The Pilot Cutter PELLEW (EP65)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - The Pilot Cutter PELLEW (EP65)
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    EPISODE 65.
    In this episode, I return to Cornwall to catch up with Luke Powell and his team, who are getting ready to launch the replica Pilot Cutter PELLEW. Luke talks about how this project came about, how to start a career in boatbuilding, and why we should all be building wooden boats!
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    65. The Pilot Cutter PELLEW (Tally Ho EP65)

    Pubblicato il 11 mesi fa


    1. Bootsbau Lorenz

      Can you please tell me what does he use to seal the deck??? Regards from Gaffketsch built in 1905 called Zela

    2. Joe Scola

      Awesome to see another great ship being built!

    3. Sailing Cape Dissappointment

      I saw what looked like almost a whole boat in the thumbnail and couldn't help thinking I hope it's not click bait great channel though .. .. " something to live on and sail around around the world " ? how about straight to Davey Jones .. they don't call it cape disappointment for nothing

    4. Gary Barker

      What a legacy. I agree with everything you have said. How proud to be British!!!!!

    5. John Pandolfino

      How beautiful is that craftsmanship...... truly a work of art......

    6. Bengt Johansson

      The most passionate "bollocks" I have ever heard

    7. Stephen Charles

      No masks?

    8. Stephen Charles


    9. Space Cowboy

      Plastic has got to go...absolutely right!

    10. Randy Murrell

      Keep on keepin on.

    11. Edward Tilley

      Easily the most eloquent shipbuilder one could ever hope to meet and interview. Champion gentleman and I loved the calendar girls!

    12. Kevin McEnhill

      The world needs more of this "Bollocks"

    13. Ken Shores

      His comments are partially true. Yes wood is a crop. Yes trees take CO2 out of the air but not as much as algae because there is a lot more of it. Since one volcano produces more CO2 H2S and air pollutants than man the whole idea of global warming has not been proven. However if we do harvest trees new ones should be planted tho replaced the one harvested.

    14. digitheadRex

      its my understanding that, on a ship, someone who pulls a rope is ringing the bell.

    15. AwakeAmericanow.

      Fancy standing back, looking at such a magnificent piece of workmanship and thinking, I did that.

    16. Mark Pollard

      Sail her to the Sir Edward Pellew Islands in the Gulf of Carpenteria AUSTRALIA.

    17. Chance Goodman

      Mr Powell is awesome

    18. GEOFF H

      That was great, thank you 😁

    19. Harold Conover

      Good interview

    20. Abdellah Salehi

      Moden boat put more carbon in the aire then a wodden boat

    21. lust4bass

      Before watching this episode, I saw a program on how hydrogen fuelcells are supposed to save the world. And then you see the astronomic amount of technology needed and the underlaying pollution and rare ressources mining it implies, and the exploitation of man by man, I just can't believe in progress. What you do Leo, and what this man say are not bollocks, they are the paradigm , the very spirit of what humanity should do for its own sake.

    22. Oskar Kilo

      Not only that wooden boats are build from sustainable material, wooden sailing boats are use wind as the energy to operate them. And that energy is for free and doesn't pollute the environment. I wonder if we are going back one day to merchant vessels like Clippers, build as hybrides between old and new tech, that uses motor winches to set photovoltaic sails which powers all the rest aboard. Hmm, maybe these shipwrights are up to something by preserving these skills and become the "green hipsters of ship building" in the years to come.

    23. Zachary Rose

      Listening to Luke talk about boat building and resource sustainability, while wearing an XR badge, is a really satisfying fusion of my interests.

    24. Timothy Taylor

      A Master boat builder and plain spoken philosopher, outstanding!

    25. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    26. Keanan Foley

      "The next few months are going to be really quite exciting." You have no idea.

    27. Hanoi Tripper

      What a cool interview

    28. Christian Hayden

      I am a hardwood floor mechanic by trade and we specialize in commercial floors like gymnasiums. Watching the guys here sanding the deck floors with a hand operated belt sander is painful! Why not use an actual walk behind floor sander? Makes me want to come out and offer my services when it comes time to level and sand your deck! I do see what seems to be tar between the boards which I assume is a water proofing method. Can't tell here, but are the deck boards tongue and groove?

    29. Christophe Meathrel

      A great pity the pixel/blurred image caused one to lack the concentration needed to absorb the detail of the cutter. Pellow, a good cornish name with an interesting heritage

    30. Joseph Meltzer

      Christ, that tiller is the size of the mast of the boats I’ve sailed! Bigger, I think. Lots of respect for the helmsman of the Pellew.

    31. Edward Hart

      I don’t see a prop.

    32. Draw Down Dave

      Was not Pellew the name of Hornblowers commanding officer?

