Visiting Tally Ho - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP1

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    The Albert Strange 1910 Gaff Cutter "Tally Ho" is in danger of being destroyed if she is not moved this summer. I go to Oregon to see how rotten she really is, and try to decide whether to take the project on.
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    1. chas sisom

      Part idiot, bigger part hero for old boats. Was there anything in that first inspection that you considered salvageable?

    2. Richard Zastrow

      I wondered where Tally Ho went. I live in Brookings Oregon, I remember seeing her covered up down at the port and then one day she was gone. I’m so glad your restoring her, I look forward to watching all the episodes and see her return to her previous beauty.

    3. Charles Seymour

      I now rewatch old episodes right back to episode number uno, ep1.

    4. Dan

      A bloke with that accent is incomplete without a Tally Ho.

    5. Harold Palms Esq

      Ok, I am balls deep into this rabbit hole I never knew I needed in my life. One question, how is this a restoration when everything is just rebuilt and remade? It’s just a copy at this point.

    6. Andrew Mantle

      I am so grateful that there are people that do these things and record them for our delectaition. It connects me to life and its possibilities. Thank you

    7. John Campbell

      Then and now. Amazing!!


      hi Man, where do find this music? It almost has the same age with your boat but was listening in our places, in Greece and west Turkey! What you do is an amazing try and thank you so much you share it .

    9. Bean Noneya

      This is so exciting!


    11. Dominic Tarr

      I started watching this video series and now I am restoring a boat.

    12. Techn9cian123

      You’re going to win awards with that boat. And I hope to see her finished in time for the 2027 Fastnet race.

    13. Greg Collins

      Watch the "noble aim" episode by Jordan Peterson...

    14. Terry Smiley

      I’ve spent my whole life (age 64) building. I retired from my own slate roofing business at the age of 54 and after retirement I built my 4th house for myself, by myself and having that as my background and experience. I salute you!!!! This is so inspirational!!! Thank you Leo 🙏

    15. David Yisrael

      Ive already watched episode 58. The argument comes down to what HE wants to believe and thats it. Its a replica. End of story. Huge waste of money. Its like, I find an old car, bring it home and tear it all down, toss the pieces to the side of the yard, build a new chassis, new frame, doors, windows, trim, and build it all up and then say its the other car, while the other car is in pieces on the side of the yard.. I mean, you could have bought plans or made your own and just built a boat.

      1. Clyde Willis

        @David Yisrael It's not about the money, fool.

      2. David Yisrael

        @punkinhoot Hardly a comparison. You simply are stating that you believe in the spaghetti g-d. This isnt a matter of belief or opinion, he is building a replica, and thats the end of it. Its also one of the most foolish things Ive seen done. Total waste of money.

    16. Bill Dyke

      WARNING!!! You are about to enter into something truly addictive! Great story, great cinematography, great music, great people and a really cool parrot. I bumped into this this morning, and all plans for the foreseeable future have been abandoned. Approach with care...

      1. Bill Dyke

        @Eternal Crusader Enjoy. It's a great journey...

    17. Bill Dyke

      Thank heavens that some of us have more money than sense...

    18. i9001s


    19. Mark Jennings

      The music is killing this so far @2:05

    20. i9001s


    21. Omar Hriz

      who came here and just enjoyed the excelent music?

    22. spinny2010

      Isn't this like the nautical equivalent of Triggers "well maintained broom". Amazing project none the less.

    23. nomirodin

      dont save it. make firewood

    24. Mike Rascal

      If I'm not mistaken, that's not Greek music playing at the start of the video. It sounds like Monsieur Doumani, a three-piece Cypriot band formed in Nicosia, Cyprus in 2011.

    25. Erich Roush

      Reminds me of Capt. Slocum’s account of rebuilding the Spray, in which he had to replace/rebuild so much that he speculated at what point it’s just a new boat! Looks like a fun project - though expensive! - and will hopefully be rewarding in the end. Can’t beat the life experience

    26. jordan lewis

      i always end up coming back to this video

    27. Nevir202

      Crazy it’s already been three years! 😮

    28. FlatlandMando

      Somewhere a few minutes after the last rotted plank was pulled & the last rotted deck board removed somebody fell 9ft. right through the upright hull! NO, not really but even in the first episode you guys let a lot of air & light into that hulk. Harmless folly & not for everyone but a soul- building enterprise if you love wood boats!

    29. Tommy Petraglia

      Bouzouki music...??? Really???

    30. AG Sergio

      Haha you just got my dad and me hooked on these episodes.

    31. Engin Atik

      Cheeseshop music.

    32. Shawn Green

      He should have named the whole show "Building a New Tally Ho"...

    33. Joe Stoffer

      Has it really been three years? It’s hard to believe just how far you’ve come! It almost feels like seeing a photo of an old friend!

    34. Cody N

      Leo - so young!

    35. Jack Barnes

      Son.... you have aged since then....

    36. Andrew plack

      You looked much much younger then!!!

