8. Removing her Keel ( & the return of the building inspector ) - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP8

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    Support Tally Ho here; sampsonboat.co.uk/support-tally-ho - I am on a crazy one-man mission to restore this historic classic sailing yacht, built in 1910. Tally Ho is a wooden gaff cutter, and is best-known for winning the Fastnet race in 1927. In this episode, I remove all the bronze keel bolts and then try to lift the whole 15 ton boat up off its lead keel. I also hear back from the local building inspector about my shed, and check out some more of the local scenery.

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    Restoring Tally Ho EP8 - Removing her Keel ( & The Return of the Building Inspector )

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    1. Bob Carruthers

      His hair is progressively becoming out of control in this video.

    2. thomas sweeney

      I started out liking this project and you, but your use of language takes away from the nobility of your project. I went to sea for 8 years so I am quite used to foul language, but in your case you seem to use it when it isn't necessary or appropriate.

    3. salvador sierra

      If I don’t see you do this ,I will never believe it 🤜🤛

    4. j diet-z

      Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. You could have used the jackhammer that you used on the concrete to push the keel bolts out.

    5. Pierre Fouchard

      je revisionne tout depuis le début, s'est extrêmement impressionnant pierre de vierzon france

    6. Lofoten

      So young ,so clever, so full of life. Wonderful to see! Thanks!

    7. Michael Haas

      Going back and watching the early episodes, and it made me realize that you are in the People’s Republic of Washington and you would have had no troubles in a place like Texas or Alaska.

    8. Stanley DuBiel

      Just new to your project. Outstanding!

    9. Slashley gibbins

      Why take the keel out, why can’t you just leave it where it is? It must be Fkd?

    10. ki4clz

      there is a "pin beater" attachment that can be placed on your hammer drill, or jackhammer instead of using a sledge or maul...

    11. Charles Seymour

      I can't wait for new episode so I go back n watch old ones. Great


      you do know of course bigfoot lives around there.

    13. JayBee

      Kind of late to the party but next time you could use the jackhammer instead of the sledgehammer to drive the bolts out ;)

    14. Sam Debey

      I would guess this has been answered somewhere along the way but I haven't found it yet. Can someone (or maybe Leo himself) tell me how much of the original boat will be kept, if anything at all? I was wondering if the purpose of taking it apart is to reverse engineer the process to then follow the plans and rebuild Tally Ho from scratch? Any insight would be super appreciated. I love this project. This guy can do anything it seems. Super rad.

    15. AwakeAmericanow.

      I am a Brit and lived for a short while in the U.S. where the BIG thing is American "freedom". I personally found it to be the most restrictive rule and regulated bound country I know. I seemed to have a stream of neighbour informing me of which rule I was currently breaking.

    16. Ozan Saridogan

      I wish I could be with you. We could make an apparatus for the end of the concrete breaker and dismantle it in 4-6 hours.

    17. clockguy2

      Black locust is what they used to use for fence posts if you needed them to last forever.

    18. David Klein

      I would think that he would have figured out that the power spade is secretly a electric hammer. That looked like a good work out, driving those pins out with that hammer

    19. Phil Rant

      I have nothing but admiration for you young Sir. I know nothing about boats but as a woodcarver/turner I was headhunted to go to Scotland to 'Give' a month of my time helping restore a wooden yacht, 42 metres I think, as I say I know nothing about boats but learned a lot and certainly admired the craftsmen working alongside. Just discovered your channel and will watch everyone. Wish I could be there to help but at 75 years and with Covid about , I cannot, but I am with you in Soul. Never give up!

    20. doug rupik

      "...complaint from a neighbor..." Yeah, welcome to Washington.


      Well, your not too crazy... you are over 1/2 million viewers... I'm sure youtube is happaly selling ad spacer your channel! Just a few more and you will be over a million and they will send you a nice wall palak. For goodness sake; don't tell the building inspector about your new, breezy apartment. Now that could be dangerous.

    22. jessdigs

      I’ll give you $1500 for the lead keel to make bullets out of.

    23. Jim Fisher

      Anybody know when Leo started getting help on the boat itself?

      1. Deftones Dsm

        Well big groups in last year. First two where a few volunteers here or there

    24. James Fenton

      Every neighborhood has that "One Person" that will complain. However, the permit is just about money, they want their cut...

    25. Daniel Thybo Mouritsen

      I just wanna hit someone with those keel bolts

    26. Happinessisthepath

      I can't stop watching these videos! I'm binge watching them! Help!!!

