The History of the Yacht Tally Ho / Pilot Cutters / Going South - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP18

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Tally Ho’s history, Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters, and a trip to a Live Oak Timber Mill. Support; Become a Patron;
    THIS episode, I meet the Grandson of Mark Spinks, who Skippered Tally Ho in 1927 when she famously won the Fastnet Race, and continued to run the boat while she was under the ownership of Lord Stalbridge. We take a look at the rest of Tally Ho’s history, and then I travel to Bristol to meet John R-B, who builds replica Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters in the Underfall Yard, and who first took me on as an apprentice when I first started doing wooden boat work. He tells us a little about the history of Pilot Cutters, and talks about why yacht designers return again and again to their classic lines.
    Finally, I travel back to the US and take a long road-trip from Boston down to south Georgia, to visit Cross Sawmill, where a huge amount of Southern Live Oak (Quercus Virginiana) is being milled for me, to be used as framing stock on Tally Ho back in Washington State.

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    18. The History of the Yacht Tally Ho / Pilot Cutters / Going South - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP18

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    1. Sampson Boat Co

      For those interested; R-B BOATBUILDING, BRISTOL

      1. Bill Brickach

        And for a bit of trivia, at timestamp 16:39, you are flying Norwegian Air over Bristol! But the OTHER Boatbuilding Bristol - Bristol Rhode Island - home of the Herreshoff Boat Museum.

    2. Sam Wainwright

      Boston, MA to Iron City, GA to Sequim, WA is 4,000 miles... That's one way to get familiar with a new vehicle!

    3. G r a h a m

      I've been following the rebuild of Tally Ho allmost from the beginning. Then l find this gem. Was nice to see the half model to get a good perspective on the lines. A real treat.

    4. scott jenkins

      Thank you so much for this amazing video!!! As much as I enjoy the building episodes, I think this one is my favorite. I hope Mark gets to see you sail into that harbor...Much respect to you Leo!

    5. Pfalzgraf

      This is actually one great piece of historical video! I really love this episode - even if simply for the difference to all the other vieeos on Leo’s Channel.And I would LOVE to give this video more than one like!

    6. coug96fan

      Not only a boat builder, but also a recorder of history!

    7. Si74l0rd

      What a lovely old chap. Hopefully Leo can bring it back while he's still about and able.

    8. Harbour Dog

      18:00 A sailor's slip of the tongue! It's just Georgia...South Georgia is...y'know, that other brilliant seaman, Shackleton.

    9. B. W.

      Trip to hear the Historia Civillis end music in this!

    10. Patrik Voight

      What a lovely old man you interviewed in this episode ❤️🙏

    11. Tony

      Even the draftsmanship was a skill set in its self!

    12. Tony

      Real workmanship! Thanks for sharing this with us : )


      18:23 Thought You was about to say storming Norman is following Me with the crazy Jogger heee

    14. redneckhippiefreak

      The Limits of a Boat may be found in rough Seas but the discovery is only Sought by a Captain that is brave enough to Seek it.

    15. Brett Johnsey

      Them cuttle traps shown in the video are my mate kippers he's fishing boat is just in the background I've got loads of memories coming in the Hamble to unload are clams

    16. Jason Richardson

      What an amazing journey you have embarked on. I'm getting hooked.

    17. t reznicek

      This boat needs renaming badly!

    18. Andrew plack

      Mate your hair is a hurricane on a merry go round... don’t change it!!

    19. Fred Jack

      Thank you Leo, you motivated me, get her done. Blessings to you and yours. Humble

    20. Jerry Lifsey

      Too bad you couldn't have a created a 501c3 (for the restoration of historic boats and for job training) so that contributions are a tax deduction, organizational (ad) income is tax free, and sales tax could be avoided.

    21. Jerry Lifsey

      16:08 $380.000 seems cheap for a boat like that...

    22. jdhalvo

      Boston to Georgia to Washington? You've seen more of the United States than the vast majority of its citizens!

    23. Colin Underdown

      Warsash, remember it well, lived and worked there for a while. Nearly got involved with the restoration of a J Class yacht, but too much work for me. Shame I'm not fitter and more able to get out to help Leo.

    24. Thomas Richter

      Her original name was Betty? You could rename her Betty Ho! When it's finished

    25. Rinoa's Auspicious Travails

      This guy looks like he'd be in a Monty Python cartoon.

    26. Rick Knight

      Brilliant video

    27. Samuel Brown

      You’re seriously the most interesting person I’ve ever heard of

    28. HMR976

      woah so cool you drove through my city

    29. H Tee

      3:45 - ''And we wore onions on our belts which was the style at the time!''

