BoatBuilding - Finishing the Transom (EP76)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Finishing the Transom / More Floors (EP76)
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    EPISODE 76.
    In this episode I focus on the final install of the transom, using a couple of old tricks to ensure that it stays watertight. The planks get bolted to the sternpost and eventually fully plugged and varnished.
    Pat keeps busy at the Port Townsend Foundry, casting more Floors in Bronze. Clark fits the Floors into the boat - grinding, sanding and polishing them to ridiculous perfection!
    Meanwhile, Pete works hard on fairing the Rabbet and beginning to fair the outside of the frames, while Pancho keeps an eye on him and busts out some funky moves for the camera!
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    75. BoatBuilding - Finishing the Transom / More Floors (TALLY HO EP76)

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    1. Sampson Boat Co

      The eagle-eyed might notice that at 10:22 I place a plank without the caulking cotton - Actually I just forgot to put it in! I had to slide that plank back up to place the cotton, but that wasn't on camera. You can see the cotton poking out in later shots!

      1. retired architect

        Thank you! I was worried.

      2. jonny das

        how to order a boat

      3. Jaap Versteegh

        @Paul Schena They're pretty much all above the waterline. The transom is hardly or not at all submerged.

      4. Dennis E

        She's a beauty if I may classify the ship as a her. You never know these day's. I forgot how much I was enjoying your videos. I binge watched your entire Tally Ho series up until episode 75 with a few hours of sleep each day to refresh my brain. I can't wait for her to be on the sea once again. I am saving a few dollars to get myself to her launch. Great job!

      5. andrew taylor

        whew ... I know I am late to the party but I saw that and had an omg moment !!!

    2. Sam Wainwright

      3:06 - r/forbiddensnacks

    3. DaveLivingsMusic

      and the prize for the worlds longest drill bit goes to...................

    4. simon barber

      He must have deep pockets boat bring out another ten thousand

    5. Lorrie D Mussett

      Certainly I'm not the first, but want to also note that Pete is fucking smart, talented and REALLY GREAT WHEN EXPLAINING WHAT HE'S DOING....Which makes it funny that Leo includes Pete's initial reaction when Leo's ready to film. SOMEONE please tell pete he's so good at training others and great explanations.

    6. Kenny Mann

      If you have a moment to spare, could you take time out to rebuild a derelict galleon? Preferably one with a lot of windows in the stern, for a lovely transom view, from within and without. Thanks. I know you're busy but I'd appreciate it. Shouldn't take more than, say, ten years or so. Fifteen, tops.

    7. webcap

      Brilliant endeavour - Just catching your build and binge watching from the beginning - difficult to avoid spoilers as IThomes point you to the latest - love the phrase making it "fair" - and your transom is ansom as they say in Cornwall !

    8. Håkan Skogstjärna

      That's a good lookin rear end. Well done Leo!

    9. Michael Kramer

      that is THE coolest !!!!!!!

    10. David Renaud

      Instead of laying the pattern flat on the Drag half I would have tilted the pattern on a parting board the fitted the flask size. This would have added with the moulding process and easier demould and pattern removal.

    11. Jean marie Virantin

      Bravo pour votre réalisation et pour l'esprit dans lequel vous travaillez !!! Well done for your achievement and the spirit in which you work.

    12. donuthole4sale

      That ship is going to be as strong as a WW1 battleship!!!!

    13. Anton Sena

      Before you are watching look for what anything someone belief there eye being proud.

    14. Sohel Mahboob

      I want to buy that jacket! Please let me know the brand!

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        Arborwear. It's great!

    15. Slashley gibbins

      Bow thruster?

    16. Bernard Helinski

      Love that bird. More pls.

    17. Ba d Neighbour

      So many optical illusions the grain timber is crazy.

    18. Drew Whitehead

      Why aren't you using a hardwood for the splines between the transom planks?

    19. Mantis Garage

      The rest tof the world : covid lockdown, pandemic pandemonium.... Leo's Crew : Tally Ho then,! cup of tea? awesome work keep it up your inspiration is palpable if you make it to Orcas island look me up.

    20. Mark Jennings

      The Parrot must come on the boat and sail the seas with Tally Ho!!

    21. Dale Smith

      It would be a shame to sail this boat without a Maccaw.

    22. carl HORTON


    23. The Yard

      Pete is just like me. I'm like "What!" hahaha He's passionate about his craft. I respect that tremendously. Tally ho is coming along beautifully. its been a pleasure seeing it progress since it started.

    24. Nikolas Larson

      I thought I was pretty good restoring my old wooden cabin respecting old carpenter rules but this is just another planet. Impressive.

    25. Mouldi Merai

      Bravo , j'aime beaucoup tous ça ,si mon métier

    26. Pedro Ivan Sanchez

      Anyone hiring part time , employess..?

    27. Mr572u

      Clear poly will keep the floors from tarnishing, for a long time

    28. C O

      Not too long ago, I visited the Juan Sebastián Elcano, the school sail boat of the Spanish Armada. All brass wass shiny. Youf boat should be no less.

