Buying a New Keel Timber / Chainsaw Modification - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP14.PART1.

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Buying the biggest pieces of Purpleheart Timber I have ever seen! / Modifying a Chainsaw. Support; Become a Patron;
    THIS episode, I make my decision about Tally Ho’s Keel Timber, and head off in search of some suitable timber. Once I’ve got hold of the Purpleheart, we have to figure out a way to move it! I talk about Scarph Joints and have to modify a chainsaw to do the job.

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    14. Part 1; Buying a New Keel Timber / Chainsaw Modification - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP14.PART1.

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    1. R. S.

      01:44 - while re-viewing past episodes I Just Realized that Jimi’s ‘Purple Haze’ was playing when they were considering replacing the Keel Timber with ‘Purple Heart’, so Hendrix gave the nod.

    2. Andrew Mantle

      That purple heart is extremely dense and heavy, nice job gents.

    3. Patrick

      Too many commercials. Unwatchable. Thumbs down. Boo!

    4. Mark Deus

      Jesus christ, I don't even wanna guess the price of such a massive piece of purpleheart. It's not exactly available at every street corner.

    5. John B

      Just buy a skip tooth sharpen to 10 degrees

    6. Erik Lewis

      Need to move 2 tons of Purpleheart? Need to modify your chainsaw to make a two man Keel Scarfing saw? Call a Bosun. Trust me....

    7. Bill Dyke

      The cost of those timbers is enough to make a hard man weep... Right choice, though. It's the spine of the boat. A cost that had to be swallowed.

    8. Michael Meissner

      A piece of purple hear 10 x 16 by 21 feet must cost an incredible amount. I'm guessing at least 2 or 3 thousand dollars! Mind blowing!!

    9. Vee Dragon

      I love how chickens get into everything, everywhere. Fresh sawdest? Heck yeh!

    10. Real Talk with Aaron

      the spine of the boat.. does the lightning bolt have significant meaning?

    11. jocofi

      Really curious, how much did the Purple Heart timbers cost?

    12. Sayeth We

      As an engineering student, looking over your explanatory drawings is quite interesting. Working through a statics and mechanics course, It's even better.

    13. Brendan Donnelly

      You are also creating an excellent educational resource.

    14. Donny Rankin

      I loved the way you moved the timbers. Cairo Technical Institute of Pyramid Building?

    15. Don Derply

      Poncho probably thinks you are making him the worlds biggest perching post

    16. MrPossumeyes

      You should give those chooks more air-time, Lea! They could easily be stars. Chooks draw viewers, man. Wierd, but true. Give us more chooks and watch your ratings climb!

    17. Bob Bailey

      It's kind of like finding old boat in bad shape taking it apart salvaging what you can. To help build a new boat

    18. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    19. Craig Spicer

      Leo you are amazing human being that follows his dream. This series is so inspiring that you are restoring such an old boat that has a lot of history. I love the music and keep it up. I can't believe i stumbled across this.

    20. Seanoldio Sweatio

      I love purple heart so much, you could have probably sold the leftover you cut off, honestly.

    21. Miles Ambra

      What was the cost for that solid purple heart timber?

    22. tactus tenebris

      i know its late, but why does your scarf not have a undercutting locking joint at each end, and a center square peg that drives the scarf closed? In this manner, you don't need metal fasteners. Kanawa Tsugi .

    23. J Greenseed

      This cat made a sawdust guard for the person holding the far side of chainsaw. I love my friends, but would have said close your eyes pussy

    24. J Greenseed

      Kiel is the heart. My gpa needed a new one. Got one, and guess what... he's still gpa

    25. Eric Turner

      What do pieces of timber like that cost? Also, will you be able to use the original teak keel timber for making other parts of the boat?

    26. PanzerDave

      Kudos to the truck drivers for backing down the narrow driveways!

    27. Andrew Bailey

      It's pretty amazing that you decided to take on this project in the first place, let alone without a forklift and overhead crane!

    28. Andrew Bailey

      Is teak something that you can't buy nowadays for boat building? What was the reasoning behind using Purple Heart?

    29. freshlysquosen

      Robert D'Arcy is another jedi boat master. "I've been thinking about your keel...."

