“Hey Pete, what are you doing?!” (Rebuilding Tally Ho / EP89)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - “Hey Pete, what are you doing?!” (EP89)
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    EPISODE 89.
    Well, what IS Pete doing?!
    In the last video we got to know part of the crew a little better, and now it’s time to learn a bit more about Pete Stein’s story. We start the New Year by taking his boat out for a sail with the whole crew, before getting back into planking Tally Ho. In between cutting out and hanging planks, Pete shows us his own workshop and tells us a bit about his train-riding days, including a pretty wild accident that changed his life for ever.
    In other news, drills are broken, rivets are peened, Pancho enjoys the staircase, and Rosie receives a large box of Shipwright’s tools from a local legend.
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    89. “Hey Pete, what are you doing?!” (Rebuilding Tally Ho / EP89)

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    1. gwkdad

      Did Leo say anything about skipping a week? Looked for a new video all day....

      1. Curt Hills

        I feel your pain ...

    2. Iceman 2067

      Love's to you all

    3. pete brooks

      Hey Pete, I'm Pete. You rock! Keep on living the life. What an awesome gig you and the rest of the crew have. Cheers!

    4. יונה מצליח

      we love Peet!!!

    5. Peter Altena

      Sorry to ask, but what about Cecca....

      1. on4xb

        Still stuck in the UK: Covid travel ban for almost a year now.

    6. Gene Williams

      Hey Pete, since you have such a good outlook about your accident,. Here’s a joke you could pull on Leo. Next time Loe asks if you got enough lumber for a job, just tell him your a couple feet short :-)

    7. Peter V

      Hey Pete, I was watching your work...never noticed the legs! Great work! Great attitude!

    8. S Smith

      Hey Pete ! You Da Mang !

    9. Winding Pines Ranch

      Westco boots are the best!

    10. Peter Stilwell

      Best episode! I’ve honestly never met a bad “Pete”. Was really good to see the crew chilling. It’s almost a shame this build has to come to an end sometime.

    11. cowetaok

      Found you through your video going to Georgia saw mill got interested in what you did about 2 months ago started at 1st video and have now have watched them all. What a inspiration to many. Cold chills when Rosie got the mans tools what an honor well now I have to wait out between videos. But will look forward to them all. Thanks to all of you.

    12. Flint Davis

      Thanks, nice interview of Pete. I was wondering if Rosie got nicknamed “Rosie the riveter” ? She can do it!

    13. Jennifer White

      NO, Pete not rebuilding Tally Ho building Pancho a new place to live lol

    14. nimzomitch

      OMG Western Flyer crew...amazing work! But clean your bathroom!! eeeeeewwwwww

      1. on4xb

        It is the original bathroom from the Western Flyer situated in the original house that has been lifted from the hull and has still to be restored

    15. david Hale

      Did a complete refit on my 78’ prairie cutter about 50 ft from That building. Got a lot of good advise from those guys at the coop , especially the best place in town for sandwiches!! Have sailed over 60 k nautical miles on my boat since. Great to hear your story. I’ve done my share of train hopping too ! Great fun getting chased by the yard bulls and having to swim a river in January too !! Excellent video! Thanks Pete, for pushing the envelope...

    16. Kisa Behrens

      What is you last name?

      1. Kisa Behrens


      2. Kisa Behrens

        Just aking

    17. June Pudney

      Hi Leo, have you a long term critical path analysis, network plan, and when do you expect ( if all goes well ) the day you launch Tally ho, I’m 86 and hope to see you sails my favourite boat.

    18. dave jones

      Please start posting your videos on Rumble so I can continue following you.

    19. dave jones

      I'm unsubscribing from your channel because IThomes doesn't support free speech.

    20. Michael Bjorlie

      One of my favorite episodes. Thank you for sharing your story Pete.

    21. Thomas Ganss

      Prosthetics have a history of pretty awesome carpentry as well. My great grandpa used to bore custom sockets out of willow wood logs, since it was the softest touch and most pliable core wood available. My family still has his boring tools, along with a lot of really neat machining and leatherwork devices.

    22. k

      Thanks for the bio pirate pete

    23. ecnaruaL

      is that Ashley Butler's old Ziska there in PT Boat Haven..she is far from home.

    24. jonathan greedy

      Legend Pete ❤️

    25. Harold Conover

      WOW.The tools from Jake ,are a Great Idea...And No Toe's Pete's cool guy..lol

    26. William James Fennessey

      Ask the crew to sing a sea shanty each video.😜

    27. Animal Mother

      Pete for president 2024!

    28. syme71

      Pete's an amazing individual.

    29. Greene Fieldmann

      17:24 Some asshole named "Thumposaurus" sent me here for the train hopping story, but didn't include a time code.

    30. Ann Otten

      A friend of mine lost his leg just below the knee in a motorcycle accident. About 10 years after it happened we where all down at bike week in SC and decided to go swimming in the ocean. He took is prosthetic leg off and jumped in. As we where getting out of the water a group of kids where on the beach so he grabbed his leg and started yelling shark shark shark. The kids flipped out, the state police showed up along with the ambulance. It took us over 2 hours of talking to them to convince them not to lock him up.

