The Wreck and the Rescue - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP23

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    This episode, I investigate the part of Tally Ho’s history where she was almost wrecked on a remote Pacific Atoll, in 1968. Amazingly, I have been given photographs of Tally Ho high and dry on the reef, taken from the boat that towed her to safety! Because of the accident, part of the hull was rebuilt, but unfortunately not to the original lines. I assess the change in shape, do a little bit of lofting, and remove a lot of hull planks to give me space to rebuild the boat back into her original shape. Unfortunately, I also discover that the other side of the boat isn’t perfect either.
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    23. The Wreck and the Rescue - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP23

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    1. calartian85

      3:57 what a fascinating few minutes. I have a feeling I would fuck that up royally.

    2. G r a h a m

      Just a thought, I'd buy a half model of her. Build them from off cut's. I'm sure others would to.

    3. G r a h a m

      I started watching you rebuild her a little over a year now. Then l discovered these. What a treat! One thing l noticed is l think you grew into a man doing it. We need more men of your stature in this world. I'm at the end of my run it gives me comfort knowing not all young men are lost in a make believe world and know how to build without a keyboard.

    4. salvador sierra

      Not my cup of tea, but amazing project and a lot to learn from, keep it up 👍🏼

    5. JD Gleason

      The extent of your knowledge is impressive. Watching you do the measurements and comparing to the original design was mind blowing! Great video.

    6. Slashley gibbins

      Knows his onions..

    7. eugenecod

      i really admire people like you thanks i am learning tremendously i now have an idea of those sailboats big or small passing Chesapeake bay, va thanks a lot.

    8. Charles Seymour

      U know I have learned much watching Leo. Using patterns and systematically setting job priorities

    9. floridanick

      What’s the song around 1:40?

    10. The Man from Epsilon Crucis

      I can see why the wise men chose you to rebuild this boat. Well done.

    11. C O

      Maybe too late to suggest that your golden breast guacamaya needs a partner. They pair up for life. The sideways dance is a sign of boredom. Also, if they are able to fly they will come back dayly. They are not dumb and know where the food and shelter is. Give it pistachio seeds and tropical fruits like mango.

    12. elizabeth koch

      This is my second time watching all of the episodes. Your work is impeccable. As a teenager, my dad and I did repairs and wood work on our 34’ wood hulled Pacemaker, which is a motor boat. Those were some of the happiest days of my life. I am thoroughly enjoying your videos. I think Pancho is a riot. Such personality, and she REALLY likes you.

    13. Duncan Potter

      I want to know what the blue boat in the background is. Pretty shape.

    14. Rv4 Guy

      Trying to figure out why he is sweating these few incorrect frames when he is going to replace every frame. Or had he not bitten that bullet when this vid was shot?

    15. Doug Carroll

      One of the best shipwrights I’ve ever seen but I’ve not seen many but wow they have a serious competitor

    16. Real Talk with Aaron

      that old man in the photo is the same fella from an other episode

    17. frispa21

      the bird is so cool :D

    18. Tom Oakhill

      A "husk" is "the hard fibrous sheath of nuts. While "copra" is the "dried meat or kernel of the coconut." The copra is the edible part of the coconut after it has been dried. Copra is used exclusively to produce coconut oil, and is not consumed by humans. The fresh meat or kernel of the mature coconut forms a regular part of the diets of many people in the tropics and subtropics.

    19. Charles Seymour

      Now that was a good episode hanging with the design vs as built

    20. tort oise

      I'm a natural house builder (timber, hemp, lime & clay), and it can often take quite a lot of considering for me to find the words and analogies to explain the design, materials & construction methods to my clients. The danger in this is I can end up fooling myself that I know quite a bit. Watching your description of your work to measure & calculate the shape of the hull, I'm 100% cured of that misconception! House-building - even really well-detailed, thermally & acoustically excellent homes - is like Lego construction compared to the complex sophistication of boat building. Immense respect & awe.

    21. Tim Kelly

      This is the episode I've been waiting for ensuring level

    22. winston cat

      Regarding your wonderful parrot. Do you know the film (from the book) "Swallows and Amazons forever? You should give it a once over, if not. It's also a godsend if you ever have chidren. :-)

    23. NAMELESS

      Are most parrots like yours? I would love one but all the people I know with birds say theirs just squak non stop and they can’t let them out of cages because they would fly away. I don’t want a bird that just lives in a cage you know

    24. SteveHoward 1

      You may (or may not!) be interested to know that the forklift is based on an animal...namely the elephant!