    30. Bradford Lunt

      Very good choice to replace! Very hard decision I'm sure. So much fanfare is made of laying the original keel. My wife and I were married on the Victory Chimes a windjammer out of Rockland Maine built as a ram schooner in 1902 as the Edwin Maude. I have been following her since the 1960s. Love your channel and your drive. I repaired submarines for 40 yrs, not much wood as you can imagine but the keel traditions are the same, coin and all!

    31. Gene Goodman

      I've had 4 of them, there is nothing better

    32. kairon156

      I've never worked on something historic before but seeing people work on things from old houses to castles it's always a tough choice between keeping something and making it structurally sound.

    33. Glenn Wolf


    34. Toby Que

      How did you cut the scraf joint being consistently parallel althroughout?

    35. leotard

      You sure love soprano sax jazz

    36. Angry Walnut Gaming

      Oh my goodness, please tell me the purple heart discards went to a good home...

    37. Mar Kee Ta Farmer

      You should look into a Pipe Grasshopper as a alternative for moving big timbers around .

    38. timothy jones


    39. Richard Bohling Sr

      You made the right choice. Well done. Put the necessary money in the hull and cut corners on the interior finish. use pallet wood if you must. You can redo it anytime. You only get one chance to do the hull right the first time.

    40. dkennell998

      Thanks for including the song names in your videos - I was going crazy trying to identify sweet georgia brown

    41. supreoverlord

      So are you going to resaw the old keal so you can use the teak

    42. Matthew Gerhardt

      Sadly I fear an injury will end this project. A lot of things are trying to kill or injur you on a job site. And you're making it pretty easy for something like that to happen. Good luck I love watching the vids.

    43. Dan Gonzales

      Wondering what you call purple heart? Is it what we call redwood?

    44. notbohnhere butcantleave

      I enjoy the videos however at some point what is really going to be left of tally ho? The metal part of the Keel? All the frames are going to be replaced. Just wondering If it would’ve been easier to just build another tally ho?

    45. Braden Williams

      Great video!

    46. I Dream Memes

      I just found this channel 2 days ago and have been on a marathon. My Grandaddy was a master boat builder and foreman of DESCO boatyard in St. Augustine (mainly building shrimp trawlers). He would have loved this. Thanks for the videos.

    47. Dimes On His Eyes

      Ok so why Purple Heart wood? Why not I don’t know cedar or some other wood that’s more readily available? What about Purple Heart made you choose it

    48. John Fife

      Why not make a dinghy from the remaining good keel timber so that it stays with Tally Ho?

    49. Braden Williams

      These videos are great, thanks!

    50. Albert Einstein

      Bottle of wine was written by Deano Waco....that was the great John Hartford singing it. MY good friend Joh, the good Lord took you to early .....RIP

    51. Sold to be Diers

      Scarph... i like it! 62518

    52. Don Carbon

      Wonderful video ! Any chance that you can give us some information on that old Starboat on the trailer in the backround ?

    53. Josef

      I really wish you'd give costs for things. Not every day we see timbers like that. You can have your crosscut chains reground for ripping if you can't get one.

    54. Shaun Sim

      Thats a stunning of bit of wood you got there, The boat is coming along nicely, keep up the good work ;)

    55. jeremie manninen

      considering 90% of everything has to be replaced it seems more like you're building a new boat rather than restoring an old one lol

    56. shop shop

      what amazes me as much as anything is that a boat lumber store would just happen to have 2 purple heart timber of that size just laying around. They looked like brand new, never used, clear and straight. Eden Saw made quite a cash commitment in ordering them in the first place; I can't imagine them having too many calls for a timber that is going to cost $3000.

    57. deckerbob

      What are you planning for the wooden Star boat??

    58. Gort Newton

      At 11:38, is that your superbly equipped workshop? Or someone elses?

    59. Covcarpenter

      What chainsaw is it ?

    60. Patrick Cronin

      Fascinating to see the details of a scarf joint on a large keel timber. Thanks.

    61. Thermal Reboot

      Can you recycle the keel and mill it for say, decking? Or interior furniture?

