The Mind of a Boat Builder - Presented by SV Seeker (Tally Ho EP37)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - The Mind of a Boat Builder (Presented by SV Seeker) Support; Become a Patron;
    EPISODE 37.
    I thought it was about time you guys got to know me a little better. This video - edited and presented by Doug at SV Seeker - is a series of questions and answers about my background, my work, and the Tally Ho project. I talk about my motivation for taking on a project like this, and the various challenges that present themselves along the way. Please note that this was filmed a few months ago, so there are a couple of details that are out of date. Thanks to Doug for making this happen.
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    37. The Mind of a Boat Builder - Presented by SV Seeker (Tally Ho EP37)

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    1. Sampson Boat Co

      If you are buying a Tally Ho Challenge Coin from SV Seeker, please consider purchasing the entire set, to also provide some support to the other IThomes boatbuilders out there. Thank you, all!

      1. Lorrie D Mussett

        Yea.....I am wondering the same?!?!?!

      2. Shnick

        Are they completely sold out? Will you be making more?

      3. Gary jenkins

        Sampson Boat Co w

    2. Jeremiah Warren

      Asked to describe the boat and you fail to mention length, beam, and displacement? Yer killin' me. I've watched 20 of these so far and I still don't know how big she is.

    3. Slashley gibbins

      Can’t believe you didn’t mention the SS Great Britain, once the biggest boat in the world and built in Bristol by one the most famous engineers of all. Good work.

    4. coug96fan

      Great answer! The boat will be done two years early! :) Really it is about the process, the learning, the experience, so no matter how long it takes, every week you are learning something and enjoying what you do. One question: Have the neighbors settled in?

    5. Karl

      Leo is such a Class Act!

    6. Heid Bumbee

      So many small boats on Ebay where the boat has been "Stripped ready for refurb" and then the owner has had a reality check. For you to undertake something on this scale .... strip it AND put bits back on is awesome. Oh, and why does Poncho not have her own channel.

    7. IcyMidnight

      Hello from almost two years in the future! How long now? ;)

    8. johnB

      Expected to hear your father listed in your hero list. Disappointed, JohnB

    9. Thomas Davison

      Craftsmen come in many shapes and forms. Whether it is in wood or metal it becomes a lifestyle and love for the craft. I have dealt with both wood and metal. Making cabinets/furniture/building houses or working on old classic cars I love working with my hands and getting the satisfaction of making something with my own hands. I love your series of videos on rebuilding Tally Ho. You are great inspiration Leo! Cheers!

    10. Brian

      Why not buy a boat? You did. It cost a whole $1.00 it just needed a bit of work.

    11. jdhalvo

      Just when I didn't think I could like/admire you more, you pick Douglas Adams and Billy Connolly as your heroes. Damn you Leo!

    12. Kevin McK

      I have to say, you are a natural filmmaker and you are an extremely eloquent speaker. That said; the way you talk about your feelings and thought processes throughout this project strikes me you have the mad skills and the material to make this a major book/film project... I mean on a world-wide level. I could see you doing some Mark Twain, Charles Dickens like world lecture tours. I'll bet there are agents after you right now! It's all very inspiring and I wish you good luck and continued success! I'm hooked... can't wait to see this boat at sea!

    13. Ben Warner

      Hey Leo, Great project for someone your age. I’m 65 and will be retiring to build smaller boats commercially sometime in the next year or two. I’m a construction master craftsman out of Seattle. Have given some thought to helping you but You’re a bit too far to commute and I have too many responsibilities to leave for Sequim for a couple weeks or months. Eventually I’d like to build a John Alden Schooner like “If and When”, Or a Malabar. I started watching newer episodes almost a year ago and then decided to go to the beginning and and watch everything from the beginning. One thing you’ve never stated before are the Tally Ho specs. What’s the LOA, LOD, Beam, and Tonnage? Would love to hear this info! Fair Winds, and Following Seas! And Tally Ho Matey! Ben

    14. Michael Colgan

      I worked on a quite a few homes built in the 1850's in park slope brooklyn Ny . Some say they were drunk doing hallways because they always had a nice wonderful roll going from the front of the home to the rear kitchen lol . I think it was done right

    15. Dc Rogers

      To see someone put caution to the winds and follow their dreams is awesome, I'm so glad it's working out for you, I don't know if I have the balls to take such a big risk so I'll live vicariously through you lol.