    25. Peter Brickwood

      Pretty sure your dog is landbound but do you think Poncho the Parrot will sail back to England with you?

    26. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    27. Ken Marapese

      Pics of the wreck, nice!

    28. Doug Dorn

      Amazing patience!

    29. Kasey Bradford

      I wish there were more people who were not just Interested, but /Openly and Vocally Interested/ in history that isn't focused on war. Hearing about the life Tally Ho has lived and seeing photos of events is so incredible. It's Infinitely more interesting to me that hearing the n-thousandth dude-bro trying to tell me about their favorite battle in WWII. I /don't care/ about people murdering people at the behest of rich people in power. I want to know more about the common people. Tell me about non-military sailors. Tell me about the farmers and their rural communities. Tell me about the lower and middle-class day-to-day. Tell me about the businesses in small towns and big cities and about how people made their essentials and their luxuries before we had the machines to make it easy(ier). Thank you for giving us so much of the journey to rebuild Tally Ho, and especially thank you for covering her history.

    30. W Drodze Ku Miłości

      Wow! This is insanly brilliant! 😀🤗

    31. Zureal

      Man, who needs Game of Thrones Season 8 when I have this guy doing even more epic things.

    32. joseph overmyer

      You have tremendous skills. I wish I understood more about the keel?

    33. Space Cowboy

      Fast forward... Save girlfriend,humming bird...etc.

    34. Nathaniel Cooley

      Leo is going to end up becoming a pirate with Poncho.

    35. 1bcordell

      Dude, great catch and camera work with that hummingbird.

    36. Eric Turner

      Poncho is just watching and waiting for the day when Tally Ho sails. "This is my ticket outta here!" - Poncho

    37. Anton Spilhaus

      That parrot cracks me up.... I think you are just building a pirate ship for the bird.

    38. Andrew Scott

      Backwards, I know, but found your channel from Finn of KnotFINNishedyet. So awesome you were able to find out more I’d Tally Ho’s history because of your videos.

    39. nick viner

      Go to the original planned lofting

    40. OccasionalGamer

      Carpentry, boat building, sailing, video production, drafting ... Good Lord, man, is there anything you for which you aren't skilled?

    41. William Lewis

      binge watching your work.... how far are you from friday harbor ? cheers

    42. Dale Furman

      I also believe you should follow your artistic heart side and do it right this time! I don't think you'll ever be sorry!

    43. Dale Furman

      I think your parrot is your safety and quality control inspector!

    44. Robert Salanon

      On voit un voilier de loin,sans savoir de quoi il s·agit ? Ben voilà,de près,on découvre un autre monde :celui de la maîtrise de l·être humain ...c·est géant !!---A+

    45. Frank Russell Design

      This is starting to look to me like you should have just used the plans and built a whole new boat. It would be worth more I think. You have amazing dedication and skills.

    46. Peter Dolamore

      Leo..I am in awe of your commitment and enthusiasm for this project. I have built houses, renovated homes and even scratch build a Zenith 701 aircraft from plans ( 2000 hours ) but this project is mammoth. I am so happy that there are folks like you who have the guts to tackle such a huge , amazing task. All the best.

    47. Pfalzgraf

      The bird contributes greatly to the entertainment! :)

    48. TheJustonemore

      Curve job

    49. anthony white

      8:00 to 8:20 nice guitar playing.

    50. Eckhard Koehler

      You are amazing!

    51. Troy Queen

      The music sounds like the theme to this old house,or should I say this old boat 🚣‍♀️.

    52. Ken Klaus

      I love the various types of music you put into the background. Nicely done. Also impressed how you appear to stick to your purpose and mostly by yourself. A lot of ingenuity.

    53. TheWoodguru63

      You Sir, are a madman! I love it. This is the best thing I've seen On IThomes.

    54. David Lemon

      Man oh man, I can't stop watching these videos.. I post my own on sculpting.. and tonight I was editing and watching yours... Hard to do.. If I could afford to patron you I would but I'm 73, and bronze costs so much... lol I live basically off my social security and occasional sales.. I've passed on your videos to friends who love what you do. maybe some patrons there.. Keep up the build...

    55. travis dunn

      Half expected the hummingbird to become friends with the parrot and take up residence

    56. Josie Emery

      Great music!

    57. Paul Cockram

      I've just come across this channel it really is fascinating. Just one question though how much of the original yacht is actually going to be left?

    58. Richard Bohling Sr

      Another dilemma to consider. I don't think you would be wrong to try and bring it as close to original as you can. You will also be better able to deal with the frame to keel connection as well.

    59. j4d3 goat

      The parrot on the forklift! Hilarious!

    60. mick coomer

      Love the chain jig. “Life on the mould” used one as well. Brilliant idea.

    61. David Cooper

      Your work on this project helps me put my own repairs and restorations in proper perspective: literally no problem I tackle on my two sport-fishing boats or Lance camper rises to a fraction of the degree of difficulty of nearly any task you face. Thanks for that, Leo, and Cheers!

    62. Jim & Shirley

      Just an observation, not meant to be an insult, it seems that you are just using the Tally Ho as a pattern to build a new ship as hardly any wooden part of Tally Ho is being kept in tact...

    63. BirdDog Mason

      Leo, I think you made me realize what I really want to do with the latter years of my life. I’ve always enjoyed sailing, and I’ve always been the grandson of a carpenter with modest skills. Together that’s awesome! Never thoought about it till watching you and the blog. Only problem, a failure to visualize a project like what you do and get it done. Man oh Man, if I could roll back the years. Like the parrot, and the farmer.

    64. William Overton

      I hope that you do it over according to the plan as A. Strange intended. That would redeem the vessel and earn a great deal of honor toward yourself and to the memory of the designer.

    65. Patrick Mahoney

      I have saved a hummingbird from inside of a garage, quite magical to hold them while they are trying to decide what to do before flying off.

    66. Luis Fernando Tarazona Herrera

      I like very much the musical edition for the video back support on the activities..

    67. chru cas

      Simply fantastic video again. So you saved her, rebuild her and now you will reshape her. Will you rename her to original name also?

    68. hansa

      My wife often tells me “you are the only person that would notice that!” Well Leo, I say to you “you are the only one that would notice that slab side” in that boat. Just a note of caution, should you ever notice “slab sides” in a woman, I would keep that to yourself..... just saying!🤐😜

    69. Keith Staton

      That patch of purple heart dust from the keel rebuildis one of the things that shows up on google earth now.

    70. Mikepeter Gumball

      Just build a new yacht , what's the percentage of old timbers vs new timbers ? your saying the original builders got the shape wrong , but it sailed from 1908 to 68 when man failed it . from what ive seen in this vid , build a new yacht .

    71. L Myrski

      This chain jig is a wonderful idea! I have never seen it before!

    72. par goran

      So much fucking nagging!

    73. Gerry WithaG

      BTW...LOVE the bird!

    74. Gerry WithaG

      portly (adj.) early 15c., "stately, dignified," from port (n.3) "bearing, carriage" + -ly (1). Meaning "stout" is first recorded 1590s. I wonder if more then just a term for "weighty" is meant by " Portly" your boat is fat on the port side.....or Portly!?.....sorry, just how my brain works! G>

    75. Richard Ball

      Poncho seems to be enjoying his involvement with the project. :)

    76. J. Granger

      Nice work Leo. Just an idea... (@1:35) you may be able to place the first set of stickers just a bit closer towards center of the filches and then a little down pressure (on the spaced out end of the stack) might fan the second end for placing all the remaining stickers at once.

    77. Mark Coulthard

      Interesting to see that the recovery skipper of the Heather George who towed Tally Ho off the reef was Alan McLeod who was a pig farmer from Dunedin New Zealand. Alan with some of his family had traveled to Scotland for a McLeod Clan reunion, he purchased the Heather George in Scotland and sailed it back to NZ.Whether it was during his trip back to NZ when he undertook the task of rescuing Tally Ho or on a later trip. I recall Alan had difficulties with NZ Customs and the Maritime Authority upon his return to Dunedin. Don't remember how the issues were resolved.

    78. Nick Turner

      What is that evil high pitched beeping in these videos? Its doing my head in.

    79. Rusty Bullet

      Now you're a Disney princess. Also a bit of a pirate with the parrot. So maybe a Disney pirate princess.

    80. Gunninator

      Am I the only one wondering what kind of music is he listening too. Great video really enjoying your series and can't wait to see how it progress

    81. Red Sky

      I have binge watched you videos. What you are doing mostly solo, speaks a lot about those who taught you and how much you have learned. Fantastic job. P.S. great music.

    82. Mark Schattefor

      Everybody who restores old wooden boats/ships should have a safety parrot to control the work. ;-)

    83. John Clayden

      And, great music on each episode!

    84. ezpipes

      Is it possible that the sand that fell while you removed the exterior planks could be from it's time stranded on the reef in the 60's?

    85. ezpipes

      This is, BY FAR, the most interesting process I've ever watched on IThomes or any other medium. Your skill in boat building and repair is astonishing. Cheers!!!!

    86. Andy C

      You know you want to loft it out completely... I know you do haha..

    87. Zach Waddill

      Transporting copra in the 1960s?! That's a lie or an eccentric hobby.

    88. Henk

      Why give this amazing guy 👎 crazy stupid man !

      1. Keith Staton

        Some thumbs are not sited in for accuracy.

    89. Cosmic Mariner

      I'm a little horrified that with every new video more and more "historic" wood is cut away. I've begun wondering what in the world will be left original when you finally start rebuilding. Maybe you have been wondering that too. There must be something wrong with your brain that you never get overwhelmed or defeated. Undertakings like this are not normal -not when you are doing it alone.

    90. Cosmic Mariner

      Holy shit. This is right up there with the guy who tight-rope walked the World Trade Center towers.

    91. Micromac Macca

      That seems an incredible amount of timber! Can’t believe it will all go into that boat.

    92. HozelRocket

      Leo deserves "at least" 1M subs !! Well Done & looking forward to upcoming episodes and inevitable launch day.

    93. Steven larabee

      Tally ho was wreck 50 years ago from this month

    94. Robert Fay

      In episode 23 you mention the lack of tumble-home at the top of the aft starboard side. Agreed, Leo, the elegance of the design line feel is lost when the rise from waterline is vertical and straight. The music of elegance always serves a purpose. You feel it because you have music in you; as noted by the music you chose for the videos and the way you run. I wondered why you did not mention that tumblehome shape also well serves to prevent water from entering the deck area whenever a sudden extreme heeling over might occur (if I understand it correctly); e.g., sailing in rough storm that would send other ships running to port during a race, or when a rogue wave might strike in deep blue water. I recognize that same shape from when I built Kinsac fiberglass canoes in Nova Scotia. The designer was the hydraulic engineer and naval designer who designed the sub chaser, Brad Dor, for the Canadian Navy. [] The native MicMac Indians liked the shape of the Kinsac canoe because it replicated the shape they used when building with ash and white birch bark. It allowed them to heel over their canoes while sitting close to the middle when paddling alone and allowed them to do so without fear of swamping the canoe. At the same time this shape also provided very easy turning ability for them (because of the buoyancy from the “bubble/bowl-shape” they were sitting on while also able to keep the ¾ inch canoe keel out of the water) to thereby navigate narrow streams or swampy areas. If I correctly understand it fairly, this Tumble Home shape keeps water out of sailing craft at speed when on an extreme heel, when any other design, with straight sides rising from waterline, will have had the top of those sides going below water long before, swamping the craft or worse. Boats without this elegant shape do not survive for good reason, nor do they win races or survive horrid weather while awaiting the competition to see who gets to guide a large vessel into port.

    95. JimTheSoundman

      17:17 Why couldn't shims be added onto the outside of each frame without removing them and remaking them? It seems like if epoxy was used that would keep it strong enough, and all those long through bolts certainly would maintain the structural strength. I know it's not a pretty but it seems like it would be much more speed efficient and cost efficient.

    96. Braden Williams

      Great video!

    97. phattomato

      Every video has an awesome compilation of music....aside from the excellent footage and narration!

    98. Ebola_AIDS_ISIS

      Wait..... So other than youtube revenue youre not getting paid for this? Solely for yourself? That is just awesome. Hate to be that guy, but... Murica!!

    99. Timothy Russell

      What dipshit would give a thumbs down.Go Leo

    100. Gary Souza

      Forklift is a God send.....