    30. C. Smythe

      All I can offer is best wishes and the fact that you are really cool guy embarked on a very interesting journey. I think you and that cute Italian chick should make babies! I know, never enough time never enough money then BANG you're 81 and alone. None of my business SORRY! Best wishes and I think you'll get it done (the boat too) ha ha ha

    31. Allan Dugan

      I’m amazed that there are over 200,000 views, but there are only 8k thumbs up. Does that mean that most viewers like watching, but not enough to give a thumbs up. If you watch these videos then how about giving him a thumbs up.

    32. XSAVIER busy


    33. Frank Velik

      The price seam good for the hell of a ship you get. For those wood cutters. This video is just asome, seen the old man get the hope of seeing you sail the Tallly into port. Very good.

    34. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    35. Peter Brickwood

      Wonderful stuff, fascinating to learn about all the elements of wooden boat building.

    36. Tammy Greiner

      08:40 18:08 11:46

    37. Bob Frazier

      A massive episode, awesome quality too.

    38. constantinos schinas

      seriously. referring to an "it" as a "she" is vastly brain damaging. no matter the tradition, she must stop. i meant it must stop.

    39. paul jones

      came across your amazing channel. today. im hooked ths has been one of my fave so far brilliant history of that guy brilliant so enjoying this mate well done

    40. Grumpy

      I cannot express how bad I want Leo to bring Tally Ho back to where that old man lives. That would be amazing!

    41. Doug Wray

      Wonderful storytelling. The segment with Strange's grandson was poignant as could be. What a voyage this series is!

    42. Vail Clewley

      Have a look at Elley Grey a 65 foot pilot cutter replica from 1896 built in G.R.P. so a lot easer to maintain .

    43. Johan Kotze

      I am a late follower, but thank you for researching and sharing Tally Ho's history.

    44. Paul Gardner

      Always good music on his series.

    45. Sober Cannibal

      This is the first time he nails his now traditional intro!

    46. Keith Staton

      Love the old guy. 7:42- Leo "Look for yourself in the TV." 7:43- Old Guy- " Aohh Shutt Tupp."

    47. Ron Griswold

      Long time follower of all your videos Leo, but rewatching them again (since I have plenty of quarantine time!) and this one really stood out on a personal level. I hope this gentleman is still doing well and someday gets to see, in person, what you have accomplished with a piece of his family history.

    48. Tod Davis

      Paint outside, but oil the inside of her! Beautiful vessels! Nothing like a wooden boat, sir.

    49. Neil Roggio

      Excellent episode! I enjoyed learning some of the history of Tally Ho. I'm watching from the beginning and looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

    50. Dale Furman

      When the Tally Ho is finished and sailed back to Britain, if possible you should go back and give this gentleman a ride for memories sake in response for all the historical data he's provided you!

    51. Halibut 1

      "Don't wait too long to get back, or I'll be in the bone yard." LOL.

    52. Eckhard Koehler

      If5 love a 42' wooden boat but the purchase price and slip fees cost more than my house and no banker would give me a loan for a boat

    53. Tito Rigatoni

      What a wonderful episode, meeting Roy was an absolute treasure!

    54. tsmall07

      You went right by my house on this trip, assuming you went through the DC area on 95. I just found this series a few days ago though.

    55. Gene Goodman

      I guess you came down I-95 thru my state NC then into SC to Georgia. Glad you had a safe trip. Now you're be headed North/West to get back to Washington state. How do you keep on the side of the road that is right for the country. USA is right, UK is left. Better leave the beer alone when driving. lol Really enjoyed all the history about you and Tally Ho. I still don't know why I'm watching your videos. Yeah I do, stay safe

    56. kairon156

      I really enjoyed hearing about the history of this boat.

    57. Jeff Collins

      What a wonderful opportunity to speak to this lovely man. Thank you for sharing.

    58. Brian Parker

      Years ago I stayed at that Americas Best Value Inn in Southhill. It was a dump. But the steak house next door was pretty good.

    59. Roger Bayzand

      Great to see Mischief still afloat in Bristol, she used to be in Lymington when Bill Tilman was home, I had a friend who crewed her up to the Arctic a couple of times on one return journey they were hand pumping 24 hours a day to keep her afloat.

    60. Jason Willis

      Get that man some sunglasses so he can put down his arm!

    61. mopedmarathon

      Once tally ho’s finished you can restore the truck! You’ll have more time than you know what to do with otherwise.

    62. Lawrence Allen

      A really well done video. Emotional. Touching. Outstanding.

