Finished Framing! / Planking Timber (TALLY HO EP55)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Finished Framing! / Planking Timber
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    EPISODE 55.
    Tally Ho is fully re-framed! In this episode we see the final part of the frame-raising party, as we make and install the last of the frames that make up the bow of the boat. We also work on the Fashion Pieces, and take some time to do some local sailing. Finally, a container-full of really long timber arrives from Suriname, and we have to figure out the logistics of moving it around.
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    55. Finished Framing! / Planking Timber (Tally Ho EP55)

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    1. Lias wardani

      I like you jobs

    2. calartian85

      I’m curious are treenail angles specified, as well? I see them ranging widely from the vertical.

    3. Michael Joachimbauer

      What´s the wood used for planking? i understood oana ore woana but i couldn´t find it under theese names... probably just misunderstood it

    4. Ian Everton

      What were the wedges for in the stem assembly? The stem pieces fit very well, there seemed to be very little space if any at the nibs. And it was all bolted together. Just a genuine question, not a criticism. I am in no place to criticise, I can cut a well fitting scarf but to do it in that size of timber is mind boggling

    5. Dries Goosen

      I see you changed the end credits (boatbuilding). Keep up the good work en great videos.

    6. Slashley gibbins

      Just imagine the timbers involved when building the much bigger warships of old. Those guys would have been doing this with no electricity; all processes done by hand tools. But, you feel the essence of the build through these vids. Would have been a methodical process with a hierarchy of men, probably on some sort of production line of well oiled craftsman, maybe many hundreds, from the guys cleaning up, to the generals keeping an eye on their much needed addition to their navy. I would imagine the architect of these craft would be paid a pretty penny. Fantastic stuff.

    7. drtb69

      Built so well, and with so much better materials and care I believe Talley Ho will last much longer than the original construction by far !

    8. Siamect

      Finn for president!

    9. James Emmenecker Sr.

      Awesome stuff

    10. Rory Poole

      What kind of tar paper/felt is used?

    11. Peter Bryce


    12. AwakeAmericanow.

      Leo admitted to cutting the end off one of his fingers. Just watching the unbelievable amount of wood which needs manoeuvring, cutting, shaping, fitting fixing. Needing both power tools and sharp hand tools and strong hands I am wondering how many of Leo's helpers will be minus the odd bit of flesh and carry scars for the rest of their lives? A couple of other points, it’s refreshing to watch all these fit young guys reaching, stretching, lifting, pushing, which of course, they take for granted, as it should be. Unaware that with few passing years such things will become impossible. The other point I do hope Leo will find time to visit various ports around the U.K. in due course. I would willingly donate a tenner to see the finished boat, knowing the amount of sweat equity invested. If Finn was a company I would buy shares.

    13. Mike VandenBosch

      I want a t-shirt with the sampson boat co logo and a picture of a rooster. With the words "shut up Janice" printed on it

    14. SYAMRI i

      Good Mr👍👍

    15. Phil Rant

      Just totally beautiful

    16. Hunter Terrell

      What all on the boat was left original?

    17. Patrick Malet

      Splendide .tres professionnel

    18. xpez

      @ 05:04 I love this kind of ridiculous editing.. LOL nice!

    19. Radial Orbits

      The scale model built from the wood offcuts is a neat idea ^_^

    20. Giddy Up

      Finn's a legend!

    21. Pappa Bob

      Wow !!! That looks absolutely "AWESOME" from the inside in it's "natural state" !!! I have been "binge watching" this channel now for a week or two and am up to this episode. All that timber you got for 21K seems quite reasonably priced. That looks like gorgeous material !!!!! Pretty amazing how you can take people who have no previous experience doing such highly skilled and precise work and turn out this beautiful, precision crafted specimen in a very reasonable amount of time. Congrat's !!!!!!! To someone who has spent, literally, a lifetime paying very close attention to learning skill and precision in craft work, your accomplishment and that of your "revolving crew" speaks very highly to your organizational, detail, and leadership, skills. 👍👍👍👍👍✌️🤘

    22. Offull

      Good thing leo didnt pass up on the ship saw, cause imagine cutting the rolling bevel with that sawsall or chainsaw

    23. kymcha

      An exceptional team for this final framing. Special mention to Finn who sees problems as just questions that need an answer.

    24. Harold Conover

      WOW,,That is great to see , that they are all in....Good Job.

    25. Parkway Concepts

      Did I just see a propeller in the drawings?!

    26. jamierodg1

      Every step has 119 sub-steps to this project. Your management skills are impressive Leo. Support him on Patreon and you will feel happy as I do.

    27. Robert Berry

      finn is worth his weight. in gold

    28. Lewis Wereb

      Hey, Leo! I am an old retired fuddy duddy and I HAND-MAKE FROM SCRATCH replicas of the early American pocket knives called Grandaddy Barlows. I use high carbon steel for the blades and springs, brass or nickel silver for the liners and bolsters, and all natural materials for handle slabs. Natural materials I use include antler, bone, and wood, a lot of the wood is Walnut, which was a match to the materials in our early American rifles and other firearms. Never any plastic or stainless steel or other artificial material in my knives. For the price of a couple of SCRAPS of LIVE OAK (from your ship?) I would be willing to turn out a couple of really nice "antique looking pocket knives, that is, one for you and one for myself. I would be honored to have a Grandaddy with Live Oak handles from the wood of that ship. I am also an old cruiser sailor, whose birthday is the same day as the birthday of the USS Constitution, (October 21 but not the same year!) ) which also has Live Oak in her hull and framing. She got the name "Old Ironsides" for a good reason. I can be reached at Thanks for reading this!

    29. Pavel Komarov

      What on earth is that guy saying after "Got some extreme bevels on this"

    30. Deane Hill

      I bet your glad Finn came along, as he is a tremendous help with good ideas. I hope he comes back again.

    31. Balázs Monori-Kiss

      Janice's story reminds me to an old Johnny Cash song, The boy named Sue... great to see the progress :)

    32. Rhythm Sinners

      Your intro is the best I’ve seen yet. Great channel too. Thanks.

    33. Peter Brickwood

      That is a thing of beauty. Also thanks for explaining about the ecological footprint of your wood.

    34. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    35. MarineTuck

      So its basically a brand new boat? 0_0

    36. Mads Larsen

      For anyone wondering the wood he is using is spelled Wana, also known as Red Louro.

    37. Bob Bailey

      This boat is an epic build and your doing a first-class job thanks for sharing.

    38. gmaycher

      Hello guys, great team work! What kind of glue you use to instal frame to keel? Gretings from Poland!

    39. Adam Turnbull

      Am I the only person watching this who hasnt a clue what a "transom" is ??

    40. cameron simison

      *all in unison* shutup janice! I died not gonna lie

    41. no name

      I like Finn and the MacAlister guy

    42. Per Larsen

      I just love Finn. A great guy, and a great inspiration.

    43. Benters

      Watched this again almost a year later. Maybe when the build is over it would be nice to assemble a photo wall or a book showing all the people who have, and will, work on the boat. Keep their memory alive. There I go slipping into nostalgia again.

    44. Willie Mortel

      Very good team you got

    45. Gabriel Malta

      22:13 SHUT UP JANICE. I'm dead 😂

      1. runningray

        Janice was not long for this world.

    46. John Chattaway

      It appears that you paid a pound for a lead keel... lol.

    47. Fck Thmbtchz

      What you guys are doing is so bad ass! All of you guys are true craftsmen. It would be awesome if more people had these skills

    48. Ken Teh

      Finn is a real asset. Boat building seems to come natural to him.

    49. Tim Johnson

      Where's Waldo????

    50. Greg H

      is it me but there is nothing left to the old boat.

    51. Mike Nottis

      Is it true that a framer works to the nearest 1/4", a carpenter works to the nearest 1/16" and a boat builder works to the nearest boat? Really nice work guys. I envy both your youth and skills.

    52. Uther

      Fabulous watching all that hardwood timber being unloaded from the 40' container.

    53. Fairway Fever

      Hey Leo, how long do you think it took the original yard to construct a boat like Tally?

    54. christian scott

      ummmm stainless inox ?

    55. Robert Mecalis


    56. K Hannan

      Those frames are a beautiful thing

    57. Rafael Cainoy

      Im so exicited to look at what it end's and so amaze for this restoration of this boat. But make sure to have a safety work everyday.. From philippines good luck!!! and keep up the good work

    58. Richard Gordon

      One of the most fascinating and inspiring series of videos I’ve seen.

    59. fredric Jacobsen.

    60. Douglas Dunbar

      22:12 "Shut up Janice!" had me in stiches

    61. darkstar18498

      Volunteers? They must be wealthy or crazy. Shipwrights shills are extremely valuable. My wife would kill me for coming home broke. Then she would divorce me after 7 years passed of no body being found

    62. Strothy2

      16:17 the forklift damages the planks and does not give a single F

    63. Harland Mayes

      The team work is astounding!

    64. Harland Mayes

      Super heavy and at the same time very precise. Thinking about the thousands of years of shipbuilding in the past. Ancient is not in anyway primitive. It is a privilege to get to see this process.

    65. John Magus

      Beautiful lumber.

    66. Larry Schweitzer

      That was some good looking lumber.

    67. Nikki Newman

      In addition to all the required boat-related skills, you have to be both a skilled craftsman and a good teacher to accomplish your goal with this boat. The positive responses of your volunteers indicate that you've succeeded on both sides of that equation. Not everyone who's good a doing a job is also good at teaching others to do it, so congratulations on helping to get a whole new group of boatbuilders off to a good start.

    68. Ol'Grizz _____

      Wait this isn't the one in Washington State? Nope sure isn't. Well goodbye

    69. Ol'Grizz _____

      Wood species on frame timbers?

    70. Joe Black

      Volunters or payed workers!? 🤷🏾‍♂️

      1. Joe Black

        @Max Bowen yea I got it, I wish could be there

      2. Max Bowen

        Joe Black all volunteers

    71. Sailor376also

      Wide and long ??? I once purchased a great deal of random length and width Philippine mahogany, and in the vernacular , "I ain't never seen nothin' like that!" Wow.

    72. Mike Cade

      This is an incredible channel, I don’t know know anything about boats or sailing and I live 1500 miles from the nearest ocean or sea, but I subscribe.👍👍👍👍👍👌

    73. Dennis Picknett

      I had this idea that you could make a giant orbital sander - a vibrating eccentric motor fixed to a big flat board with very rough grade paper glued to it. Then you could go round the boat and make all the frames prefect to fit the planks. In other words take all the lumps off! What do you think?

    74. anthony white

      They made the Eiffel Tower out of waste steel? Nice video thanx!

    75. Tim Conway

      Did you realise you had Macaulay Culkin on the team?

    76. steady bloke

      Ah! 09:30 beardies and fleeces

    77. Chris Ronzo

      Amazing craftsman

    78. Ken Klaus

      Halloo, Leo. In one of your recent videos you mentioned an 1800's book written about sailing around the world - worth reading. Have you a title and author for this book?

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        Joshua Slocum - Sailing Alone Around the World :)

    79. William Whittaker

      If you ever sold her when she's xomplete..5 million..usd

    80. Андрей Еремеев

      Прелесть! Я не знаю языка но мне нравиться смотреть как вы работаете и чем занимаетесь! Спасибо что вы есть!

    81. brianroark88

      I want to take a couple weeks off this spring and volunteer I’m a sign artist and jack of all trades I know I would be helpful.

    82. ELzr vlogs

      Are you giving message or what?

    83. Mike Means

      Love the noggin savers on the pipe clamps

    84. Not You

      And I thought craftsmanship was dead.

    85. Mohamed Ali

      Beautiful who do the truth I enjoy and I follow you and the accuracy and professionalism of what works Keep going forward from Saudi Arabia

    86. chris33661

      GREAT JOB MEN !!!

    87. Hartmuth Vogler

      die musik ab 8,40 min ist der hammer... bis 11, 40 min.

    88. steve mcdonald

      this feller looks like a cross between Gilligan and Ringo Star

    89. Ramzi Rondes

      take your fucking music off

    90. forrest gump V

      New here and to building. I'm a machinist 40 yrs. You guys are Amazing. I Love the video's. Wonderful to see you men at a unique craft. I'm thinking you guys are Engineer material. So much to know.

    91. Norman Boyes

      Just absolutely fantastic on so many levels.👍👍👍👍⛵️

    92. aaguirre123

      For a big boat there’s not a lot of head room. Great looking boat though. Can’t wait to see what you you do inside the boat.

    93. Ashik Ashik

      the chick matching language in my home ....kerala

    94. Rudibaba 1984

      Das hier ist typisch linkes "Arbeiten" keine Ahnung, kein Plan, Rohstoffvernichtend!!, Hauptsache "Hi Five", und ganz wichtig: Irgendjemand anderes bezahlt den ganzen Unsinn!! SCHADE um das schöne Holz!!

      1. GrosserSchlumpf

        Wer hat dir denn wehgetan?

    95. Zoes Dada

      You're really just building a replica. I mean how much of the original boat do you think remains? Five percent? Two percent?


      after over 400000 views why don't some morons subscribe. It dosent cost you anything . get a life.

    97. Werner Rodriguez

      I can smell the sawdust!

    98. Insolent Stickleback

      This was an amazing movie, thank you for sharing. It popped up in my recommendations and I don't regret that a bit!

    99. Insolent Stickleback

      12:40 What is that swimming?