    27. ryan ford

      Hit it with your purse limey

    28. Ian Zainea

      Insane those tiny little jacks can lift that whole boat. lol.

    29. zechariah smith

      6:45 ish i am definitely glad didnt get taken out in post. Lmao

    30. Harvey

      It sucks that a Karen complained I'm glad you didn't have to tear down you structure!

    31. Jerry Lifsey

      I've watched the latest video and then decided to start from the first video. Is the Keel reused? The most up to date video looks like nothing was reused...

      1. Deftones Dsm

        The lead keel here will be reused. The lumber not much has stayed except in transom 50%

    32. Nigel Marston

      Bloody hell - I was frightened of jacking up my 2.5ton car, and absolutely wouldn't get underneath it when it was on axle stands. This is a fabulous project. Just catching up today.

    33. Colin Stevens

      Only just found this channel, don't normally go on IThomes, started at about 73, whilst looking for info on how to lay planks for a model boat. Totally hooked, wished I was your neighbour, would only have complained if you didn't let me help. Sir you are amazing. So much knowledge, in dare I say it, such a young (looking) head. Cant wait to watch the rest.

    34. Patrik Gustafsson

      A recommendation for your last video ended up on my page so here I am sir. Episode 8 and I'm not leaving anytime soon. You are breathtaking.

    35. CMAenergy

      I honestly wonder why you spent all that time trying to muscle those bolts out when there was a much simpler way and faster way starring you in the face all the time You had a jackhammer you were using, And with a little ingenuity, It could have been used to pound out those bolts .

    36. philip Brailey

      What’s above the keel? Another smaller keel? Where do the frames get joined on to??? Take the keel out, what’s the frames joined onto?

    37. niklar55

      A bearing puller would have helped here, maybe.

    38. Atticus Sampson

      What kind of a loser do you have to be to down vote these videos? A lot of jealous unhappy people.

    39. Atticus Sampson

      A definite savant, jack of all master of none (but damn close). I sense humility too, which is rare with your beyond average skill set. Good for you dude.

    40. James Fenton

      After seeing the re-framing completed I came back to see this video. We usually call folks like you crazy, but this is a special level of crazy known as "Batshit Crazy" Nice to see how far it's come, but looking back it's scary to see what needed to happen.

    41. meixo

      9:22 glad the killbots are off now

    42. MrPossumeyes

      I like chooks in a boatyard..... they keep down woodlice maybe, but mainly it's just that they're nice

    43. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    44. Wayne G

      There is always an pea brained, small penis, A-Hole neighbor who likes to feel important by trying to force their will on others. I've had the cops called multiple times, the fire department, and several complaints filled with city hall, just for digging a hole and planting a tree on my own property. By the way the neighbor can not see my house or any part of my property from his house. The tree is still alive the A-Hole died of a stroke.

    45. the4hats

      Finally coming back to watch earlier episodes since I started around the 50 mark. It's hard to believe all the work Leo did solo! As someone who knows zero about boats or boat building, the entire raising and lowering of the boat made me pucker but he's all calm and collected. I'm not sure I have that much confidence in my own career.

    46. Bob

      In all the episodes that was the first "F" bomb I have heard... Bravo from here to where you are today

    47. Daniel Bateman

      You don't need to be an engineer to see that your structure is strong as fucc, you'd think though thatmaybe building inspectors would be structural engineers...

    48. Peter Brickwood

      I hope the parrot doesn't learn any swear words. That would make editing a nuissance.

    49. Nico Corrao

      I know nothing about what you are doing, but I wanted to say that I'm really enjoying watching this.

    50. Akis

      Name of intro song?

    51. Björn Thor Gudmundsson

      did you only use the sledgehammer to get the bolts out? was there any particular reason you did that since my first thought was why didnt he use the jackhammer he used to remove the concrete just get a chisel bit with a flat face or saw the end of one of your older bits you dont care about to make a flat face, you would only need to hammer the first centimeter or so of the bolt down so the jackhammer wouldnt bounce around on you,

    52. Ram Homier

      When I watch those videos I am always inspired to make my own, then I go for a run and get discouraged by the unreasonable amount of camera setup, fake run, camera setup required.

    53. Mr Fox

      Serious respect dude. This project is daunting. I love watching this move along.

    54. Stan W

      There is always some nosey crazy neighbor that complains anywhere you go.

