Boatbuilding - Lining-out for Planking (EP78)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Lining-out for Planking (EP78)
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    EPISODE 78.
    In this episode we calculate the locations and sizes of all the hull planks, based on the complex shape of the hull. I’ve never done this before, so we get some help from the Lead Shipwright on the Western Flyer Project (Shipwrights Co-Op, PT).
    I’m also very excited to welcome two new members to the team - Rosie, who is going to be in an apprentice-style role, and Charlie, who is going to be helping out with video production!
    We also continue working on the floors, fairing the frames, and making long battens for the lining-out. Meanwhile Backtrack finds a new favourite napping spot and Pancho steps up her dancing game.
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    78. Lining-out for Planking (TALLY HO EP78)

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    1. Sampson Boat Co

      Thanks for all of your comments! Many people have asked "why not use metric"? Well, all the original dimensions and drawings are in imperial, the boat was built in imperial, and the US uses imperial for lumber and so on. Imperial is no more difficult than metric if you are used to it. In fact, I think both measurement systems have pros and cons, and unique useful applications. For example, Imperial is a lot easier to estimate if you don't have a tape measure, because each unit is based on a part of the body (width of thumb = inch, foot = foot, stride = yard, etc). I use both every day. Use of masks here is not a political statement. Apart from anything else, if one of my team contracts covid there would be no boatbuilding or videos for some time. We are taking a simple precaution based on the information and materials available to us.

      1. Michiel Lombaers

        As a Dutch guy I learned myself the whole US standard system, so I'm fairly comfortable with it (except that I'm not using it enough) Nbut I'm definitly an exception.

      2. John McKinley

        Leo, I was raised and trained using Imperial. I now have to use metric which is fine except to judge lengths/distances by eyeball I have to visualise in Imperial and very roughly convert to metric. A meter/metre is a yard and a little bit. Wearing masks is compulsory down here Victoria Australia. Works for me though, girls cannot see how ugly I am until it is too late.

      3. The Bee Factory

        Interestingly, in the metal plating industry, we often use inches, but with metric prefixes. You'll often hear someone talking about putting such and such thousandths of an inch, or some amount of "mils" (milli-inches) of plating onto a peice. Very strange. Any other industries use this?

      4. Jose Martinez

        Using masks is just simple common sense, unfortunately you’ll get those morons who just have none but they’re overloaded with stupidity. Edit: Funny how you speak of 32nd’s not existing in boat building but you talk of the plank scale. 🤣🤣

      5. Christopher Pardell

        Sebastian Thor metric is only better for scientists. Base ten systems only divide evenly by 2, 5, and 10. Feet divide evenly by 2, 3, 4, 6, and 12. - Inches divide evenly 2, 4, 8, and 16. This combination of even divisibility ON the rule makes imperial far superior for such things as engineering gear ratios, dividing circles, and even spacing of everything from tiles to bricks to planks. Not even the metric folks have been stupid enough to convert arc measures into base ten... 360 degrees to a circle is far more usable for laying out gear teeth than a circle divided into 100 units would be. Remember- the Rule of Thumb is called that because when you don’t HAVE a ruler- you can get a pretty close measure laying your thumbs side by side leapfrog style because a man’s thumb is just about 1 inch wide. Metric may be easier to plug into an equation... but when you are ON SITE building real things...all those fractions trying to divide something into thirds or quarters is just a royal pain.

    2. cowetaok

      I think shirts need to be made to sell for income and the shirt would be a picture of Pete with the caption Pete what are you doing?

    3. Steve Daniell

      The parrot is the star!

    4. Ralph Smith

      William Atkin designed a very nice looking Tally Ho! Atkin website: Tally Ho! page:

    5. charl gouws

      Well Done Leo .You certainly are progressing. You managed to preserve old Tally's soul in the renovation process!

    6. Andrew Mantle

      Bronze is a beautiful metal. One of only two metals that an age of humanity is named after, and by far the prettiest of the two.

    7. Crazy JinX

      I've watched this shit for so long and I still have no fucking clue what's going on xD but I love it. I feel like building a boat is harder than rocket science... I know nothing about either, but I know I'm right.

    8. Henrik Sørensen

      Its are a great job i love to se it

    9. Marcel Amarita

      Really learning with you! I'm enjoying so much and i look forward to see more and more after each episode! Thank you so much! Just a question... How do you decide the number of planks will you need (or want) in each part of the hull that you are dividing? By the timbers' size?