    63. First Name Last Name

      Olin stole the show.

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    65. timothy jones


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      What a great visit

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      Great story. Great boat !

    68. who cares

      Im sure theres a fine picture of tally ho in the RCYC

    69. Eduardo Prates

      Let me see if I get it right, is the boat painted with paint, or epoxy, or varnished only from the outside? Inside not? I'm from Brazil and I'm raising information to build one for me, thanks if you respond. Sorry my english google hehe

    70. Rishi Tomar

      Drama free trip down East Coast because....... TOYOTA

    71. Bert Canepa

      Watching thru 30+ episodes I am continually amazed at the abilities of this young man. From the initial manhandling by himself of a multi-ton chunk of beautiful wood for the keel; prior to that the building of the framework overhead to protect the job site to the recovering of the overhead frame with new plastic covering, again by himself. I have to remember that he is an accomplished sailor, boat builder, rigger.....all that contributes to that self-sufficiency. It is gratifying to see all those individuals who come to help from different parts of the planet. I especially admire his female sidekick who has been with him the whole time on and off. His latest work in the kitchen of the shop is indicative of his style.....instead of just plain shelves over the sink he crafted a set of shelves that reflect his personality in his craft, both satisfying to the eye and better with soft curves than with harsh angles. Goes with his high expectations for fabricating the new free flowing ribs of the Tally HO. Great series! Makes me want to be young again!

    72. Joe Leising

      I was digging the history of the boat. It got even better when you introduced Olin. My son's name is Olin after his gradfather on my mothers side.

    73. Paul McGee

      120kph at 2400 rpm :) What's the engine, petrol or diesel?

    74. duck my sick

      Great to learn about the history of your vessel Leo .. Chas Hellyer , The Albert Strange association ? you cant make this stuff up mate LOL.

    75. 984francis

      It pisses me off. Financial types can "make" far more than $380k with little effort. It's called tax evasion, asset stripping and all the other white collar crimes that are euphemistically referred to as "making money". B.S. Those fuckers never made a thing in their sorry lives. The quality and duration of effort required to build a boat like this is beyond the comprehension of the bankers, financiers, "wealth managers" and other such criminals. As Leo said "it's actually staggeringly cheap". Yes, I reckon $2M is nearer the mark and probably shy at that. But nobody with that kind of money would comprehend or desire such quality. They'd buy yahoo "Bentleys'" or "Rolls's" or "Maybachs" or "Bugattis". Have you noticed how CRASS and gauche these modern insults to their progenitors are? It's the Trump gold plated toilet mentality, ghastly.

    76. Andy C

      Looks like you visited the barber too ;)

    77. Micromac Macca

      That old fella is priceless! 😃

    78. Mike Dudley

      As others have said, history of the boat was a story in itself, well done. Now, when you are fully restored to specs as far as you are able to determine, it would be nice to see you have a crack at the Fastnet time, to the rules as known, to see if your effort to restore to original spec, can match the old Lady. A re-enactment so to say. Leave it with you. Same callsign as the grandson - 81/over.

    79. Anon

      Is it easy for you to switch left and right side of the road so often?

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      Noha would also be a good name for the boat.

    85. Chad M

      Shoulda brought the old guy one of those pin up calendars

    86. Stuart Long


    87. Jim A

      11:58 What does 'standoff lundy' mean?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        Lundy is a large island in the Bristol Channel - pilot boats would stand off (maintain station near) Lundy & wait for inbound merchant ships.

    88. Mr. Kyle Miles

      The most interesting content on IThomes! Respect from Russia)

    89. Theresa Szucs

      My Dad call the mix of trurps linseed oil and pine tar boat soup and no 2 builders use the same mix nore would they tell anyone what thire mix was wish I could have gotten his

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      These videos are great, thanks!

    91. Adam Huber

      Get you some good barbecue in Georgia. King George had some of his fleet of royal navy vessels built from Georgia Live oak.

    92. Adam Huber

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    93. Adam Huber

      It's entertaining to watch you drive around from the passenger side of the car.

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    96. Austin DeBrito

      "'re a clever BOI!"

    97. Caroline Paquier

      Great music for this episode. Love it.

    98. Tjerk Heringa

      Interesting image at 4:51. Look at the straight sides BEFORE the ship stranded. It looks like the boat was built that way. This sheds a different light on the original drawings and the curves.

    99. gpender

      Time mark: 12:35. Photo taken in St Marys harbour, Isles of Scilly. My place of birth and home to lots of pilot gigs.

    100. George Jetson

      That's a lot of sail.... large surface area