Laminating timbers into an old yacht / Cornish Projects - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP16

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Working away in Cornwall, laminating with epoxy and visiting other projects Support; Become a Patron;
    This episode, I do some work on an old yacht in the Butler & Co shed; BANDOR, a 1938 Dallimore designed sloop. The Epoxy lamination goes well, despite the cold. The new Ferry build progresses, and I visit some friends who are rebuilding an old fishing boat to start a business with. We also meet a likely candidate for the youngest boatbuilder in Cornwall!
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    Kevin MacLeod - Bushwick Tarentella - Thatched Villagers
    Wall Matthews - Waltz For Django
    Pharaos - Mission Bucharest
    Kevin MacLeod - Octoblues
    The Underscore Orkestra - Troll of the Mountain Swing
    16. Laminating timbers into an old yacht / Cornish Projects - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP16

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    1. Benjamin Scoville

      Needs a bigger 🔨🔨

    2. zane lile

      I enjoy and appreciate, your wood & boat building, skill's. Thanks for your videos.

    3. Adam Turnbull

      Please give us a tour of that shop and the work being done. So many beauties

    4. Floyd Seaton

      Interesting to see work at other yards. I would think that floors have to flex a small amount and that epoxy would not allow for any flexibility but apparently it must work out. Skye and Pete share the same attitude of being filmed.

    5. stuarth43

      no idea where you get your fastenings, but here every fastening either shears or scrambles the drive, posi, or square drive, crappy ss from china, years ago i got ss square drives from Canada and one could drive em in even to kwila WITHOUT A PILOT HOLE, A can you recommend a source please

    6. warjacare

      Having build my own wooden sailboat it's a real pleasure to see this skilled young man! Amazing!

    7. george lashomb

      Child labor is cheap

    8. Rocco N April

      4:11 I thought I was the only one who did such things :) Who needs table extensions?!

    9. Mr Me

      Beautiful work Leo The laminates are stronger than the natural wood! They are beautiful too

    10. Alan Johnson

      It would be interesting to know who the 128 ignorant twats are who gave thumbs down

    11. Iazzaboyce

      Charlotte says Tethra was built in 1901, but the business's website says Tethra was built in 1971.

    12. Ashley Weston

      Why use the red lead putty to bed the parts together and not just epoxy them? Curious!

      1. Luuk de Boer

        This stuff must be very toxic. He better make sure he doesn't inhale that red lead dust

    13. Ken Shores

      Leo: You are a Ship Wright yourself. You are a good carpenter and a craftsman. Keep it up.

    14. Paul McGee

      "It's quite bendy, but it'll be fine." nudge nudge, wink wink. 😛

    15. Ronald Reed

      You are a Shipwright. So far beyond any boatbuilder I know. You have West epoxy there, we have a West Marine store here where I live. I didn't know they were world wide.

    16. darryl mcleman

      Another point with epoxy is that it is expensive! I have just poured a lot of it into a fiberglass boat wood replace.CHEERS from Vancouver Island!

    17. Jools Cornwell

      Keep in touch dude . 😎😎😎😎❤️❤️❤️❤️❌❌❌😇😇

    18. Jools Cornwell

      Love ya dude. 🎩😎😎😎👋👋🧨🧨❌❌❤️❤️🌍☘️👍👍👍

    19. Jools Cornwell

      Such a cool dude 😎❌❌👋🇬🇧🇬🇧

    20. Jools Cornwell

      You are a Enthusiasm. ..! who has no bounds, with the hands and eyes of the builder, and the hart of the sea and bring her back to life what a beautiful place to be. Don’t stop How fantastic you will be at at sea ..! What a beautiful morning Capt to be at sea . J xx Rock and Roll .

      1. Jools Cornwell

        Sorry. Can’t see

    21. Toby Hicks

      This is funny becuse I was walking around penpol a few weeks ago and I saw these boats being made and was amazed and now I find this video, pretty cool

    22. Human Interfaces

      Class Act.

    23. AwakeAmericanow.

      Generally, the music stuck onto IThomes videos come across as pathetic annoying afterthoughts. It’s a testimony Leo's nous as a narrator and film maker to get it just right.