    16. veysel bayima


    17. Bobby Nowell

      I like the idea of talking to people who have tried and failed. I always learn more from my mistakes and failures. I used to build guitars and I had musicians test them for me. I always insisted that they tell me every negative thing that they saw. You learn very little from compliments and adulation.

    18. Peter Brickwood

      Sailing the North West Passage back to England would be cool (ha ha, not so much nowadays). My heroes growing up included the crew of the St. Roch which you could see at the Maritime Museum in Vancouver (hint, hint) when it is possible to travel again. In the meantime this link will lead anyone to others.

    19. Peter Brickwood

      Videos are engaging because of the character of the subject, that would be you Leo, as well as the boat. I think you might have some Viking blood because that mallet in the background would do Thor proud. There is also something that looks like the largest chisel I've ever seem.

    20. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    21. Mobile Mancave

      Always look forward to Saturday mornings, because it is Sampson Boat Co. time.

    22. Garyt Moraga

      STOP! The Doug Fir you are using for the splines is strong and the diagonal grain good but Doug Fir will NOT survive for even 1 year if it gets wet and has no air circulation. It will rot away hidden from sight in your application. I would recommend old growth California Redwood for this purpose as it will last just about forever even wet. Within 5 yrs the Fir will be mush and transom leaking. Great project and thanks Gary Moraga, Albion, Ca

    23. 1rapataca

      Guarnieri would build his instruments with lumber that had soaked in salt water for 3 years. To this day a Guarnieri viola or other, may fetch close to 600.000£, for an incomparable sound yield!

    24. Gustavo Pedroso

      Definitely want to see more adventures of Leo and the Tally Ho, especially when she's ready and sailing the world.

    25. Ashra Gunn

      2 years late, I would have brought one of those coins.

    26. Craig Walker

      He did buy a boat , for a £1

    27. Shaun_Belligero

      Only just found your channel and in the past few days this is where I am up too. For the first time I've decided to become a Patreon supporter. This video really helped make up my mind. I hope one day you are able to bring this boat down the easy coast of Australia (Maybe avoid the cook islands though). I'm sure the Sydney Maritime Museum will be happy to place this video for an exhibition.

    28. Graham Reeve

      I feel really mean that I don't donate but every penny goes into my own project of restoring Cockle, a 100 year old Dutch barge. When I'm a bit further down the road I will donate because Leo has been such an inspiration. I really can't thank him enough. When I've put in a hard day or something seems difficult, I come home and watch a Tally Ho video, it's like plugging into the mains, having my battery recharged.

    29. Pierre Billen

      Je suis admiratif du travail réalisé pour reconstruire Tally Ho ! Good job, beau boulot ! Bravo Sampson Boat Co !

    30. Halibut 1

      Take heart, Leo, you've got almost 150K subscribers, that's almost twice the size of NY Giants/Jets football stadium, so if each gave only $1/year you should be whole. Your restoration is fantastic. You've got a great work ethic and can-do resourcefulness. It's amazing the detail you put into it (the lofting, for example). Just keep going and your followers will stand by you.

    31. Bob Clark

      Thanks for the inspiration and hard work. It will be quite the party when she first sails. Would buy a tally ho sweat shirt.

    32. anthony white

      These people are amazing!

    33. anthony white

      Buying a boat and achieving the impossible are not the same thing! Another great video. Thanx.

    34. Charles Tasma


    35. SFtruckerWolf

      I am a trucker from Finland, I can build steel almost everything. Steel is easy because it is every direction the same. Wood must look at how it is running etc. That need much skills to understand wood. Respect. My special skills with wood are just doing burn wood.

