Cutting the Stern Post - and some BIG plans! (Rebuilding Tally Ho EP42)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Cutting the Stern Post - and some BIG plans! Support; Become a Patron;
    EPISODE 42.
    This episode, while the team keeps on building new frames, I make the templates for the Stern part of the Centerline, from the lofting floor. The ShipSaw gets some love and affection, and the framing of the centre-section of the boat is completed! Kirt and I talk about his really exciting idea about speeding up the next phase of the project, and despite a snowstorm, I make the first few cuts on the Sternpost timber with the Chainsaw Jig.
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    42. Cutting the Stern Post - and some BIG plans! (Tally Ho EP42)

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    1. the chicken salad sandwich Man

      I know I am still a year behind however I would like for you to keep in mind that I just started watching your videos yesterday and literally stayed up all night binge-watching the f****** show Hole you created LOL Anyway I love your videos look forward to seeing the rest of them I can only hope and pray that on that beautiful ships maiden voyage you take that crazy bird with you I think personally that it has put the time in and earned it's place😜

    2. Search4TruthReality

      You don't know how great things can be until after the ship saw is serviced. The smiles tell all!

    3. Mark Jennings

      That saw is fantastic and such a crucial/ useful part of the build.

    4. Mike VandenBosch

      My 3rd time going through the entire series..... if you ever start up a boat building company Leo, a dream team of Kirt, Finn and Pete would be a great place to start!

    5. Bill Dyke

      In a lifetime of woodworking I never got to deal with a timber anything like as costly as that purple heart. It is scary, knowing that one slip could mean bankruptcy. That chainsaw rig is wonderful. Does anybody miss the sawpit? A truly awful way to keep food on the table.

    6. Paisley

      hunter was a cool dude

    7. Static Music

      Kirt is brilliant. Super guy to have working on the project with you Leo


      Hunter has grown so much not in size Looks like He has become a Man Looks like learnt a lot great effort Sir

    9. abhigejf

      Northface John Malkovich going all A-Team on the project.

    10. Damian J

      Great work mate, loving the videos. I wonder what happened with Nico, a difference in cooking tastes? :) Does Kirt remind anyone else of Jeremy Piven? Organising volunteer labour Ari Gold styyylleee :)

    11. Peter Leyland

      Hi I have been struggling to find a word for how I feel watching the extreme skills and attention to detail that shines through your work . finally it has come to me .. its a real.. privilege.. to see a demonstration of traditional craftmanship and also to see the restoration that you have embarked upon. I look forward to the day that you sail her back to the UK . It would be lovely to join the crowd of well wishers who will want to watch your arrival. I wonder whether you could recruit a videographer to help with that side of things and release you for more time on the tools?

    12. nagib ali

      Nice channel

    13. Sayeth We

      what steps are you taking/did you take to mitigate light pollution with the new big lights?

    14. John Pandolfino

      Massively brilliant...... massive

    15. Harold Conover

      I am really enjoying your videos..Thanks You're a lucky man to have your buddy back to help run things for you, and getting good help.

    16. Teej 1000

      Every project needs a kirt

    17. Roygiv856

      Is he doing an oil change on those chain saws every time he refills the gas tank?

    18. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    19. Zig Zag 77777

      @19:40 approx Does anyone know the title and group name? Thanks in advance! And of course thank you Leo, I am totally addicted to TallyHo!!!

    20. AntimatePcCustom

      bit late to comment. but working a month for free. and not be able to spoon Leo? that's a total deal breaker xD jk jk :P

    21. Granville W

      Second time round binge watching these, Kurt, Finn, Pete cool as ...

    22. David Dooley

      I want to know what Nickoli did to piss you off. Just say the word, bro! haha

    23. Gabriel Malta

      Man, Kirt is an asset.

    24. Zihnigür Dereli


    25. Eric Turner

      God I hate those spouts that come on the plastic gas cans now. I always end up spilling gas when i use them. I just siphon the gas now with a hose instead of pouring it.

    26. OccasionalGamer

      Kirt seemed to add so much to your efforts. A hard worker, and obviously an experienced hand. Kudos to him!

    27. W. J. Spies

      Your work is quite amazing. I think sometimes you're insane but I image it's some degree of craziness that's needed to accomplish what you're trying to get done. Your work ethic is fantastic in all of what you do. I enjoy your videos immensely. Good luck w/ your build.