    29. C O

      I can relate to the bronze floors as I'm a drummers and love my bronze cymbals. Shine those until you see your face.

    30. Leaning Tree Woodworks

      I just discovered this channel and have been binging. I'm very excited that the transom is getting left unpainted. Beautiful work.

    31. Andrew Vida

      Purpleheart keel? That must have been inexpensive.

    32. Bill rouleau

      Inspector Pedro was right on the job checking the work!

    33. Cathy Kiernan

      At 10:20 it appears that you did not add the cotton before installing the transom plank.

    34. Jason Malone

      Pete was not in love with talking on camera, but slowly becoming a ham. Before the end he will seek out the camera to let us know what he is doing!

    35. Bill Dyke

      No rabbets were harmed in the making of this episode...

    36. Robert Fulton

      Looking good so far!

    37. Paul McGee

      Patience & precision ... this whole project. 💖

    38. james oshields

      Are you going to put in any modern things like bath room sleeping cooking refrigeration ? What are you going to do with the boat when finished ?

    39. Robert Cochran

      You guys have me wanting to reenlist...just so I can polish some brass !!! Gorgeous !!!

    40. Jose Martinez

      That parrot was having a blast, I wonder how many followers he has. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    41. j e

      coat the bronze with epoxy they will stay bright for a long time

    42. Lukman Hakim


    43. Ed The 1owa pyr0

      You gonna sail back to the uk 🇬🇧


      This chap knows his stuff!!!!

    45. Dale Watkins

      What is the name of the tool you use to drive the 5/8" bolt into the recessed hole in the transom ( 9:10)? I might have two of these in my hammer collection, but didn't know their name or use. I thought they might have been some type of rock hammer.

      1. Dale Watkins

        Found it: countersink peen hammer.

    46. whotknots

      Leo when you were displaying a couple of substantial bronze bolt fragments removed from Tally Ho while discussing her transom a fund raising idea occurred to me. You could offer bits of original bronze from Tally-Ho for sale as memento's/souvenirs. I have a medallion I inherited from a great-aunt which bears an inscription stating it is made from copper cladding removed from HMS Victory, probably when her sheathing was replaced. Presumably someone purchased the medallion as a keepsake and it seems reasonable to also presume it was minted and sold as a fund raising initiative. Perhaps you could enlist the help of Pete at Port Townsend foundry or even invest in a small crucible yourself and sell limited edition items cast from bronze salvaged from Tally Ho such as medallions, pendants, rings, plaques, paperweights etc? As for the coin you will presumably place under the mast when you step it in keeping with time honoured tradition. Do you intend to obtain a coin dated the year Tally Ho was originally built/launched? Or the year when she is eventually launched again? Or both?

    47. Troels Andersen

      Not only are you good at that which you do, you are very good at explaining the whys and wherefores. The complex made understandable. Anyone who has the great good fortune to become your apprentice, will have hit the jackpot. The transom looks awesome. The graving pieces and plugs, add to the charm, looks and beauty of it.

    48. Andy Aim

      Am I the only one that finds it mildly amusing when they talk about the “rabbet”

      1. Osian Meilyr

        I despise the American pronunciation of rebate

    49. Jim Blazer

      Exactly,wooden boats last forever.refits every 4 years.

    50. Sheriff of YouTube

      10:31 you forgot your cotton string .... god dammit we gotta start over!!!

    51. Jerry Huff

      Rebuild? There is nothing leftover of the original boat.

    52. David Parker

      Totally Awsome..thankyou..

    53. LFOD7491

      LOVE your parrot!

    54. Howard Rewald

      You fellows are good working timber is unforgiving I love to watch your skills

    55. spinny2010

      What % will be original when she's finished? Great project indeed. I must admit I'm quite envious; of your beautiful bird.

    56. James Wright

      The brass is an amazing touch. Thanks for not making this a hardcore deadline show. I did the vibe, very relaxing and educational. Very cool stuff.

    57. Dr. Lex Winter

      It's almost like they lost a bet and were forced to get teenage girl piercings.

    58. Henrik Behrens

      I dig the videos! Could you or anyone else tell me what the type of shirt you're wearing at 1:20 is called? I once tried one on and still regret not buying it, now I can't find another one.

      1. Praveen Rao

        Hello mate it's a smock type jacket in a traditional style. Search 'Breton fisherman's smock'. enjoy! P

    59. Tom Oakhill

      Of course you polish the floors until they gleam. That is critically necessary. Really. How can a person work on a boat like this, and get it right, and NOT have the personality that insists the floors go in polished? It is utterly impossible.

    60. Robert Housedorf II

      Hey folks, can you post a link to that orange preservative? I've got hearing problems and can't make out what it is called.

    61. Ricky Gibson

      Hi there... can I ask what varnish you used on the transom please...

    62. chente Pacololo

      Good plugs, grain matched sweet

    63. scott witthoft

      Parrot at 25:13. Nice!

