BoatBuilding - Restoring the Transom (EP74)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Restoring the Transom (EP74)
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    EPISODE 74.
    In this episode I work on repairing and reinstalling Tally Ho’s original transom timbers. Being Teak, they have escaped rot, but have a lot of damaged areas and holes that need to be filled with plugs and graving pieces. I also need to add a couple of new planks, so I visit a friend with some Teak for sale, and have a look around his interesting workshop. The planks are joined together with vertical splines and fastened to the stern of the boat. An assortment of animals try to get in the way, as always.
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    74. BoatBuilding - Restoring the Transom (TALLY HO EP74)

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    1. AL Baretta

      Looks fantastic glad you used some original teakwood

    2. Crazy JinX

      Ya know... Did leo chop his finger off sharpening the big table plainer? 🤔 Hmmm

    3. August Gingstad Elvenes

      damn now i really wanna build a ship, but i need reasources

    4. Viktor Reznov

      I'm from Michigan and see many a old sail boats and sail yachts, it warms my heart as a mariner to such a great feat being made. i showed my grandfather and he said that it looks beautiful. oh and my grandma thinks the parrot and the dogs are cute.

    5. karelatsea

      I really admire your craftsmanship!

    6. Andrew Mantle

      Midnight special, Johnnie be good.

    7. Andrew Mantle

      Amazing sound track dudes. Or ladies if appropriate. Some good covers.

    8. John Utting

      Nice tight joints ,well done

    9. Mr,Willson

      Wow !...What a ton of work to save that transom. I would have scrapped it...I admire your determination to reuse it.

    10. rainwater739

      That dog is my spirit animal.

    11. Slashley gibbins

      If that was my shop I’d have all the gear, with no idea.

    12. allende6

      Beautiful job

    13. hunter crook

      These people need an old guy to show them what to do, My old timer would be telling these guys to stop pussyfooting around and get some ship done

    14. hunter crook

      I think it's called Baton seem when you're talking a spine vertical sline

    15. hunter crook

      Real boat builders use resorcinol glue

    16. hunter crook

      You guys should be using tight bond 3 not Gorilla glue

    17. coug96fan

      Please, everyone, look for the time machine, because Leo has such amazing skill and knowledge. I think he went back to the heyday of wooden boat building and soaked up all that AMAZING knowledge of wood, technique, tool use. Incredible. THIS is may favorite IThomes channel ever!

    18. willy mueller

      19.50 its a good thing, the dog did not shit on the transom !

    19. Sandy White

      Awesome transome, better late (me) than never! I love the many repairs you have done and the decision to clear finish the teak, suck beautiful wood! Keep it coming Leo and Poncho!

    20. Bill Dyke

      The type of bead put on the bottom of the beam shelf is called a 'cock bead'. I kid you not. Just when you'd got over futtocks. One innuendo after another...

    21. Rob T

      cool video. don't forget to shave your uni-brow. LOL its way huge

    22. chuck douglas

      Video needs more footage of your wife and her chickens

    23. Dario Martin Lobos

      Hi very interesting. This made me remind a port were I was years ago. There they us simple hand tools and make the making process with a good boat making that last longer plenty time. Maybe there you can find some old tools and working methods that can help you to improve the process and make it easier and faster with manual tools. The main tooil used is like a mattock but sharpen ( you never use it in any operation. Did you hear and use that any time?

    24. FC2TurboMSS

      Who are the 305 people that DON'T like Leo? I mean really, WTF?

    25. IcyMidnight

      Nice that some of Tally Ho's old bones will make it into the skeleton of the new Tally Ho :)

    26. Lucio Sattamini

      You should use this adze From Brazil

    27. Wayne Ledford

      Great to see some of Tally Ho going back in. :)

    28. linda bergquist

      HI Leo, you need a thickness sander!! Love all the work that the team has done and the excellent videos Rich

    29. Dan S Brown

      The old transom would have made a great galley table.

    30. Luciel FURTUNA

      admirei muito seu trabalho. fantástico . vídeos satisfatórios

    31. Andrew Last

      Clark bears a remarkable resemblance to Ron Swanson with that cookie duster.

    32. bisarowood

      Hey nice work , I so hope I will be that guy at 83 still building stuff !!

    33. Rv4 Guy

      Love that bandsaw. Never seen one like it. Guess it is common in ship yards? Gorilla Glue should sponsor you!

    34. Григорий Певнев

      Hi Lio, are you going to use same way (as on stern plate in this video) the soft wood between planking’s as a sealing agent?

    35. mario fraga

      Que se fabrique una flota de barcos veleros para pasajeros que quieran ir de europa a america y viceversa.( la ecologia lo va a agradecer y la gente se podria acostumbrar a la experiencia ).🐟

    36. William Yohman

      I'm not sure if this has been covered but are you concerned about lead?

    37. 2pugman

      FYI !!!! YT is no longer sending out your videos thru email.

    38. Ebe Skipper

      great, but whats that music for, and i dont dare to turn the speakers off, because sometimes theres explanations

    39. tort oise

      Loved this episode, and the upbeat music. Still mesmerised, 74 episodes in :)

    40. Shekh Saddam


    41. Lollikus

      Your friend looks like Ron Swanson

    42. chuck killawood

      Ok leaving homebuilding to come and build boats with you guy, will work for free.

    43. romah thot

      Hello,, like

    44. James Kahler Jr.

      that quite boat you have there man and it would be awesome when its done .good luck getting it done .

    45. kymcha

      I like the quiet understated way Pete the Shipwright just plies his trade ... an artisan for sure.

    46. Graham Cranston

      At, what's up with the line of the beam shelf? Seems like it's kinked a bit at the scarph joint, no? Is that from the load needed to hold it in its shape?

    47. John Barnes

      Norm seems like a cool dude. I want to be like Norm when I'm 82.

    48. Jeremy Bentley


    49. Rolo Tomase

      The dog on the Transom, funny stuff. "Hey get off their" how more real can it get.

    50. G H

      Sponsored by Makita?

    51. Chamelion Miller

      Ship carpenters - the highest category of carpenters that there is as far as I know. I think they are cat4 , where furniture carpenters are cat3 ( i'm a furniture carpenter. Very interesting to watch this, this is amazing !

    52. Tony Rivera

      I’m a seaman, I found your great works Awesome 😊

    53. jammydean geway

      man u even look like a sailor lol

    54. John Camp

      Who wouldn’t want to watch something like this?? I only wish IThomes was around when the Egyptians were building stuff.

    55. John

      23:42 me looking at my crush...

    56. мухтар собаков

      у нас не так строят.... каркас из прутьев ивы и обмотать стрейч пленкой - получается лучше мистралей.

    57. Copcon

      Just wondering, Do you have a regular job? you still need to eats... That is a lot of calories you are burning for the last 3 years ? lol

    58. stickhillfarm

      Pete deserves a huge shout out for not rolling the router while running the bead upside down climbing around. Hats off to you my friend, hope your name gets chiseled into Tally Ho!

    59. Rev. David Willerup

      At about 13 minutes in I noticed one piece laid in cross grain to the transom piece and am concerned it will crack or split out. Why was it put in this way?

    60. mrcartwright85

      I guess no one else noticed the guy in full camouflage laying on the couch?

    61. Sonny Brooks

      The only word I can think of in relation to the fit and finish, along with your professionalism, is AWESOME!

    62. Scot Fenn

      I'm saying its a bad idea trying to reuse those transom planks. WHy bother the risk.

    63. Ksboyintx

      the love and care of the transom is amazing, well done!!

    64. Andre Jaworski

      Hi Leo, when will you be installing the mast partners? Keep up the great work.

    65. Alan Johnson

      Leo I have a question probably born out of ignorance but I have a 47 foot 1.25" full length carvel planked vessel. She weighs 30 tons and looking at the photos of her construction back in the '50's, I saw that the boatbuilder built her transom by firstly constructing diagonal 1.25" planks and THEN horizontal 1.25" planks. I was wondering why you didn't do the same as surely it would give the transom super strength and less flex and more resistance to collision? I really would like to understand why Tally Ho wasn't built that way when the rest of her construction is so massive. If you can find the time, I would be most interested to know.

    66. Robert Bryan

      With a fulltime building crew, how long would it take to build Tally Ho? And, what would she cost on the open market?

    67. s kingjr

      Nice to see you use a chisel to pop the top off of those plugs and pare them down and a block plane to finish. Can't wait for the varnish!

    68. Jose Mora

      Hermoso trabajo. Mía abuelo. Lo hacia en chile yo no lo aprendi.

    69. jonathan greedy

      In fairness those softwood loose tongues could have stopped an inch or two from the outboard edge of the transom.

    70. philip Brailey

      Bottom 2? What am I missing, I count 3.

    71. Jimjam Jamjim

      few hours to go

    72. Clayton Timmer

      Will there ever be a fund raiser where supporters can buy a small piece with their name on it or something like that?

    73. Bob Frazier

      Wonder what that circular group of small holes was in the real transom?

    74. Bob Frazier

      Quick! Someone hand these craftsmen some proper varnish brushes!