    31. meatloaffourdinner

      I've watched off and on for awhile, this was great to see. I love his attitude and outlook, love the work too.

    32. Randy Finch

      Love this episode! Also? Saw this TED talk video and thought of Tally Ho! ithomes.info/net/uaywud2poolnhJw/video

    33. Joe Mamma

      Pete's the best! This is a real motley crew we have here LOL

    34. Joe Mamma

      I'm glad I saw this! I been thinking about jumping a train and seeing america lol not anymore! And to think I already know a double amputee that lost his legs from a train too! Crazy!

    35. Hugh Jair

      Stumbled across this channel a couple weeks ago, just caught up today, I’ve been binge watching every second I get! Best channel on IThomes!!!!!!!

    36. James McGee

      What a fantastic story! My admiration for this channel and the work you do increases with every episode. Carry on.

    37. Jeff Weijohn

      Please please add your content to rumble.

    38. Dragon Dragon

      Gde bi bio svet da su svi ljudi kao ova ekipa. Pozdrav za istu

    39. DonQuixotedeKaw

      Ahoy me hearties! I'm sure it's been mentioned, but in case it hasn't, in another age he would have been called Peg Legs Pete. Especially considering his passions. I love this family of choice. I am in giddy anticipation to see you all out on the water aboard the Tally Ho.

    40. David Scott

      Wonderful! Loved this Pete episode - SOLID dude and I will admit he was a curiosity for me.

    41. Mike Love

      One good thing Pete when get old like me you dont have to worry about cutting your toenails ! Live Life Pete !

    42. Teej 1000

      I always thought that train hopping looked fun, but between Pete and Stobe. I think I’ll give it a miss.

    43. theeUgly Duckling

      What an absolute madlad Pete is. Astonishing video leo!

    44. Wyatt M

      Wow! Pete, I had no idea! Been watching this channel since the beginning! I'm happy you weren't killed also!! I'm also happy you've not let it ruin your life and you've made a great career doing what you love. Inspiring, my friend. God Bless and Peace to you all on the Tally Ho project. - from Myrtle Beach SC USA

    45. Greg Fisher

      Now I get the pun stepping on toes too funny .

    46. David Moore

      It’s so nice to see all of the people drift in and out of this project, the slice of life they’ve shared with us all. I’m glad Rosy got a helping hand with the tools collection. Thanks for sharing.

    47. Jonathon Carstens

      Hey Leo, please consider uploading videos to odysee as well! IThomes/Google is awful for many reasons.

    48. Joseph higgins

      One of your best.

    49. John Hackney

      Boat builders, worldwide, have a very strict dress code. Rock on.

    50. John

      This project is doing a lot of good - very uplifting. Good timing for the times✌️

    51. pepechen

      This chapter blew my mind, Pete you're admirable, you make light of it but it's remarkable. Lovely place you've got in the port, very nice. What a great bunch.

    52. Pavel Komarov

      Saw that dust and immediately knew it had to be Padauk

    53. Dave P

      A really lovely, quite touching video. Tally Ho is a wonderful project, shining a positive light in dark times.

    54. S C

      Steel toed boots.....steel toes! You are an excellent shipmwright

    55. Kevin Murano

      Good luck Rosie with your new tools, it’s amazing to be able have tools passed along for a dying breed.keep up the hard work.

    56. Nick Parker

      That leg reveal was the biggest "What the WTF?" moment I've had since "I am your father" in Empire Strikes Back. Outstanding cinema.

    57. E. M. Buck

      So, now that we know that Pete has no feet, maybe you can finally tell us about the finger incident? Glad to see you all well and making good progress. Cheers and best wishes to all of you, and thank you all for sharing your journey with us!! ⛵

    58. Nathan Edwards

      I can now understand why Pete is so handy around the yard.😁. Well done.

    59. Soma Devo

      Classic project and classic crew.....so much to admire here

    60. Michael Taravella

      I love Pete! What a beautiful human being. I love watching him work. He's so crafty and methodical.

    61. Matt Zoerner

      Well your pretty bad ass Pete, and have a talent most of us only wish for. Best part working in cold weather your feet wont get cold.

    62. M Richardson

      pete just take it one step at a time as you have a major FEAT to accomplish.

    63. OldSkool 55F100

      Pete you are a certified bad ass...

    64. Farage82


    65. Ronan Audren de Kerdrel

      Bravo Léo pour ce magnifique projet de reconstruction. Bien plus que ce chantier naval c'est surtout une véritable aventure humaine, au regard du parcours de vie de Pete votre bras droit, qui sous son air rustique se cache un garçon sensible et intelligent. C'est d'ailleurs incroyable quand on réfléchit bien, Tally Ho a subi la dureté de la mer et Pete la dureté de la vie mais au bout du compte les deux finiront par se relancer. N'est ce pas ça la vie !