    36. SV Tapatya

      Well thought-out words! Thanks guys :-)

    37. Max Beezie

      Could you build a narrowboat here in the US from plans, or recommend someone who would? Looking for all steel. Lived on a knee in London for 2 1/2 years. Would love to have one here.

    38. shaddec55

      Douglas Adams!!! Loooooove it!!! LOL, I read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy back in the early '80s (while in the US Navy), a group of us shared that series of books amongst us for entertainment while at sea. One of my favorite lines: "In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move." Well, perhaps.... but we couldn't have built and sailed BOATS without it! Rock on, Leo.

    39. jeff pulham


    40. boat buddy

      AhoyLeo What about building a small wooden boat that you could sell on eBay? You could supervise the project but have playing students build it.

    41. Richard Bohling Sr

      You already did buy a boat. But you didn't buy an ordinary boat. Your vision brought you to Tally Ho. A boat with a history. It is that history that takes the project from just rebuilding an old boat, to restoring a vessel with a pedigree and a history. That makes a mundane refit into a extraordinary adventure. Your vision for the boat and seeing the worthiness of the project is what has drawn people, you have never met, to want to follow you on this journey. The decision to video tape the project is what raises the adventure to a life long journey that many people, many that are not even born yet, will want to share with you. I say the name Tally Ho is also the reason for the adventure. A journey begins with the first step, but it never really ends till you take that last step and finish your journey. Steady winds and calm seas to you.

    42. 984francis

      The Wayfarer is a fine dingy.

    43. Troy Ball

      Hi Leo how are you my friend, I love your videos and would just like to say you are a very knowledgeable and polite young man. Sometimes it feels that you have bitten off more than you can chew. Hang in there buddy.

    44. ningpo69

      @ Leo, have you seen the building of EMMA, a Colin Archer ? ... a must great video of an entire build from top to bottom , tree to boat...success I really love your channel...keep on truck'n !!! ( link: )

    45. Nicole K

      Gosh! It doesn't mind how articulate you might be, this kind of thing can be a big challenge. I dread to think how I really sound when I think I'm in full coherent flow!

    46. john smith

      you are britsh talent at its best keep up the outstanding work

    47. WATER-MAN

      I love what you're doing Leo, but respectfully disagree that an FRP boat repair is not as strong as the original . in fact all materials can be as strong or stronger in repair based on how you do the repairs and the experience level of the one doing the repair.

    48. Paul Orchard

      “Who is going with you” Leo, you must include Pancho! Without that birds supervision and Input your project would have been so much harder. Besides, what pirate is truly authentic without a parrot?

    49. The Insane Shecklador

      Is the cost of timber less in Europe? Leo said the cost of it in the U.S. is higher than he expected.

    50. SJBuyu

      As a single handed sailor, or short handed. Would you recommend a gaff cutter, or a small schooner rig? Assuming a full keeled hull, and traditional lines.

    51. Konradulations

      very nice work Leo, a friend recommended your channel and I am eagerly catching up to the latest episode. This video was very interesting as well, only thing, since I was rather listening than watching it was sometimes difficult to get the question you were answering. cheers:)

    52. david szulewski

      What the f&^k is up with the 160 morons who gave this video a thumbs down?

    53. Jim Dory

      Hey if your plastic collecting buddy who lives in UK and wants to bring you that boat diesel motor through the NW passage, have him stop in Nome (a port on the way down) and I'll buy him a beer. Or if you want to get Tally Ho home through the NW passage, do stop in and I'll buy you several beers. Won't be much ice to worry about in a couple more years. I'm building a 30' catamaran (wood/epoxy) up here so am far from society's norms.. especially for the location. Recent order of a small teflon bushing and 5' stick of 1.5" fiberglass angle - cost was $28. Shipping was $45. Price you pay for living in paradise, though I envy your location.

    54. Peter Mirow

      You are doing a great job, Leo. Thank you!

