Surface Power Planing Jig / Framing Tools - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP30

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Surface Planing Jig / Framing Tools. Support; Become a Patron;

    EPISODE 30.
    This episode we develop some jigs and tables that will help the framing process go faster. The surface planing jig uses a large power plane to make one face of a piece of timber completely straight. A large assembly table lets us put frames together far more easily and accurately. Pancho observes, and tries to resist destroying the new frames!
    This episode is early because I won’t be able to post next weekend.
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    30. Surface Planing Jig / Framing Tools - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP30

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    1. Roberto1444

      If Kurt took a rhino with him instead of peaceful Diego, it would still be an extraordinary acquisition for this wonderful project. Long live Leo, Francesca, Kurt and all the crew, dogs and macaw included. Long live Tim Berners Lee's www!

    2. casy casy

      wish there was better pics of the adjustment of the sled

    3. Philip M Crow Sr

      All of the horizontal's of your tables should be made of 2 ply's of 9 ply 3/4" AC plywood

    4. coug96fan

      See a need, fill a need! True skill and talent working together to make a fully functional boat yard! The Norm Abram of boat building... :) TOH

    5. Great South Land Mike

      Skate board wheels

    6. ConSeann3ry

      Honest question, why do the sides of the frames even need to be flat? Just aesthetics or does it serve some greater purpose? Seems like a lot of them will be hidden behind walls.

    7. Clay Stuckey

      That parrot reminds me of Stevie Wonder!

    8. Vee Dragon

      Great jigs! Poncho is best supervisor lol

    9. JSeven

      i don't know why i need this, but i need this.

    10. Calum Hunter

      Leo: really daft question. Why not second saw ribs and futtocks, 'glue' up and 'treenail' and then put the bevels on with 'ship saw'? (you're the expert!) surely half the time of band saw assistant?

    11. Calum Hunter

      more Pancho!

    12. Pappa Bob

      If you're still monitoring these comments, I'm wondering what's the spacing of the wooden pegs and how is that spacing determined??

    13. xpez

      @ 14:35 Pancho is thinking about his trip to Hawaii!!! On this boat!

    14. The Old Man and the Garden

      Sometimes leading a project isnt micromanaging, its getting out of the way of good people who can help accomplish a task.

      1. xpez

        tell that to my old bosses!!! UGH!!!

    15. XSAVIER busy

      some ppl hope we find life outside earth, when we got these birds, look at em, they’re a gift

    16. Penta Comstat

      I curious how you acquired such a depth of professional knowledge . Last time I saw you, you were a deckhand/bosun. TallyHo shd be worth USD 1 million when finished

    17. David Heizer

      I'm very new to woodworking so excuse me if this question is obvious to many. The screw adjustments that control the jig's height....Isn't there a risk of doing it unevenly to where the power planer isn't sitting level on the piece of wood? This great work I'm loving this series!!!!

    18. Peter Brickwood

      That framing table is great, I think I'll be copying that.

    19. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    20. avryptickle

      It might’ve been worth buying or renting, or just paying someone to put it on a cnc to flatten these out. You can put a big 2” endmill on that thing and take of .003” if you want. You can find your high an low spots, shim it up from the table if needed, and it will flatten that thing right up. Done it a dozen times with big glued up tables.

    21. Derek Watson

      great idea

    22. Maarten Beute

      you should learn the parrot to say: TALLY HO!!

    23. TJP 81

      I'm confused by the reservation against a router jig. Rather than committing to the final plane initially, why can't a router jig be used to incrementally remove thin slices? I see no useful distinction between this method and the planer jig's method.

    24. 1MinuteFlipDoc

      7:14 a good old boy!

    25. Piero Pecchi

      I’ve just started to watch your videos. Very inspiring project, and all the help from these people is really touching. Cool as fuck!!

    26. Keith Thompson

      Love the planer jig! Great teamwork and the project inspired new tooling solutions! As always great restraint in praise shown by Leo , calm and measured

    27. Uther

      Fantastic labour saving jigs. Just shows how invaluable it can be having a second set of eyes look at a job.

    28. John Kelsall

      What is a rule for treenail / trunel diameter and spacing to frame width and length? would these rules apply to wood furniture frames as well? Thank you for your teaching and knowledge and entertainment ! John Kelsall

    29. Graham Reeve

      I'm working on my own project. Making a 100 year old Dutch barge into my solar powered home. The inspiration I have received via these videos has been amazing. I'm much more patient now with my work. A matter of pride has been to get my chisels sharp enough to shave the hairs on my arm.

