7. The Keel Timber & The Building Inspector - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP7

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    Support Tally Ho here; sampsonboat.co.uk/support-tally-ho - I am on a crazy one-man mission to restore this historic classic sailing yacht, designed by Albert Strange in 1909. Tally Ho is a wooden gaff cutter, and is best-known for winning the Fastnet race in 1927. In this episode, I start uncovering Tally Ho's huge teak keel timber, jackhammering the concrete out of the bilge and removing the prop shaft. I go for a hike with a new friend, and I get a worrying visit from the building inspector about my new boat-shed.

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    Restoring Tally Ho EP7 - The Keel Timber & The Building inspector

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    1. thecapturban

      Poncho in a hard hat.. Dats gonna b funny

    2. tocodelray

      You could be Odysseus rebuilding your boat on Calypso's island... you would still have a nosy neighbor who finds a way to complain and have the building inspector give you shit.

    3. Charles Seymour

      Concrete in the bilge. Are you going to pour concrete over your lovely woodwork and casting? Why not just use lead acid battery stacks?

    4. Ben Hart

      54000 feet?! Holy shit!

    5. Bean Noneya

      Wow that tear down!

    6. Damir Mustafic

      Nasa astronauts cant breathe at 54,000ft dear :)

    7. TractorsNStuff

      Just started watching this series. The horrible neighbors, thats the Coast for ya. That side of the mountains, the Cascades, is mostly all like that. No symbolance of freedom anywhere, even in your own yard.

    8. The Man from Epsilon Crucis

      seems there are Karens everywhere

    9. nagesh jadhav

      I think your the great jack sparrow building the Black Pearl

    10. Harbour Dog

      13:00 There's always some arsehole neighbour poking their nose into things that aren't their business. Feckin' eejit.

    11. robert black

      I forgot how fun it was watching you slowly come to the realization that it was all rot...and the look on your face when stuff just fell apart in your hands was just perfect! This is the greatest series to re-watch ever! Just watched you poor your new bronze. Can't wait to watch you finish her out.

    12. Mr Watto

      This is some restoration & must be a real passion for this lad. Great work.

    13. Old Toby

      Apparently that neighbor is a chicken sh%t democrat.

    14. 260160nl

      I would split the concrete with plugs & feathers. Much more controled way of removing material. Just like a bar of chocolate www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Hand-Block-Splitters-plugs-and-feathers_60786293319.html

    15. Twotone

      When you were undoing the keel bolts I was thinking of the chandelier story from AFAH.

    16. Andrew plack

      No, Leo, when you were more of a weirdo, you seemed more normal. Just you and your crazy project. The videos are more professional now but have less humanity in them. Nice to see your area. Thanks for allowing us to watch you work!

    17. Scott Crawford

      54 million feet

      1. Robert Wiersema

        Girls. Cute ones get away with tons of mistakes. Who cares. :-)

    18. Victor Hayden

      Im totally going to call my crescent wrench a spanner now.

    19. Scot Fenn

      Leo I cannot believe the size of this project you have undertaken. You have done an amazing thing. just beyond belief. WOW. And so professionally done.

    20. Charles Seymour

      I always said the demo part of a rebuild is my favorite but when Leo said 42 more feet of concrete... wow.

    21. Tufan Kilinc

      You're the hardest working English-man I've ever known. Hard work, indeed, keeps one out of trouble.

    22. Atticus Sampson

      As a retired building inspector in Los Angeles, I always liked the spirit of the law vs. the letter of the law. Unfortunately his or her hands were tied w/ the complaint. Which leads we to my next statement. I really loathe people who have nothing better to do in life than to make trouble for others and bitch and complain because their life is so pathetically miserable. It's not like the houses were close together. Given the wide open space, I'd say the neighbor was a real a-hole, but you were very diplomatic and handled it with class and maturity.

    23. J Nixon

      “Need a bigger spanner”... makes one. Love seeing the ingenuity and resourcefulness in all your videos!

    24. Jack Henderson

      8:10 You gotta be fried if you think anyone’s gonna wear that

    25. Asfand Ali

      Meghan would make a lot of men happy with her measuring skills

    26. Barrie Charmsway

      If I had been much younger and with Megan I could have been at 54,000 ft or higher

    27. Dan Adams

      My dude! Would have been super easy to get twisted at the neighbors or the inspector but instead you just rolled up your sleeves. You are the type of human we need on planet Earth.

    28. Commodo Dragon

      All dislikes are from the land-lubber neighbor and the in-bred relatives and friends who are all descendants of "Bluto."

    29. Harold Conover

      Neighbors can be a pain in the ass.