    55. David Traugot

      Before this video I thought you were about 35 years old and had been building/sailing for twice as long; I've watched your pre-Tally Ho vids and read your blog, and didn't think you could have packed so many varied experiences, or developed such skill and determination, into a lifetime as short as you claim. You have my heartfelt respect and admiration.

      1. The Insane Shecklador

        Same here. A friend turned me onto this channel about a week ago and I've been binge watching. At first I though Leo was in over his head but I soon learned he was quite knowledgeable and experienced. I figured him to be in his mid 30's and having grown up around shipbuilding. I saw on his website that he was only 27 and didn't even start with boats until he was an adult. He's obviously like a sponge and soaked up the knowledge that was bestowed upon him by his mentors very well.

    56. Matthew Gerhardt

      Who dislikes a video like this

    57. Tom Mater

      When you've interviewed volunteers and asked them why they are there nearly all of them say the same thing, they say they are there to learn something. I'd like to see you take advantage of this opportunity of becoming a teacher or instructor because in the long run that experience will prove the more valuable. Considering Tally Ho as a classroom would also fundamentally change the work process of rebuilding her. An example is working more systematically - running the Ship Saw is a two person job, when you have a volunteer cut all the frames, every one of them, then assemble all the frames, then move on to installing all the frames... the point is everyone is working together focused on the same task which allows everyone to become proficient at that task producing a better result but also everyone is there watching out for each other making it safer. Working this way will also allow you to estimate time for each phase more accurately making it easier to manage when volunteers are needed. Finally I'd suggest treating this rebuild as a long term research project and only working on it when you have volunteers signed up and committed and when there is adequate funding to support whichever phase you are on.

    58. Bars

      Great honest video Leo! Might steal the 2 year idea for my own boat build project, might have to modify it to say 5, as I'm no boat builder ha and it's part time. You've been a great inspiration getting me out into the shed, and the old Nike slogan holds true for anyone else out there considering a project, at times it might stress you, it might seem like too much, but it's so worth it, and I'm saying that no where near the end!

    59. Ryan Simon

      I decided to create a subreddit for this project since there is not one already. The link to it is @t. Obviously there isn't really anything there but if I could find a couple people to consistently post on it then I could maybe make them moderators in the future. I'm hoping the sub could one day be a place where people can openly talk and discuss anything related to this project!

    60. Bob Eskridge

      You mentioned racing Tally Ho in the race she won before. Wouldn't Tally Ho be given an handicap to be able to compete with more modern boats?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        She would certainly be assigned to a class & given a handicap by the RORC/UNCL IRC,, but I doubt she could be competitive w/ modern boats. The Rolex Fastnet Race is now a hugely popular event, 362 yachts competed in 2017 - and all 340 available slots were filled within 5 minutes of online applications being opened. That 22-boat difference indicates to me that the organizers reserve the right to issue invitational slots, and I have little doubt that they'd welcome Tally Ho in that way, provided she meets their certification requirements.Tally Ho won the 1927 Fastnet after finishing almost 1 hour behind La Goleta, because their comparative handicaps gave Tally Ho an advantage of nearly 5 hours. La Goleta won 'line honors', but Tally Ho won the race on 'corrected time.' They were the only 2 boats to finish out of 15 starters, the other 13 retired due to the heavy weather.

    61. al math

      Thanks great video going to ask Santa (wife) for a challenge coin rather than socks and soap😁 great interview and great chanel 👍

    62. Robert Johnson

      Where is the rabbet? How do we start with the planking?

    63. RVH MON

      I need my ribs fix... get in ma belly!

    64. Karlo Prepelic

      You should really fiberglass frames and hull for it to be tuff forever

    65. Blakkbiird

      I've been doing some reading about the Pilot cutters and the Bristol Channel Pilot cutters in particular. Many sources say that the design is one of the best sailing designs ever. Are there any modern interpretations of the design and if not how well would the design translate into modern materials ?

      1. Blakkbiird

        @Frederick Stibbert that makes sense, thanks for the explanation!