    55. Venom5260

      stupid nosy neighbor needs to mind their own business

    56. Willie Mortel

      Hopefully that boat is already in England!

    57. meance

      I know it's a bit late, however, the jack hammer would have worked great to drive the keel bolts out.

    58. J Greenseed

      People should mind their own goddamn business. The 3 times I've been to jail, it was for neighbors. Well beating them within an inch of their lives... but I digress.

    59. J Greenseed

      Chainsaw. I repeat. Chainsaw

    60. kevcaster

      "If it does bend then it could be a big problem" I haven't seen anything yet that is a small problem.

    61. J Johnson

      I think I would have tried to modify that jackhammer bit and use the jackhammer to drive those bolts out instead of a sledge.

    62. * sicksteaneyen *

      Leo said fu*k

    63. bfarm44

      Wish I was a neighbor, I’d be over helping not complaining

    64. Manus Holm

      how do you pay for this all? crazy cool project

    65. phillip560

      this episode went from home improvement, to black sails, to hell on wheels

    66. paul mitchell

      Be sure to ALWAYS use your ear defenders.

    67. BluetoothSensei


    68. Mick S

      Yesterday, Episode 69 popped up in my Recommended list and here I am - hooked , and looking forward to many hours of enjoyable viewing. Cheers.

      1. Charles Seymour

        Me too in Bangkok Thailand...

      2. Dc Rogers

        Same here from episode 75, it's such a joy to find a bunch of awesome content to enjoy.

      3. ibrahim demirci

        i came for 74 :D

    69. Jim C

      This is why I like living on my ranch. NO NEIGHBORS!

    70. Matt Vliet

      Been a long way since this video

    71. Dina Caldwell

      Jerk neighbors. Your property, your business.

    72. freshlysquosen

      To watch these vids again 2 1/2 years later reminds me of just how much work Leo did all by himself! For anyone watching for the 1st time rest assured a family of boat builders will come together and grow because of Tally Ho.

    73. Phil McDonald

      Any relation to Noah ...by any chance ?

    74. EconMan

      Why is 4-6 private?

    75. Tony Emory

      The land of the Free. Yea right more like the land of the fees. Fucking ridiculous your land your business send inspector gadget packing and tell your nosey neighbors to get a life and leave yours alone. I'm glad I don't live in Washington. Where I live we all know how to keep to our business plus we are all armed to the teeth so nosy neighbors aren't a problem Sam Colt keeps us all respectful of one another.

    76. Guillaume Duteaud

      I got hooked on the newer videos so it's really interesting to go back and see your project taking shape. I study and work in architecture and I find the design of your shed very elegant, I'm not surprised you got approval in the end as it was likely just a matter of procedure - nothing wrong with the shed itself. Love that you produced a complete set of drawings by hand for it too! You don't see that very often anymore. Nonetheless dealing with the authorities is never simple or easy so I feel your relief mate! Cheers from Montreal, Canada!

    77. A1BASE

      Jesus Christ, man! Wear a hard hat! One of those supports falling and hitting your skull in the wrong place and it's game over. I know PPE rules are a bit officious, but sometimes basics are a good idea.

      1. freshlysquosen

        Looking back, i'd say gloves would have been a good idea. But Leo will never tells us.....;)

    78. Bouncy

      I dont get the complaint of the shed.. from this "neighbour" .. I mean.. to the left of the boat there is just empty field ? :. :D .. People!

    79. khuyennguyen23

      Fcuk the nosy neighbors. Jealous people.

    80. Gene Goodman

      I've done maintenance on a lot of equipment but not a boat. I'm surprised at the condition of the bolts and other metal parts that you've taken apart. I've never had a app 2" shaft taken out of pillow block bearings that had set for years in a sea water environment that didn't have to be cut off. I could not believe it. You have definitely had a lot of experience in ship maintenance. Your knowledge of blueprints and drafting is going to help you with the building inspectors. I will try to send you a little help if and when I can. I hope a lot more people will chip in. If enough people will subscribe and push thumbs up and view the videos, it will help with the amount IThomes sends you. Good luck keep up the hard work and maybe some people will chip in and keep you going.

    81. John

      If I were there I`d shake your hand for the knowledge and hard graft you`ve put into rebuilding that boat.

    82. John E.

      Sometimes it's better to seek forgiveness than to ask permission...cool project..I'm just coming into the series and look forward to catching up...

