Rebuilding Tally Ho - Frame-Raising 2.0 (meeting the crew!) EP53

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Frame-Raising 2.0 (meeting the crew) / EP53.
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    EPISODE 53.
    Having installed the new Stem, it’s time to replace all the frames in the bow of the boat! Eight awesome volunteers show up and we get straight to work, training them to build double-sawn Live Oak frames. We start out at half-speed while everyone learns their jobs, and then gradually increase the pace. My old friend Joe is helping out with filming and editing, while his girlfriend Nadine cooks for us. I have a feeling that the tea-break banter is going to be strong, this month!
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    53. Frame-Raising 2.0 - Meeting the crew (Tally Ho EP53)

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    1. Benjamin Scoville

      When you're so good with a chainsaw a croudfunding project sends you on a flight back

    2. crispinleslie

      One thing bewilders me... This is episode 53. The support Leo engenders is absolutely deserved- I have never been so invested in anything on a screen since Breaking Bad- So how do 103 people give it a thumbs down ???

    3. Mark Jennings

      jeez, not more phuttock building!!

    4. C O

      Noticed the editing style change a little bit but is cool as always.


      Finn has own Build & channel now it's coming on nice

    6. Tom Oakhill

      This video series is a fantastic example of how human society functions. Leo just started filming his SOLO adventure. His insane idea that he could save this ship. But he is a genius at making videos, though I suspect to this day he does not know that. His crazy devotion to this idea of building a WOODEN boat, for no other reason but love of the history, the passion he brings to it, inspired people all over the world, to come join him in his endeavor. (The trucker who delivered the boat from Oregon to Sequim, built a chainsaw jig for this project. That is how Leo inspires the best in people.) I find this one in particular delightful. Several people derived so much satisfaction from their first stint that they are back for more. You rock Leo.

    7. Rob Smith

      Finn is one of those guys who just gets on and does it - but to see him work a chainsaw is just pure poetry :-)

    8. Scot Fenn

      At 11:00min although you are planing the edge Your still planing against the grain. in that circumstance you need to be planing the opposite direction.

    9. Matthew Weinhold

      So much fun to view. I imagine Sampson building many more wonderful boats with the same 'volunteer' rubric. Good for Sampson. Good for volunteers. Good for boats.

    10. Fat Bastard Pipes

      Video EP52 ??

    11. TJ

      Leo and co. are the best British invasion since The Beatles.

    12. OccasionalGamer

      It is nice to see how Leo put together teams in which he has confidence. He's a real leader!

    13. Tony Feuerhelm

      ....Binge watching...twenty two episodes of seventy seven to go...Thanks for posting...A.C.Feuerhelm

    14. Anirudh Dhawan

      great music

    15. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    16. Bob Frazier

      Its become painfully obvious that you need a station to rough cut futtocks out without the concrete blocks. Even wooden blocks would be more forgiving to your saw chain, and would not risk embedding sand and stone grit into the futtocks prior to joining them.

    17. killertoast

      What else supports the frames other than the two lag bolts and the cutout in the keel? Probably not using the right expressions, but I just see you putting in two bolts at the bottom and that seems to be it?

    18. 1MinuteFlipDoc

      5:13 nice kanban board!

    19. J Greenseed

      With all the different woods being cut and sanded, I bet that place smells great. Minus all the dude stank of course.

    20. Matus Horvath

      11:28 I now finally understand the term "elbow grease."

    21. Eric Turner

      It's pretty amazing how you've organized ship building in a manner similar to a fast-food restaurant, where each unskilled worker is quickly trained on a specific job that they can accomplish using specialized equipment (e.g. jigs). The result will be much more "delicious" than a Big Mac. ;) If you ever open your own shipyard everything you've learned about managing people and production on Tally Ho should be very useful.

    22. hammerman47

      I am an old sailor and it makes my heart sing to see this wonderful old girl come back to life again.. Leo you are an extraordinary hard-working young shipwright and thank you for sharing the Tally Ho journey.

    23. Ashley Knight

      Leo and Cecca (and the flexible team), while triggering my own architectural practice in Switzerland, I have been stimulated by projects and websites like "", "Acorn to Arabella" and now "Rebuilding Tally ho". I am sure you inspire and stimulate thousands with your drive and determination. Your reflection on "risk" when you cut off the end of your finger (lost the episode number - 40 something?) was a fantastic lesson on the need to "get up, go forward, keep going" and the very real need to shake off risk aversion. More strength to your elbow(s). Ash

    24. anthony white

      Excellent work!