    28. Denise Severn

      Seems to me your just building a new boat

    29. Fick Dich

      15:30 Oh god if i had seen this a year ago i would have comeby for a month. God this is really bugging me now

    30. anthony white

      Is that the guy who made the great planer gig?

    31. anthony white

      It says a lot about you "Leo" that you are able to give credit to this man for his contribution. Your project Leo is a huge inspiration. Catching up on your past videos. Thanx!

    32. Uno karpa440

      5:22 никаких рубашек с длинными рукавами! пальцем не откупишься.. очень опасно!

    33. Kaffeebohnson

      Kirt always seemed super competent. I hope Leo hires him proper. This series is becoming like a reality show haha

    34. video3ish

      Having never watched a boat building video in my life nor sort one ... im on day 3 of binge watching the lot ! This is possibly the most amazing series ive ever watched. I guess you can now call yourself a Certified Shipwright with a finger tip gone. So pleased there are people as dedicated as yourself to restoration of such a grand old boat

    35. Asa and Tony

      Anyone else wonder what happened with Nico?

    36. Kish

      damn, Kirt is such a good guy to have around. Those jigs he made were awesome. He's full of great ideas and can-do attitude.

    37. macelius

      Going to be so nice to see you guys work in a lit area at night and now ship-sawing with just headlamps!

    38. Mr Me

      If you had a large CNC router say 8 feet by 8 feet could the CNC router take the place of the lofting table?

    39. Peter T

      Ya know, I'm betting the guy who donated the shipsaw is proud as punch right now. Seeing how well it's being maintained and how well used it is on the project.

    40. Daniel keirstead sr

      The Parrot watches your every move.. My Miss Kitty watches her every move lol..

    41. Richard Bohling Sr

      Time to start on the stern third of the hull. The work is looking great and every video we can see progress on the project. Great to hear the volunteers are still showing up to help the project progress. I can see lots of people learning skills that they would be hard pressed to find someone to teach them in the US.

    42. Daniel C

      What does that mean it didn't quite work out with Nico?

    43. trivalentlogic

      Did anyone else notice the purple rain theme while cutting the purple wood?

    44. williamsmith3132

      My dad owned a cutter name Tallyho in Miami Florida in the late sixties. I wonder if this is the same boat.

    45. Mike Tinney

      Watching the guy chain saw that large plank unsupported up on the fork lift was damn scary.

    46. James Johnston

      So other than the very latest video, I am now caught up. What a journey for you! I was born in Bremerton and have the Pacific Northwest in my blood even though I live in Buffalo NY these days. If I was younger I would certainly have volunteered by now. Instead I will live vicariously through the project. Very inspirational.

    47. 762fullmetal

      Why didnt you just build a new boat youve basically changed every component on this one ?

    48. Rodger Snyder

      I sent an email to the volunteer addy. S/V ...Waves

    49. each 1 teach 1

      Hey Leo I just bought a home and have some live oak trees very good size. I'm going solar and they are in the way if you want um come get um.

    50. Gram Pt

      Hi Leo, Had you thought about selling a set of modelling plans of Tally Ho? Some modellers might like to make a copy. I guess you would make some dollars from that. Just a thought, what do you think? Gpx

    51. Colin Riley

      I'm a joiner in Australia and this is the first video I have seen on this project. Really enjoyed seeing how these parts are made. If only I could join you I would love to work on this and learn more.

    52. Chris Evans

      These are a perfect motivation boost to get my boat on the water, only a small gp14 I had as a small winter project. Almost there!

    53. Shadrack Zulu

      Thanks to you and the entire team for sharing this project with us.

    54. Elli P

      The request for extra volunteers at 15:00 - um... yes. Right. I volunteer. Ex-carpenter, joiner, cabinet and musical instrument maker. As I'm in the north of England, though, it might take me a while to get to you. I've got no cash for travel, so I'm going to swim the North Atlantic (it's only about 3,500 miles), then come the rest of the way on foot. I've slathered on plenty of goose grease for the swim, and have a flask of nice hot tea and a packet of Hobnobs in my backpack to keep me going through the storms. Once I arrive on the east coast of the States I've got some lovely 5" high-heels for the overland journey (about 2,800 miles). No problem. I'll top up my flask in Boston. I understand that Americans like to make their tea by throwing it into the Harbour. Must make it taste jolly salty, but there's no accounting for taste. Whatever. With a fresh flask of tea, I'll run all the way to Sequim. Shouldn't take too long. "Smoke me a kipper, Leo - I'll be there in time for breakfast." :-)

    55. blakerwalk

      Great video as always!

    56. 123 123

      I want to see then get it to the water , so you better work faster .

    57. gregory h

      Hello Leo: Hope you don't get mad but I reaching out to some Guitar Makers that they may be buying some of your Scrap wood for the Guitar Making. Purple Heart and more. I know you have a lot of money in your Sailboat building and thought they could buy your wood that you don't use plus they may be a Patron ... also I would like to buy some to make the Guitar Body, Fret board. Just like to help you out. Take care and may GOD watch over you. bye

    58. Area85 Restorations

      So is the new upload schedule every 2 weeks?

    59. nick armstrong

      13:51 Ali G in da house!

    60. Steven larabee

      Near 100k subs

    61. Besh Kodiak

      Amazing work. I have a 120 year old German coastal freighter made of teak and iron that i am having an adventure with on Puget Sound.

    62. Jay Byington

      I’m hearing about a lot of people looking for live oak edge pieces to make river tables. You might be able to sell some of your scrap to help fund your project.

    63. Steven Warner

      HEY HEY HEY !!! Leo!!! YOU HAVE MADE IT TO THE VERY BIG TIME !!! I just knew you'd be there. JUST KNEW IT! CONGRATULATIONS! The OH SO COOL ARTICLE in my most FAVORITE MAGAZINE!!! WOW!! You ROCK!!! There you are in WOODEN BOAT !!! Huge!!! ALL GOOD!!! JUST WOW !!!

    64. Nicole K

      You can tell Nicola from me regarding his risotto: Hai barato! Non vedo la pentola di brodo sul fornello.

    65. Sciolist

      Exactly 900 more subscribers needed (when I wrote this)

    66. Thomas Mcluckie


    67. Alan maitland

      come on leo getting withdrawals here more videos please,been watching since day one,love it

    68. Paul Steindorf

      Don’t know how you distinguish all the lines on the lofting floor. Seems like it would be easy to pick the wrong one. Disappointing to find flaws in the expensive Purple Heart. Helpers must be very competent and/or you are feeling comfortable relinquishing control on the frames. Good luck on the “barn raising”.

    69. gregory h

      Leo: Hi again and can you give me address so I can Buy some of your Purple Heart Wood to make My Electric Guitar Body and some to make a Fret Board? I just may want small pieces for the Body for Color. thanks and God Speed

    70. William's Dad

      I'm really proud of the work you are doing. I graduated from the boat school with your host. I miss everything about the work, friends and area. Watching what you have going on in your videos brings back awesome memories. Six months ago I smashed the end of my index finger 70% off also. If you need some direction on getting the nail to grow back in "correctly" contact me. I have had to grow back three or four different nails previously. It takes time, but it can happen. Cheers!

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        Hi, thanks for the note! I'd certainly be interested in hearing your advice on nail growth! Cheers

    71. Auarhau

      Kirt seems like a very valuable guy to have around! Keep it up guys, this is awesome!

    72. Salo Kin

      For those who enjoy this channel as much as I do, here is a link to a lovely old series I found recently on craftsmen working in Ireland, entitled Hands, including a detailed documentary on a boatbuilder and an equally good one on a family of cabinet makers. Hope you all enjoy it, including Leo!

    73. Matt Vliet

      I can not wait for the day the framework and hull is complete. Rebuilding the upper deck is going to be such an emotional ride for the viewers and the crew.

    74. kgkeys

      Leo, I'm curious what kind of engine Tally Ho Originally had. What type of engine do you plan to use in your restoration?

      1. kgkeys

        Thanks, @Frederick Stibbert!

      2. Frederick Stibbert

        As built, she had a 10-hp 3-cyl paraffin (kerosene) motor, & had to carry an auxiliary petrol (gasoline) tank. These engines had to run on gasoline until they got hot enough for the carburetor to vaporize the kerosene! Seems pert' strange to me, but that was the practice in 1910. Kerosene would've also fueled the cabin heater, lamps, galley stove & navigation lights.

    75. Caroline Paquier

      Really dumb question but given how tightly all these pieces fit is there any concern about swelling once they are in the water for an extended period. It seems obvious wood will swell but how do you account for it in fitting everything to prevent warping?