    30. Finn McCool

      Not that it matters now. But I guarantee I could make a sled with a 3 1/4 horse plunge router and a large flat bottom cutter that would equal or better the through put of the hand planer jig.

      1. Mike VandenBosch

        Keep in mind that planer cuts 4 in wide strips. Even a large router bit would only take one inch at a time

    31. anthony white

      Would love to see the curved bevel being cut in close up. Super video...super plane jig. Great video. Thanx!

    32. Ken Klaus

      I love the wood shop I have a modest one in my basement, but this is terrific! There seems to be living quarters in the upper end. Is that where you stay?

    33. doorran

      The assembly table looks like Fooseball!

    34. Gene Goodman

      You have really been lucky to have so many people that had an idea and knowledge about wood working. They knew how to build and use tools and work benches that is saving you a lot of time. How about that guy with the truck bringing your wood, how lucky can you get. Did he even charge you or was this a dry run home?

    35. Carsten Diekmann

      It keeps getting better and better! Thank you for sharing everything!

    36. Roger Bayzand

      Neat planer jig and safe for all to use.

    37. Bruce Fulper

      Romans did this? Good grief. Much props to everyone

    38. Christian Libertarian

      Can you really tell someone to kerf their butt without running afoul of IThomes's algorithm?

    39. macelius

      I was thinking when you were building the first frame, he needs a table! Also, can we have Poncho t-shirts?

    40. Richard Bohling Sr

      Your getting into production mode now. Getting setup so untrained hands can produce quality work will really speed the project up. Well done. Amazing how so many folks are willing to share the knowledge to make "Tally Ho" come back to life.

    41. zardiw

      What was that blue machine at 9:39....wasn't that a planer?

    42. Chuck Gollmar

      loving watching and learning from your videos. I may have missed something, but I don't understand how the second person on the ship saw knows when to change the angle on the bevel and by how much. I at first thought that you had the angles written on the frame as you cut it on the ship saw, but it seems to move way to fast for the second person to react and change the angle. again love your videos

    43. j4d3 goat

      Very cool planer jig! I'm just blown away by the various cool gizmos that people are coming up with here!

    44. David Cooper

      A big shout-out to Kurt, jig-maker extraordinaire. He significantly streamlined some very time-consuming processes, and improved the finished product as well. As always, excellent video story-telling, Leo. You must spend almost as much time editing as you do in the build. Brilliant! THANKS!!!

    45. Larry Ogden


    46. Clint Grantham

      I love the shorter videos .... Same content just more videos

    47. kevin skinner

      How do you know all this stuff? It’s like you’ve been doing it for a hundred years.

    48. Matthew Gerhardt

      This guy just dropped 6 months off the work time of this boat. That's an amazing contribution.

    49. kimascona

      maybe you could use some bright color spray paint as a guide coat when planing the wood, run the planer across the timber til all the paint is gone, then you can see instantly when its flat. but i guess you can see it on the texture of the wood anyways. just a tip, have done it sometimes and its pretty useful. thanks for all the awesome videos of your great project, and good luck with all the hard work!

    50. Rich N

      I understand its not why you are building the boat. I get it. But what will the approximate value of the yacht be, once completed?

    51. Bert Canepa

      Absolutely amazing story and skills....!!

    52. Peter Martin

      The Jig looks great; I'm not sure if this will help but for lubricating wooden surfaces like drawers or in this case a jig I've used silicon spray which makes wooden surfaces that are prone to sticking almost glide against each other.

    53. H.B.K. Martin

      Recently began watching you all. Now, I’m hooked. Nothing gives me faith in humanity again like people of all walks of life coming together for a good cause. Thank you all! ❤️

    54. zorroon milkavitch

      I wonder if Drilling holes through the frames in the hull or in the bilge I wonder if by doing so it would create a two-fold benefit 1 Bean it would allow air circulation 2 penetrate deeper into the frame should there ever be moisture and to to allow quicker drying. of the Interiors of these members and we all know it's important to keep our members dry. P.s. and would Drilling holes in the framing cause any weakness since in house framing they do this all the time but of course houses are rarely swimming with sharks or floating in raging stormy seas.

    55. ensen89

      An idea similar to this was on youtube more than six years ago ;) There are two more videos on the aaroninatlanta channel.

    56. Theophilus Jedediah

      There is an ancient trick with trenails that guarantees outstanding result. Heat fine dry sand with a bit of cat litter in it to about 375-400 deg F but no higher. Plunge your trenail into the mixture up to the low end of the split. After 2-3 hours pull it out and quickly dip it in boiled linseed oil or (best) warmed pine tar then drive it into the hole and dip your wedge into the pine tar and drive it into the trenail expansion slot until tight. Two things happen. Your trenail absorbs the waterproofing material as well as any ambient humidity as it cools and expands into its bedding. The wedge does the same but will not expand so much that it splits the trenail. This is a permanent solution to expansion/contraction issues in small joints. Also, using pine tar would be a much better solution than oils below the waterline at all points.

    57. MAGA MAN

      Why can router jigs not be adjusted? Routers are adjustable. All you have to do is lower the bit more. Still a great idea with the hand held power planer.

    58. Daniel - S/V Rhapsody

      I really like that jig. Might buy a power planer and build one for general woodworking. Great ideas guys. Keep 'em coming.

    59. Urbino237

      Leo - your diligence, patience and skill level boggles the mind...I can't imagine how boat builders did it a century ago. Bravo to your ingenuity, creativity and dedication to refurbishing a vessel soon to sail again. Worth every minute, every penny, every long day - you deserve all the accolades coming your way.

    60. Paul Ohlstein

      To get the frames flat, you could have used one flat rectangular sheet, perhaps 3 thicknesses of 3/4 plywood, laminated together and large enough to encompass the largest frame. Then you would temporarily fasten the frame to this base and run it through your thickness planer, to get one truly flat surface.

    61. Paul Duffill

      very cool planer jig

    62. Creative Customs

      Great videos I was searching for some welding videos, then stumbled across some Amish sawmills videos, which led to your saw mill video, and the next thing I knew I am down a rabbit hole watching your Tally Ho restoration videos. Anyways it's now 4:15 am and I think I've watched the whole series by now since I can't seem to find anymore. I was going to throw my hat in the ring if you were interested in my services. I own a small company called Custom Creations here in Everett, WA., and we have been doing very high end unique and custom upholstery since 1996. I have done a ton of boats in my day as well as many antiques, nothing quite like what you have here, but if you can imagine it, I can bring it to life. . Because my equipment is big and not easy to move we would have to do all of our sewing and upholstery work here in the shop. But if you designed the structures you wanted covered in upholstery, and then bring out the seats / frames and what not along with the materials to our shop here we could make you whatever custom upholstery you would require based on any sketches or old photographs you would like to reproduce. We even have access to wholesale materials you can buy thru us at 50% discount over retail costs or maybe even talk to one of our upholstery supply outfits and see if they may be willing to donate the materials you require based on the fact you could give them a shout out in the future so that when people see the boat they know it's "Ethan Allen" or "Sunbrella" brand materials that were used. . I know that there are a few other very old boats people have rebuilt so meticulously that the movie industry is constantly renting out for big money from the owners to help make their stories seem as authentic as possible. I don't know how far you planned on detailing the boat out with the interior and other final touches from that period, but who knows maybe we will see Johnny Depp sailing the seas on the Tally Ho in a future movie.

    63. Gordon Clark

      Isn't it wonderful that so many people can be drawn to help make the build happen. This is community (of helpers) in truth.

    64. K Hannan

      Another great video thanks Leo. Having levelled a workbench with a router jig the planner jig is a great idea, I have a few 'marks' in my bench. Good on you both.

    65. Juan Julio Jesus Jiminez

      Kurt is good value lol

    66. Jerry

      great job, amazing time saving's what friends are for....................!

    67. Juan Julio Jesus Jiminez

      Wow look at all that sail power! Modern boats just can't compete with wood & sail cloth imho. There's something spiritual about natural materials ( I know everything is natural really but let's say materials not overly processed, made from ground up by chemical companies), natural materials coming together in natural environments, especially the sea. The creaking sounds, smells, grains. All very romantic

    68. Nathan Roper

      Leo keeps saying that fresh water can cause rot, in this context does fresh water mean non saline(ocean) water? Thanks.

    69. Chico

      Well I have only just recently discovered your IThomes channel but have enjoyed it immensely. I have family in the UK (Leicestershire County) and I hope to get to your little island one day. If you ever get to Georgia again let me know and we will extend you some hospitality.