    64. Michael Warren

      is there a reason you didnt tint the glue in the tiny holes on the original transom planks? seems like you could have added some teak sawdust in the glue and then the holes would blend in better. did you not want them to blend?

    65. FMHammyJ

      Great entertaining and informative vids.....subscribed!.....

    66. White Coyote

      As Captain of this ship, I award you with bilge duty. All brass is be shined to a mirror finish by hand.

    67. White Coyote

      Would wooden pegs be better than the brass screws? A fitted peg would expend with moisture to keep seated and you wouldn't have to worry about it rusting away.

    68. John Purdom

      As the engineer/deckhand on schooner Puritan in the 1970's we spent a couple of hours every morning polishing brass- dolphin striker, cleats, binnacle and lots more. The thought of polished floors is a deckhands nightmare. I still have a brass cleat from Puritan (left over from refit at Camper and Nicholson in 75) which I occasionally trip over and curse- polished brass can be as addictive as the beauty of teak, the curve of shear, the sight of a gaffer under sail. Thanks Leo for re-awakening those addictions I thought I had conquered.

    69. david ouellette


    70. Vee Dragon

      What an amazing project! The animals make it even better.

    71. rideswithscissors

      Doesn't look like Sequin, looks like Dungeness to me! Three Crabs Restaurant is closed, : (

    72. Don Kanis

      History in the remaking.

    73. WillowTM

      *thread locker

    74. jungapo2

      i guess the price of this boat is about $300k?

    75. James Allen

      Swe-e-e-et-t..! So nice, lots of skilled work!

    76. Gathering No Moss

      painting polished bronze with melted beeswax will hold off the tarnish for a long time.

    77. Space Cowboy

      I hope he sails her to mystic

    78. tm tm


    79. humphrey peek

      how many tons of ballast will you need

    80. humphrey peek

      i thought red lead was banned in the usa in 1978

    81. ADS alsalamy

      Hi What is the kind of wood that used for this great job?

    82. Raymond Pomfret

      What is it with some people who have given this video a thumb's down , you sad morons go and play with your Lego !!!

    83. julian martinez

      Congratulation!!! beautiful work, wow i'n impressed...good🤗 i like...

    84. Biju Rv

      What is the action of Cobalt on resin?

    85. Nicolas Rumboll

      who else is thinking of Jupiter and its moons at 21:35?

    86. Jonathon Eadie-Simcock

      Love to see it from start to finished

    87. Patrik Gustafsson

      Send him into the bilge to polish the floors. Haha I laughed out loud at that. xD

    88. tort oise

      Pat is so unassuming but what commitment to this project!

    89. Rob Smith

      Pedro's got you guys well trained ;-)

    90. Richard Grant

      The transom is dazzling!!!!!! 🌝😎

    91. Sherrie Austin

      Just now watching this one, Leo all I can say is SWEET, you did an Amazing job.

    92. Steve Miller

      Been watching these videos for about a month. I'm actually a little bit sad I'm catching up with Leo so I will have to start waiting for updates like everyone else. I just wanted to say, I'm amazed at how humble and how hard a worker Leo is. I wish I could contribute in some way. But alas, I have no skills. But Leo I just wanted to say, you are an inspiration. And so are those that our contributing to Leo's project. Thank you for spending the time, everyone!

    93. Abraham Tov

      Nice to have Pete talk about what he is doing and why he is doing it the way he is doing it. Nice to learn! Great work on the transom!

    94. US Dive Supply

      Extremely disappointing to see that worm eaten and weak transom reused without it being epoxy vacuum reinforced. You know that it's not going to last. It should have been epoxy vacuumed to fill every hole and gap to strengthen it and prevent water influx. Very, very disappointing

    95. Pappa Bob

      That transom looks absolutely AWESOME !!!! Those plugs are all (including the rectangular ones) awesome !!! Pete also is quite the "sculpture" with the adz and chisel. Very impressive !!!! Love all those old "ultra simple" (but totally effective) methods such as the cotton caulk in the groove in front of the spline !!! Some ALWAYS comes along with a "easier" method they claim is "just as good" but almost never is given time which is long after anyone remembers all those "promises" and assurances. "Lesson almost always is", the old ways take more time, skill, and pride to accomplish but are so simple and attack the issue so heads on they last as long as the material they are part of.

    96. xpez

      I am glad you polished the metal. polished metal is always nice. LOL What kind of budget was needed for the casting of all of the metal? Is this the most expensive part of the boat?

    97. benjamint444

      I'm always surprised that a bird who likes chewing wood is allowed anywhere near the boat :D I'm guessing the might be more than a few little chew marks spread around..

    98. HippyCow 100

      I legit thought the sanding was part of the music😂

    99. kymcha

      You can always lacquer the floors so they won't go green either? Reminds me a bit of a hand-built desk made by a real craftsman where are lot of the joints are completely hidden but they are still finished off like works of art.

    100. John Critch

      How many dining room tables are as beautiful as that transom.