    83. Ray Roberts

      Man, you like to make your challenges a little on the hard side, but I must take my hat off to you for dogged perseverance with those keel bolts. Keep up the hard every step forward is better then one backwards.

    84. Dave Williams

      Don't you just love neighbours, they spend so much time and effort complaining, but when it's all finished they will be the first to want to sail in her...I had similar problems with a couple of smaller projects here in Wales. Keep up the great work mate!

    85. David Akridge

      Government is so ridiculous.

    86. Mark Kiser

      kinda late for suggestions but why didn't you use the rotary hammer to knock bolts out?

    87. Money Mills

      I just found your channel this morning through wood by wright and I think it’s pretty amazing that you’re tackling something like this. If only more ppl out there were passionate and motivated enough to restore a piece of history. I’m watching these in order. I know I’m years behind lol. But I’m catch up one day. Hope everything worked out with the inspector. Ppl suck. Probably some jealous neighbor

    88. Bob Bates

      You are clearly a smart young man. You do however leave some safety measures out of your work. Wear the chain saw chaps I sent you a link to and please have the good sense to wear safety googles when heating rusted things. You must by now know that the rust will sort of pop off like a little fire cracker. So wear the googles and the chain saw chaps. You sure will not be much of a boat builder if your blind and have only one leg

    89. ElGatoInHtown

      I know I'm coming quite late for any helping comments, why didn't you use the electric jackhammer to drive the bolts through the keel. Oh yeah, love your dedication and attention to detail.

    90. mopedmarathon

      Great work and good luck to you sir from your homeland. This project is fantastic. I know you are well down the line now and may not even see this. However, if you are struggling to drift bolts out you can use the electric breaker you used to break up the concrete. Mechanics use air chisels to drive out stuck bolts all the time.

    91. Mike Kennedy

      Im a little late need to catch up..soon .. im a 4th generation carpenter with 40 year experience..not a ship rite. L.O.L need to look at the map i see your half way home maybe a 2 week vacation to the west coast might be a good experience for a dam determined young man.GOOD LUCK MATE..

    92. Alistair Milner

      Take my hat off to you from every single angle, your skill, hard work, vision, inspiration, capability the lot, am truly and utterly impressed, flabbergasted, knocked out. The only thing I could possible add (given that you are a blue whale of boats, and me a tiny plankton) is that you might have got away with undoing that nut without taking out the surrounding wood by using a large socket connected to extended T bar, would need to be a T rather than just a lever to deliver even twisting force, dare say there probably wasn't a socket to hand of that size as you would probably have used it. Total respect. On a different note I cannot understand why Britain with a rich history as a maritime nation doesn't have more of a formal approach to keeping these boats and skills alive, it could be quite an industry, and perfect training as a foundation for youngsters.

    93. John Hackney

      When Leo finally decides to go to Boat Building College he will go as Professor Golden.

    94. Secureteam55

      When you see the struggle and think, hey kid why bust your back with the sledge ? Use the pneumatic hammer (jack hammer you used to break the soil) instead , that would have made it so easy .....think of it , easy fitting to make from the same rode you used with the sledge to push it through.

    95. cory page

      What a difference between this vid and vid 51. ;) I an so glad IThomes has connected the world if only you had weekly help back then.

    96. timothy jones


    97. Scott Williams

      Weren't you tempted to put a big socket or pipe attachment on that electric jackhammmer and jackhammer the bolts out?

    98. Steven Triplow

      Great work. I cant believe a boat in this condition can be restored.

    99. Assassin Mongoose

      What you are doing is an incredible project and undertaking, I have no idea how you doing. I've watched some of your later video's, it wasn't until I started reading about your project on Yacht and Sailboat websites, that I started to get really intrigued in your project. So, I went back to the beginning, and starting watching from the start. And, still I have no idea how you do it. Where do you get the courage, the knowledge, the drive, the will and the energy from, to do all that you do? Man if you could bottle that up, or package whatever it is that makes you go, you will make a Million Billion dollars. Did you read a lot of books, or did you have a mentor in your life? Just curious, I'm 55 yoa, living in crappy East Texas, and there is nothing but Ignorance, stupidity, and morons here. Who blindly follow false prophets and ideologies. We are doomed as a society, because they continue to procreate in East Texas. 12:05 OMG, you went to Hazard Fraught to buy hydraulic bottle jacks! Man I hope you didn't pay for a warranty, those tools are disposable tools :-D ...just kidding

    100. Daniel C

      I can't imagine anything more nerve racking then lifting that boat up like that.