    70. LifeInTampa

      Where did you meet Pancho? I have always wanted to meet a macaw companion, myself. Thanks. You're an inspirational individual by the way

    71. Johm Strom

      Apologies if painfully obvious, however a 50lb bag of salt fore and aft (whatever #s) turns fresh h2o into salty purty quick. rot-b-gon. ha.

    72. talisay

      Leo, don't lose Kurt. There's your process engineer; a valuable team member on any project of this magnitude. Those tables are excellent, now you need a drill press and a few ships augers for the black locust. Cheers !!

    73. MT Mals

      Went back watched episode 1 & 2. The parot, the dogs, the growing army of helpers and your iron willed progress to date...quite a story Leo. You mean what you say and say what you mean. The great oceans await. Carry on.

    74. blair rowton

      Come on bro!!!! Patiently waiting on the next frame video!!!!!!


      Hey Leo, I was wondering how much you have spent so far on this project and how much you are planning to spend? I understand if you don't want to share. Thanks!

    76. Bob Frazier

      I'm guessing you could use a router to level those trunnels flush with the frames in a heartbeat or two.

    77. Bob Frazier

      Get yourself some Delrin "Slick Strips" to make that planer jig glide as smooth as silk!

    78. Beans 694

      Could you tell me where I could get the line drawings and measurements chart for the Tally Ho?!?


        Mystic maritime meseum in connecticut

    79. Thomas Coleman

      I've binged watched this whole build. Can't wait dor the next episode.

    80. Elli P

      Thank you, Kurt! Hey, Leo? When the job's done, you could top that 12' frame with slate and make a pretty decent snooker table...

    81. Bilbo Swaggins

      You should have made a pact to not shave your face from the time you started this until the end.

    82. Bilbo Swaggins

      You should have made a pact to not shave your face from the time you started this until the end.

    83. Anders Eriksen

      +Sampson: It takes a lot to impress an old Danish carpenter - You do that - Great work, and instructions for "newcomers", keeping old woodworking Alive - keep them Vids coming, I will love to see her get into the water, with full sails, will be stunning - just dont loose track off your dream - course now its also mine - good luck, and take care

    84. Hooter700

      Candle wax is a really great way to make wood slippery and on a hot day melts some

    85. Krzysztof Żurawski

      Use candles rather than grease. Grease has a little bit of water, candles prevents wood from moisture

    86. John Petersen

      F'in brilliant! Great protoype. Watch out, Festool will steal it!

    87. John Simlett

      The old question..."How long does it take you to have a good idea?" When you get one it was worth the wait. Love the jigs!!

    88. gary simms

      Great work! You can never have enough work/assembly benches. And the planer sled turned out slick.

    89. Robert Fay

    90. Lamont Sanford

      Prazi beam cutter. Check it out

    91. TGCIII

      My cable went out last night and I started watching. I never had any idea what it took to build a boat of that size. Rock on brother

    92. matt mag

      Did anybody else hear that the key of the music and the planer match up at 9:40????

    93. murphymb

      Committed to depth with a router?.....Consider a plunge router setup for smaller work pieces. It's actually what most woodworkers use for slab flattening. I do like the planer sled, though.

    94. Building Sailboats

      Wow super interesting to see the jig and table you made. 🙂 So nice of Kurt to help out.

    95. Andrew Rae

      So I presume you are doing the Frames in Pairs ( Port & Starboard ) and the only difference is the Bevels are a mirror image of each other. It would be revealing to put them on top of each other and show us a view of the bevels Juxtaposed to each other, in the sections with the most extreme curvature. It could also show if an error occurred on the Bevelling process of one of the frames at any point. Do you do that after Trunneling ?

    96. JimTheSoundman

      Will all of the frames have to be replaced? Will you be able to reuse any of the wood from the ones that were replaced, or are there too many rivet holes?

    97. danmerillat

      Why do the fore and aft surfaces need to be so perfect? The other surfaces are all contacting or joined to something, but fore and aft would be open air.

    98. Brian Ermelin

      Mad props to Curt , no offense Leo but Curt used typical American ingenuity one of many ways America became the greatest nation on earth BOO YAH !!

      1. Tom Hutchins

        Curt is not the first person to build a table like that it is very common. But he did drive a long way to donate labor.

    99. Bruno Wiebelt

      a mother example where you think everything is done ... and then someone comes find a new twist . brilliant