Milling Live Oak in the Deep South - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP19

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Milling Live Oak timbers on Cross Sawmill’s massive homemade bandsaw, in the Deep South. Support; Become a Patron;

    THIS episode, I am in southern Georgia , and I work with Steve Cross of Cross Sawmill to mill and grade lots of Southern Live Oak (Quercus Virginiana) for Tally Ho’s framing stock - one of the most historically important and best-regarded shipbuilding timbers in the world, which is no longer often milled commercially due to its extreme toughness.
    Steve mills the timber on his amazing and enormous homemade bandsaw, which is constructed from 5 forklifts, 9 semi trailers, and “god knows what else”, according to Steve.
    We also look at Live Oak trees in the area, including one that is claimed to be the largest Live Oak in the world… all the while keeping an eye out for Alligators!

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    19. Milling Live Oak in the Deep South - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP19

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    1. Sampson Boat Co

      Thanks for your comments! Steve Cross has his own youtube channel here, and an informative website here

      1. Mitchell Goodyear

        Is Steve cross still around? I’m trying to get in touch with him and that link above isn’t working.

      2. Try Thinking

        Check out pin oak. Dried you have to mill it like steel.

      3. A Jim Fan

        And if you were to abort mission, you still would've had to pay half that out of contract, I guess.

      4. IncandescentWithRage

        So strange to think that when the 400year old tree germinated there were 500Million humans on earth. There are now 7.6Billion.

      5. Andy Musgrove

        This video randomly showed up in my feed and I was intrigued. I started watching and quickly realized I knew Steve! I grew-up in near by Donalsonville and went to school with Steve's nephews. ...Small world!!

    2. notatechie

      What a huge difference in English language accents.

    3. sam ludman

      Killing trees to build a boat. Horrific!

    4. Louis Gorman

      any one have any pic of the gaar scott vertical husk that runs the carriage with the small tire , looking to see how the belt drive is hooked up setting up 1890s saw mill ? email

    5. James

      Ole Cross is smarter than you look

    6. Drop_D Tuned

      Hi Leo. I have now watch all your restoration videos. This episode by far is the most memorable. Adding Steve’s telling of that story was a brilliant stroke. Tally Ho!

    7. ?¿?¿?¿?

      I get the feeling that if the Apocalypse came and all the lights went out, Steve would just carry on as normal without missing a beat.

    8. Patrick Wooden

      Oak trees and spanish moss, i miss home

    9. Jason Smith

      One of my favorite in the series...classic and classy.

    10. S. Smith

      What keeps going through my head while watching this is the labor needed to build boats back before powered machinery.

    11. Steve Billingham

      A superb episode, I'd much rather watch this than any TV programme!

    12. MrDmorgan52

      A lot of people don't know that the USS Constitution " Old Ironsides" has a lot of South Georgia Live Oak in her frame.

    13. maverick buckley

      God damn i love this guys accent. He sounds sharp as a tack to me. 🇬🇧🇺🇲

    14. hang3xc1

      Love how the words 'this' and 'that' are two syllable words. No doubt he'd get a kick out of my wicked Boston accent too, asking me repeatedly "What in the hell are you tryin' to say???"

    15. C Sineath

      Shes a bit older than 600 year old there guy lol.. and almost caught myself on being the biggest but remembered the tree in Jacksonville Florida is a southern live oak which the base is massive as well but her limbs are greater.

      1. C Sineath

        The treaty oak is her name

    16. Richiemouse

      What a character

    17. Erlo Brown

      That accent sounds like it hurts.

    18. scowell

      I come back and watch this once a year... one of my favorite videos of all time.

    19. Reforged Criterion

      I had a ranch with nothing but live oaks on the west coast. Some pine, fir, cedar, and a few white and tan oak, madrone, but mostly just live oak. The crazy thing about them is I'd cut them down and they'd turn into a bush, 15-20 years later I'd have a dozen trees from each base, all 8-12 inches across. Perfect for cutting and splitting into firewood.

    20. Zeppo Muty Music

      1:47 That accent, it's like music :)

    21. Lou Rall

      Leo - Great discussion about motor choice. I've spent most of my life in aviation. 99% of what I know about boats has come from you and from Steve on Acorn. You have both fascinated me. The hybrid diesel makes perfect sense.