    30. breakshot74

      knowing that we are now at ep.74 wow leo look how far you have come, bravo

    31. Frank Velik

      Excellent post is better than any tv show on the tely , is calming inspiring to whatch newer generation pick on this amazing art. This is a thousands of years old tradition, very admirable. Good job 👍

    32. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    33. Ross Hale

      Subie spotted ✌️

    34. Wayne G

      WOW ! ! the mountain you climbed was 54,000 feet that is 25,000 feet taller than Mount Everest (tallest in the world), and also 20,000 feet higher than airlines fly. Quite an accomplishment without Oxygen!!! Hey who really cares, she can have it any height she wants.

    35. Danny McHugh

      I never knew I was interested in boat restoration until I came across this channel.

    36. PorQpine215

      what kind of karens be living in the countryside of washington having complaints about sheds? tf did you do to make them have a grudge that theyd call the feds on you over a tent. trust no american

    37. Peter Brickwood

      You sure know how to set up a cliff hanger. On to episode 8.

    38. Brandon Saada

      Those kinds of neighbors are the worst

    39. Vinicius Fonseca

      I would never imagine that there's concrete on a boat... :O

      1. Travis Krumenacker

        i think it helps them to displace more water which increases bouyancy, funny isnt it?

      2. Michael E Jean- louis

        non keel boats have so does schooners which use granite crusher slabs weights up to 250 kgs per ion slab as lest,ballast.

      3. Brian Bose


      4. SV Chineel, Junk-Rigged Schooner Sailing

        There's concrete in my steel ship's bilge too. Not really for ballast, that is lead, but it is in a few of the areas that would be impossible to paint regularly.

      5. MrPossumeyes

        In NZ we build whole boats out of it. They're fine craft, too. And we're a nation of sailors...

    40. Sergey Prikop

      This is a best boat rebuilding vlog i ever seen! Music theme is great! Thanks!

    41. Agustin Talavera

      im glad youtube recommended this channel to me

    42. Mike Disbury

      Around about this point, I’d be thinking, my god what have I done? 🤣

    43. George Buzea

      9:38, now that would call for an Abom79 moment :)))

    44. zoid man

      you had no idea at this point did you

    45. paul mitchell

      Keelhaul the neighbour.

    46. Panhead49EL

      I'm so thankful I have great neighbors.

    47. J D Jones

      Hi Sampson boat company....I seemed to mis.. why was concrete used? As counter balance ? Was it out in back when the vessel was originally made?

    48. Arnold Glatzel

      heu Leo, where are vid 4,5,6?

    49. Porter Thorkelson

      What a shit neighbor to do that... man that bothers me

    50. Jacob Padgett

      So, I won't press about the privated videos but there was a song called Box Store in one of the episodes and I don't remember who it was by so I really can't find it, might I please have some sauce, me lord?

    51. Rob Johnson

      It shows how much I do not know... with no boat building knowledge at all I thought that the keel beam looked utterly horrid. You say it's serviceable so I am working hard to mentally to redefine "utterly horrid". :)

    52. Vicarious Air

      Idiots... It's what ever Megan says it is... Didn't you get a look at her?

    53. Nelumbo Nucifera

      What happened to episodes 4, 5, and 6?

    54. Eddy

      How do I get to view episode 4, 5 & 6?

    55. Fintan Cummings

      What was the reason for the concrete covering the keel in the first place?

      1. Lancashirelad


    56. rick engelman

      episodes 4, 5, & 6 are private videos?

    57. tsmall07

      Ridiculous they won't let you put up a temporary structure like that.

    58. Gyppor

      Are videos 4-5-6 private on purpose or is this a mistake? Would like to see what happens in them!

      1. kartoffel stranger

        public again :)

    59. PAUL O' Flynn

      Thank you Leo. You have renewed my faith that vision and patience yields results and right now you are inspiring me. Onward and forward and I am eagerly looking forward to your latest progress. Paul, Co Cork Ireland.

    60. K

      Why are videos 4,5, & 6 private? How does one access them, or don't you?


        I had no probs

      2. AgiHammerthief

        now public again

      3. Frank Russell Design

        Yes I would like to see them too even if they are just boring workshop set up work.

      4. freshlysquosen

        From what I remember, they were just about cleaning and setting up the shop area.

      5. Garrett Garrett

        Yea, wondering the same thing

    61. cnichoyt

      Are the previous 3 episodes no longer available?

    62. Soymilk

      What happened to 4, 5 and 6?

      1. kartoffel stranger

        public again :)

    63. kairon156

      I'm starting over from episode 55 and I'm just wondering. How much of Tali Ho is being replaced? I'm reminded of the Ship of Theseus.

    64. Daniel

      Leo, I've been going back and viewing these earlier videos (sort of reverse order, I know). Anyway... What was the original purpose of concrete? What it just ballast? Thanks in advance.

    65. p horner

      too bad about the officious nosey neighbor without a life

    66. Splestrie

      9:18 According to your gloves, you’re an IRONIC LAD. Well done.

    67. Arthur Sauret

      Dude!!! Juan de la fuca, the great navigator that tried to find the northern passage. So bad it didn't exist back so he didn't die famous...

    68. Samuel Taylor

      Now paint the shed to make it look as horrible as you can for the neighbor.