    24. Harbour Dog

      19:32 What's Leo doing there with that thin strip of wood?

      1. Paul Ohlstein

        @Harbour Dog He is checking that the replacement rib pieces form a fair curve with the existing ribs.


      I wood flour, a lot, as a thickener. Is there any reason why you didn't use it in this application?

    26. Peter Clapham

      Reminds me of the time I made up some laminated frames for the Yacht Moonbeam when she was in the shed at Berthons in the 1980s. Wonder if they are still in the boat now.

    27. Clay Bair

      an interesting thing about epoxy, if you mix it right, it will not live, gluing on a fiber glass handle on a hammer. If you add a portion of extra resin the epoxy won't get so hard that it brakes do to impact. Making a good repair.

    28. darryl mcleman

      One thing with epoxy the fumes are much more tolerable than Polyester resin.Not so light-headed. Viewing in Canada. CHEERS

    29. billy bob jo billy head

      Great music bites.

    30. Robot Munkee

      was that Rod Stewart with the mallet?

    31. Ruth Moreton

      Started at 6pm this evening at episode 1. I can't believe I've just watched 4 straight hours of boat restoration.

    32. philip Brailey

      Brilliant 🤠

    33. Ryan Roga

      5:30 If you'd like to give it a try, there are rags sold at cleaning supply stores called huck towels. They are designed for ER's and hospital use. They are practically engineered to be high absorbent and lint free. I use them for window cleaning and they're terrific.

      1. Ryan Roga

        6:55 Well, I mean, if you're just going to add microfiber... why not use a microfiber cloth?

    34. hans van dijk

      Love to watch your project. I have learned so much from you restoration project series on Tally Ho and now I am starting to use it on my own small sailing boat (1951). Seeing you partly replacing the broken ribs (oak? do you use epoxy?) gives me the confidence to do the same as I completely trust your craftsmanship. Replacing the whole ribs is maybe the best solution but taking of the complete top and cabin of the boat is just not possible now. The lead putty is also something I am going to use. Thank you very much.

    35. Bob Eden

      two-six heave!

    36. Racheen Ahamed

      What type of coating your doing for inside hull

    37. William Schmidt

      Really great to go back and watch one of your older videos. You are a true craftsman!

    38. scubatoforo

      Hi, about the intro.... could you tell me what fonts have you used? Many thanx

    39. David

      I've always wondered how they keep the boats up right when the tide goes out.

    40. Michael Raley

      I discovered one of your videos recently and was totally captivated. Your knowledge and attention to detail is amazing, and your drive to take on such a massive project is an inspiration. After seeing one of your most recent videos first, I've since gone back and started watching from the very beginning, loving every moment of it. A pleasant surprise has been all the great music I've heard along the way, but this episode was a totally different experience. I was watching like normal, taking it all in, when around 18:20 I hear a very familiar violin tone, but it can’t be… then the rest of the band comes in, and the sound is all the more familiar, but it surely can’t be… I check the video notes, and sure enough, it is! It’s the Underscore Orkestra! They’re friends from my days in Portland, OR, and I actually played on one of their albums, though not the one in this video. Thanks for totally making my day! And, best of luck with your amazing project.

    41. Foreseeable1

      Witnessing a man every coming to a knowledge. You have my heart Leo.

    42. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    43. David Normandin

      "Microplastics Detected in Multiple Fabric Softeners - Businesskorea. Ball-shaped particles regarded as capsules with a size of less than 50 micrometers were detected in fabric softeners from P&G and Pigeon. The Green Consumer Network in Korea announced on Sept.Sep 27, 2019" the plastic dissolves into the solvents this the bonds are weaker.

    44. Adam Lehman

      TIL there is a whole community of people, young people, buying and restoring classic boats....As a simple midwestern boy, I never in a million years knew this was a thing that anyone other than billionaires did. It warms my heart!

    45. Robert Blais

      So, I guess I missed this, but how did you curve the boards you laminated together? Really wonderful work, Leo!

    46. Itai Eiron

      Why do you use lead based material? Are you not afraid? Are there no alternatives?