    22. Redneck Pyromania

      Hillbilly engineering masterpiece right there

    23. Zachary Rivera

      Hat's off to the southern, that guy has got skills.

    24. brad peachee

      omg... I live in the Ozark Mountains in southern Mo. I am a sailor and have done extensive wooden boat repair on old Chris Craft, Owens, Pacemaker, ect boats large to say 52 foot and smaller at a young age. left the city and bought a new mill and moved home to the Ozarks. I owned a new at the time of your video Band saw mill that could mill a 4 foot log wide and 50 foot long. And we trash live oaks here into railroad ties along with white oak, red oak, post oak, ect..... there not hard on a band mill like he is using... Hickory is harder on them than a live oak ... we have lots of cedar here big. I never got into selling custom wood besides Walnut logs always got saved here for $$$. and making custom log home timbers or barn timbers in a large size. I would have sold and trucked that up north for alot now the mill is setting because I am sailing. Love the video.....

    25. bart deVos

      watching it all back. You meet the most interesting people ever for this project.

    26. Orca Trail

      Absolutely love this footage 😍

    27. Stephen Alford

      Come on back down! east coast of Florida would be a great stop on the tally Ho. I'm excited for you!

    28. thejabawolcky

      If live oak is so great, why were sassafrass used for the early shipbuilding?

    29. gary pierce

      This dude looks like Joe Walsh. Way Cool.

    30. stuarth43

      oh my word an alu yacht of tallyho size can be framed up with 100x75x8 tee sections for a fraction of you cost, you are brave fer sure HOWEVER at your age, I built from scratch a 43 footer, I finished broke but did do the Pacific Islands you chose do this, you are educated, smart and skilled and work hard so do not ask for monetary help that is plain wrong

    31. stuarth43

      Dang!! I never knew dat, wonder how dense that thar timber be, got a tree down here called Leopard tree, it don't float , no sirr

    32. Ian Zagorskikh

      So interesting and unusual south language! Thanks for video it was very interesting :)

    33. murray crichton

      Did anyone check to see if he has all his fingers still. I refuse to believe he does with that gear..

    34. J Fitz

      What is the poem? Author?

    35. _Ole_CornPop_

      One more amazing tree to add to this list is the Angel Oak, which can be found in Angel Oak Park, on Johns Island, South Carolina. This Southern live oak tree is considered to be one of the largest oak trees on the entire planet, with an age estimated at 400 years.

    36. _Ole_CornPop_

      I'm in Charleston SC and this is exactly as it is here. Appreciate the video, he is very solar to my grandfather that recently passed so things gives me some comfort. Edit- We have one of the largest Oaks here in Charleston too. Angel Oak on Johns Island.

    37. TotalVikingPower

      still the favorite episode

    38. Dcdanger

      Bubba Gumps long lost brother

    39. Per Tedin

      Just saw (no pun intended) for the second time. The location. The locals. The trees. The history. Love it. Truly amazing. And the Machine, of course.

    40. Steven Walter

      Mosquito lagoon !!! That’s right by me

    41. grant williams

      The video was insane. That mill is unbelievable!

    42. Rick Sanchez

      Cool you got the saw too

    43. Paul Kinder

      “If I’m going to do it then I’ve got to do it properly”. Good Man!

    44. John Murray

      The two different accents in the video reminds me of my paternal grandparents. Grandad english to his bones and my grandma a hillbilly from Virginia. Great video!

    45. Lp Lp

      Watching this again today love this video ! Thanks for taking the time to edit it & upload this !

    46. drtb69

      The holey and holy wood

    47. Cypher791

      Well... I don’t remember looking up anything about live oak and I don’t really know why i clicked on this... but good heavens I am pleased i did. Excellent video all around.

    48. Curtis Cordle

      That sawzall/jig/ gear box contraption is uniquely amazing to me. That's pure Southern ingenuity right there.

    49. Search4TruthReality

      This answered my question about your optimism when you decided to buy. Specifically, as I've bounced around watching this series completely out of numerical order, I wondered about your thoughts on how much of the boat could be kept vs. performing a nearly-complete rebuild. I reckon this $30K investment answers my question. In any case, I'm enjoying series...looking forward to seeing the finished product. You must show us the fruition of your dream...Tally Ho on the on her deck...that drink in your hand...and a beautiful girl at your side.