    25. anthony white

      Fin is Cool. Great video. Thanx!

    26. B Souza

      How in the world did ship builders build ships without power tools!? It is mind blowing 😱

    27. nagib ali

      thank you so much for amazing videos... big salute from one of subscriber of your amazing channel from Yemen

    28. conrad jelinger

      Seeing Finn back on-board for the second framing is awesome. He brings a humorous vibe back with him.

    29. Kidon Kim

      Don’t tolk please~! Do something fast~! I don’t like u do tolking about-!

    30. lixy1

      Nice Touchstone T-shirt Rowan! and the treenails looking good too :-) I'm now finally almost up to speed (had to do a lot of binge watching to catch up to what people here already recognise is an awesome project!)

    31. Bob Bates

      Good job with the boat. You should be wearing special pants that can stop a chain saw if it hits your leg. Please look into them they are a form of chaps often made out of Kevlar.

    32. Sage Smith

      because NOAH is everybody's Grandpa................

    33. Saoirse N Mikey

      I know a grafter when I see one. More power tae yer elbow Finn 💪🏼

    34. Bill Bye

      the good parrot did its duty watching the "live oak stack dry" well done parrot!

    35. Andrzej Cichy

      Oll Best from Poland

    36. Ronnie Stanley

      Hats off to The ASA! They really hooked up the project with their support.

    37. D Sloop

      Does jewtube not claim you are using copyrighted music? Or is it so shitty no one cares? it is shitty, it was merely annoying. now it's shitty. carry on.

    38. Charles M. Ogle

      Always looking foreword next video rebuilding wooden sailboat ⛵️! 😀⛵️😘 Mike from Missouri

    39. colin chandler

      Really enjoying every episode, if you bring tally ho to the uk I'm coming to have a look, best of luck, Colin in Southend Essex

    40. Nothingness

      I love wood

    41. Yes, Minister!

      Drawing out the lofting floor seems sooo long ago now

    42. Dave Mc

      I stumbled across this channel perhaps a week or so ago, I really don't know. Pretty much been watching all 53 videos nonstop. I think my wife may have left me a few days ago. I need a shower. And a shave. I must eat something. Seriously, this has got to be the best thing on IThomes. Bar none. What a great contribution from the Albert Strange Association in sponsoring Finn. Someone one said if you can't help everyone, at least help one. Hats off to Leo for passing on his knowledge at the same time as learning new skills himself such as man management etc.

      1. D Sloop

        Acorn To Arabella is better.

    43. blair rowton

      Saturday withdrawals, watching re-runs.

    44. kevin

      I would like to think I would be qualified to work on your crew but I'm ashamed to think I would be qualified enough to clean the toilet

    45. leespiderpod

      It's amazing how you've brought all these people together via YT. If I didn't have a mortgage & family I'd jump on a plane tomorrow!

    46. Graham Parr

      Nadine, sneak up on Joe and cut that bloody rats tail off.

    47. Graham Parr

      If one more person says Leo is on a journey I shall scream, he is not on a journey, he is not going anywhere, he is working on the boat, get a grip.

    48. Graham Parr

      Glad to see you are wearing the safety gear for using chainsaw, trousers etc. seriously mate if that chain goes you're gonna lose a leg.

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        Heh, the chainsaw safety is fairly non-existent. Seeing that workpiece shift under the chainie at 13:40 is the kind of action that could end in tragedy.

    49. Jim Mitchell

      Yeah Finn! Thought you were hooked from the last time.

    50. actorzone

      I couldn't imaging the amount of work that goes into building a boat of this size, plenty of helpers comes in handy, I love carpentry and know how much time even a simple project takes.

    51. Distracted DashCam

      Fiberglass is better waterboy.

    52. evernhamanderson

      I love this channel. Been following since the beginning, well, almost. I have a question though. Exactly what part of the original boat will be left when you are done. I find myself wondering if it wouldn't have been easier to just build the boat from scratch?

    53. H.Kemal ALTIN


    54. Bely Bob

      Leo ... What an amazing job you are doing.. getting ahead of 10 helpers, calculating and keeping the frame raising party going on..! WOW WOW WOW

    55. Bence Erdélyi

      Sorry if this have been answered before, but if i remember correctly you said, when getting the shipsaw that it is possible to do the build without. How do you think it would have gone without? And how would you cut bewels?

    56. John Jamieson

      Yea, Finn is THE cool guy on the job...