    47. John Ryan

      Hi ,we used Aerolite 306 I think it was called ,this was a very strong marine glue ?

    48. Jim Wapelhorst

      Leo the floors are gorgeous!

    49. Gavan Duffy

      16:33 Fingers!!

    50. 3RTracing

      how do you get tech tips to Leo?? I have a suggestion for him for freeing frozen, rusted and stuck fasteners

    51. nick viner

      I used to be the owner/custodian of a Dallimore designed 39 foot eleven yacht named 'Worane" built here in Australia in Williamstown ( Melbourne). She was built in 1915 and was the fastest bit of wood I have ever owned and raced

    52. OccasionalGamer

      Your skill and craftsmanship with wood are second to none. No wonder you are in demand by boat builders!

    53. Jon-Christian Kaczor

      I learned in my teens that household reusable rags were the enemy after several failed attempts at painting a classic car I had and was due to fabric softener

    54. Micromac Macca

      60 grit

    55. Bob Bailey

      Beautiful I love how the grain selection plays such an important part of the build.

    56. Gottenhimfella

      I wonder if a power wire brush, used across the grain, would be a good way of quickly scuffing excessively smooth timber prior to gluing, if you had lots and lots to do? Obviously it would need to be a non-aggressive wheel, wielded with a somewhat delicate touch ...

    57. TaffytheGreat

      That can’t be good for the blades on the planer, the epoxy resin

    58. steady bloke

      Mask up and wear eye protection. You have some toxic materials around you

    59. steady bloke

      Wood is inherently unstable, in drying and wetting cycles. Engineered or stabilised wood mostly eliminates instability

    60. anthony white

      I like your taste in music. Checking out Waltz for Django. Another great video. Thanx.

    61. Stéphane Gauthier

      Hi Leo, I'm a huge fan of you work and I rebuilt also an old Riva (1957) and I want to know about the glue you use for your restauration... You use orange product before using Epoxy if I not mistake... what is this orange product please? Regards. Stéphane G

    62. Steve Madak

      lol so cute, so young shes shy yet at the same time is chiseling dowls like a shipwright!

    63. Fulla Blarney

      Hmm, I'd be less concerned with exposure to epoxy than the accumulated effects of exposure to red lead dust. It's relatively easy to protect against epoxy.

    64. Gyppor

      Wow, the quality of your work is rather impressive. Boat repairs and refits must cost a LOT of money...

    65. kairon156

      The group who you helped with the heavy engine should also omission you to build the work area around the boat. Theirs seems kinda wobbly.

    66. Jeff Collins

      Very satisfying video

    67. Jason Willis

      Hey Leo, I definitely intend to support you on Patreon but for now just wanna let you know I give all your videos a ‘like’ and I let the ads run, even if they’re the long ones! Good luck!

    68. Richard Bohling Sr

      Interesting work to keep busy. Nice craftmanship.

    69. bhartley1024

      4:09 Ah the good old third hand technique.


      I hope all is ok. no video this week.

    71. roskildefestival77

      Nice work , you do a good job

    72. Colin Mansell

      In Australia we are not allowed to use Red Lead anymore and it is off the market. When re-planking our Paddle boats we have to use other paint which is so inferior to Red Lead.

      1. Colin Mansell

        @normdoty I understand that, but even that is not allowed anymore either. The Government is paranoid about lead poisoning and that's why it is banned.

      2. normdoty

        Colin Mansell : i used red lead in the U.S. Navy in 71-72 i know its been banned in the U.S. now, i do not believe that it available anywhere in the U.S. at this present time. however he wasn't using red lead he made his own by using epoxy and coloring and lead powder. anyone who wants red lead is free to make their own by his same method, just be careful not to inhale any of the lead powder dust or ingest any of it also.

    73. Chris Snelling

      Lovely work and skill 👍❤️🇬🇧

    74. jim czerwinski

      You make it look easy.

    75. Ellis C. Foley jr

      An excellent video, just goes to show one that youth is not always wayward!. your knowledge and craftsmanship is commendable. And I love the excursion to help out a friend, and the nice shots of the countryside shoreline. thank you for all of the above and good luck with your endeavors .And to your friends "Floating River Restaurant Best to all of you and thanks for sharing.