    66. promielex

      just in case Pete hasn't heard this song. ithomes.info/net/nMyz1MeEb41rjpg/video

    67. Barry Tonner

      Wow...Pete....new found respect, not only for your expertise at boat building, but for you admiral (pun intended) courage and ability to carry on.

    68. Tiger Traveler

      Its not 100 year old. .... its a new ship

      1. Titus Pullo

        According to Lloyd's of London, it is a 111 year old ship.

    69. tom salisbury

      It would be super cool if everyone who got the tool box would add one new tool that they used in their use of the tools.

    70. maxim rickard

      Thank you Pete and Rosie for sharing. A very uplifting and well told episode.

    71. Joseph Bianco

      I'm wondering who the better shipwright is, Pete or Leo?

    72. Bryce Pelletier

      I am actually very pleased to have seen this more in depth view into who Pete is. Fantastic segment! We do appreciate you Pete!

    73. Aluminium workboat project

      Someone should have asked ”pete, what are you doing” when he was riding those trains. :-/

    74. Sandy White

      Sorry, also wanted to know why you plank one side then the other, both up and down? Is it because of evening out the stress on the timbers and keeping even all the way through?

    75. Sandy White

      Leo, Pete and Gang, wonderful video compalation, always great to see the new posts and fantastic that the loaner tools start with Rosie! Keep it up and pass it along.

    76. SHANE'O

      Peg leg pete make one out of wood

    77. trut hurts

      you are building much more than a boat, which would seem to be a big enough job. You are also building a lasting video record that will have a long life of its own. Very, very nicely done...

    78. Michael E Jean- louis

      Please get Finn back

    79. gwheyduke

      OMG ! Had no idea Pete had prosthetic legs ! He has really awesome sailboat too. BTW - What is the difference between wanna wood and angelic wood ?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        They are both tropical hardwoods. Angelique is heavier & stronger than Wana.

    80. Colin Jones

      Leo I have a cox caulking gun like they are using on the Flyer if you need it let me know. Great job in the channel.

    81. J S

      No Feet Pete is bloody brilliant. If you can't laugh at yourself then you don't have a sense of humor.

    82. Paul Cockram

      A question for Leo and anyone out there - after planking what next, would it be internal fittings like the work around the engine install and secure locations for the mast. I am just really interested in any ones thoughts.

    83. thisnicklldo

      Pancho says "So what, if I can't fly. I can climb, I go places. None of my relatives get to eat as many different types of wood as me, and for sure none of them have built a yacht single-winged, like me. You can't do everything". Pete is an amazing guy, also.

    84. Laurent-22

      Très touchants témoignages...Belle équipe!

    85. Sailing Citrine Sunset

      Nice video.

    86. bradley rogers

      I capsized my kayak in Port Townsend , the water is very cold. Lose the snot ring Pete. I have a couple of young apprentice shipwrights mates here in Tasmania . They have also been able to accrue a lot of old shipwright tools from folk who appreciate the fact that their old tools will live on in the hands of young boat builders. This was a great video , getting to know the crew a bit better and hearing Pete's story gives the show a more personal feel.

      1. Tony Grimes

        Nose ring does not affect his work!

    87. tehpanda64100

      Pete is such an interesting guy, awesome to learn more about him.

    88. Peter Schmitz The Polymath

      I have watched every episode, and I never noticed the past injury slow you down Pete. We used to mess around trains and tracks back east as kids in Maryland, never traveled anywhere, but dreamt a little....

    89. Thomas

      That's a lot of comments!!! Another great video.. and what a great crew..

    90. Milling Around


    91. Jerome Walton

      Stumped! Thanks for the in depth dive into the wonderful world of me saying...”how the hell did he do that?!!!!!” Now we know😊. By far my favorite channel on any anything forever.

    92. *iTs STill ME* V-i-P

      ild like to see Flynn and Pete work together

    93. Iain King

      Leo you have managed to find some outstanding people in your journey, Pete is one awesome person, I would never have guessed he had two prosthetics, but after he shared his story I have nothing but inspiration for this happy man. Your current team seem to really enjoy working together. When is your young lady due back. Cheers from Australia

      1. Tony Grimes

        Difficult to travel to USA from UK at moment.

    94. Steve Perkins

      Awesome episode, guys! Love the backstories. "Pedi Pete", sir, you fairly Rock

    95. Sam Wainwright

      Pete must save a fortune in socks!

    96. John Hackney

      Take some Pete Feet videos and send them to "agents" in Hollywood. There are a lot of gigs on tv and movies that could make very good use of that ability. Pirates of the Cariban comes to mind.,

    97. Frans Andersson

      Petes boat is next to a boat called LIMFJORD - that is a Danish name for the body of water cutting through the north part of the main land of Jylland.

    98. SweatyPickle

      what a wholesome episode :)

    99. Space Cowboy

      No feet Pete...perfect pirate name

    100. Space Cowboy

      I've gotta say that Pete is the most spiritually complete physically incomplete people I've ever met....I'm humbled by his happiness,outlook and drive. You sir are a force....If only I could hold a candle in comparison..... RESPECTFULLY