal for help was fall out the front door on the ground so his wife would see him. Wear safety glasses PLEASE!!!! That's way you get disliked video's I'll bet. Awesome project though ,that takes big balls to try to pull off that. big southern oak balls to build that boat.

    71. Braden Williams

      Great video!

    72. Thomas Russell

      Great footage and storyline. Thanks, Leo, for sharing the journey with the rest of us that can't do their own; either due to finance or disability.

    73. Christiaan Baron

      cpt picard is on site

    74. Aerodoc78

      I'm in lust you are very lucky man to have that girl there she is utterly beautiful

    75. 999

      David looks exactly like Patrick Stewart

    76. leslie rhodes

      When disassembling the boat did you find anything from the original builders that intrigued you Like any little comments scribed into the wood

      1. John Clayden

        He did find the original build number - about the time of removing the coamings, IIRW.

    77. firstname lastname

      I wish he would put on some ear defenders ! after all the years I spent in the joinery I have tinnitus and its not very nice and a dust mask ! Other than that great vid and just imagine the work without power tools.

    78. MrReddok

      That large saw will be a god send.

    79. Anders Maudal

      Great work Leo, you do an asome job. Great videos :)

    80. Povl Besser

      Oil me keel timber, darlin'!

    81. Jeff Becker

      Guessing that the planking is a softer wood than the Georgia oak frames. Teak?

    82. franz babel

      This is awesome! I pretty much binge watched all of the episodes and I can't wait to see the next one. By far the best thing in the internet right now. I wish you all the best and may you sail soon!

    83. Marlon Parsons

      Shouldn't this boat bea in the water by now?? Or close to done yet??

    84. No Way

      The bird and woman are coming with on the boat launch and trip

    85. just tim

      This makes calculus look like a walk in the park.

    86. just tim

      Who were the first people to figure out how to do lofting in the first place.

    87. pablomax3045

      Anyone else think that David looks like Picard?

    88. glyn hodges

      I know you rejected 3D cad models for good reasons but consider this:- If you did have cad models of your keel, frames etc etc then they could be 3d printed in miniature and sold so that viewers could build along with you. With sufficient interest you could print once and take moulds to produce resin casts - or rather, get someone else to. Every couple of weeks some new parts to add. It is not too difficult or expensive to do, We have done it at home with my sons' 3d models. There was/is an Italian based company that produces magazine series using the concept - a friend of mine did their bismark model series. Just a thought.

      1. Tom Hutchins

        I think he has his schedule booked on the real thing . But that sounds like an interesting hobby

    89. MiQ Bohlin

      Serious work and serious knowledge at the same time. Efficiency at its best! 😉

    90. Ken Page

      You, Sir, are a very clever and skilled young man, I take my hat off to you.

    91. Humphrey Mellish

      I will buy you a cold one when you sail the Tally Ho into Bristol harbour 👍🏻

    92. Braden Williams

      Great video!

    93. J.P.Franco Franco

      Hi Leo, can you make a video teaching lofting? I do not speak english language, I do the translation on youtube. explains the lofting lines on a slate. Thank you.

    94. Josh Zakary

      Really love the vlog. It gives me flashbacks from when I used to volunteer at the Center for Wooden Boats at Lake Union in Seattle. Good Times! :)

    95. Jack McGrath

      Maybe too late now, but would you have been able to use an adapted palm nailer or smallish demo hammer to pound out the rivets? Seems like a lot of hard work that could benefit from some mechanical advantage. Love the videos!

    96. Attack Helicopter

      Your work habits, work ethics and attention to detail is why England was an Empire. I just spent my entire day off watching from episode 1 till now. Keep up the good work Leo! God Bless! ,,,,,/),,,,,

    97. OURv

      LEO, Take a break from TALLY HO & enjoy this : !

    98. Michael Peila

      Thats it. The baby crow was the last straw. I need to visit lol XD

    99. Rick te Kronnie

      I don't even like sailing, I've been on a sailboat for a week, 5 years ago or something. Somehow I stumbled onto your channel and you managed to convince me to waste my saturday watching the entire series. You've earned yourself a subscriber, keep it up!

    100. Bradley Doolittle

      Happy birthday mate! Dude you are seriously a genius, and an excellent teacher! You do a great job of answering questions preemptively! As always, your filmmaking skills are right up there with Your boatbuilding skills! I’m curious about your background in both. Any formal education in either? I’m guessing boat school, but don’t recall you ever saying. Keep it up! Cheers mate!