    10. Thomas Ganss

      The metric system is designed to keep you from learning to think with fractions, making you more slavish. Inches and eighths are good wholesome measurements for the thinking man.

    11. ümit kalyoncu

      Hi form Turkey

    12. C O

      Just noticed how bleached the boat shelter framing have become.

    13. C O

      Great help came your way with lady apprentice and assistant cam and editing. Tally Ho!

    14. Aluminium workboat project

      How do those chickens and parrot get along?

    15. Aluminium workboat project

      You need to make temp deck for the dog.

    16. Mark Jennings

      Why are you building in ancient imperial feet and inches?

    17. Mark Jennings

      I think the ultimate planking layout is found on Viking long boats. .

    18. Mark Jennings

      Omg, did I just see plywood get used on this cabinet maker quality build?

    19. Robert Farrow

      Thank goodness you have that parrot to break the tension of planking out. That seems so much more complicated than using a computer and CNC machines to make a mold! Nice to see you using inches, my brain is happy.

    20. Bob Bailey

      Excellent very cool

    21. Robert Fulton

      What’s Pete up to ?

    22. Marko

      My dad was a self employed wooden boat boat builder in the 50’s and 60’s. The local plywood mill here in Tacoma Wa. made plywood sheets in custom lengths for him. I remember him bringing home sheets of plywood up to 24 feet long. In the 60’s getting that and other wood products became harder and he moved on to another line of work. I remember him soaking some of the oak pieces in water for a month or more. He would toss them in a surface water drainage ditch. He did that for the ones that needed to make a tight bend at the bow. After growing up around a boat shop I find your videos addictive. Your Tally Ho is much bigger and much more complex than what he did. You are doing fine work.

    23. Roland Lowhorn

      I noticed watching some earlier video about making in the eastern United States using fresh wood chopping shaping steaming and literally beating it in the place desired apparently they were doing this without any plans just years of working together

    24. Doubleneck, Manchester.

      The IThomes channel has suddenly become infested with this money-wasting, selfish project. There are much better things to do with your time and money on this Earth than try to cling to a bygone era which will never return. I wouldn't give this clown a single nickel.

    25. Jim Blazer

      There's nothing like boat and furniture carpentry.The woods are exotic and will actually petrify in place.

    26. Solsken Group LLP

      What's with the piercings? Give it a rest.

    27. philip Brailey


    28. Heid Bumbee

      For all the reading and studying you had done in preparation for this it must have been a real bonus to have someone with lining out experience at hand. Even if you disagreed about lines at the very least you would have been able to have an informed discussion as to how to proceed

    29. Scott Linge

      Leo and Francesca you are a wonderful couple! Wishing you the best in life to come. I also appreciate all of the young people who showed up and worked tirelessly and carefully on this magnificent project. Leo, after watching the lofting segments, I realized that you, in addition to master craftsman, might be a mathematical genius - with lots of patience. That lofting schematic was a truly a work of passion and skill. Keep us informed of your needs, I just posted a donation via PP and want to see Tally Ho completed. I am an amateur fine furniture woodworker and there is NO SUBSTITUTE for good craftmanship.

    30. Bill rouleau

      Love the music!

    31. J Greenseed

      Holy Ron Swanson

    32. IcyMidnight

      Even for those of us who won't line out a boat, understanding the process is interesting, thanks!

    33. i9001s

    34. i9001s


    35. * sicksteaneyen *

      Rock'n Roll Pete !

    36. Terry Warner

      Leo's School of Dodgy Boatbuilding branches in to Leo's School of Dodgy Filmmaking?

    37. Travailer

      Why were you all wearing masks you weren't sanding?

    38. baritos baritovich

      Интересно,как раньше делали корабли,без всех этих клеев,приборов и всего прочего современного оборудования.И было качественно и прочно.

    39. Helen Hall

      Australia changed to the metric system in the mid 70s, so being an OAP, I’m also proudly bi-lingual! Of course being an ex-maths teachers helps with the fractions 🤣

    40. Mike Whiting


    41. Viliami Latu

      Hi Leo How long before it's finished? I can't wait to see it finished

    42. Darksunrise

      So, you measure planks using a Plank Scale? Just be sure not to mix it up with a Planck Scale or you're going to end up with a REALLY tiny boat ;)

    43. Vee Dragon

      The new person is badass. As always, love the critters

    44. Richard Cranium

      Pls. More working less talking

    45. Raging_Rhino

      From severly landlocked Kansas... Beautiful work... Fine Art to be sure.

