Christmas Planking Special! (EP88 / Tally Ho / Boatbuilding)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Christmas Planking Special (EP88)
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    EPISODE 88.
    It’s holiday season, so happy Christmas, Solstice, Hanukkah, Las Posadas, or whatever!
    As Saint Nicholas screams overhead in a pandemic-proof jet-powered sleigh, the Tally Ho crew are are merrily cutting planks and pounding rivets. In this episode we get to know the voluntary crew a bit better as we learn new things about Clench Rings, Butt Blocks, and Bucking Irons (it may sounds dirty, but I promise these are legit boatbuilding terms). On Christmas day we have 31 planks on the boat!

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    88. Christmas Planking Special! (Rebuilding Tally Ho / EP88)

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    1. David Procter

      you learn some thing every day. always thought a citizen swiss was a watch , but as I dont ware a watch what would I know.

    2. Moto Machine

      Which country does the wood come from?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        Leo imported both the Wana & Angelique from Suriname.

    3. Iain King

      Hi Leo hope your Christmas and New Year were happy and safe, stay free of COVID and we will see you in 2021 looking all happy and well. Hey where is your girl friend haven’t seen her for ages. Cheers from Oz

      1. on4xb

        She is stuck in the UK for almost a year now: Covid travel ban

    4. Luis Luengo

      Minuto 29:10 me encanta esta mujer, siento mucha admiración por el trabajo que realiza y la dedicación que pone en todo lo que hace, además de su linda sonrisa

    5. Augustus Caesar

      Is poncho able to fly?

      1. on4xb

        Pancho never learned to fly, and no her wings are not clipped !

    6. Raphaël Havranek

      Bonjour Leo, Permets-moi tout d'abord de te souhaiter une Bonne Année et de te présenter mes meilleurs vœux pour cette nouvelle année 2021. It is easy for me to wish you the best for your dream project as you are surrounded and supported by great people. Go on sharing with us your exciting adventure and all your ingenious ideas! Amicalement, Raphaël

    7. kirky org

      just remember young ones cant put a price on what you are learning doing this stuff that will stay with you for life anytime someone wants to teach you something for free or better yet pay you to learn you should jump at the chance boats looking great hope you all had a good holiday PS use a strap to support the weight of the iron while bucking the rivets can be adjusted up and down easy enough and the strap will make it easy to move around a simple belt loop for the strap welded on the iron

    8. Earth You Walk Upon

      Great job Danny.

    9. Eric Francis

      So, if you had to guess, how many clamps do you have? Because I tried to count and got lost around 258K. 0.o :)

    10. John Matthew

      Google shows your location as Montpelier? I use to live on the Cromwell Road, Gloucester Road, Ashley Down Road etc Might you remember a pizza shop "Subway" later "LA Cuisine"

    11. Hamadanners

      Ive been waiting 3 years to watch the planking what a journey

    12. Bernard Goldstein

      Ho Ho Ho. Ha ha

    13. Venturi Life

      This is still a long way off, but will you add a worm shoe with separator to the keel before she goes in?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        There will be worm shoes fore & aft of the lead keel to fair it to the hull. See EP8 @ 10'55" where Leo removes the for'd shoe & discovers a worm's skeleton !

    14. MattJohno2

      Wow, I've got through four years worth of video content in just 4 days. I've got to say I'm incredibly inspired to take up a project like this of my own. I'm just wondering, for someone with absolutely no woodworking skills, where is a good place to start?

      1. Try Thinking

        Pick up the tools and go to town on that. For some of us, we just know. Others have to have some experience. Me, the latter.

    15. adaveyum

      Missed opportunity to title this episode "Tally Ho Ho Ho".

    16. BG T

      "Dreaming of a white planking".

    17. philippe dessens

      Hello and happy new year. Could you active the french subtitle pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...!!!

    18. Sailing Citrine Sunset

      Nice video

    19. Jack Nasty

      Not to be mistaken for David or Daniel - my name is mud

    20. Calvin

      In regards to your various bucking tools: the one thing about starting off with traditional methods before trying to come up with a solution is that doing it the traditional way for a while helps to you better understand the problem you are trying to solve - which tends to lead to more effective solutions.