    57. puncher davis

      So I binged and watched all of this channels videos in 2 days ( well all dealing with the boat build) I would say you were idealistic in the start very much under estimating the work and time frame. But as all things in life what once started as hard one can now call easy. You did though scare the hell out of me putting in that bow piece using clamps to hold all that weight up. I swear you were pushing whatever divine protection you had and angels were working with you. I am going to link something in here I hope you will consider in the future. Makes moving stuff around ALOT easier and is used in the logging industry as well. You can also get normal log lifting tongs but they have pointed ends that will stick in the wood. IF that works then these may apply. Was kind of funny watching when the hard hats would go on and off as people felt more uneasy with what was going on. Also if your wanting to monetize this a bit I would suggest a LIVE STREAM of what is going on. Twitch is a great platform for this as well as youtube. You can also have a camera on site that is on all the time that people can visit and watch the LIVE action. You need to set up and make some shirts for your previous volunteers and new ones. Having them advertise this great build since you are wanting to be a teacher and builder would be nice. Also you said you may start your own building company and I think you should. I will admit to my mind exploding with the drawing on the floor but it sunk in slowly. Keep up the great work and be safe and God bless you.

    58. Barney Google

      Leo, How about an update on your famous finger? Should be well healed by now. BTW, what's the big secret about how you injured it? Are you finally ready to share that with us?

    59. Frederick Stibbert

      Local Seattle station KING-TV ran a short news feature about some mad Englishman recently.

      1. Tony Grimes

        @Frederick Stibbert I enjoy your comments (usually answers) as they seem to underline a deep affection/ understanding of the project. I used to reply to comments re new build/restoration but realised that some people know the *Price of everything but the value of nothing*

      2. Frederick Stibbert

        @Tony Grimes - You're welcome ! On the one hand, it's only another short local-interest TV filler-piece. OTOH, it's a very well-crafted video that captures the story & spirit of Leo's project.

      3. Tony Grimes

        Frederick Stibbert - Thanks for the info.

    60. kandk920

      Curious if Pancho has a vocabulary, or is she just a squawker? Great work on the boat team, she is really getting beautiful!

    61. tim bastable

      I'm looking at the closing shots with Leo talking to camera and the new frames in the ascendant - What a great sight. It's not just the skill and the work rate that is so admirable - It's the sheer determination - I reckon Leo could rule the world if that's what he decided to do! Brilliant brilliant project - there still a long way to go but this is starting to look so good.

    62. Mr. Smith

      I've watched only a few of these videos. So I don't know if this has been asked/answered. What percent of the original boat will remain when this rebuild is complete? It looks like there will be almost none of Tally Ho's original wood framing or planking remaining...

      1. Blue Boats

        Leo has said that, regrettably... you are correct about the framing and planking. He does hope to use some of the original interior and topsides elements, but keep in mind not so much of that was original and intact by the time he got the boat.

    63. David Bradley

      You need to do a PBS show and get some extra money and coverage for your work!

    64. John Duncan

      Leo you look so laid back! Shorts and sandals nice! Well after Tally Ho is done and you sail her back home you will definitely have a first class crew of shipwrights to take on any project that comes your way!!

    65. TheTsunamijuan

      It seems like not only are the crews getting more efficient. But your planning and use of materials is getting much more efficient at the same time.

    66. Richard Kerr

      Great video as usual. However. Headphones while wearing eardefenders is really ot good for the ears.

    67. GreatNorthWeb

      I'm imagining how it smells while standing among those frames with so much cut wood. Take a deep breath and remember this moment well.

    68. Life On The Hulls

      Such amazing weather you are having at present. Good to see you are making the most of it, great episode guys.Cheers

    69. Elli P

      I'm an ex joiner/cabinetmaker and also used to make electric guitars and various other musical instruments. I'm one of those 'girl' things, but I love a bit of banter, and I think I could be of use on site, even if it's just sweeping up or re-stacking timber or fluttering my eyelashes at the macaw. I'm skint, though, so getting to the USA poses a few problems. I've decided to cross the Atlantic on my bike. Yep. I reckon if I put a bit of extra air in the tyres it'll float. It's going to take me a good few hours to make the crossing (lol), but as I'm a genuine limey, the threat of scurvy holds no fears. I've stuffed my saddlebags with lemons, limes, and milk chocolate Hobnobs. Let's do this thing.

    70. Frederick Stibbert

      Female boat-builders are rare birds, this video will introduce you to Abbey.