      Jazzy Edvaard Grieg

    77. Charles Reliable

      Excellent explanation about the keel, connecting it's weight, up to the 'floor braces. Thank You.

    78. Don Graham

      Young but what a craftsman !!!

    79. Ray Neethling

      Leo you sir are a master craftsman. A pleasure to see you go about your obvious passion and trade.

    80. Barry Litchfield

      I felt like I was dining in a nice Italian restaurant with most of the music that was used. GOOD MUSIC! Just not what I expected! Wonderful video.

    81. Bob Eden

      two-six heave!

    82. Steve Sims

      As a Tenn. River wooden boat owner I can't get enough of video's like this!

    83. Van Expedite

      20:47_ the exact quality's and work ethic to look for when hiring him as a ship building forman! Well done sir!

      1. Giovanna Ortisi


    84. Dave Bryant

      Love this sort of stuff but cant watch just because of the music. Do you think that the sort of people who are interested in this need music playing in the background? The sound of other people working is just fine.

    85. Thom Ream

      Leo - I know you’ll most likely not even see this, but if any boat builders are reading: at 3:30 Leo talks about laminating a wooden form and mentions some of its benefits, but also that he does not like it due to its chemical nature. But does this epoxy act as a natural bug barrier? And does that make it worth the negative offset? Are there other reasons for using/not using resin-impregnated woods for boat construction? Please forgive my ignorance, but that’s one of the reasons I like watching Leo (and others) doing their work. I love to learn stuff, and I appreciate Leo’s willingness to take his valuable time to make me a little smarter than I was yesterday. Cheers! (Just a bloody American trying to sound British - another way to say thanks!)

    86. who cares

      I have a feeling theres a fine picture of tally ho on the wall of the RCYC.

    87. cgpickle

      I've watched these videos off and on. I'm currently watching from start to current. If I ever win the lottery (don't play it much, sadly) you'll be my third phone call. Beautiful work. Pleased to see such craftsmanship alive and well.

    88. Besh Kodiak

      I think i would have used the old floor as a form and sandcast a new bronze floor. I have seen bronze floors in a few pre 1920's yachts.

    89. James Johnston

      You really are a talented fellow. I enjoy watching a true craftsman at work.

    90. Matthijs3476

      Is there a reason why you use flathead screws?

    91. zorroon milkavitch

      Been in the painting thing for a long time I always tried to keep conscious of Airborne vocs dust microdust but the stuff that you're creating there sanding those epoxies and all I got a feeling you need a better mask because those paper masks definitely don't get it all and I think you really want to keep all of those epoxy dust out of your lungs

    92. Paul McGee

      11:36 ... is it a hollow chisel morticer in the background?

    93. Benjamin Hathaway

      I've noticed almost all of the crews used in any of the boats you are working on are flat head screws rather then phillips or torx head screws. Is there a reason for this? Very curious! :)

    94. Craig Beezley

      you need to be as careful as you can with red lead,personally i wouldnt use it at all.It's highly carcinogenic bull eh.completely banned in aust

    95. lookronjon

      Good show mate. Keep up the great work you do. You are an Artist. When I worked as a engineer on a 83’ tri. in the VI we put a little acetone in the epoxy to thin a first coat to flow into the wood. We actually replaced frames while in the water. Fiberglass ply construction.

    96. MegaBait

      I have been to the great UK 4 times for work and vacation mostly stop over's to Germany. Does it always have cloudy and rainy weather ? doing excellent work very detailed.

    97. Matt Insley

      I had to re-visit this after seeing your latest VLOG showing the progress of the Blue River Table project. Those two woman really accomplished an amazing success. Hats off to them and you for highlighting their adventure. I hope to see you make it to the end with Tally Ho. I have no doubt that you will see it through and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    98. Aaron ___

      How could the owner of Bandor have prevented the floor-timbers being replaced?

    99. Lou C

      lol at moving that engine! get a chain fall next time

    100. Shaggydude

      That's all quite fabaroo.