Two AMAZING projects / Old Boats given New Lives

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Two Amazing Projects / Old Boats get New Lives. Support; See links below!
    EPISODE 34.
    This episode I visit two incredible projects that are both happening in Cornwall UK. They
    are both giving new life to traditional wooden fishing boats, but they are doing so in very different ways!
    Charlotte and Jess have rebuilt and converted their wooden fishing boat into a motor launch with a banquet table, and have started a business taking people out around the Cornish coastline for hand-cooked meals on board.
    Steve is maintaining and repairing his 110 year-old Danish Fishing Trawler, which has begun to work once more - but this time she is fishing for garbage! Steve has been clearing up rubbish and trash from the Cornish coastline for years, but now plans to use the huge fishing schooner to scale up the operation and clean less accessible areas, raising awareness of the issues of marine plastic waste at the same time.
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    Thumbnail Photo (of Jess and Charlotte) by ELWJ Photography
    Unicorn Heads - Down the Street Blues
    34. Two Amazing Projects / Old Boats get New Lives

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    1. Dan

      Two rippin English birds

    2. sapper82

      Perkins Diesel? Bloody old design, heavy and noisy, but bloody sold, reliable and long lasting. An excellent choice.

    3. Slashley gibbins

      That motor looks at a bit small to me for a such a big heavy boat. I like the thought, but maybe something a bit bigger with similar reliability. My dads boat had a very old lister/petter (handle start) that just went on and on. It was a twin, with low rpm.

    4. Mark Jennings

      I hope Steve is being funded by local Gov for the great work ( that they should be doing)

    5. Mark Jennings

      Hope the girls venture has made it through the COVID plague, could be a rough few years.

    6. Bill Dyke

      2 of the hardest things you can do is run a restaurant and run a boat. Put the two together... Wish you all the best. Follow your dream.

    7. Harbour Dog

      12:27 "Animals are getting tangled up in it every day." Too bloody right, mate!! Ghost fishing gear never stops fishing. It's the scourge of the ocean. The more awareness that can be brought to the issue, the better. Where I live they're running a small program through a fisherman's co-op to start retrieving ghost gear. First time they went out they hauled up a dead sad. And this guy has a great solution for how to re-purpose some of that gear:

    8. John Stride

      Fascinating place is Greek. Lots of rather interesting boats up in the creek.

    9. robert black

      You know the most "adorkable" girls. (Cesca) *Also, plastic guy is my new hero. Just everything about his attitude regarding how fked up and disgusting we have treated this planet. You go dude. Living the best life. Making a difference.


      Has Steve got a patron What a great Guy, I tip My Hat to You Sir, Thank You For All You Have Done

    11. IcyMidnight

      Wow. You're connected with so many awesome people. What a great community!

    12. Mark Faulkner

      Imagine the how much better the world would be if we had a few more people like Steve. Inspirational.

    13. Porter Mitchell

      Washington is full of wacky-pronounced cities

    14. philip Brailey

      When I finally get back to UK I’ll call in. From Sydney.

    15. Dc Rogers

      I hope these two are still holding up ok considering the 'rona.

    16. chru cas

      Dear Leo Goolden 👍👌👏 Oh WOW! You are definitely an impressive guy who knows some extremely impressive people, Sir. Congrats! Thanks a lot for recording editing uploading and sharing. Best regards luck and health.

    17. Charles Seymour

      Great video. Inspired millions to understand the beauty of wooden boats . Keep um coming.

    18. michael Davis

      The boat is fantastic, from a fishing boat to this great job ladys, not to mention the girls are gorgeous. when i get down that way ill stop in for a meal.

    19. Kevin Fagan

      @leogoolden I see channel 4 in the UK had a nice segment on the Tethra, in the show called Devon and Cornwall. Series one, episode three.

    20. Bill Brand

      So worried about those young women who restored the boat and were running her in the hospitality industry - I hope they can survive the covid lockdown!

    21. Galerak

      4:55 Is that Ed Sheeran on the right there?

    22. Harold Conover

      I like the last guys idea..

    23. Doug Jessee

      I would recommend going with an electric drive motor for Tally Ho, even if you have a generator to run the electric motor at first. This will allow less change in the future going to battery with solar/wind recharging.

    24. Chris L.

      Steven is awesome.

    25. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    26. gwheyduke

      Great Video, very good work being done by your friend helping to clean up all the plastic pollution.

    27. andrewford80

      Steven is a legend. What a human being!

    28. Andreas Kala

      Perkins 4236.... I love it. Needs to be this one on the Tally Ho but with Turbo for cleaner burn and the big nautical carter for a bit more oil. Will send you a video of mine in my trexandiri. I would also recomend a spring starter as backup. All the best.