    62. The Cow Conspiracy

      The Japanese use a 3D jointing process in which there are two holes opposing each other so that square pegs can be driven in and create increased tension throughout the joint. The increased tension means greater load bearing and greater flexibility. The barn timbers I’ve designed at 12”x18” carry 260 metric tonne

    63. Larry Cannon

      I watched your other vid where you bolt the two keel pieces together. If I remember correctly, you used only four bolts. This doesn't seem like much. Any concern?

    64. J Austin

      You guys need to invest in a forklift or a skidsteer. Lol Cool channel. Impressive work you do. Very cool 😎

      1. X CrankyOldMan

        back breaking work... but they are young. amazing the work they do with the means they have..

    65. FreemonSandlewould


    66. mick coomer

      That chain saw mod replicates the old way which would have been a man on each end of a two handed saw. Again a modern way of doing an old and time tested solution.

    67. hestetube

      Hi Leo, I have never seen a man working harder and alongside is able to report about his work with such adorable pictures.

    68. Quarry 4x4

      I bet you wanted to get closer with the chain saw. Cord less tools is all I use now. safe than cords. I wanted to say safer but you are safe or not. use what you have. Thanks for sharing .

    69. Elli P

      Just in case anybody's not familiar with that fabulous timber, Purpleheart isn't named after the famous U.S. military service medal, it's just that the wood from the heart of the tree is ... bright purple. Used for everything from high class cabinetwork to wharves and marine dock piles. Proper stuff. Useless bit of info: when freshly planed it makes your workshop smell of strawberry jam! Delicious. Incredibly hard wood to work, though. Insanely dense, durable and heavy. More like metal working than joinery!

    70. Daniel Parker

      Just signed up on Paetreon for you. I live in a trailor in Colorado mountains, but I'm an old salt from California and feel what you are doing is important. Hard work = immense reward. Good on you. Dan

    71. Renegade Show

      When I was a kid my grandpa was always making things out of that purple heart wood. I think you are right on the money replacing the keel, it will give the boat a solid foundation and with todays technology you can do a much better job of preserving her than in the days of old, it means everything built on that keel now will have a very solid foundation and thus be able to stand the test of time, and you will enjoy your time on her once she is in the water without being plagued by doubts! I am over in Tacoma, once the weather gets better if you are up for it I may have to sail up there and check her out. Seems like a really neat project!

    72. Steven Trostle

      Thanks Very Ambitious project---More Power to you!

    73. Joseph Acker

      I know that bringing this up after watching this video is kind of like closing the gate after the cows are out. But, if you intend to do this on another project perhaps it will be worthwhile. I remember seeing an article in a woodworking magazine several years ago where some guys were rebuilding some timbers in homes not to this scale but still quite large. They fixed a plate to the bottom of a large bandsaw and drilled air holes sort of like an upside down air hockey table so that the band saw would glide across their shop floor. If you could find a bandsaw with enough capacity, you could save a significant amount of time in the initial prep of this joint. I enjoyed watching your craftsmanship.

    74. Deric Kettel

      Did you get the Saw at PA Power? Those guys are great! I bought two dual sport motorcycles from them, a generator, a mower and lots of gear. The owner Mike is a great guy to deal with.

    75. Deric Kettel

      They should have used a crane truck, they could have placed that right along the boat. For what you probably paid for that wood, I would have thought the delivery would have been better.

    76. Bill H

      Liam. I am a US Navy veteran, old farm boy and woodworker. I must say that you know your joinery and woods. It's a pleasure to watch someone with your passion and knowledge. Carry on, and fair winds and following seas!

    77. takl23

      You can send me your purpleheart off cuts

    78. My2 Cents

      Can you sell the 100yr old teaque to recoup cost?

    79. Dark Star

      The best you can do is a new spine to hold up the old ribs. I know its a boat but the design strangely mimicks human skeletons by structural design. Understand your self and you understand your boat. Followed by a water proof skin and shell (deck) and structural joists after steel bracers for extra bone strength are reinstalled with joiners for the ribs. The idea is to save as much as possible the time consuming part mixed with the part that there simply for structural strength like minor bones to connect to the ribs and spine. A half basic understanding on the human boday helps a lot as i watch old wood boat construction. Everything must be supported sufficiently in some way. The masses are so large. The best part is the freedom of designing your own best way to increasing strength while retaining as much of tally hoe as possible.