    33. Martin Ronczkowski

      ahhh its always so plesant to see how good woodwork feel(...) I learned wooden BoatBuilding when I was 21 . Now Iam 56. Than back for me it was not an option for me . It was because. My father foreced me to do this and so I become very acquainted with tar and bending my bones hähä - and sure....very nice teak-wood (decking)

    34. Daniel - S/V Rhapsody

      I love Luke's boats. Been following his work over the last 2 or 3 boats he built. Enjoyed reading over his book too. Those are my style of boats. I find it surprising when he said sometimes people would handle boats, even as big as Pellew, by themselves. Would love to see one of his boats over here in the US. Hope he has a good launch and it performs as expected.

    35. Tom Brown

      Any online update on the Pellew launching and current status??

    36. john paparella

      Listening to this guy makes me want to go out to the shop and sharpen my planes and slicks.

    37. Bob Hudson

      Saw Pellew sailing out of St Mawes this weekend. Fine sight. Luke, you should be very proud. Fair winds.

    38. Ken Teh

      I think Luke and Leo understand each other perfectly.

    39. Jay Kay Dee

      This guy knows his stuff and has the right philosophy on boats . . .

    40. Вадим Зиганшин

      Покажи, где это находится?

    41. Vail Clewley

      Well Luke you have a very poor memory Martin Heard built a 65 on deck pilot cutter Elley Grey delivered in 2012 but the hull in GRP a lot less trouble to maintain from a design from 1896 of a St .Malo pilot cutter .

    42. Johan Kotze

      The most sensible load of bollocks, Luke did speak.

    43. luthmhor

      Hardwood isn’t sustainable. It takes a human lifetime to have an oak or other hardwood tree produce timber of the quality needed for a ship. An entire forest of trees needs to be cut down to make a boat, as very unique bends are often required. Because there is no profit to be made in a single life time growing trees, no one has land where they set aside space to “farm” hardwoods. Instead it comes from actual forests, the kind that people frequent for recreation. I live near places like that, and it’s awful, good luck finding any remotely flat ground to hike in that hasn’t been clear cut.

    44. Zihnigür Dereli


    45. Carlos Sanchez

      It is beautiful to ear you talking about wood boats THANK YOU - HI. from California

    46. Robert Mecalis

      Beautiful boat

    47. Gary White

      Thank you so much! Very insightful interview.

    48. Chris89Dak

      That man is a treasure. Him and Fred Dibnah would have been one heel of an evening of stories and information. This episode is a testament to the ingenuity of the British.

    49. David Wallace

      Outstanding and a wonderful load of inspiration for wooden craft especially these pilot cutters.

    50. Randy Scott

      That boat is beautiful I know personally from just attacking small projects of wood the time money and frustration that goes into it . You have to have drive to complete a project especially one that big . But once you’ve accomplished it you get the. Satisfaction of looking at it with pride. I find myself looking at a project repeatedly once I’m finished and marveling in it !

    51. Dragomir Ronilac

      I hope they will find amateurs to sail this boat... as it is heavy, difficult to sail... dreams to build are not always finish in actual sailing... BTW plants consume huge amount of oxygen during the night... they produce oxygen only when photosynthesis goes on, during daylight...

    52. Baden Pascoe

      Love what this man says. Hope Luke and Pellew come to New Zealand one day.

    53. Gringo Fett

      I am a middle age man and I guess the only way I would get into sailing is if I sell my house and divorce my land loving wife, but were I still 21......what a job.

    54. Michael Exman

      Play the fool no place but your own house!!!

    55. jason scism

      I hop dude gets some help with his respiratory problems.

    56. Sailing Yacht Zora

      that was a rousing and motivating interview. lovely stuff

    57. John Walsh

      Surprised they sand a deck on their knees with a belt sander. A rotary floor sander is faster, better, and easier.

    58. ladydi4runner

      PELLEW UPDATE: Feb 29 Launch delayed, cancelled. High winds and rain making impossible to do crane work. Rescheduled launch details to be put out on FB WorkingSail LTD. Stay Safe People! 👍👏🏻

    59. Tusk Bilasimo

      The time machine analogy was superb!

    60. Ramphastos

      For authenticity’s sake they should be sanding the deck with holy stones

    61. Joe Black

      That man is wise

    62. Gary Souza

      He and Leo must go to the same hair stylist... ;-)

    63. Thomas Russell

      What a beautiful vessel. Oh the romance in my heart, the longing for the sea, and the way too shallow of pockets to realise this dream for myself. Maybe I can hit the lotto and have a shot. But being landlocked in Kentucky, USA makes it harder to realise even with the funding. I have just at half an acre of land with a 200 year old house and 4 out-buildings, so it would take the balance of my property to build such a boat house in which to build an ocean-worthy vessel, and then, the single lane streets would make it near impossible to get a truck in to haul it to the water. The Ohio river is near, and it could carry her to the "Mighty Mississippi" and out through the Gulf of Mexico, but getting her to the river would be a rather large cost as well. I'd have to hire a boat-truck to come many miles, if the truck could maneuver my streets. I guess I'll live and dream through my favorite boat building channels. Thanks so much for sharing you visits to other boat builds and your own as well.

    64. Lin Mal

      What a wonderful dissertation from the Doctor of Pellew!

    65. Andrew Lubanski

      So happy to hear from Luke, what a treasure :)

    66. antigen4

      odd. how is this a 'new' build when clearly it's had some miles on it??? like a LOT of miles .. this is a REHAB is it not?