    21. John Harrison

      Whats the model of your power planer it looks like it makes quick work of the beam,you guys are doing an excellent job

    22. Robert Steven

      I just found your channel and I'm going back to the beginning to watch all of your vids. Wonderful craftmanship and camera work, and I'm officially onboard. Thank you for sharing!

    23. Patreon

      David and Daniel's selflessness is the energy we're manifesting for 2021

    24. Giel Klaver

      Deze oude man van 73 Uit Nederland . heeft houten boten en zijn houten Finse huis gemaakt . Rijd op een Goldwing 1800 en een BMW 1100 RT . Wens jullie veel plezier , omdat ik het graag volg . Groet Giliam Felix Klaver .

    25. I Sanchez

      I love this field , i dont know anything about if but love to get involved and learn a bit ...I think men and women should learn a hands on craft ...And this is perfect...

    26. C R

      110yo sailboat: Call me "Firewood"... Leo: "Hold my beer...."

    27. Neil Fairbrother

      Daft question perhaps but does anyone know what that jacket is that Leo wears?

      1. Titus Pullo


    28. W Jewell

      awesome video Leo!

    29. Greg Lewis

      Really cool 😎, not for ramming Pirate's though?😉

    30. Peter Olsen

      I'm always checking in on your progress, I've been an aircraft mechanic and pilot for 40 yrs. I'm truly impressed with your project and how you've handled manpower and parts manufacturing. I've worked on aircraft in remote places such as Alaska and even Bangladesh and know how hard it is to find parts and materials sometimes. My only comment is about your riveting solutions, I've driven literally tens of thousands of rivets over my life, some hardened "Ice Box" rivets, some Stainless and mostly the Aluminum standards used on everything from Cessna to Boeing Aircraft. Two things: 1) A bucking bar is only as good as how heavy it is... body weight behind the bar has really NO Effect. And more importantly 2) ALL metal will work harden with multiple impacts.. Need to use a Pneumatic Rivet Gun and COME Down FAST. This banging away with a hammer for two minutes in going to harden these rivets. Don't mistake a Rivet Gun for an automotive exhaust hammer, not the same creature. If you go to surplus Boeing tool supply you could find a big 6x or 9x Rivet Gun (the size indicates the length of the barrel and stroke) that might solve many of your riveting issues and certainly solve your bucking problems. Just my thoughts... keep up the good work and have a productive New Year.

    31. miokti

      I can watch this episode over and over...

    32. pangrac1

      I like like thst olanking looks sound.

    33. pangrac1


    34. pangrac1

      I love that engine intermezzo and message behind it. 👍


      Santa's workshop

    36. Soh aim

      15:40 "What you're doing is actually affecting a lot of people around the world in a positive way". Completely right, I'm from Libya thousands of miles away, & I follow this great job step by step, episode by episode. You are great guys keep going.

      1. randall watson

        This is one of the most inspiring posts here :)

    37. Zekespeaks

      I must say that I've been watching your project with great interest and joy. Tally Ho is turning out to be more than just a boat, she is a work of art. I can't help thinking as I watch about how these vessels were made without the use of power tools and other modern equipment and production methods. Truly amazing what can be accomplished by people with goals, vision and discipline! I wish I were in a position to donate to your project, but sadly at this time I am not. Perhaps in the future I can.

    38. Ella H

      Happy new year! I live in Michigan and an mechanical engineer working for a motor company. I am really enjoying this channel. My father was a carpenter and I also like woodworking like kitchen cabinets. Inspired by this channel and Acorn to Arabella, now I am thinking about building my own wooden boat someday in the future. I guess I could start with a wooden canoe.. I am learning a lot about boat building terms from this channel and feels really appreciated about keeping the legacy of wooden boat. One thing I would like ask is when the lead keel (guess the long stuff under the keel timber is the one) will be attached to Tally Ho. (I am pretty sure that it was mentioned on previous video.. Sorry)

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        My guess is that the hull (& maybe also the deck) planking must be finished before the lead keel is re-attached,. Almost the whole weight of the boat will be resting on side-stands & shoring during that operation, so the hull must be as strong as possible before attempting it.