    29. GlennStillPlays

      My hat off for that guy

    30. O. H. W.

      Thank you for highlighting the plastic problem 🙏 Love your channel! Love meeting all the boat builders too! Go Tally Ho!

    31. 1rapataca

      Moving... An endeavour worthy of hallowing! Thanks for showing me this.

    32. Ashra Gunn

      That one guy reminds of Steve Irwin.

    33. Zihnigür Dereli


    34. Uther

      What a truly lovely man and obviously a fantastic friend. What a rare gem.

    35. OccasionalGamer

      Kudos to Steven! He is an inspiration for all of us.

    36. bill ibbotson


    37. Richard Gordon

      Wow they did an amazing job!

    38. Wes Stokes

      Fantastic work cleaning up plastic. I’m on your team picking up plastic in California. Cheers!

    39. fallenbullseye

      that dog wagon contraption is amazing!

    40. anthony white

    41. anthony white

      You should go electric and avoid having to go electric in the future.

    42. Ken Olson

      We can thank our environmentalist friends for the plastic problem. It was back in the 80s when they were screaming bloody murder, that we're raping the forest to make paper shopping bags.

    43. RobJ Workshop

      Good for him. Conservation, waste management and recycling should be on the national curriculum for schools, Primary upwards as Steve suggests. In High School it leads nicely into higher curriculum programmes of the business of conservation, recycling and circular economies. Get youngsters doing more of this type of activity, get them off the couch and away from the keyboard/smartphone, and looking after the future!

    44. Richard Hsiung

      The environmental initiative with kids... what a great thing you are doing.

    45. Lars M.

      Sad thing is that he probably will always get a lot more attention with those pups than with the massive issue of plastic ocean pollution. But hats off!

    46. Richard Bohling Sr

      Thanks for sharing. Good folks that are making a difference.

    47. payloadindustries

      What a legend . Great humans doing awesome stuff

    48. Ta Ta

      Don't go the Perkins - way out of date! Check out Beta - British brand.

    49. D Sherm

      How are you educating the Chinese. They are the # 1 polluter!!!

    50. Bob Eden

      Thanks for the giggle! I dropped out of tick tock in 95 and went around Oz 8 times in my kombi called MOO as a folksinger and Troubador. Took 10 years plus or minus and became known as the man in the MOO, just following my heart. Had no need to publicise like these folks, what is with this victim crap of look at me I am environmentally aware, just folks that get there self esteem from external sources! Gandhi had no need of selfie's, hey? Just another mob of snowflakes! "Empty vessels make most noise"!

    51. pangrac1


    52. Raymond Best

      More power to Steve, he is doing a great job.

    53. Ugliest Bump

      Love the interviews on you're channel.. being able to see bits of the United Kingdom and hear from the locals is awesome, they seem like such good company

    54. N .Tilev

      How does Steven support himself while doing his altruistic work?

    55. Elwyn Harris

      Something IV always wondered, is it better to burn or landfill rubbish? It's something I feel I need to know.

    56. Peter Mirow

      Lovely video. Thanks.

    57. Ziggurat XYZ

      "Other work together," gun for hire.

    58. chru cas

      Congrats! You are an amazing guy knowing amazing people respectively having amazing friends. Best regards and good luck to you all.

    59. JusBidniss

      The answer to ocean cleanup will ultimately be to make it a paying proposition. Imagine a floating plastic salvage barge. A simple 1-meter-diameter Fresnel lens will generate temperatures high enough to forge metal, all from free solar energy. What if there were a barge made of plastic planking and bottle floats, self-sustaining by scooping the raw materials from the trash in the ocean, processing them and forming the planks and floats onboard. The crew of such a barge could 'grow' it to a great size through shipboard operations, even building another barge from the solar energy and gathered materials, sell off the recyclables for income to buy things it's unable to make, and eventually build a fleet of such 'cleanup/salvage barges' along the same principles. The answer to oceanic pollution isn't education (alone), nor is it government punishment (alone), nor activism (alone). The real answer to cleaning up what's already out there is to harness human incentive -- make it a paying proposition.

    60. Brian Hinton

      Great video all round , fair play to your friend with Plastic Problem it really SUCK's plastic !!!

    61. Stephanie Moreira

      oh my god the puppies!!!

    62. Mash Code link needs updating. Thanks so much for the info.

    63. t sam

      Leo, they are not 'guys'. They are gals. Ya know, females, as in XX. They don't even look a little bit like 'guys'.

    64. Basil

      Brilliant video!

    65. sweetpeaz61

      Excellent video Leo, loved seeing the follow up with the girls and Stephen and clean ocean sailing. And hes right, if you do go for a diesel engine the Perkins he suggested is a very good choice.

    66. Tarman The Champion

      That's very awesome of Steve to be taking his valuable time to clean up the ecosystem!! Thank you very much Steve! We should all be pitching in!

    67. Bingo Sun Noon

      I hope I live long enough to see Tally Ho sail again.

    68. windage

      a marine Lister JP4 would do nicely..can't get them here in the USA, but plenty in the UK..simple, durable and you can hand start her too

    69. Deric Kettel


    70. Deric Kettel

      "If we don't try then we haven't even tried" Truer words have never been spoken.

    71. Deric Kettel

      I know this is going to sound dumb, but how in the world do you wash a large cookie sheet in the tiny round sink. I would have installed a huge double sink on the other side of the galley and made insert-able tops for normal counter top space but then you could open it up to the sinks to wash stuff.

    72. Mike Peuker

      …. like the Projects of the People you are Talking with, especially the plastic collecting Story.... love such people

    73. Julian Bond

      Great video :) link for Steve's work is keep up the good work inspiring people.

    74. TheCarablanco

      Oh, my . . . I could enjoy some of all that.

    75. Striper Teaser

      I like to get one of your buddies puppies nice lab

    76. Matthew Bligh

      This is my favourite IThomes channel. Absolutely top-quality content. Can’t wait to see you get back to work on the good ship Tally-ho. Best of luck with it all.

    77. Cawfee Dawg

      These women are impressive! and Steven is just a treasure.. thanks for sharing these great stories.

    78. hestetube

      Wonderful pictures from your home country, your friends and their projects. I am deeply impressed.

    79. Life On The Hulls

      I fully commend Steve's passion for plastic removal, living in Australia we are only just starting to see this problem develop in our waterways and I think we will all be in some way, out there cleaning up the sea and we must act sooner than later to solve this systemic social issue worldwide. Education is the key and I thank you Leo for putting this out there in this video. Cheers

    80. Bruce

      You should build boats out of plastic waste.

    81. Tom Hutchins

      Interesting stuff . So he is going to make it back to Oregon just in time for the cold winter? Timing?

    82. Jonathan DeWitt

      When you go to do the NW passage get a hold of this guy(Dave Newland). I went to HS with him and he has spent a lot of time in the NW passage. He lives near Toronto.

    83. Timothy Riley

      Keep up the great videos Leo

    84. Mmmyess

      I thought we'd see at least a little of Francesca in your England videos. It was nice seeing her quiet, sweet, patient support of you and your project. And it seems she's a pretty good cook, too.

    85. STUBS 1

      Perkins diesel is awesome engines last forever. Had them in heavy equipment for years and no issues.

    86. Duncan Mac

      A really cool thing your friend is doing with the plastic round up. Thanks for the video.

    87. gess ges

      Your need a beta 75 in tally ho , long keel , wade body , I wouldn’t muck about with old classic motors , this boat won’t point high , , will need big battery’s , ,so reliable power is a must , some thing that has parts all over the world , you don’t want a ton that has 40 hp over to you , my boat is a classic the best thing I did was repower with a beta modern motor never looked back , so while your in the states motors a everywhere Put some feelers out see what pops up ,

    88. projekt6

      Neat to see the restaurant project update. Thanks for sharing.

    89. Robert W.

      Absolute respect to your friend Leo. It is inspiring to hear how dedicated he is. 👍👍👍

    90. hpoonis2010

      Anyone interested might also care to visit and check out what this concerned young woman has been up to.

    91. Shortribs Longbow

      Beautiful boat, ladies and idea. Good luck with your new adventure.

    92. Eric Shea

      Is that a breakfast stout?

    93. Thomas Russell

      Way to go, supporting other small businesses and eco-friendly drives. Thanks for sharing. Passing it on.

    94. Pip Piperade

      Hats off to Steve - sail across the Atlantic, drop the boat off in Newfoundland and drive across to Washington State with a restored Perkins diesel! Or the NW Passage.. what a mate!

    95. Scooter 21

      Great work Leo, and thanks for introducing us to Steve. Much respect to Steve for his efforts! The emphasis on raising awareness for the younger generations is crucial and spot on. I'll be watching this one again with my 11 year old daughter.

    96. Jeremy

      Am I to understand that there might be need for crew for a trip from eastern Canada to Tally Ho?

    97. k f

      I am in nova scotia (an hour from halifax). If he decides to land and drive from here, I would happily donate the use of a trailer to haul the motor and a place to stay when he gets here so he can rest up for the big drive.

    98. Cptn Uwe's Pirate Tales

      What a wonderful followup on past projects Thanks

    99. Phil Young

      Excellent video! You have amazing friends!