    37. tort oise

      It's August 2020 and my pandemic IThomes journey has brought me to this channel. I'm really looking forward to watching all the videos of the last 3 years. I'm already totally inspired by your skills and passion for this project ... as someone who's completely terrified of sailing, despite pushing myself to go on training courses several times now, I'm happy to be watching from the shore :)

    38. Brad Leonard

      Nah.. get a new boat....................JUST KIDDING! I’m from the future. You made a great decision and now have a whole crew of awesome people working on this beautiful boat. We are all proud of you and this project.

    39. David Wright

      Leo, is Je Saist supposed to be broadcasting your entire series on You Tube?

    40. marcelo reis de souza

      2020. o sonho está se concretizando , parabéns 👍🇧🇷

    41. John Dunlap

      "Rebuild" seems like an understatement when looking at where this boat started. Right from the start, you knew that there was very little that could be used as more than a template and you decided to do it anyway. You're a brave man.

    42. philip Brailey

      A lot of work ahead.

    43. monsterq6

      this is has been the journey of a lifetime. i love coming back to see leo first meet tally ho. amazing. you should write a book about this leo.

    44. benjamint444

      i dont know why, but episode 74 was recommended to me today. loved it so much, gonna start watching from the beginning on !

    45. xpez

      Seem like all of the wood needs to be replaced. So you are essentially making a new boat, right? Kind of using the old boat as the template. So this boat must have an amazing design or you could just spend the time to make a better brand new boat.

    46. MyHardyhar

      raul looked like dutch for a split second. he mustve wanted to go to tahiti in that boat

    47. Zayd Ismail

      I don't know why or how this was recommended to me but I am happy

      1. Zayd Ismail

        @SunflowerAnxiety 404 I usually binge watch anime and series but this I have to saver you know😂

      2. SunflowerAnxiety 404

        Lmao same, I can’t believe they’ve been working on this for 3 years already and they still aren’t super close to being finished

    48. andrew taylor

      this is the first and only channel I have ever subscribed to !!!

    49. Gunninator

      Time to start watching your series from start to present thru for the 4th time.

    50. Kjorn Dogg

      who else knows what the next 75 videos they are watching will be?

    51. Nils Lindman

      Please can some one tell me what rig this boat has/ tackling it has

    52. Asha2820

      Take a ship and replace a single part of it. Then keep on replacing parts until all the original parts are gone, and the ship is made of all completely new parts. Now consider. Have you gone mad?

    53. Mediterranean Healthy Cooking Made Easy

      You may enjoy this restoration video on a race sailboat...Marilee...

    54. Wade Potter

      New viewer here and I'm totally hooked! Wow what a start! I've seen a few of the most recent vids and Ep1 and it's like a book you love. I'm really impressed at the enormity of the undertaking, his character and the salvaging of a classic. Let's go

    55. Ron Curtis

      Words cannot describe how annoying that music is

    56. ༒Gorm Auslander༒

      If you replace every piece, is it still the Talley Ho?

      1. Clyde Willis

        Yup. Still, you can imagine, even so, that Leo will retain and repurpose whatever he can, folded into some part of her rebirth, thus the spirit of Tally Ho will always be.

    57. teamEP789

      nice bouzouki! greetings from greece!

    58. Pavel Komarov

      This is some Ship of Theseus stuff. Clearly there's no saving any boards from this boat.

    59. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    60. Donald Morse

      Dragon Keeper

    61. Wayne G

      Really NOT a fan for Greek music.

    62. haluk bilgin

      Nice Greek music.

    63. Patrick Kohlman

      I've been there, and once you go down THAT particular Rabbit hole...... good luck with that you poor Bastard

    64. realrayra

      "STOP THAT BLOODY BOUZOUKI!" Have been watching the project for a while, very interesting, but had not gone back to the beginning. This just popped up in my feed. The music made me laugh and also think of the madness of Zorba. /'2 years'

      1. Mark Jennings

        yep killed it for me. the thought of having to listen to that and look at that ridiculous 'Boris" haircut ruined this and I unsubscribed.

    65. Kerstin

      Oooooookey, I might be getting sucked into this series...

    66. Daniel Pierce

      It is awesome to have watched all of the videos along the way so far, I can’t wait to see it till the end!

    67. pikitv1234567

      Do I like yachts? not particularly Do I know anything about yachts? Nope. I'm gonna watch this show from beginning to end? Fuck yes.

    68. Allen Sooter

      Hello, I looked at Tally Ho years ago, there at Brooking Harbor and what an undertaking you have on your hands young man. She has great lines to her and will be very nice to sail. What is her length? Oh by the way I lived in Gold Beach just 27 miles North for a long time in the late 60's and into the 70's. The small creek you crossed just south of Gold Beach is Hunter Creek and the big rock at the rest area is called kissing rock by the locals. I later owned a 50ft ketch and loved her until age caught up with me, so do it now and don't look back, the worst thing in life is not doing what you wanted to do. Best of luck to you and hope she turns out better than she was when new.

      1. kwasg3

        @Allen Sooter Oh I wish I had the opportunity to help Leo on that project, but it's all them.