    50. Stephen Charles

      Move over Forest Gump!

    51. Dave Thomas

      What an amazing character wow

    52. Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.

      Omg I had to fast 4 ward thru dudes 1st grade reading in super country vernacular. Tragic....poor fucker

    53. Donald Atkinson

      I live in SC, friend of mine wilmont berry, was a retired guy very smart college educated, but a country guy. He started a mill work shop, and bought a old frick sawmill powered by a 3phase 50 horse motor. I removed trees for people and we saw milled them. He always had mismatched teeth on blade, never lined up properly, one day I came over and he had huge live oak logs lined up, I said what the hell do you think you're going to do with that, he said saw it, this was a circular blade, I said you can't, he said he would, well to make a long story short after a lot of cussing, we ended up hooking up tractor to logs and pulling them in the woods lol. I can't explain to you how hard it is to split or cut. Later they about destroyed a hydraulic splitter trying to make firewood. He just would not listen. He passed away a few years ago.

    54. William Creel

      I would have hauled the lumber for you for $5500.

    55. TilDeath1776 US

      Do u intend on keeping this boat or selling it?

    56. TilDeath1776 US

      This guy is highly intelligent. Don't let that slow southern drawl fool ya. I'm an hour from him.

    57. Matt Berg

      That old boy is sharp as a razor.

    58. Archie Sykes

      I could fall asleep to this man reading story's

    59. Woxineau Crows

      I worked at Duke Boats in Port Carling as a young teenager in the spring to fall and it was my greatest memories to learn off of 3 old builders of a trade almost forgotten.Now they restore any wood boat in the Muskoka Lakes like Ditchburns and Crisscraft etc. This reminded me of so much as we got most of our oak and mahogony from the Penny Saw mill in our village.TY gents this was very good

    60. Daniel C

      haha, not many people from outside the U.S. get to experience authentic Cajun folk.

    61. Frazer Barr

      Discovered your videos today and am amazed by so much, including your enthusiasm. Thanks for including us.

    62. MrWolfSnack

      he reminds me of Shelby the swamp guy from Ax Men same accent they must be from the same area

    63. Duane Henicke

      Hello from Live oak county, Texas.

    64. Nate vanLandingham

      Is that tree Bigger than Angel Oak on John's island?

    65. James Allen

      Amazingly we use to burn oak tree forests as they were considered a garbage invasive species.

    66. Human Interfaces

      Simply thé best this Guy.

    67. Not You

      Live oak is a landmark all over South Carolina coast. I enjoy their majestic look every time I vacation at the beach.

    68. Tom Moore

      I am guessing that Steve Cross was never enrolled in a gender studies program......learn something here snowflake

    69. Barney Ray

      You were lucky you went well it was cold outside because if not you would have been eaten up by mosquitoes!

    70. TickyTack23

      The man speaks with such a stereotypical "dumb" hillbilly accent, but the things he explains are very intelligent. The Lumber Whisperer.

    71. brandon escoe

      As someone who is from Georgia and lived here my entire 39 year life. I absolutely love the state. People from the country are the best people in the world and would do anything in the world for you or put you 6ft under if you try to do something to screw them over

    72. Charles King

      This documentary is epic. The narrative by Steve Cross in particular belongs in the Smithsonian for its historic relevance. The live oak stands the test of time and so will your filmmaking. Then we will have live oak in your Tally Ho re-shipbuilding! Brilliant work Leo!

    73. Bill Dyke

      As they say, it doesn't grow on trees... It's spent on them...

    74. in motion

      Way to much money for that its wood.

    75. Kevin Welsh

      What a great character. Love meeting people like him

    76. sebastien charette

      Don't judge a man by his talk. My tech teacher once told me that the smartest man he ever met couldn't read. He spoke 7 different languages that he learned by ear. He was hired throughout the world to fix engineering challenges, he worked in italy, france, japan, UK, US and Canada. He was world renouned for his ability to figure out and fix any issues.

      1. sebastien charette

        @A Carrot the guy had a serious case of dyslexia... He could "read" but it took a lot of effort for him. He could not read fluently rather.

      2. A Carrot

        No way the dude fixed legitimate engineering problems all the time without reading. Even if he was some idiot savant that could “fix engineering issues” without being able to read, he’d be useless because he couldn’t function without someone reading everything for him on the job.

    77. Ian Zagorskikh

      These guys have a bit different English language :)

    78. Mountain Man

      22:04 There's an old trailer right behind you. Have G-dude pull parts from that old bus, the John Deere combine, and various other machinery sitting on the property, and turn it into a towable trailer for you to bring it all back yourself and save some $$$

    79. Jeremiah Jimenez

      I wish to be like this legend when I get older.

    80. Jozf

      You should have called Matt Cremona

    81. Juncus Bufonius

      There's a fair bit of live oak in the UK. There are some avenues in my county and the nearest tree is at the end of my road about 500m away.

    82. Henrik S

      That accent is pure gold! "Had a nice triep!?" LOL!

    83. s s

      They guy who runs the mill is soo fkn interesting 😅 he's an inventor for sure. All of this is pretty much home made 😯😯😯😯 im impressed

    84. Mr Watto

      What a great accent the dude in the hat has, or Steve should I say.... "this is a ditty' I'm English, same as the tally Ho owner. Don't know how I came across this, but very interesting.

    85. Rv4 Guy

      Where did he get these trees? Would he buy them from somebody’s land and come and harvest them? Or did he own his own wood lot?

    86. Rv4 Guy

      Great music choice. Amazing dude. I keep watching this one again and again.

    87. Bill Wheaton

      In 2006, I visited Mystic Seaport. And the guy there had a pile of live oak next to one of the barns. He said they picked them up from what the hurricane knocked down in Louisiana a couple years earlier. Man, those guys know their wood up there.

    88. Zachary Sides

      I've made cut up some of my own slabs of live oak, and it has the absolute worst combination of nasty, twisty grain and density of any wood I've seen. It's absolutely rock hard, super heavy, and the grain is horrible to work with. The grain is never straight and it's stringy like you would expect from oak, but it's absolutely beautiful and will last for years and years.

    89. chandler b

      Love the mill guy classic Georgia man right there

    90. Matthias Nicolai

      Awesome video! That wood (I´m a carpenter myself)! That gear! And that "miller" who is worth a hundred grand! Actually I understood only every third word that he spoke (I´m german) but that made it even more entertaining to me. Thanks for the great show!!! More!!!

      1. Martin Muehlhaeuser

        @Matthias Nicolai Ja der ist wirklich ein "Original" aber definitiv ein Experte in seinem Feld und Ingenieur von schwäbischem Kaliber :-) Aber wirklich ich kann den Kanal nur empfehlen schaue schon von der ersten Folge an und immer wieder tauchen besondere Menschen auf die das Projekt begeistert.

      2. Matthias Nicolai

        @Martin Muehlhaeuser Der Säger ist meinem geliebten Onkel selig (Vollerwerbs-Forst- und Landwirt aus dem Hochschwarzwald) wie aus dem Gesicht und Gemüt geschnitten. Mir kamen fast die Tränen... Und auch Onkel Sigi redete einen Dialekt, der schon in Karlsruhe kaum mehr verstanden wurde. Sehr cool!

      3. Martin Muehlhaeuser

        In allen anderen Episoden auf diesem Kanal sind neben handwerklichen Wissen immer auch wieder solche Perlen zu finden.

    91. Erik S

      Im constantly coming back to this episode. This is a great episode in so many ways.

    92. Gregory Gagnon


    93. Henry Morgan

      Steve Cross is an American Treasure. God bless him and all of the Live Oak.

    94. Chuck Norris

      13:10 :)

    95. Break The Warrior

      god damn awesome accent.. Oh i lost it when he said "This is a'book"

    96. Whalebone

      Pretty sure the Angel oak Tree right here in South Carolina is the biggest living Live Oak tree in the world.

    97. Alex MacLean

      I find accents and traits associated with them fascinating. People would listen to this accent and assume very low intelligence, however it is clear from actually paying attention, that this gentleman is brilliant.

    98. Dr. Lex Winter

      That's a marvelous milling machine. I love old mills, and I love Frankenmills the most!

    99. idomatter nonya

      This Sawyer is a genius!!!!

    100. Simply Simon

      And to think we all used to speak like our cousins across the pond. LOL