    71. Brian Webster

      Ok watched every episode, my first comment. Inland (Kansas USA) power boater, never been on a sailboat so have no clue. Who the heck are these grouchy people who give a thumbs down to these videos? Man the patience and skill displayed is fantastic. I wish I was physically able to volunteer and learn but fate has had different ideas for me. That live oak cutting with the bevels/twists is amazing and the purpleheart is gorgeous wood. Always a thumbs up from me!

    72. Steven larabee

      You should make a book after this is all over

    73. White Rabbit

      Man, I wish I could go out there and meet all those people, lend a hand and learn some stuff. Good job volunteers, I appreciate your help and support!!

    74. One Sleventeen

      I am staring to wonder if there is going to be any original pice of this boat left. Not that I am complaining I love the content. L

    75. firemansam63

      Hi Leo, i was just thinking, how would you have managed to do all the intricate cuts involved in the making of the frames, without a ships saw? I ask this because you never had one at the beginning, Regards Martin

      1. Blue Boats

        Hi Martin, you must be thinking of something else, because the shipsaw has always been used for the cutting of the frame pieces. The saw was restored and operational in Episode 22, and the first frame pieces cutting was in Episode 27.

    76. Uni life with Rob

      Fantastic work as always leo, I'm from uk, software and database developer, if it were not for me being disabled I would love to of been part of this project!! The skill and attention you give is nothing short of 100%, looking forward to seeing more of you guys!

    77. Dennis

      Finn is gonna make a fine shipwright. Good job mate.

    78. allah snackbar

      God i hate hipsters.

    79. Scot Fenn

      OMG @11:00min Palease, you can't plane against the grain like that. You have to go with the grain even out on a cut such as that.

    80. Александр Лякин

      Great team and leader! Very satisfying to watch. Hope to join you in the future!

    81. Matt The Great

      Matthew Is very familiar to me seem like i know him from somwhere else

    82. A Mueller

      wow, he looks just like stephen miller

    83. Alan Lamb

      Great to see so many young boat builders! Keep it up and God Bless!

    84. Martin Stott

      That parrot is an absolute show-stealer. But somehow i failed to spot his be-hooked and one-legged owner. Please Joe.... a guest appearance in the next installment!

    85. Michael Brind

      amazing project with a slick team

    86. Jim Hard

      Curious on What's original on this ship ? It got rotted bad... sad. Reminds me of areas on house's I've worked on. But unfortunately rot seems to had gotten everywhere. So what's original ? Great project good filming good crew too And people learning That is cool

    87. gess ges

      Your doing well I can’t help thinking glue it Convex concave the planking modern classics are the trend , but that’s me have a look at sailing doodles last vid the most amazing modern classic sailed into the bay , see what I mean

    88. Philip Gee

      Great progress, I hope that Tally Ho visits us in South Africa either Durban or Capetown I would love to see her as a complete sailing yacht.

      1. Tony Grimes

        Or sailing into Knynsa Lagoon through the Heads

    89. Mychal Esdelle

      What to short!

    90. Wyatt Family

      Well done, from Australia.

    91. Keith Staton

      Ya know, well-intentioned people keep dropping in with ideas for "Leo's next project" and "Leo's next rescue'. But Leo buddy, when this build is done and finished and floating on the tide I sincerely hope you go for a nice long sail.

      1. luvsracin87

        Yup. And just out videos from his sailing journeys for money.

    92. Barney Google

      Where's Checker?

      1. Barney Google

        @Tony Grimes Thanks for the correction.

      2. Tony Grimes


    93. 20252529

      FYI, Lestoil works wonders on getting roofing cement out of clothing, and off of your skin. If you pre-treat the clothes in a 5 gallon pail mixed with water and Lestoil before running through the washing machine, almost all of it will come out. Providing you can stand the smell, it’s a bit strong.

    94. faircompetition1

      What are you saving from the original boat ?

    95. Fancy Shoes Vlogs

      Can you do a detailed video at some point on how to transfer lines from the lofting floor to the wood?


        There are other ways than the way Leo has done it (not necessarily better). Check out WANDEEN CONSTRUCTION.

      2. Blue Boats

        Hi FSV, actually Leo did that in Episode 29

    96. Sandra Stewart

      to much people not enough building

      1. Tony Grimes


    97. Cory Pride

      Flowers on the dinner table! Another great video and I particularly enjoyed the background music. Ram on.

    98. Tony Notstated

      WTF!? I just stumbled upon this channel and it is amazing! Wow! Are the previous episodes as good as this one? :)

      1. Tony Grimes

        Yes. You should watch from beginning.

    99. mishmasta

      Loved the music in this episode.

    100. Kish

      Yay Finn!