    69. yaa63

      So clever with your hacks...love watching...admiring

    70. Jonathan Gilmore

      I have no idea why youtube recommended this for me, but boy am I glad it did. Keep up the good work!

    71. Kevin nobody

      How ridiculous. This guy has the engineering knowledge to restore/ rebuild an antique sailing vessel and the local code enforcement messes with him over a shed roof. If I had been your inspector and saw what you were doing..... I would have turned around and walked away, or asked if I could help with the restoration.

    72. captainkidd1234

      Building inspectors, slowing down work and progress one project at a time.

      1. Mike Hawk

        @Gottenhimfella Never heard that last line before, but I find it hilarious and I'm stealing it

      2. Matthew Gillespie

        Gottenhimfella insuring a building wont collapse and kill or trap hundreds of people during an earthquake is nothing compared to a fella building a roof over the boat he’s working on.

      3. Gottenhimfella

        Having lived through an earthquake where hundreds died because "first world" buildings they were in collapsed, I have to put in a good word for the concept, and many of the people who execute it. Not to say it doesn't get misapplied, but lets not throw out a healthy baby for a couple of dodgy farts in the bathwater.

    73. captainkidd1234

      I’m on the other side of Canada and I could probably see it if it’s 54,000 feet. I think ol’ Megan was just trying to impress a lost and lonely sailor...tally high !

    74. Nick V

      This is so awesome.

    75. Jennifer Frank

      The guys over at Acorn to Arabella had the same prob with Building Inspector. Was the concrete for ballast? Or did it serve some structural/protective purpose? Do you think it was original or added later?

    76. Bob Eden

      just shoot the grumpy neighbour!

    77. Cannedgravy

      I hate nosey neighbors

    78. David Cooper

      Brilliant innovation for the concrete removal!

    79. Jeff Dahl

      Dude, is there going to be anything left of the original boat? I think maybe you should just build yourself a new boat . It would be easier i think.

    80. dkennell998

      I liked the part where you pointed out the lines at 3:44, didn't think it was weird at all. Very happy I've found this series.

    81. Virgil Grillone

      That shed is a temporary structure. They should go bug someone eles!

    82. Virgil Grillone

      Megan is cute. And if she says its 54,000 ft, thats fine with me!

    83. lanesteele240

      Why do the ships have concrete in the hull? I saw two guys making a lead keel. Is this to keep the bottom of the ship pointing down?

    84. Space Cowboy

      Odd they want a permit for a non-stationary,temporary structure.

    85. Area85 Restorations

      Are you going to reuse any of the original drive-line "prop shaft, prop, coupling ect.? Also, what engine are you going to put in her?

    86. Ron Buckner

      Born and raised in Seattle and have taken Boy scouts up through Sequim the Olympic Penninsula for about 10 years. Your living in the most beautiful part of the state, I really enjoy your videos and what your doing, but winters coming you may want to put some heat in your loft,

    87. ladydi4runner

      Envy indeed! If it’s not impeding or obstructing anything or creating ungodly noise don’t understand what they would be complaining about. Your videos show no close adjacent neighbors to be adversely affected. ??? Guess they got nothing better to do. 😳🙄

    88. itsathought2

      I wish I had watched these contemporaneously, although I wouldn't have had the joy of a binge watch. But if you still monitor comments - was the cement original or added later - and what is it's purpose?

    89. Buchanan SeaSpray 26 TOKI

      Cool! well done, Tally Ho is a bit bigger than TOKI.... quite a bit, lol

    90. jkay

      I hope we see more of Meghan, she's beautiful!

    91. gabberflunz

      I was so thrilled to see your ship building skills come out in the making of the building plans ! Keep up the great work!

    92. S.D.S

      Why was the concrete added and when?

    93. Mehmet Ors

      Yea building dept and neighbors wow... this guy's is doing a big favor recycling and educating and setting up great example for others great ambition and neighbors. Is it jealously or what...but than again we have plenty of good people who donate to help him out.

    94. Mehmet Ors

      Megan was a beauty also.

    95. Mehmet Ors

      Why was there concrete to be able to sink the boat deeper or what else is the reason I couldn't catch if he has said about it.

    96. FMChimera

      I pity you poor people living under zoning and building inspectors...and nosy neighbors.

    97. Gurosama Bltch

      2:25 Lol I'm wearing the exact same tshirt. I think he's wearing it the wrong way though.

    98. Tony Two Toes

      I cant believe you got all the prop components out without anything seized up.

    99. nrm swen

      Unbelievable ! I've been voyaging for 37 years now with my DownEast 32 from SF, CA to Mexico and South Pac, have built 3 home/cabins and all I can say is "what a project"! You have my admiration! What a wonderful career and life you have ahead of you with your drive. I'm almost 80 and respect you as a creative, high adventure individual! Thank you for sharing!!

    100. mike underbrink

      That Kroil is good stuff!