    39. Jonas Stensved

      Hi! At 9:54 you do a trick with a japanese saw? I assume it’s for a tight fit but can you explain how it works without creating a gap wide as the saw blade?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        That saw-kerf transforms a partial gap to a more uniform one down the entire width of the plank. Then the clamps are loosened & the free end is given a solid whack to close up the joint. If a gap remains, repeat the process.

    40. Chalam ta`aibai

      Fc Thailand^^


      Such beautiful work. Loving every bit of the journey. Wishing you a fantastic year to come and I’m really looking forward to see the progress. 🤗🧜‍♂️

    42. Igor Onoprich

      Поздравляю С Новым годом!!! Всю вашу супер команду . И Попутного ветра.

    43. Sean Workman

      Well she is coming along very well and the team are increasing in their confidence, those mechanics are pure gentlemen, this can only get better. Look forward to the deck planking.

    44. nagesh jadhav

      wish you a happy new year, jack sparrow and team ,thanks for sharing,keep posting ,take care

    45. Richard Gordon

      David and Daniel should be commended for their generosity. And they are right, this project is something that has become important for many thousands of people around the world. I watch these videos religiously and am enthralled and marvel at the craftsmanship that has gone into the building of this boat. It’s an a amazing project!

    46. Urbino237

      Leo, this is 5-star video work - with much of your labours unseen by us. And what a wonderful crew you have 'on board'. The steady rhythm you have all fallen into is inspiring to watch - how fortunate we are.. Rosie's smile is simply dazzling and her attitude inspirational too. Those two stools you made for your father - works of art Rosie.

    47. M Watling

      Happy New Year to you and the guys

    48. franklinslagpile

      i'd avoid (or at least be extremely cautious) about using rags and gloves on the threading machine. fabric can easily get caught up on spinning shafts and result in serious injury. lots of machine shop horror stories about this.

    49. David A

      Well done David and Daniel a great gift to the project -

    50. Michael Curran

      This is the third time I have watched this episode. I can almost smell the wood, feel the cold of the bronze, and plane watch the length of the curl as you plane the planks. Who does your iron sharpening? Their good!

      1. Geoffo O

        ha ha , I also rewatch

    51. Flamehara

      I would love to help on something like this

    52. Ferran Jovell

      I can now really start to see it, it starts looking like a boat indeed.

    53. Phil Wyles

      What species do you use for the planking?

      1. Phil Wyles

        @Frederick Stibbert thank you! I have not heard of those species. Again thank you for the info!

      2. Frederick Stibbert

        Wana (red louro) for most of the hull. Angelique (basralocus) for the garboards & the next 3 "lower broads", & perhaps also the topmost "sheer strake". Both are tropical hardwoods, Angelique is stronger & more dense than Wana.

    54. benerabilis

      Happy new year!

    55. Stephen Sliger

      That episode was riveting!

    56. thisnicklldo

      I also liked the comment by the twin that fixed the engine about it being more than about Tally Ho. But I really would like to thank them for taking time out to help the lad out with his car. I remember being in similar spots - far from home, no money, a car I couldn't really afford, and no way out of the hole. The philosophy about the importance of the project is nice, but fixing a volunteers problem - that's a real contribution.

      1. Geoffo O

        agree 100% to all you wrote.

    57. Mazzerello 3

      Great to see the twins fixing that Mazda. Those are type of friends you need.

    58. Tim Campion

      this has to be the best built classic wooden yacht of modern times in the working fishing boat genre sort of how Blue Nose and classics of the ilk like were built with a modern twist compulsive viewing i love it !!

    59. Tina Heron

      My husband and I love your videos. My husband scratch builds model boats from plans. Have you ever thought about adjusting / simplifying the plans for model boat builders and selling them? Also we love seeing the animals around the yard from the foreman (parrot) to the chickens. we were wondering how the crew feel about having the animals around and how they add /detract to life on site.

    60. michael ferrins

      I'm sure you have already said, but how long is Tally Ho?

      1. michael ferrins

        @on4xb that was the number I was looking for, thanks

      2. on4xb

        47ft 6 inches without the bowsprit: add sowhere between 10 to 15 feet to get the length over all (LOA)

    61. Quarlow 12

      Happy New Year Leo.