    46. Leslie Greenlee

      Please take the mask off, the feardemic is over..... love this project, your a top-gun boat builder.

    47. Bob Hill

      Ever consider the original builder designed the boat with planks in mind?

    48. Bob Hill

      A plank stake in homebuilding is called a story pole. But its use is way less complicated.

    49. John McCormick

      Your diagrams are really excellent! The colour-coding makes everything really clear.

    50. _____

      Burgerville union! ✊

    51. Daniel Syverstad

      Boat building is the PHD of Woodworking... So much skill, knowledge stacked upon skill and knowledge. Loving this series... As a weekend warrior who cant wait to just tackle a canoe build...

    52. Still Awake nz

      Love this build , i am sick of seeing ppl wearing the dumb masks that are nothing to do with the now proven fake virus .. its a symbol of slavery and obediance .. now the cdc has said only 9200 died of covid .. australian gold company has millions in pure gold if anyone can prove covid ... no takers so far

    53. Qfrom Continuum

      How do you want to launch it?

    54. nikman2

      I love this bird it’s like constantly critiquing their work

    55. M B

      So the plank scale is basically lots of distance markings each with a legend showing that distance divided by ten (or whatever)?

    56. Try Thinking

      Where's the breasthook?

    57. boat buddy

      Rosie the diverter a world war l l poster, showing woman doing jobs that were only done by men.

    58. Nick Cheyney

      Hi Leo, as a great admirer of you and your helpers skills I am a little curious why this project is called a rebuild, when virtually nothing of the original craft remains except the design? By the way you should forge a career in film making featuring projects like this, your output is so entertaining, Nick

      1. on4xb

        "She will have her original lead ballast keel, some planking, other re-used original timber, and various bits of hardware, as well as the continuity of looking like the same boat in any one given day. According to Lloyds, the Greeks (see ship of Theseus), the wooden-boat community, and myself, it will be the same boat! But, people are free to disagree and call it what they want." Leo Goolden

    59. jonathan oconnell

      Awesome job guys

    60. Stewie Griffin

      I hope there is another project boat after this. Love watching the craftsmanship and process.

    61. Jackson Superforest

      Love that Rosie!❤️👍🏻💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼so many skills

    62. Roger Sherman

      Please please take off those masks aaaahhhh😩😩

    63. billb207

      Anyone who has tiled their kitchen will appreciate this issue.

    64. waheed mughal

      i am master this work in pakistaan

    65. Ben Walwyn

      8:25 Perfect job at finding the soundtrack playing inside Pancho's head!

    66. Fat Bastard Pipes

      Episode 79 doesn't even show in the list, you must hate Denmark. 😔


      To me the elephant in the room is how do they get it back on the trailer when it's done?

      1. on4xb

        The inverse of what they did when TH was delivered: episode 2

    68. Condition 0

      I tell everyone to watch this channel....It's art, craftsmanship, engineering, design, mathematics, physics, chemistry and zoology...and a few other disciplines combined

    69. Thomas Petersen

      How come ep79 does not show here on youtube in Denmark ? how you made restrictions on our country ?

    70. Giddy Up

      I think the birds & dogs are going to be very lonely when everyone leaves & this project is done.

    71. Raymond Cote

      What an awesome task. Kudos to the music selection. Mandoline is my favorite stringed inst

    72. Richard Greene

      Once again wowed by your episode. I'll never line-out a boat and I don't have the focus for remembering all the steps but got so much pleasure from hearing about this process. Thanks Leo and team. If anyone knows if some artistic or project management award that Leo could be nominated for, let him know - and hopefully his modesty won't get in the way.

    73. Christian Abildtrup

      Hi Any special reason we can’t watch the last episode in Denmark?

    74. ian Brown

      On the subject of metric versus imperial measure, please visit the site "Gimli Glider" and have a yuck!!!

    75. 86301442

      Hello Leo I can not see your latest video. It says on the screen that the video is not available in my contry, Denmark. I have followed your work for a long time, and have never experienced that before. Please help Best regards from Claus

    76. Tim Sparre

      Hi Leo. Is there a reason why I can't follow you and Tally Ho in Denmark any more? I was very disappointed when I couldn't watch your latest video as I find following you and the progress of Tally Ho very exciting. Best of luck with your project. Tim Sparre, Denmark.

    77. Bo Vistisen

      I enjoy this Channel but this episode maybe the last I can ser and comment on. When I tried to watch the latest today, I received the message: THIS VIDEO CAN NOT BE SEEN IN YOUR COUNTRY. Comment is turned off. I mean: I live in Denmark, Europe! What is wrong with IThomes? How can this happen? How can flow of information be stopped to a country overnight?

    78. William T. Musil

      Hiya Leo

    79. Ewan Munch Jensen

      I’m going to write it here. This episode is called EP78, but the one you uploaded 4 hours ago also says EP78. But the Big problem with the new upload 4hours ago is that it is region locked and not watchable. 😢

    80. Thomas Sönnichsen

      Im trying to watch ep79 bud IThomes says it not avaleble in my country

    81. iks3es

      Hi, I love your videos, impressive work and performance. A small con is that unfrotunately you can't send this wood work smell online :) I've "built" a steel hull of a 87 foot cutter/smack inspired boat for my friend . In your spare time (if you have any) you can check it out here: .

    82. Walter Wilson

      I figured I would watch last weeks epp again while I wait for a new one :-)

    83. Bruce Meller

      So cool, Leo. I’m just about to line out a model and have been fretting myself silly. Reading is good, but then seeing what you’ve read is better. Thanks.

    84. blinkinbaboonbiskit

      it's now a fascinating shot, the opener, with a view of the trenails and the marks of the futtocks along the frames. absolutely beautiful.

    85. Sherrie Austin

      Leo, thank you for sharing with us your progress on Tally Ho. My husband and I are all caught up on the videos. Looking forward to a new video soon. May God Richly Bless you and your workers with good health and be safe.

    86. Fescue G

      Fantastic work crew you have there Leo, fascinating to watch and listen to the theory and maths behind lining out. Great camera work.

    87. Harold Conover

      OK,,You have had me hooked on ALL of your videos,,but they stopped at 77,,,NOW WHAT do I do to see the rest of them ???OOP's,,

    88. Auarhau

      haha Pete getting asked what he's doing is hilarious. he looks SO bothered, but then comes out with a clear and perfect explanation. Thanks Pete for taking the time to let us all know what you are doing, you obviously know very well and would like to carry on, but the insight is like gold nuggets to us viewers.

    89. BenXV

      Always impressed how Anglo-saxon people can built such great thinks with such a dumb system of measurement :D Keep going !

    90. Rupert 53

      Is there anything left of the original boat

      1. Rupert 53

        @on4xb what

      2. on4xb


    91. sunny day123

      19:05 bro deadass need to shave in between ur eyebrows No disrespect

    92. Robert Burn

      I am from Wallsend, UK which was once famous for building ships, I was a welder in the shipyards. These ships were made of steel when I worked on them. We had a saying. Fitters work to the nearest thou, platers work to the nearest inch and shipwrights work to the nearest ship. This is obviously not the case for Leo. You are fine tradesman and a credit to the craft. I salute you sir.

    93. Mark Lowry

      Leo, I hope you realize what a tremendous job you're doing to educate people all over the world. The Tally Ho project will be remembered for a long time.

    94. cameron simison

      you should have boat building live feed with different angles to watch from.

    95. Joe Madre

      Okay... Leo... (and company) you have me hooked on your videos. But I’m starting to feel like a junkie coming here and my connection isn’t carrying. It’s not pretty being like a crack addict for IThomes videos. How about, a little something to tide us over? Hmm?

    96. Robert Burns

      Used the wrong account for the song links!

    97. Robert Burns

      I have 2 songs that you may like, you can use them if you want 'Tally Ho' and 'Ship Ahoy'

    98. 5555 Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge

      Literally 1 % people who are reading.... May you parents live happily healthily for more then 💯 years😇❤️💙❤️🙏😇

    99. anthony white

      Been of line. Looking forward to catching up. Keep up the excellent work!

    100. foxhoundGR28

      Hello from Greece! I really enjoy these videos I watch them from day 1. I would love if Leo could explain the work flow of the rebuilt ( I mean starting from the keel timber and move on...) and why. And is the rebuilding stages same in every boat that get such an extensive rebuild? I know that the answers can be obvious but I think it could be a nice opportunity to get the bigger picture. Thank you Leo!

      1. on4xb

        It depends on the state of the boat. TH was barely "alive" so nearly everything had to be replaced (at this moment only the lead keel and part of the transom are original)