    67. Matt Evans-Koch

      Thank you Leo for this wonderful video. I remember the video where you showed Luke and Pellew the first time. She has come a long way. What a beautiful thing she is going to be. Definitely hope to see a video of her being launched. Take care and hope you had a safe trip back.

    68. Richard Mason . Launch date link.

    69. Richard Mason

      Luke Mate You definitely don't talk a load of Bollocks. Pure passion my friend and oh so true.

    70. Meadmaker 452

      What a beautiful build! Had to go back and watch your original visit all over again. Shame you weren't around to do the same sort of interview and walk through while the Greyhound was being built. She's another beauty and I watch the time-lapse build of her often.

    71. P Offutt

      What were they sanding off? Tar? Smear it on, fill the grooves, scrape off what's left on top?

    72. Conan the Destroyer

      What a quality ship! She will sail the seas and see, live and breath more of the land than most!

    73. Christian Geiselmann

      One single man operating that large a boat? Wow! I want to see this! Also I really appreciate the builder's thoughts on sustainability and carbon capture.

      1. Christian Geiselmann

        Lin Mal Okay, to start with, you would probably run it on the main sail solely. That way it seems doable to me. On the way back there was no need to hurry.

      2. Lin Mal

        No, it was a 'boy' to take the cutter back, after dropping off all the pilots on their respective ships.

    74. Jimbojet

      A very interesting man, great to listen to. Passionate about his boat building easy to see how Leo got hooked. Thank you

    75. Torben Hellborn

      Such a nice video - with real real people - and YES don't forget launch-film. But you won't won't you ? Best Torben, Denmark

    76. TheJustonemore

      If your still there you should see /go on the launch.

    77. andree hammerschmidt

      I am deeply grateful that such a skilled and knowledgeable man exists. A boat like this is a testimony to what makes humans unique in so many ways.

    78. sharkkiller1

      Have you had a chance to visit the Calypso that being rebuild in France

    79. Dennis Reeves

      Just a beautiful vessel. Can't wait for the launch.

    80. pete b

      wow, she is a beautiful ship!

    81. Breehorn Sailor

      Just beautiful video. Can´t say what I do adore more. The cutter or the maker. Greetings and good luck on the launch from Hamburg.

    82. Robert Orzech

      Are they going to put a cabin on that boat ?

      1. Frederick Stibbert


    83. Vince Gordon


    84. UnbeltedSundew

      I really would love to see it sail.

    85. Earth-ling

      Since you have started this rebuild of Tally Ho, I have wondered what she would look like when you finish. I really had no idea what a Pilot Cutter was. Then I saw another video on YT about the history of PC’s operating in the Bristol Channel. I never realized that a Pilot Cutter was a working boat, not a pleasure yacht, meant for speed and rough water to escort other ships to port. I don’t know if you explained the history of a Pilot Cutter, but it would be interesting to hear. It has been a pleasure watching you and your experience with TH. The work has been grueling I’m sure, but in the end, worth it. Good luck with her Leo! I am certain that Tally Ho will be gorgeous and that it will give back all that you put into it.

    86. Miz Kal

      That’s from the heart...!

    87. Roy Hicks

      As a confirmed "landlubber" I've enjoyed these glimpses into Leo's world. Great interview!!

    88. Giacomo de Gasparis Here is another Pilot Cutter - the Cornubia

    89. Charles Reliable

      Leo, I was watching the TotalBoat sports dory #30, from Tips from a Shipwright. Leo was installing a seat riser, much like the long, four inch by six inch beam, You will be fitting, when You get home. Leo cut a fifteen degree angle, on the inside curve, to fit the riser flush. Would that fifteen degree angle ease the mounting of that long beam You are working with?

    90. Steve Garneau

      Awesome, what a testament to old world skills. Living history and such a beauty...

    91. Rocky Top Wood Designs

      This may be a dumb question but what was he scraping off of the deck before he sanded it? A protective coating maybe?

    92. Hampus Björklund

      4:37 What about ? It's a lot larger or have i misunderstood something ?

    93. Jon Remmers

      That is one man I would like to meet in person!

    94. John Helge Espenes

      Someone once told me: "There is only one way a boatbuilder gets rich. He starts out very rich."

    95. FlatFifties

      8:04 Old fashioned common sense. Rare in these times of agenda driven pseudo science.

    96. anthony rondolino

      Inspiration for the nautical spirit....and an interesting commentary about these vessels as a time machine.

    97. Neil Fairless

      He may say he talks a load of bollock's but god he can build a boat. Outstanding.

    98. Levi Standley

      Are pilot cutters similar to smacks?

      1. Tony Grimes

        Levi Stanley - See &

    99. Insolent Stickleback

      Beautiful, thank you for sharing!

    100. Todd Abrahamsson

      What a great video ! Please continue these videos especially of the launch and first sail. Thank you !

      1. Tony Grimes

        Todd Abrahamsson - Launch to be streamed live on Facebook, see