      2. Allen Sooter

        @kwasg3 I have done a binge watch on all the videos, amazing job you are doing.

      3. kwasg3

        catch up on the video series, you will be amazed.

    69. Martial.Lore

      I just came back to this video after watching Leo relaunch her after all of the rebuild was complete. What a fantastic journey! (Okay, I'm telling a bit of a fib.)

    70. stimpsonjcat67

      How many people would have looked for such a thing? Of those, how many would go find it? Of those, how many would decide to try? Of those, how many would be qualified? One. It only needed One. And it found him.

    71. GetFuckedUTube1

      Fire wood

    72. Daniel keirstead sr

      Excited & Terrified . I can feel it.

    73. Alexander Nikiforov

      Two years ago with friends we made restoration of 30ft plywood yacht (remove and change fiberglass), then we repaired amas for 18ft trimaran. Now I slowly restore my first boat - 24 ft trimaran. But this is awesome and so old yacht. I am terrified your project. No doubht, you are real hero with energy and confidence of success.

    74. Christian Geiselmann

      Well. Three years later she's a stunning beauty. But virtually not a single piece of wood has remained. The only thing that's original seems to be the lead underneath the keel, right?

    75. Bobafetting

      Me, 10 days ago watching this video: “well? What’s the answer? Did you rescue her?” Me, yesterday having watched every episode of the rebuild: “What the hell am I meant to do now I have to wait for another episode! I need to see what happens now the beams have been fitted!!” Great work Leo, and everyone who is/have been involved

      1. philip Brailey

        It sunk.

      2. Edward Schmitt

        LOL I just had this come into my feed, funny the same view underneath, but now all new!

    76. patrick pat

      If you got it for the price of the lead keel ... plus the transport , because I fellow your progress since the beginning and you only kept the keel , so it worth only the keel to save her ...

      1. kwasg3

        He paid $1 if memory serves.

    77. Neil Martinez

      I've been watching you rebuild Tally Ho pretty much from the start... and if I had more liquid capital you'd be on my list of investments. Because you, Leo, are worth investing in.

    78. Ferdi Soldan

      How much did you pay for that ho again?

    79. MiniNara

      I love how as soon as you landed and started driving around I could immediately tell you were in washington

    80. Nicholas Devine

      What a sail plan! Absolutely astounding!

    81. Silent Hill

      First thing I thought of at the opening of this video...Chitty Chitty Bang Bang..

    82. Simon r

      Amazing to see having watched from the beginning and then going back to episode one Leo the young pup!!!

    83. J Greenseed

      Is this like Ali Farka music

    84. Regie Endsley

      Wow, Leo, how much younger you looked almost three years ago.

      1. kwasg3

        And he has all his fingers then, too.

    85. Đời USA Có Gì Vui.

      Buy? You clean trash for that guy..he must pay you instead

    86. Ilias Pardalis

      Having seen all the rest, it was time to see the first!! Great intro and great "soundtrack"!! ;-)

    87. Paul Putnam


    88. BrokeBike Mtb

      You could have just bought the drawing and saved yourself 30k

    89. Eric Virgo

      you cant imagine how weird it is to listen to bouzouki in a non greek yt video

    90. Jonsey

      Rewatching the whole series and it's unreal where you came from and what you've accomplished. Your spirit and strong work ethic are apparent even here in these early days. Aside from some quite self-serving merchandise that I wear very proudly and a bit too often, I haven't the means to support Tally Ho as I would like. She has given me so much joy that I feel indebted to you not only for the course in parrot husbandry but also proper saw dust production. My life has been enriched by your gracious cataloging of this journey. Thank You Mr. Sampson.

    91. Chuck U. Farley

      Omg Leo. Wow. What an incredible journey. Thanks for all the videos. You really are an inspiration.

    92. Darin Ladd

      Leo! So young and full of ... well, hope! Fast forward to 2020 and you just about have it back to the same place where you bought it at!

      1. kairon156

        It's coming along very nicely. I'm thankful so many people are backing this build and that Leo is able to get help with it.

    93. wisedupearly

      The spirit of Albert Strange is strong in Tally Ho.

    94. bfarm44

      I like to go back to this episode and look at where the whole thing started and the look on your face shows you were already set in your minds when you first boarded. I hope they make an entire movie of your episodes I would pay any amount for that

    95. nuke mtv

      We all know where this is ending up, right?

    96. Richard Hibbs

      Just watched half of here I am fo the whole series 😁

    97. mongreleater

      Stuck in Quarantine: Let the binge begin!

      1. MikeCharlieAlpha

        You're in for a treat!

    98. Gurn Blanstein

      Buy it lol? They should pay you to take it!

    99. TRH

      I am bored! What should I do today? Oh lets watch this entire series again! Here's to a time that is back to normal!!!

    100. claverton

      love the music in this...couldn't find a reference to it so I could look it up; great channel

      1. Spetet

        Don't know the piece, but it is Greek, played on a bouzouki.