    62. Heidi Sue Dillenbach

      Has anybody heard anything about the spars (mainmast topmast boom, bowsprit etc)? Box mast vs grown? All that wonderful world of choice?

      1. on4xb

        TH came with no masts, booms and spars. Even the rudder was missing. Until now no mention of it in the videos or by other means. But I am shure that those are at least on Leo's radar, if not in the process of acquiring the necessary materials.

    63. Russell Moore

      16:20 nice Rage City Rollergirls hoody 😎


      Happy new year Leo and crew. I'm proud to be a patreon on this incredible project. cheers.

    65. Leonard C

      I haven’t seen all the videos. Is there one in which you talked about the original ship. The decision to pursue this particular project/vessel. The desire to remain historically accurate. The overall goal and intended use of the boat. Stuff like that. And no sooner then I type the first three sentences and you do a lovely description of the installation and strategy of the hanging knees. Love that stuff.

      1. Christian Koellner

        Why don't you just start at the beginning, i.e. episode 1, like so many others and learn something for the rest of your life

      2. on4xb

        episodes 18, 23 - 48A and 48B: Leo's talk at the RORC.

    66. James Matthews

      Have you been around Cape Horn the wrong way Leo? I see your right ear is pierced?

    67. Chris Noto

      Big ups to whomever is responsible for the really cool, subtle shot framing that shows up at 9:45! Well done!

    68. Ian Davis

      Are clench rings different from finishing cup washers? I know the latter are available in silicon bronze, even on Amazon...

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        Cup washers are stamped from flat sheet & are hollow on the underside. These clench rings are machined from bar stock & have a solid cross-section.

    69. John Lockwood

      i get more and more excited after each episode , that young man is awesome !

    70. Henry Morgan

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to ALL!!

    71. Ben Warner

      Great information Leo! From an inspired future boat builder in Seattle! The Tally Ho is larger than what I plan to tackle but the knowledge is Golden! Happy Holidays!

    72. Katmandu


    73. webcap

      Happy New Year to all - Have so enjoyed your videos - the camaraderie is fantastic - it is a long hard work (not a slog) but I appreciate your keeping the tradition alive! Bucking and Futtocking YES!

    74. Mike Poulin

      And the name will live forever...

    75. dmmadde x

      Fix Or Repair Daily. That was mighty nice of the guy who fixed the truck.

    76. dmmadde x

      This is a great group of boatbuilders.


      How come you don't need to steambend your planking? Could you tell us some more about the wood you are using for the planking?


        @Frederick Stibbert Be interesting to put in an episode! Then he can maybe also tell us when/where/how he got a parrot... Thank you for filling me in and happy new year happy sailing!

      2. Frederick Stibbert

        @SAILING REPARTEE Leo imported the planking stock from Surinam, buying from a mill w/ sustainability credentials. I'll assume there's a pool of knowledge w/ his shipwright friends & mentors regarding suitability of different species.


        @Frederick Stibbert This Wana seems amazing stuff! Almost suspiciously easy... Where does it grow/come from? Is it sufficiently durable? Where did Leo get the idea? I'd never heard of it...

      4. Frederick Stibbert

        The Wana planking has remained flexible enough that steaming isn't needed thus far, we'll see if that holds true for the really twisty bits. So flexible that Leo is only cutting one edge to a pattern, then edge-setting the straight edge to the previous plank. The Angelique planks are much more stiff, Pete has patterned both edges to the req'd shape. These planks (garboard & lower broads) have much less curvature.

    78. Eric H

      Leo and Crew with an special shout out to the awesome Macaw ( he makes me laugh every time I see him) Nice to meet the people glad you are all doing well and keep up the GREAT work.

    79. Stephen Coster

      Hiya, Happy New Year to you all, stay safe...Steve...

    80. Designing for Dinghies

      As usual, I'm totally in awe of your project - awesome work! Happy New Year to you all.

    81. Rich B

      Leo, I noticed that you are not sealing the hull planking like you did on the transom, can you explain? Rich

      1. Rich B

        @on4xb Wow thank you for the heads up, what a tedious job!

