BoatBuilding - Making Deck Beams / Hiring another Shipwright! (EP69)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Making Deck Beams / Hiring another Shipwright! (EP69)
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    EPISODE 69.
    I’m very excited and grateful to welcome another Shipwright onto the Tally Ho rebuild! We also have a new volunteer here, so the 3 of us and Cecca get to work making bolts, fastening the Beam Shelf, and making Deck Beams to span the the boat and support the deck itself.
    Meanwhile, Pancho has a stand-off with some chickens and Cecca reintroduces herself… sort of. We also have a discussion about deck camber, and what “constant camber” means when constructing the deck of a yacht.
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    69. BoatBuilding - Making Deck Beams / Hiring another Shipwright! (Tally Ho EP69)

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    1. Georgie Tirebiter

      Cecca is my favorite 👍😁. You lucky bastard, Leo 🤪

    2. Benjamin Scoville

      Damn, leo got more one wood in one off cut than I own in usable timber period. Hahaha

    3. Lorrie D Mussett

      At 7:19 one skipped forward to 9.39....WHY?! Read most comments about Leo and you will read....alot of us fans are clueless....but it!! Who knows i may learn a word or two....

    4. Paul Jasper

      Moor of the bird please

    5. Das Sein

      whos that chick?

    6. Peter Bryce

      The lines are beautiful. No wonder we refer to a boat as “she”!

    7. Vee Dragon

      It's always lovely to see Cecca, esp with the chickens!

    8. gdmclnh

      Can Poncho fly?

    9. Mark Jennings

      I get the impression 'Cecca" is both gorgeous and the sort of girl whose father casually turns out to own a smallholding called Devon!

    10. Bill Dyke

      That's the way, Leo. Hire a shipwright and lock him up. Ve haf vays of making you vork...

    11. The Man from Epsilon Crucis

      You really need Alec Steel from YT - he is from England, but now has a shop in Montana. One of the best blacksmiths around, and he can teach you a lot about metal stuff.

    12. C O

      ..... and I though guitar making was difficult.

    13. Benters

      Watching this again for the umpteenth time. Subscribers seem to be going up by about a thousand a week right now. Awesome. I can't post a photo to show this, but Pete bears a likeness to a certain Jamie Vardy - the striker for Leicester City football club. One of the top scorers in the Premier League, so no slouch. The design of their boots is a little different, though.

    14. Belo MOLNAR

      All are excellent.

    15. David Potter

      Good words at the end, God bless you and your family aloha

    16. Dick Nix

      Your technical explanations are fantastic! Thanks for including them.

    17. Brad Junes

      I could hardly believe you were in Port Townsend Washington. After having watched many videos I thought there must be a Port Townsend in UK. Wasn't aware that there is also a foundry in Port Townsend. Great stuff your putting out, and not far from me. Much thanks.

    18. Rv4 Guy

      Just learned what a flitch is. I’m gonna kill next time I play scrabble. Nice Abom sized skillsaw

    19. Pappa Bob

      Cecca is simply "delightful" !!!! You guys are very likely too young to know who "Goldie Hawn" is. You and Cecca need to sit down and watch some episodes or segments of "Laugh In" from the 60's and pay attention to "Goldie Hawn". Then, tell me if Cecca isn't the current iteration of that "bubbly" personality ??? You are very fortunate to have this uplifting influence to help soften the edge from all the stress and hard work. And, such a wonderful bonus ------------ she Cooks too !!!

    20. Jeffrey Perkins

      Why not use aircraft hardware, bolts etc. see aircraft

    21. KTM BIKES

      I would love to see Ron Swanson ( nick offerman) working with you, especially when you fit the interior. Seeing you both working and giggling like school girls would be IThomes gold.

    22. Chris Graham

      that was alot of metallurgy talk from a guy who said ' i dont fully understand the metallurgy' in the last video :-D

    23. James Becraft

      I've watched most of your videos now. What a marvelous, long and drawn out process. It's helping me get a much better understanding of traditional boatbuilding. Keep up the good work.

