Boatbuilding - Making Beam Shelves (Tally Ho EP62)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Making Beam Shelves / Sheer Clamps (EP62)

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    EPISODE 62.
    In this episode I start by adjusting the position of some of the frames, and fairing them all on the inside. Then I cut and fit the scarph joins on the big 6-1/2” x 3” Angelique timbers. Along the way, I do a stress test on the 28’ long timbers by parking a vehicle over each end, and jacking up the middle with a 20 ton bottlejack. The chickens and Pancho the parrot lark around as usual.


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    Joey Pecoraro - Russian Dance
    Bad Snacks - The Morning After
    Chris Haugen - Morning Mandolin

    Midnight North - Sunny Looks Good on You
    Eveningland - Can’t Sleep

    Joey Pecoraro - Jazz Mango
    Otis McDonald - Complicate Ya

    62. Making Beam Shelves / Sheer Clamps (Tally Ho EP62)

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    1. Chris Debono

      Pretty vital I don't mess these up too much.... unlikely Leo

    2. Sadie Jungers

      Watching this in 2021 all I can think about when he says he's going home for Christmas is "oh no. It's coming. He has no idea." 😬

      1. Vic Anuszkiewicz

        Thinking that myself

    3. Justin Strik

      measures 3 times.... cuts once.... never fails...

    4. martin gauthier

      The engineer in me says that we could have computed the deflection in the beam shelves and bilge clamps (stringers) just for fun. It would be worth it to get a few slicers of some of the Angelique to determine compressive strength and shear strength, etc. Oh I forgot we’re trying to get a boat built!

    5. Mike beats tsb

      You keep saying your restoring this old boat but it looks like you are building a complete brand new one to me.. What's actually left of the original boat that will legitimately keep its name if I may ask please..?

    6. coug96fan

      And just like that Leo is now a Northwest local as he drinks his Rainer!

    7. Up North Yooper

      This would have been a good time to have your chainsaw pants on with that much saw hanging out the bottom of that board. I think that tool is fine for a big piece of timber, but kind of clumsy on the edge of that board with that long bar. A chainsaw can get away from you so quickly. I would hate to see that, you have a boat to build!

    8. Bill Dyke

      There's nobody here but us ceccens...

    9. Sean Michel

      Hey Leo, I really like your videos. I have watched every one (up until this point) while taking care of an 8 month old. Some of my fav highlights include: the dichotomy of accents from buying the Georgia wood, the production framing, lofting... dude I really just love them all. I've built a few glen L boats and can attest to the magic of a wood boat. I wish I could help out w the build... but I have to be a dad. Keep on keeping on!

    10. Belo MOLNAR

      Please send this all videos to Her Majesty the Queen Elisabeth II. to grant him a honorary title the Knight of Boatbuilding.

    11. Gail Young

      Please stop putting your hand in front of the chain, compressed air

    12. Ries Watton

      Why does their Macaw never fly away?

    13. AwakeAmericanow.

      That is a job for a young man. Strength, agility, stamina. And Noah at four hundred years old did it all with muscle, no electric tools and don't forget two of each kind and food stock for all of them. Like - Yeah.

    14. Tinysim

      400$ each... Good lumber is so expensive.

    15. Jack Smarr

      It makes you appreciate how sharp those chisels are and the time it takes to maintain that sharpness. I am a woodworker and much respect for his work.

    16. Sir Mongrel

      will need a final measurement of the center line balance before i'm convinced this was a good idea.

    17. Harold Conover

      Fu,king Nice Joints Leo. Like you said,,they are green still, and they WILL move, and get bigger..I love working with wood..

    18. TheGrindeveryday

      I’m going to make joints like this on my gunwales and inwales on my cedar strip canoe.

    19. Petra Z.

      What is the point of putting hens and a cockerel up on the wood pieces he is working on? Weird

    20. Harvey Webb

      You have no idea how much you give to how many folks whom do not have the means to help your endeavours yet who believe so strongly in what it is that you’re doing bless you sunshine You’re beautiful.

    21. Harvey Webb

      We who cannot do much else but just else but to believe it in you stand back and state the belief that you have made possible in the greater community is awesome. Thanx so much for all that you do most of us can’t do any Finns but luv ya 2 bits

    22. David Normandin

      Like seeing a traditional back saw at work....

    23. Mr Me

      Wow English you do bloody beautiful work!

    24. xpez

      @18:50 Chicken job site supervisors!!