      2. on4xb

        That will be done later, after all the planks are installed and the hull is faired by caulking with cotton and oakum. See the process on the Western Flyer:

    82. Helge Willassen

      I love to watch building of the Tally Ho-Happy New Year and Good Luck :)

    83. Your Foodstuff

      Hi Leo and Team, Happy new year! Again, what a fantastic Project. I would have a long list of questions but I'll focus in two only. a) Could you give us more info on the clutches of the propulsion system? (engine/generation/shaft)? How does it work to a) use engine to drive; b) use engine to charge; c) Use batteries to drive; d) Use propeller to charge? b) why you do use read lead in the stern of the planks but only the paste in the fore top planks? Aren't they exposed to the same type of rot risk? PS: I am sure you have done your homework -as you always do-, but it would be perhaps good to check the tax and legal status of the project (you own the boat but you have received donations that have substantially increased the value of the project.... with the US IRS it is better to take things with time in advance. Best wishes

    84. Bryce Pelletier

      I just gotta say; the mechanics, David and his brother Daniel are simply epic! Such a great couple guys! And his comments about the positive influence of Tally Ho as a community is 100% amazing.

    85. Dingo Prod

      15:37 : EXACTLY

    86. Sudo Penguin

      So who will you be donating the boat to once you’re finished? Do you think you’re going to collect money and effort from everyone for years only to keep it for yourself?

      1. Sudo Penguin

        @Christian Koellner I am a patron as well. This issue has not been addressed and I’ve asked countless times. If his plan is to keep the dang thing to himself after all this then he really has fooled everyone and my hats off to him for being such a genius.

      2. Christian Koellner

        Sudo Penguin, what do you have to offer to a patron? Envy? Impertinence?

    87. Andy Freeman

      This is my kind of therapy. Happy new year Samsom boat people .

    88. Brian E

      When you look at those copper washers from RD Smith and others, you start to appreciate the skills that are out there to complete a project like Tally Ho. Greetings and a Happy New Year to all from across the pond.

    89. Paul Tribbett

      might you have an episode detailing the future of the Tally Ho's remaining build "episodes" for instance will you copper the bottom== pros vs. cons etc. great build project

    90. Helena Ewen

      I have been watching this channel during Christmas and until now. From the beginning! And it has has truly become my favourite. Happy New Year, Leo & the crew! ⛵🥂🦜⚒📐

    91. Billy Bob Trueblood

      Great work! I love this kind of work. But what are smearing between planks? Do you is glue of is it fat or tar? Hope to hear from you. Perhaps a nice once dor an episode?

    92. Joshua Stankiewicz

      Once completed, and you sail around to the east coast, can I get a ride on the boat? It’d be cool to not only watch and support the whole process, but to then get a ride on it once done.

    93. dee harris

      Just want 2 add, a very happy new year 2 urself, ur family n friends and all ur volunteers helping on the build, stay safe n stay well

      1. dee harris

        Its shortspeak wer I live

      2. Christian Koellner

        Dee Harris, not enough time to write a compliment in good old fashion true blue (American) English?

    94. Gruntslayer 35

      It would make the the happiest turner in the world to get some of the scrap from this boat, i don’t know why but it feels like having a piece from the keel off cuts or something like that would be like have a part of the soul of the boat. I’d love to carve you some spoons to use in the kitchen or something too, but I’m sure you can do that yourself, and I’m sure sending scrap out to every nobody who asked would be a logistical nightmare. Just a pipe dream I suppose, but keep up the good work!

    95. Pratwurscht Gulasch

      you don't understand what planking means, you're supposed to lay flat like a plank somewhere. what you're doing is fake planking just to get views.

    96. Michael Franco

      One of the things I like best about this channel is the music. A wonderfully eclectic array international, hillbilly, classical etc. And the pieces chosen are terrific to boot. Check out Tango de la niche

    97. Tinker

      Great project nice video and very well done. A new and better new year to you all

    98. solkatlol

      By now that ship should be renamed to "Theseus"...

      1. solkatlol

        @Christian Koellner Yep, but the point I was making was an entirely different one :)

      2. Christian Koellner

        Solkatfol, hope you have read the story of TALLY HO.

    99. John Austin

      Thanks Matt, I live about 50 miles south of the boat. The peninsula is the best place on earth, but try and keep it a secret.

    100. Mister Professor

      Link to RD Smith machining, the folks who made the washer thingamajigs: