New team, new VISA, new timber! (Boatbuilding/Tally Ho EP41)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - New year, new team, new VISA, new timber! Support; Become a Patron;
    EPISODE 41.
    This episode, after a little work on the frames, Cecca and I take a trip to Vancouver for my VISA interview at the US consulate. When we get back to the USA Cecca has to head back home to the UK, but we start building a new team with three guys who arrive to help out - including one who has been here already. We get the huge Purpleheart timbers for the rest of the centerline delivered by truck, and we discover a very old bullet embedded deep in one of the pieces of Live Oak framing stock. At the end of this video we have replaced almost every frame in the centre-section of Tally Ho!
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    41. New year, new team, new VISA, new timber! (Tally Ho EP41)

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    1. calartian85

      11:50 one of my favorite YT Indian food cooking channels, Sri’s Kitchen, uses that same music. I’m watching Leo drive around in a forklift but my mouth is watering and I’m dreaming of chicken palak.


      Agora continuar pensando assim AH SE FOSSE UM MEDICO UROLOGISTA teria perdido a ferramenta de paupar .

    3. bart deVos

      So who cooked for all these dudes?

    4. x0965

      Leo: It’s healing remarkably well; it actually regained a bit of length. Mad Scientist: It worked! The insertion of starfish DNA actually worked!

    5. Allan Crow

      How long is this boat, I'm guessing 52 ft?

    6. Steverino

      Dude- Dean's Land Cruiser is nice! I'm sure that that's his baby and I'm amazed he loaned it out, lol!

    7. Michael Ratliff

      Just rummaging through the scrap pile would be a treasure trove in awesome for wood for an infinite number of woodworking projects.

    8. Joe Morris

      I am a 75 year old 'do it yourself'er' . Would love to do something like this but too old now but following the videos is the next best thing. Trying hard not to binge watch and make it last. Well done Leo.

    9. Paul Gallop

      ....."it's actually gained quite a bit of length"...I like that one, reminds me of an old Monty Python bit...stiff upper lip and all...Good on you Leo.....dauntless.

    10. Bill Dyke

      Funny that, I cut off the tip of ring finger many years ago, (not as badly), and that grew back. We West Countrymen must have reptilian genes...

    11. Craig Roth

      wow, that bullet!

    12. C O

      Live oak werewolves of Georgia.

    13. C O

      That orange anti rot paint makes me happy

    14. Samuel Willis

      How is it driving on the right side of the road? Which do you find more convenient?

      1. Make It Go

        right hand drive cars are more intuitive because the controls are in places that make sense (the non-euro ones at least). Of course in the USA it mostly doesn't matter much since a stick shift is as incomprehensible as women.

    15. Vee Dragon

      Pancho is such a ham!

    16. Tom Oakhill

      I suffered an identical finger injury: right-hand longest-finger cut-off half the end-bone. It took, more then, 10 years for the sensitivity to subside. It eventually faded to normal. I now have a completely normal looking finger, with normal sensation. The end of the fingernail is different from "normal" but not noticeably so. The injury occurred 38 years ago, and was caused by a woodworking power tool.

    17. rusedorange

      Man I'll be glad when Ceca gets back!

    18. Donny Rankin

      OK...Cecca left again. Let me know when she's back and I'll start watching your videos again.

    19. winston cat

      I did a finger with a sharp knife once. It was a deep cut, to the bone, and sliced off a large chunk of flesh from the pad on the underside. Index finger. I didn't get it stitched. It healed slowly, and the skin and flesh grew back together, but I'd gone through all the nerves down to the bone. So the finger tip lost sensation, and stayed that way for such a long time, I assumed it was permanent. However, after multiple years, the sensation is more or less normal again. And I'm well into my 40's when things might not be expected to do that. So I'm hoping your finger will recover as good as completely in the end.

    20. winston cat

      That must have been a pretty old bullet, surely? How old are the oak trees from Georgia? Are they all colonial, or a bit later?

    21. Jim Wicks

      Did you ever consider having one of your helpers ruff cut out some of your scrap live oak for building customer mallet kits?

    22. Deane Hill

      Hope Cecca is back soon. She appears to be a very competent cook. All of my spare in doors time has been taken up catching up on your videos, which I am really enjoying. What a task you have taken on and that purple heart wood has a great look about it.

    23. SV Chineel, Junk-Rigged Schooner Sailing

      Why'd you stop using tar with the treen'ls? Cold weather?

    24. MrRickoscar

      Wow,, Nice.

    25. Peter Brickwood

      Glad Canada finally got into the epic tale. Next time in Vancouver go take a look at the St. Roch in the Maritime Museum, although perhaps Cecca might not see that as a holiday.

    26. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    27. Mephisto

      randomly find a bullet? casual thing in the US

    28. XSAVIER busy

      the template is so iconic )

    29. randal kramer

      I think you might be part chameleon the way your finger grew back.

    30. Zihnigür Dereli


    31. OccasionalGamer

      It's fantastic that you've found people that you can let cut the futtocks and build the frames without your presence.

    32. Tenma_FN

      That bullet had setting ribs, the shape and size looks to be a 30-06 or 270, I would assume it would be about 40-60 years old.

    33. Just a guy with a chevy

      Who else remembers when that beautiful girl was 107 years old 😂

    34. Gruntslayer 35

      Wait finger regain length

    35. Try Thinking

      The Pacific Northwest has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

    36. Jason V.

      Do we still not know how he cut his finger tip off? I'm thinking it might have been smashed instead of cut.

    37. seanmcardle

      fingers do grow back! I knew it.

    38. Resi Nao

      Ciao, tanti saluti dall'Italia!!!!

    39. Steve Madak

      @ 4:00 when Francesca has her hands on her ears what does she say? Hearing or earrings or something?

    40. mashed-\ /-out should of gots a Master Card instead of a Visa... they don't ask any questions and you don't have to leave home to get one... just get it and MAX it out!

    41. Christian Libertarian

      I still don't like the sound of "roughing out her futtocks."

    42. AkJumper942

      Glad to see you guys had a great time up here in Vancouver. If I wasn't in the middle of college and knew anything of the trade, I'd offer to help. As it is I don't think my knowledge in graphic novel design would exactly come in handy, lol. These videos are definitely inspiring me to seek out courses on woodworking, though! Keep up the great work.

    43. Mr Me

      Leo, I don’t believe it. You crazy English, you’re doing it!! Good on ya, mate. I am starting to think you’re gonna make it. Are you selling tickets for passage?

    44. scal92253

      This probably doesn't need to be said, but Hunter has come a long way.. Follow that dream Hunter.

    45. Runoratsu

      Teeheehee… wanted to look up a few properties of purpleheart (I know it as intrument wood, but I have no clue of boat building) and happened to check wikipedia as well. And there it says "Purpleheart is also a fairly expensive wood, which is why it is usually used in smaller-scale projects.[9]". …does Tally-Ho still count as a smaller scale project? :D

    46. ramosel

      As an American fed-up with the "illegal Alien" problem in the US... Thank you! for doing this right way and Welcome! Very happy you got your Visa and can get back to your project. Combine this with your talk on risk assessment after your injury, and you give me hope for the youth of this world. Bravo, young man!

    47. j4d3 goat

      Buon giorno, Nico! Cheers from New Zealand!

    48. David Cooper

      I just realized while watching this video how nerve-racking it is to see time-lapse footage of folks working on the saws (especially after Leo suffered his recent injury). I understand why this editing technique is used, but man, it makes those cuts look so hazardous. Of course the larger point is, this is a great story, very well told. Thanks!

    49. Chuck U. Farley

      Will you save all of the patterns? Just in case someone wants to make a new boat?

    50. David Ponton

      Well done Leo. Very impressed with the stock of grown timber, well, jealous actually. Also like your management skills. Expect you'll keep a good turnover of volunteers. Looking forward to each episode.

    51. Rangecontrol

      How hard was it not to re-make the wooden bridge in the woods?

    52. Space Cowboy

      Im so happy to see my fellow gay men doing amazing things and showing how far weve come and what we're capable of...very happy tonight!

    53. kdmellor

      Stumbled onto a Sampson clip by accident and it's done me in. I've been binge-watching episode after episode for three days! My family hasn't seen me all weekend. They think I've left town. I'm hooked!

      1. Premier4378 NZ

        I'm another one. Found this channel by accident now can't stop watching.

      2. Richard Perrin

        @Mitch Gates -

      3. Richard Perrin

        @Sean Spain \\

      4. Richard Perrin

        @clackmannan ==[[[‘’’’?////‘

      5. Mitch Gates

        And my axe.

    54. Roger Rearden

      A wonderful video Leo. You have a great team there!!. All who watch wish we were them. So impressive what you are doing.

    55. Michael Brind

      glad your fingers on the mend.

    56. Alan Jones

      Just watching the forklift squeeze down the driveway past the building, and remembering the boat being delivered with mm to spare... How much have the dimensions of the boat been changed, after remaking frames to original spec? In particular the 'wide bit at the top' (I think that's the technical term...)

    57. pangrac1

      The personality of that ara bird is best part of this videos 😄

    58. jimdevalk

      So where can I order my Tally Ho t-shirt?

    59. Elli P

      Egad! East Sussex? A geezer! Oi oi, mate! ;-)

    60. Bengt Korswing

      This series is amazing, I am learning so much. A question - what glue do you use, the orange glue?

    61. mario jose

      Vai ter continuidade do restante do tally ho

    62. John I.H. Olar

      Keep up the great work champ, cheers!

    63. Verne Pomraning

      Awesome video! Thanks for the trip to BC!

    64. Paul Fogel

      Beginning to think you might be ahead if you had just built new from the plans?

    65. Tomas West


    66. Dave Weber

      Oh no! I'm caught up - no more binge-watching of a boat building. :-( lol. Took me 2 days (I know - I should go get my own life!) but what an enjoyable run of videos to watch. I learned so much about ships, about joinery, wood... Most importantly, I've learned that not all the boys and girls of the current generation of "young folks" are doing drugs, time, staring at video games, or otherwise shirking responsibility and dodging reality. It is so heartening to see young guys and gals seize hold of life like this with both hands and make the most of it! And not just you, Leo, but so many of the people that come and donate their time, or buy tools, loan equipment, etc etc. It is so stimulating to see this going on amid - and impervious to - a government shutdown, and all the hue and cry of mainstream media crying gloom and doom, all day long. THIS is what keeps this country (countries; I'm from Canada) going - real people doing real projects against all odds, by helping each other out and volunteering themselves and coming away instructed, inspired, and just plain blessed for the deed they did! Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us, Leo! I hope your current You Tube subscribers are less than 10% of where you're going to get to, and you are able to take this project to the finish line, and beyond!

    67. Steven larabee

      How are you going to cut the sections of the center line Leo?

    68. Bryon Ensminger

      Coming along nicely

    69. Robert Loudoun


    70. razvan isa

      Bravo Respekt für yu❤👉🤝

    71. Andreas M

      Great boatbuilding you do! I follow evert episod! I wonder if its better to steambending the wood or saw like you do. Hope you understande what I mean!

    72. Nigel Walton

      I simply can't tell you just how much i am enjoying the Tally-Ho adventure. Simply brilliant, thanks guys and gals x watching from New Zealand, will be here when you arrive.......

    73. blakerwalk

      That purple heart is gorgeous.

    74. Deric Kettel

      That land Rover is awesome!!!

    75. chris baker

      Isn't this the greatest thing?

    76. Skip Pringle

      It was good to see you again. Progress on the boat is looking great.

    77. T C

      what is the point of gluing AND pinning the frames?

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        Actually that isn't glue, just paint. They are held together with the treenails

    78. Kevin Behr

      Happy birthday Cesca :) :) :) She must be all of 18 YOA.

    79. RC Flyer

      Glad you got your new visa I am very glad you choose the U.S.A. to rebuild the boat very proud to have you here.

    80. D Anderson

      I hope you enjoyed your time in Vancouver. I live down the sea to sky highway in Squamish! Nice to see you in my neck of the woods.

    81. Bugdriver49

      so glad your finger is healing well...but the question still remains how did it happen?

    82. rickyretic

      Leo, great job, love the vids but I must ask...........Who is doing that fantastic guitar picking in the background sound track ??

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        music credits at the end of the video!

    83. Josh Poat

      This may have been asked or talked about in an older video but... What's the orange glue used for laminating and the black glue you use for joining into the keel?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        Orange stuff isn't a laminating glue, it's red lead primer primer for rot prevention. It fills the surface voids in the wood, & protects it if the faces separate over time.Black stuff isn't glue, it's pine tar mixed w/ Dolfinite bedding compound. Bedding fills the joint between the mating faces, so water can't get in.

    84. Hamilton Mechanical

      keep working that finger leo! it'll get better with time :)

    85. tcsyme

      Great to see the progress flowing again, and your finger healing so well. Congrats on the new visa. The bullet is so timely, and apparently, not that uncommon. I just found one a week or so ago in some old pine that I salvaged from my neighbors kitchen!

      1. Try Thinking

        Worked a few sawmills in my youth. One of my jobs was to run a metal decetor over the raw logs before being sawn. About one in 10 had a bullet in it.

    86. Colorado Mountain Man

      your choice in music leads a lot to be desired.

    87. Really buddy

      leo you need to put a ring on that finger. Cecca that is.

    88. Regie Endsley

      Nicola (hope I got that close to right) might like the restoring Suzanna series. She was built in Italy around 1950 and is back in service.

    89. Nimrod Quimbus

      Beautiful boat with all the sheets out.

    90. mark rainford

      Your finger has gained length? Any chance of your surgeon's number?

    91. Guido Tagliapietra

      to me this is the best IThomes Channel !!! I think you're great

    92. sawaf sawaf

      I wonder how much percent frames left to do?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        They have completed 12 pairs, there are 44 pairs total.

    93. andy cain

      Another great video Leo keep them coming mate.!

    94. Russell Thomson

      Dude, not only doing an amazing job rebuilding Tally Ho but also growing back a finger !!

    95. Mark Lowry

      I'll be in Port Angeles for a few days at the end of March. I'd love to drop by and lend a hand if you accept unsolicited labor :)

    96. tandem compound

      woo hoo, new Visa card, Lee Valley Tools here we come

      1. Tom Hutchins

        i think he means his immigration papers called a Visa. Trump probably wont sick the dogs on him he's white

    97. Yitbos Greenburgh

      Really though. your attention to detail on fades is appreciated, very well done. Listened to the last show again just for some background music, Check Out Jungle By Night, They are dutch, you'll love em. Hell you'll probably already know em. Cheers!

    98. Yitbos Greenburgh

      The best soundtrack on this god for shaken platform.

    99. Brian Bromfield

      Channel has definitely gone way downhill since checca arrived on the scene..

      1. Really buddy

        San Francisco CA has a place for people like you

    100. Austin DeBrito

      Glad to see you get away for a bit! Welcome back to the States! Continuing to enjoy your work and videos. Thanks for sharing!