    25. Ein Mensch

      I've got the impression your project and personal effort get the support it really deserves. This gives me too more hope in mankind an trust for our future challenges.

    26. Bruce Driggers

      A beautiful, laughing woman full of whimsy is a wonderful sight. You, sir, are a very lucky man.

    27. Peter Brickwood

      Happy Christmas.

    28. luis miguel dominguez

      Is the first time I see a scarf joint with a negative angle, how much? 130 degrees? When usually are 90 °, which is the reason?

      1. Donna & Dan channel

        In earlier video he talked about why he did not use the 90 degree. It has to do with water draining if I recall. The angle does not weaken the joint much but creates additional protection against fresh water between the joint. If you go back to when he was scarfing the keel I believe that is when he talked about it.

    29. Brad Quinn

      Fret leveling, for boats.

    30. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    31. MarineTuck

      Wait... 400 per each..... 0_0

    32. imago

      Great music in these videos!

    33. mitsos pouliezos


    34. Joe Field

      Leo is an artist, sculpture, documentary cinematographer, musician and boatwright, and sailor. Extraordinary. He does all these things very well indeed.Love keeping track of his progress and seeing the passion for his craft. Thanks very much Leo, and to all who support this effort.

    35. Rod Christian

      Right there with you Leo beautifully done

    36. brian sargeant

      Hey Leo, you've got the parrot where's the peg leg guy with th eye patch. Brian

    37. mun yu

      I think this guy must be very rich.

    38. Blake D

      Someone give me the cliff notes on this guy I don’t want to go back 70 episodes....just 20 or so.

    39. Olin Hershberger

      I wish I had furniture as pretty as Leo’s boat frame!

    40. Andrew Robinson

      1:48 I spy a Stew Mac luthier's square. Maybe we can expect to see a guitar fashioned from those offcuts?

    41. 1MinuteFlipDoc

      10:53 a nice shape on that stern! :)

    42. Zihnigür Dereli


    43. Brian Hanson

      Every time I watch you have another new tool. Fun.

    44. Eric Turner

      Hah, drinking Rainier. You're one of us now.

    45. Josh Drexler

      What do the neighbors think of all the noise you make, even late into the night? They spent a fortune to buy houses near the water where they could relax and enjoy peace and serenity, which you have stolen from them for years. It is honestly surprising Tally Ho hasn't burned to the ground yet.

    46. John Bowen


    47. John Bowen

      There is no part of the old boat left, it been renewed, its now a new boat, so its not the 100 old, its all bran new. the old boat is well gone.

    48. Alexander Radzihovskiy

      Красивая работа.

    49. Robert Mecalis

      Man I hope I live long enough to see her set sail, I’m 77 and an old sailor and would dearly love to see that.

    50. Michael Colgan

      Leo is a mad man that sharpens tools at least once a week .

    51. invernante1985

      Great video once again. Amazing how the project is coming together. Good job. Keep it up and congratulations.

    52. Richard Gordon

      Great video and I love the music.

    53. Matt Moody

      Did you really just pass your finger within an inch of a moving chainsaw blade?

    54. Matt Moody

      Nice looking pullets!

    55. Matt Moody

      Termites? No! you've a serious infestation of parrots! :)

    56. Robin Dow

      leo well done having built model boats all my life you loftingskills blew me away .my only sailing experiences were mirror dingy sailing and one trip on a daysaiolor on the clyde great work

    57. Deftones Dsm

      So will Tally Ho get her Fastnet winning plaque once she lands someday in the u.k.? Also can i trade my life for one like Leo's....??

    58. nor holik

      yes bosssssss,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    59. Bob Bailey

      Your doing a quality job I can wait to watch you set her in the ocean. Where are you planing the launch?

    60. Jeff

      That jigged chainsaw just gives me the willies.

    61. Z N

      your explanation of edge setting and technical analysis is what I enjoy most about your episodes and narration.

    62. Larry Rizzo

      I am a 79 year old sailor and a wood turner. I am available if you need a gopher to help you speed things up.

    63. Michael Brind


    64. Dan Fall

      Steam bag

    65. Boomer Dioramas

      My utmost respect to any man or woman who can pull off a build like this while escaping the burnout factor. I built a 1" to Foot (60' Hull) Cutter "Comet" (1809) model from hard wood (which I still have) and it almost killed me. Wish I had the youth to build the full scale but age has caught me now. My hat is off to you Sir and the Lady as well. Bravo.

    66. rodney maennling


    67. Dejan K

      This guy is crazy how much he work's

    68. Daniel keirstead sr

      What are you putting on the wood screws ? a grease or a glue ?

    69. Jay

      3:33 The "Pancho Dozer" takes his work quite seriously. Got to clean up this mess somebody made. Fun stuff... 😀

    70. Reachify


    71. shane john

      There's a channel here called 'Busted Wagon' who has some of the skills of Leo but he is a bull of a man. He can do things with his hands that amaze. Example, he hand built a timber milling machine and in the first test of it produced a thin sheet of timber you can see the Sun through. He and Leo are the best I've seen on You tube which is really saying something.

    72. Tolba Szy

      Nice shavings!

    73. Steve Syncox

      Inspired man. Your craft is admirable.

    74. Theophilus Jedediah

      The Japanese use a 3rd dimensional expansion peg in the timber joints so that when driven in they ram the inset cuts against each other. The wedge shaped peg presses the joint together as it is driven in and the sealant waterproofs the joint as it tightens. Joints of this type are known to withstand immense weight and pressure for up to 600 years.

    75. Theophilus Jedediah

      Is it my vision doubling or are are there more chickens now then ever before? they help you with the project?

    76. Michael Lee

      Is that a cock on the hard wood?

    77. Samanta Loregas


    78. shop shop

      never mind

    79. Mac Cam

      Skillful chisel work, a pleasure to watch.

    80. cutlash09

      sheer clamp and bilge clamp

    81. Beetlejuice 01

      This is a Boat rebuild but none of the original Boat remains.

    82. Richard Bekkers

      happy newyear leo peace mate

    83. DeusExMachina Reznov

      uh not to alarm you but your accent is slowly disappearing buddy

    84. R T

      Love the way you combine brutal machinery with fine handtools like the Nielsen block plane. Nice work mate....

    85. ke Frank

      Welcome to visit our 3D printer&engraving laser machine on

    86. Jimmie Flanagan

      How many hours a week do you spend sharpening chisels?

    87. Johm Strom

      Quite nicely for a first fit! Ha. Brilliant all the way 'round and back! And only Two (2!) years until completion, hoohoobaby! Ha. What in the world will I watch then?

    88. Ben Winter

      Interesting about steam bending (not used here) is that it reduces the strength of the wood , found out that when steaming recurves into wood hunting bows to attempt to increase their poundage , but that poundage gain from the improved shape . . was lost by the loss of strength in the wood due to the steaming/bending . . read it in a book at a uni library

    89. Michael Panella

      How the heck could people do all this plane work by hand? Just incredible how things were build before laser levels and power planers.

    90. plaidass1

      Damn, this kid is good.

    91. Jim Newell

      You mentioned that you would have to buy new brass equipment. Will not the old equipment do as well? A wire brush, a goodly amount of Brasso and a lot of elbow grease would get the job done. Why would you use contemporary equipment on an old-style vessel?

    92. Ken Rolt

      IMO the scarf surfaces should be perpendicular to the bending direction, not the way you have it done. To avoid the mechanical engineering strength of materials rationale, it's instead easier to make a small demo of two (sacraficial) boards, one scarfed as you've done, and the other scarfed in the manner I have suggested. Then do a bending load test to failure. I love the work BTW and I hope the loading isn't enough to be a problem with the way you've done it.

    93. a view from the pilothouse

      What type of fasteners are you using for the stringers and what is the green grease your using?

    94. Никита Петрович

      хорошая работа!

    95. Jennifer Morrison

      If you have ever cut end grain Leo-s chisel must be the sharpest I have seen KORF

    96. kayakerian

      It may be just the optics of the camera, but there were a few shots there where you were using the chainsaw jig and the blind (to you) side of the bar seemed to be getting scarily close to your legs! I know you're a professional and all, and that you do know what you're doing, but please remember that complacency is the biggest nastiest Bi#$ out there, and when she decides to get you, she usually does so in spectacular fashion. Chain saws sure are good at helping her out here!

    97. John Mazza

      I live in NJ and was thinking about milling lumber. I like that contraption that turns your chainsaw into a mill. Is that something you made yourself or did you buy it ?

      1. Swing Armer

        I too had the same question. Can anyone answer that?

    98. Tran The Clever

      bravissima 😁😲😍❤️ 1:47

    99. Jeff Becker

      It's Saturday two weeks later. Just sitting here on a dreary day waiting for episode 63.

    100. Dan Allcott

      Awesome. Some of the finest woodworking I've seen in the series. I learned from watching.