    24. jamierodg1

      I've done some initial calculations and Cecca must have about a million admirers at this point.

    25. timmensch

      that is one of the coolest band saws I have ever seen!

    26. James Fenton

      You can't be a Pirate without a Parrot, all you need now is an eye patch and a sword.

    27. Ed Robertson

      Leo always puts in the disclaimer to skip his explanations. Am I the only one who watches the explanations?

    28. Peter Brickwood

      Cecca, nobody has forgotten who you are. Pancho on the the other hand ...

    29. Unoriginal Content

      Episode 69 on 4/4/20 nice

    30. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    31. Nicholas Willms


    32. Dan O'Neill

      Wood rather than metal, but I think @Abom79 would be a fan of at least a few mins of this channel starting at:

    33. kevin mcmahon

      Who’s giving this dude loads of money?

    34. Ron Buckner

      Put a ring on her Leo, how many girls would want a zeolite like you. She's a keeper.

    35. soup


    36. Vincent Golden

      I was curious watch you layout and cut beams why such a gap between beams? There seems to be slot of waste why is that?

    37. Sondre H. Ødegaard


    38. constantinos schinas

      cut the safe propaganda nonsense. 0.0033% global death rate. you have excellent quality content and you spoil it with such crap. wake up.

    39. d64d64

      At 16:05 it sort of looks like even the roof of the house is covered in sawdust.

    40. Sound Guy

      One day you and Cecca will look back at this and you'll say, my God we were so young - how did we do it? And the answer is, because we had a dream and we were young. Beware young Leonardo & Cecca - that day will come sooner than you think!

    41. KCGADUDE

      At 12:06 I thought I had jumped into an Abom79 video with that music.

    42. Jack Randle

      Cheers Tally Ho! attention on deck, all hands wishing to have biscuits&tea please report to galley where the lovely maiden Francesca has service with a sweet smile

    43. K Hannan

      Love this and the insta posts too. Helps we the motivation on my own projects

    44. David Beattie

      Love that Parrot. Thanks for giving him his star turn.

    45. Stephen Sasko

      Steve Sasko Hi Leo I just happened upon your video and noticed you were riveting the head of your brass bolts with the use of heat. I don't want to alarm you but as I recall when doing my trade learning about the properties of metals I seem to recall one property of brass was that it was said to be "Hot Short". What that refers to is that you can work brass all you want when cold but if you heat it and work it, it tends to fracture and break apart. If that is true, I hate to think what might happen if the head of those bolts had fractures and what might result when the hull of the boat is under stress in heavy weather. Do some research, ask someone knowledgeable with that material. good luck Leo, hope I'm wrong.

    46. Zihnigür Dereli


    47. B.B. Wiggs

      It's starting to look like a boat! Yahoo!

    48. William T. Musil

      Hiya Leo

    49. Josh Drexler

      Maybe Poncho the parrot just likes chewing wood. But she's also imitating the crew! She watches Leo "chewing" wood every day. So she's pitching in, doing what she can, as best she understands it. A valuable team member, and a celebrity to boot. Leo needs an eye patch. Hopefully not a wooden leg, though. Good to see him using the big circular saw to rough out the deck beams rather than wielding that Stihl like a light saber. Growing up. Cecca seems like a good influence.

    50. 5Min Pick-Me-Ups with Loren Watts

      I live on a 40ft Huon Pine Sloop In Australia. Watching your restoration gives me a greater appreciation for the work that went into building our beautiful yacht. Thank-you

    51. Rick Fazzini

      Bravo Sir! Your boat building is only rivaled by your video/editing skills..

    52. TheEdudo

      the trick at 9:20 is pure gold!!!. sorry i am here for the technical aspects of the series

    53. Joshua Dalrymple


    54. cat793c2008

      Leo, been watching and enjoying you and your project since the beginning. Absolutely incredible and the skill you have is very impressive. Just wanted to thank you

    55. Brandon Durepo

      Poncho runs the entire operation

    56. historyguysteve

      I agree with many f the other comments - nothing you teach us about this project is boring. Also, it is really inspiring to see you build a team and build a ship. Awesome. Very very inspirational.

    57. Renee Hayden

      So thankful you kept the in the explanation of the "boring technical stuff". From a carpenter and small boat builder; the way you figured the overall arc from the smaller half-circle was AWESOME!


      You know what you dont have the video how you put the sidings of the boat

    59. Sedated and Restrained

      12:07 and I'm wondering where Abom79 is playing in the background lol, took me a sec to realize its just non copyright music ;) love the vid as always Leo!

    60. Burlats de Montaigne

      All that cutting along the grain. A lot of hard graft - even with power tools.

    61. jurrien75

      Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have Alec Steele forging an anchor? Would be a great YT collaboration and a cool video of English craftsmen in the USA

    62. Conan the Destroyer

      Ohhhh yes.... more curves to the beauty 21:06

    63. Conan the Destroyer

      lol 7:09 the wild hair.

    64. Peter W. Meek

      Here is a pretty good discussion (scroll down to find it) of forging bronze: The gist of it seems to be: Heat to a dull read heat and water quench to anneal or soften it. Hammering or working is the only way to harden it. This seems to indicate that you should heat and quench before forming the head, but you should NOT finish by annealing (quenching from dull red) in order to avoid having a soft head which might deform and pull through any washer under tension. Overheating to a bright red can make the silicon bronze crumbly and weak/prone to cracking. (Practice in a dim environment to better judge the color.)

    65. blair rowton

      Come on Friday!!!!! Ready for my Tally Ho tomorrow!!!!

      1. blair rowton

        Boat yard must be busy!!!

    66. Dave Duane No association, but if you like Leo's channel you might like this other one too. English guy restoring a folk boat.

    67. Jeff Becker

      Just went and watched video #10 where you were removing the original deck and beams. At 8:45 of that video, you found the beam with the ships official numbers on them. Are you going to be able to re-integrate that beam?

    68. Tim Johnson

      When does a new video come out?

      1. Tim Johnson

        Oh man

      2. Mr. E

        @Frederick Stibbert BOOOO!

      3. Frederick Stibbert

        Usually at noon EST every 2nd Saturday, but not more than twice a month.

    69. Michael McClafferty

      Just amazed at the size of these deck beams.

    70. Kevin Behr

      Tee Hee, I notice that at 12:10 you started playing another tubers signature tune Abom79 I'm sure he wouldn't mind, he's a master like yourself but in metal.

    71. Mark von Karlsbad

      Leo & Team, First, what an awesome project, I'm enjoying every minute. But, as a lifelong woodworker and gearhead, I'm pretty surprised that you guys routinely run the ship saw without some eye protection on. I've encountered rocks, nails, and even bullets when cutting wood, so I won't even cut a piece of clean Doug Fir without first putting safety glasses on. I will never forget the day when a piece of wood ejected a hunk of some kind of rusty spike across the shop, and it penetrated into the leg of someone about 10 feet away. What's your thinking on that? It's so easy to throw goggles on ...

      1. Mr. E

        Oh yea. I ran into a lead shot from a musket when cutting some lumber from Tennessee. Eye protection and hearing muffs.

    72. 3RTracing

      how do you get tech tips to Leo?? I have a suggestion for him for freeing frozen, rusted and stuck fasteners

      1. Tony Grimes

        @3RTracing His Website is & his e-mail is

      2. 3RTracing

        @Mr. E are you part of the Sampson Boat team, or what is your relationship to Leo and the project??

      3. Mr. E

        Post em here.

    73. ChrisK

      Hi Leo, big like for your approach to the Tally Ho restoration project . Looking forward to see how you tackle the upcoming challenges on this beautiful vessel. And of course to see her under full sails on the right course. Good luck and always a hand's span of water under the keel.