    76. garandhero

      gee that chainsaw jig looks a bit hazardous ahaha... hold on to your fingers

    77. The Normal Force

      Hats off to Leo, single handedly shouldering a project like this takes no less grit or vision than running Amazon or Apple.

    78. GruntmanG

      Have been worried awhile and waiting some management support for you. An easy way to burn out physically for something you love, and risk loosing it all (relationships, health and motrovation), is to think you can and must do it all and work 16 hrs a day. Im so glad you got a manager !!

    79. TheSailingChannel.TV

      Really like the barn raising idea. We're promoting your videos on our IThomes channel and our social media.

    80. velascobruce

      Great work!!! You are on the threshold of 100,000 subscribers, congrats!!!

    81. John Benoit

      I just want to say to the 31 dislikes. you could fathom what it take to do what this young man is accomplishing and he’s making videos while he’s accomplishing the impossible for almost anybody. Great job Leo I wish I had the time to help. Don’t stop believing in your dreams. I’m living mine and it wasn’t easy but hard work pays off and drive you have both

    82. Chris k

      love the videos as always the music at the chainsaw jig to the end was very napoleon dynamite-esque

    83. rockgardenlove

      Hey Leo and Kirt, Leo mentioned that Kirt comes from a different background and I'm curious what that is exactly! I'm imagining that it's some unrelated discipline that has a strong "project management" component (though happy to be wrong : ) ) and am interested as to what that might be! Great series!

    84. Current Batches

      With nothing other than wishing you the best, this will be interesting to watch. There are but few ways to organize groups to accomplish a goal, and those organized to meet the goal established by the originator usually require other than volunteer assistance. Good luck, all the best.

    85. notatechie

      Dang winter. We need more warming.

    86. Zach Garling

      How about a volunteer camera crew so we can get more consistent uploads?! Thanks for the video!

    87. Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS

      Leo, I am always amazed and impressed by the proficiency of your work! Thanks for letting us into your work of art! ;-)

    88. Guy Mbunga

      Hi. Leo am guy m. From Ireland 🇮🇪 am been following you up on the building of tally ho from the beginning . I believe you are looking for volunteers for build I do have so much time on me right now am Andy guy myself will love to help

    89. Western Flyer Foundation Channel

      Nice work Leo! I'll try and get over for a visit after this snow melts. Awesome timbers did they come from Edensaw? Cheers!

    90. lancedaniels

      Thank you for posting. “Barn raising” frame fabrication sounds great. Good luck and best wishes to you and ship building helpers.

    91. Mark M.

      Loved the "Purple Rain" medley while cutting that beautiful purple wood. Brilliant.

    92. Thomas Russell

      LEO, For the checked/cracked Purple-Heart timber, would a 2 inch deep (now that you have drilled it that deep) Live-oak butterfly help (or hurt) the strength of that timber member? Just an idea since you have so much cut-offs laying around and the Live-oak is a pretty dang strong wood. I would chose this option over epoxy filling it any day. Please let me know what you think. Or even a set of butterflies, that wedge against each other, going all of the way through and pinned/draw-bored through the timber in the perpendicular direction? I think the first idea, set in with epoxy, would take less out of the main timber and therefore lose less strength.

    93. SSV

      Sounds like you need a video editor!

    94. Michael Howard

      Hang in there Leo! For fundraising you might consider crafting some things from the old wood and auctioning them off. Made from the original wood of Tally Ho!

    95. Devin Harp

      Absolutely Amazing progress... Congratulations to you and everyone so far that has helped. Major respect to you! (From Oklahoma, USA)

    96. RealityIsTheNow

      Enjoy the snow, Leo. We're having real fun in Seattle lol. :D

    97. Jeff Cole

      You've got amazing neighbors and friends who help and donate equipment to one fantastic build. Love watching the skill you guys show and it's going to be a treat when seeing the final built Tally Ho. The snow is making my son jealous by the way as he loves snow and we don't get much if any where we live.

    98. mike A

      did you take the tent down for the snow? Hear in Renton WA we got 8" of snow so fare Sunday 2/ 10/2019

    99. John Hackney

      I spent 35 years in a factory that could produce one pick up truck every 60 seconds, so yes, a good production team will work wonderfully.


      There’s more to the risotto guy story. Nico didn’t workout? Lol Leo, spill the tea man. I feel like there was some serious drama w/Nico that you had to deal with.