      2. Frederick Stibbert

        Seems to me that the pilot cutter design depends on 'orrid strong, robust construction & heavy displacement as much as their hull shape. Given that the primary reason to build a boat from glass fiber or steel is to reduce the structural weight for an equivalent-sized boat, their hull shapes have evolved differently. It's a bit like comparing chalk & cheese.

    66. Nick

      I was hoping to see Poncho by your side.

    67. Andrew Rae

      Can we have more regular videos at least 1 a week, please.

      1. The Insane Shecklador

        In this video he said it takes him about 3 days to edit each vid he uploads. So I don't see weekly vids being a possibility. If he did one vid a week the Tally Ho would probably take 4 years to build instead of 2 but on the plus side it would be done 4 years ahead of schedule.

      2. Sampson Boat Co


    68. Breehorn Sailor

      Hi Leo, it would be nice to hear something from the guys where you bought Tally Ho. Because it must be even quite amazing for them to see the ambition and the progress. They must be very lucky. :)

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        Well I'm only a recent new member to the ASA, but imo the group is thrilled to be part of this project. The Albert Strange Association was Tally Ho's most recent previous owner, a group of mostly English sailboat people. Mr. Strange made many designs of light day-sailor / weekend yachts, TH was one of his high-end projects. I can tell you without a doubt that the ASA is totes supportive of & invested in Leo's restoration of Tally Ho. The ASA had paid yard-fees & built a cover over TH in Brookings Oregon, & they raised a bit of serious money (GBP3,000) which was used to pay part of the cost of moving TH to her current home at the sampsonboatco yard in Sequim.

    69. Bobby Gonzalez

      Leo, please keep up the good work!!!

    70. charles b

      What you are building is a floating piece of art and you are an extraordinary artist.

    71. Jerry Baird

      What advice for anyone who would like to repeat your efforts? Wish for luck. You’ve had a fair amount.

    72. Brian Hinton

      Finally watched all your videos to date and I think they are all great love Pancho and the dog and also really think the poject is great and what you are doing. Sure Tally Ho will be first class when she is finished and afloat also been watching Arabella which is a great project too. all the best for future with and keep those vodeo coming beats Cornation St anyway where ever you are at the time you and your team have a merry christmas and happy new year !!! Brian UK !!!

    73. chrispy_wa

      The best boat build channel on IThomes by a long shot. Deserving of way more subscribers than you have. Nearly 88,000 views with a subscriber base of 89,000. How good is that? Keep up the great work Leo.

    74. Norman Boyes

      The ratio of view count to the number of Leo’s subscribers is a testimony to the audience engagement he has achieved. A wise head on young shoulders carrying out an ambitious project and what a wonderful character and personality. Keep up the good work Leo aware that you have around 100,000 people looking forward to every video.👍😀

    75. Cptn Uwe's Pirate Tales

      Nice interview Thanks

    76. Lars Kiel


    77. Andy Moss

      82k views out of 89k subs. That's freaking awesome man. No bs trollers on here it seems. Keep up the good work Leo. The story you'll have to tell the grands one day

    78. Go - WY COWBOYS

      More I think about it Leo, you should sail it through the NW passage to bring awareness to climate change and it would be an incredible maiden voyage for your project. It would be historic as well. G luck where ever you take her!

    79. Betsy Warner

      Leo’s coins are back in stock. 😊

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        Thanks Betsy!

    80. notatechie

      Your viewers might enjoy this. Maybe you too?

    81. agh19

      I knew you were going to name Slocum!

    82. BRUDAS Dm

      Leo, you should get some more challenge coins. Sold out. Also it would be cool if you made coasters out of scrap live oak, and had an image of Tallyho burnt into the top. I'd buy a set. Good luck. Always watching.

      1. Betsy Warner

        BRUCE Anderson back in stock!!!!