    74. Mark Alton

      When all the planking frenzy has died down. Any chance of a pair of wooden cleats, made from the remains of the old Tally Ho planking? Or some bits of old planking I can make wooden cleats from? :)

    75. robert shaw

      Hi - Leo, How are you doing? What is the progress, if any, on the boat. You have worked so many hours alone and made such incredible progress, Can you do deck beams or are you off on other projects? Be safe, Leo, stay well. This trial will pass. Thanks for your many posts. This is an epic tale for renewed life.

    76. brad alms

      great music with the video!!! I love the bird helper.

    77. Tim Johnson

      What do think of Cypress as timbers??

    78. Benters

      And another symptom of being in lockdown is that I am watching all the back episodes again for the THIRD time. Quite useful, really, as it gives a lot of detail about how she was constructed. For example, how the frames, stringers and deck beams were mounted.

    79. Charles McDonald

      Binge watched every episode during the apocalypse. Wow, you better marry that woman before she comes to her senses!

    80. yesjohnny01

      If you run short on deck beam stock, could you laminate let's say 2 or 3 of the shorter deck beams to stretch your timber stock?

    81. doppler

      more Cecca

    82. gwheyduke

      Looking good Leo ! Well done.

    83. Thomas Autengruber

      20:11, finally one of you said it!

    84. rcpmac

      21:07 The money shot! Congrats Leo (although I'm sure sure you think it should be the last beam not the first).

    85. Henry Long

      wow wowowow deck beams!!!!!!!! so exciting! its all coming together!

    86. trevor Gay

      Keep it going cant wait to see it finished looks really good so far...

    87. Chuckie Candon

      Why do you make your own bolts instead of just buying them?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        A 3/8" x 7" bronze bolt costs about $8.00, Leo needs ~360 of them, plus ~240 8 or 9" bolts. I think it's less expensive to buy the rod & threading machine, then make the bolts in-house.

    88. BRIAN Willerton

      Very Talented Man with purpose, along with that, a great mindset with determination, and, you are a very lucky man, your gal is a keeper. Keep up the good work, can't wait for the next installment video, your friend from afar-Blackfoot Willie is on the run.

    89. Rob Baker

      Was that Abom79 music on purpose? If so, very clever!

    90. Anomie

      Oh I didn't think of that, the only way that ship see's water this century is if it Rains on it.

    91. Anomie

      I check back in now then on this channel. You are going to have gray hair before that ship hits the water. When its sailing down the river people people are going to ask "where did you get that great ship" and they well reply "My grandpa built it"

    92. Moritz Schwarzer

      Excellent choice hiring Pete. I always looked for him in the Flyer vids. That guy just moves!

    93. John Sherborne

      Patrick, the idea of a figure head on the bow, what do you think about a fox? Could you carve one?

    94. Christopher Stott

      Leo - Reading a Maurice Griffiths book today and found a reference of Tally Ho in the 1927 Fastnet. MG raced Tally Ho, retired from the race, due to storms Tally Ho finished second to La Goleta (only 2 boats finished) MG was the editior of Yachting World. You probably know all this?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        La Goleta finished first (line honors), but Tally Ho won after handicaps were applied (corrected time).

    95. John Williams

      episode 69 on 4/4/2020. nice.

    96. Edward Massengale

      Looking great. Thank you.

    97. Charlie Cain

      Hello you ever cast in bronze? Those hanging knees would look pretty nifty with a sea creature fitted into the inside curves...a dolphin, or a sea horse, flying fish ect!

    98. Brian Strow

      This is a beautiful thing...

    99. Iain McClatchie

      Is it not possible to cut three beams from some of those flitches? Looks like you've got a lot of wasted wood between your outlines. Three instead of two would give you the opportunity to chuck a couple if you make a mistake.

    100. Andrew Drysdale

      Do you apply grease to the bolt shaft apon installation? And why?