    75. Jack Fitzpatrick

      love the midnight special cover you put in! awesome!

    76. Lee Fire

      Big wooden boat, lots of animals, 2020... guys I think I need to start building a boat too

    77. anthony wright

      Professional shipwrights use Gorilla Glue on their million dollar yachts.. so should you.

    78. Manfred J. Krauss

      Aren't those splines horizontal?

    79. Jed Marshall

      Seems like you’re making an actual version of the “Ship of Theseus” paradox. It’s nice that you’re able to keep some of the prominent pieces of the original ship to really keep the connection between your new version of the ship and the original!

      1. Lahang Toddangjompie

        Ft f@Tyvern Overlord ..5t

      2. Tyvern Overlord

        The U.S.S. Constitution is the ultimate expression of the paradox

    80. MarkoPoloBackinAsia

      Love the timber

    81. David Warren

      @3.23 using the router and block plane like that to plane a fresh surface is a great (simple, efficient, effective) idea! I'm going to lock that away in a dusty cobwebby corner of my brain, hopefully to pull out when I need it :)

    82. Atmos

      Hey Sampson,..@ 23mins in, I think I recognize the background guitar music &playing of a Nashville Top picker, Guthrie Trapp. Nice 'n' cool. !

    83. Raymond Gillis

      Norm seems like the kindest soul. Thank you for a look into his work:)

    84. LforLight

      17:23 Measure twice, cut once.

    85. Neal Nazinitsky

      Two questions for Leo: While resurfacing and repairing the Teak, it appears that quite a bit of the original thickness was taken away, and the amount removed seemed substantial. 1) Does that now cause a significant change and wanders away from the intent of restoring Tally Ho back to what Albert Strange intended and had originally designed? 2) The thickness of the Transom is now thinner, does that affect the structural integrity that a thicker Transom would provide?

    86. Michael Lachowski

      The decorative beads and chamfers - the chamfers were widely used in wooden structures, not as decorative element and even not as to protection against painful head bumps, but as fire protection measure. Beam would catch fire much slower from oil lamp positioned too close to it, if the sharp edge was chamfered or rounded. What the logic behind the truck plank bead on the stringers? I suppose it is not to appeal to the sense of beauty of the herrings catch?

    87. Ashjuk

      Personally I would have called the splines loose tongues - I suppose that's the difference between shipbuilding and cabinet making.

    88. travis dunn

      16:54 I literally was like "It's unplugged. Right? Please tell me it's unplugged..."

    89. syme71

      thank you for what you do....

    90. Hellwish Presley

      Each time you say restore it looks like you threw away everything and start anew. Great work though guys. Awesome skills.

    91. Kristie Jones-Boyer

      watching you work on the transom, and all the work that went into filling the holes and damaged teak, how were you able to keep the integrity of the piece. While planing it down to fit in new wood, wouldnt there be a problem with the piece becoming too narrow or not filling the space properly?

      1. Kristie Jones-Boyer

        actually now that ive watched the video more, i can see that the transom is basically just a cap, the other beams are providing the main support. I am learning so much! very fascinating!

    92. UNCLE BUZZ


    93. A V.

      Frodo and Ron swanson build a boat

    94. Norman

      Cutting the transom splines diagonally across the grain: Respect.

    95. Andrew Davies

      It's such a pleasure watching your craftsmanship - the transom is looking great!

    96. Jack Trudel

      Love the arc the build has taken, Leo. Tally Ho looks fantastic. With the deck beams and transom installed she has resumed her place in history. No stopping her now. Props to you and the crew. Speaking of props, have you given any thought to going with an electric motor instead of a diesel engine? Check it out at Oceanvolt. It's pricey but IMO well worth its value. What would a fair expense be for such a system? Guessing less than 10% of the total build. This system produces aux electrical boat power day or night in fair weather or foul by back generating off the electric drive when not in use. 100% green energy. No solar panels needed. No fossil fuels required. Put it on your wish list. Maybe Elon Musk or Richard Branson will surprise you. Elon Musk's Starlink satellite worldwide network, almost complete in Low Earth Orbit and about to go live in months. Low latency internet access will be available anywhere on earth. You can talk directly with your mom or a classroom of students halfway around the world, track wind and weather, get NOAA charts and tidal information, and teach oceanography and navigation by the stars.

    97. bobgcampbell

      Is there a reason you don't use the planer to take off the tops of the plugs and graving pieces?

    98. Simon Anderson

      good job!!!

    99. Dale olson


    100. Roman Gubanov

      So, the transom is the only thing left from the original boat. You could have just built it from scratch according to the plans and save on labor and transportation of the original hull.