    83. Robin Waistell

      Hi Leo,I just wanted to say what a great video this is. I share your passion if that is what it is, its hard to define what it is that compels us to undertake the restoration of an old wooden boat or anything else that we are drawn to in such a way, the restoration of a house, old car , motorbike a piece of furniture. who can say what it is. It just has to happen, it has to be done. My Folkboat project is progressing at its own pace eighteen months I said, six years later!! One day please tell us about Loreema and your adventures. You know in your heart there is only on way to bring Tally Ho home The Northwest Passage its your only option. What a trip. Kindest regards will help you when I can . R Jeasus Bruce !

    84. Tom Glasson

      How can a video like this have any thumbs down? What on earth did these people expect from a video like this? Thanks Leo and Doug, a really interesting window into Leo's thoughts!

    85. Michael C

      You need to market your cause - maybe send a tape to a local news channel or 2

    86. Charlie Cain

      Tally ho had a tiller...will a windvane work or will you upgrade to a wheel?

    87. thomas m. tordel jr.

      been following and contributing for a while now. hell of a job he's laid out. and stihl would be missing out on excellent product adverts!. Thats a WORKING saw on the counter!

    88. Steven larabee

      Also this was posted on my sisters 19th birthday

    89. Gary English

      Hi there, I was thinking about the rigging,will you be using natural fibre ropes or man made ?

    90. 984francis

      I remember being out in a force 5 in the Solvent in a Wayfarer handled by somebody who knew what they were doing. An excellent boat. That was as much fun sailing as anything I would think. I also have a soft spot for the excellent GP14 which I spent a wonderful summer sailing in the Solvent with my dad. We didn't always get on but that summer (1972) was a purple patch for us.

    91. Gareth Kortegast

      You are so inspiring! I have a boring alloy boat lol I restored so the timber boat thing is really my thing although I have always toyed with the idea of building a timber speed boat in my retirement years.... a long way off 😉. But I watch your channel religiously because of who you seem to be and I just love soaking up your incredible passion for what you are doing! All the best of luck mate. You deserve all the good things that come your way. If I ever get over to the US I will definitely set aside time to lend you a hand. Absolutely TOP NOTCH from a kiwi living in Australia. Cheers 🍻 Go the All Blacks!!!

    92. cajunO21

      At 2:45 you are more American then you think.... FYI, loads of Brits came to the same conclusion back in the day...

    93. Keith Staton

      Leo,I'm all the way on the opposite coast from you on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and I'm not a stalker, lol but after watching some of your older videos again I started looking on Google earth and found TallyHo's place in the yard. Could even see that tree stump in the driveway and the blue cover on the old Starboat (and maybe even the little place you cruised to on that bike). I truly hope you succeed in this noble task. Preserving the past means the world to some of us and I've known many old boats that deserved your talent and care and never had a chance of getting it. Best wishes from Chesapeake Bay.

    94. brad alms

      That's a good plug Leo. It's interesting that the 2 of my favorite boat builders support each other. Doug is a very valiant individual and you too are an industrious dreamer. If I can retire soon I'll come to help you with what ever I can do that needs to be done. I told that to Doug as well but obligations here gotta be worked all of the way out. See ya. Hang in there!

    95. Matt Evans-Koch

      Thank you Leo for the insight into your journey. Thank you Doug for showcasing Leo and this tremendous task of restoring such a classic yacht. Both of you are an inspiration.

    96. Camper Lab

      If you hurry it along, she'll be ready for the centennial of her Fastnet win!

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        W/ some several thousands of fans cheering her along the way!

    97. Daveinet

      It may be a little late to suggest, but I hope those who volunteer could engrave their names in the keel or on whatever part they worked on. It would be neat for those who put some of their soul into the boat, to leave a permanent identification. As the boat lives on, so does their work.

    98. David Allen

      I have been dying to ask: Why purple heart for the Keel? I know it is a hardwood, but usually, you see Oak for that part. Great work and progress on the boat. I get a lot of pleasure comparing your work with the people in the East who are also building a wooden boat, but they are doing it from scratch. I love watching both sites.

    99. MrZcotty

      would love a Tally Ho T-shirt.. or two or three..

    100. Maj. Tom

      A authenticity likeable chap, on an extremely important quest...tally ho "Tally Ho" 👍⛵️