    80. John Petersen

      Good on ya for taking the Tally Ho on! Awesome vid.. Looking forward to the next.

    81. cory page

      Great job, I'm addicted to your videos thanks for taking the time to create them. FYI that purple heart wood was gorgeous.

    82. David Roberts

      why not use a bunch of epoxy shmoo with the fasteners on the scarf?

    83. craig leach

      Perhaps save the keel timber for provenance and even accent pieces about the boat, that's a lot of timber, the new keel is needed I'd say!

    84. Majoofi

      perhaps you can mill down the keel timber and reuse the good parts to replace other rotten bits that could be a nice way to keep history in the boat.

    85. Paul Raver

      Did you make sure to use seasoned wood? or the wood might start to "work" and warp.

    86. Wick Luck

      Hi, Stihl is offering a chain for firefighters. Maybe it is the right one for your work.

    87. David Carr

      Leo will you stagger the fasteners on the new keel timber so you don,t get checks/cracks in the centerline?

    88. keith holder

      Love your videos. I ve been a metal fabricator for 38 yrs now (lite industrial and commercial) so I can relate to some of your issues. Watching you struggle moving these heavy parts is killing me.....LOL LOL Warn, a winch company makes a 110 volt winch which would be great for pulling items around your work area (better than your car LOL ) Its small, powerful and inexpensive at around $120.00. Also for lifting items..."chain falls" are great simple lifting tools. You can find them used on craigslist some times and new at Harbor Freight are very reasonable and decent quality. As far as cleaning up some of your metal parts, putting a wire wheel on your grinder works great. Good for cleaning scale off threads on bolts and metal parts, even the bronze pc's. One other thing...I am not a safety freak and dont follow all the recommended rules but one I do follow religiously is wearing a face shield when using a cut off wheel and the above mentioned wire wheels. Ive had cutting wheels come apart and hit my face shield so hard it made my lip bleed...just saying. i wish you were closer cause I would love to come help....maybe I still will. In the mean time if you are struggling with a metal issue please free to contact me and maybe I can help you along. keep up the good work...

    89. Barrens chat

      4:59 Timber

    90. Zero Quanta

      Your Measurement is going to be WRONG, "IF" you use that measurement from the Bottom side of the Board. The board has an Angle at the rear. You have to figure that in!!!!! It will be about 6 inches longer on the Top side of the board to allow for the angle!!!!! Fist up, Fight for Truth.

    91. William Bromley

      Great tunes..

    92. Garrick Avery

      love your work. A 50/50 mix of kerosene/bar oil will help when cutting your seasoned hard wood. We use it whenever we need to cut seasoned iron bark.

    93. Mark

      Curious why you'd use a scarf joint that doesn't lock. Why not one like this:

    94. Tunderstixx

      Love watching your work young man. Good for you.

    95. Ryan Warren

      Might be to late but don't buy a ripping chain just re-sharpen the angle to around 10 degrees, it's all I use and it works great

    96. SALVTEC

      Good work Leo, wise move, and brave, to replace the keel now, it’s a lot of work but it will save so much work later on. loving these videos, take care.

    97. 2dogsnight

      after running out of all your videos I went on to watch some other boat/sailing videos - and some of those people were very unfamiliar with the task - and here you are, rebuilding 100 years old boat - most likely replacing the whole boat piece by piece - you are amazing man Leo !

    98. Ape

      I love your show, being a yachtsman myself and having a passion for timber boats, I was wondering if you could give us some more history on Tally Ho .. Keep up the great work :)

    99. ClayZ

      6:39 dog life

    100. Jack Waldron

      Knowing that the Sampson Boat Co has a lot on its plate, it never hurts to investigate other business prospects . . . , and these Concordia's sell for a nice chunk of change once restored; and, there may be profit in it if it could be obtained for the right price. How about a West Coast vs. East Coast competition in restoration projects?! They may give the boat to you for free and, help with restoration as a promotional/video effort to promote the build, class, design, history, etc. . . .