Milling White Oak Timber in New England (EP63)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Milling White Oak in New England (EP63)
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    EPISODE 63.
    In this episode Cecca and I travel to New York, where we house-and-dog-sit for some friends. I drive up to Connecticut to meet Duke at New England Naval Timbers, who supplies large pieces of semi-seasoned White Oak. I select enough curved and straight logs to make Tally Ho’s Deck Structure, and then we mill it into the appropriately sized flitches. We also get a ride on a state-of-the-art New York Tugboat (courtesy of McAllister Towing), and I even tag along with a Harbour-pilot while he navigates a huge container-ship out of NYC harbour.
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    63. Milling White Oak in New England (Tally Ho EP63)

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    1. Sampson Boat Co

      *COMMON QUESTIONS, ANSWERS, AND COMMENTS!* *Why can’t you say “Connecticut”?* I’m sorry, it’s just my dumb accent. I’m not saying the silent ‘c’ - that’s just the way it sounds apparently. *Who’s looking after Pancho?* The wonderful owners of the property, who actually own Pancho too! (note: Pancho = boys name, female macaw. Go figure.) *Have you considered “hotshotters” / rail transport ?* I am doing so now - thanks! *What is the weight and size of the load?* I’ll get back to you on this ASAP! *Why did’t you visit A2A / Mystic Seaport / Everybody on the East Coast / etc?* I just wish I had the time! Unfortunately there were limited days that I was able to borrow the car, and I spent some days at the mill, some days editing this video, and so on. Also, I was trying not to get dumped by my girlfriend for visiting ANOTHER wooden boat! I really hope I will be able to visit them all another time. *What’s this climate change nonsense?* Some people have reacted very strongly to Duke’s opinion about climate change, and others have reacted very strongly to them in turn. To be honest I did not even realise Duke's words could be taken politically (they wouldn't in the UK, for example), but I guess I was wrong about that. I thought his opinion, as someone who has spent more time in the elements than many people, might be of interest to this community. ...I'm not interested in politics. I'm interested in making sure our timber supplies are healthy in the long term. When I meet an expert who has something to say about that, I find it interesting. Perhaps he is wrong, perhaps he is right - but he surely knows more about it than I do (which is very little to be honest). If you have a strong feeling about this, either way, I’m happy to hear the argument and the reasoning behind it - but only if presented respectfully. I’ve seen a lot of abusive comments and name-calling, which are not productive and will not change anyone’s mind either. If you have an opinion (either way), present your argument, and back it up with sources. Perhaps we can learn something. And please do not make it political - this is surely a matter for science. *how **_you_** get **_that_** girl?* ...see this haircut...?

      1. Richard Perrin


      2. Try Thinking

        @matineerocks heat wave in Siberia. Polar ice at it's lowest level.

      3. AyeeeQuan PSN

        @billyfromtheusa yeah you sound delusional 🤣🤣🤣 what biological life form would survive billions of years??? 🤨 Not even tree or plants survive that long.... If your God is all knowing and all powerful tell him to come fix that scrambled mass in your skull you call your brain 🤷🏾‍♂️💯

      4. AyeeeQuan PSN

        @billyfromtheusa Actually climate change has been a reoccurring thing since the birth of the planet so no it's not thousands of years it's billions of years like James said.... And yes man is the majority cause of climate change. If you think otherwise, you're too blinded by religion to have a reasonable debate with, so I won't continue to waste my time 🤦🏾‍♂️💯. Science will always outweigh religion no matter what you say or think 🤷🏾‍♂️💯. How about you do some actual research next time before trying to be a smart guy on IThomes‼️💯

      5. Cawfee Dawg

        @James Nash head firmly in sand eh?

    2. Bryant Lehman

      I bet Duke’s left pinky finger could choke me out.

    3. coug96fan

      I hope Duke has some good apprentices learning the timber craft and can keep New England Naval Timbers running for a long time. New England has so many great Oak Trees that can be salvaged. Great to see the trees go to good use instead of the chipper. In Vermont, I was sad every time I heard the chipper gnawing away at some Oak or Maple tree that met its end. Thanks Leo for sharing your adventure and passion in wooden boat building

    4. clockguy2

      Climate change! Run for your life!

    5. Thomas Millwood

      Yeah it was definitely climate change that took out that oak. Old man is deluded

    6. C O

      Matt Cremona would love this milling episode.

    7. Belo MOLNAR

      Sir Leo the Knight of Boatbuilding.

    8. Thomas Davison

      I love seeing the logistics of your project. Restoring a boat has many facets to bring things together. Well done Leo! Best wishes to Duke. Cheers

    9. Michael Colgan

      Wow , Brooklyn NY ! You're by my home on 13th street and park side west . I did a lot of work in those 1850 brownstones . I miss the smell of the wood in those homes all old growth hardwood we will never see again sadly .

    10. Don Derply

      This boats going to last 300 years

    11. MrPossumeyes

      Way cool!

    12. Ann Otten

      A 400 year old tree died in his opinion due to climate change- what an idiot - he is clearly marketing himself to liberal idiots

    13. Robert Oliver

      if she did onlyfans she would be able to pay for every thing

    14. seti48

      Duke, go to an alternative cancer doctor ( see susane summers book "Knock Out"). Also, get some Poly Mva. it's sold thru Amazon. ( $100 for and 8 oz bottle). I had prostate cancer and went with alternate cancer treatment. ( the ipt treatment)

    15. Jennifer WhiteWolf

      Why not more closed grain live oak for the deck, instead of white oak? This is a tough wood for sure, but after seeing your bit on the southern live oak, .. Anyway, just wondering. Climate change is constant and has been forever, long before the influences of man.

    16. Peter Brickwood

      Worth saying again that I appreciate your efforts to find ecologically sound wood sources.

    17. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    18. Rod Christian

      Let's face it pancho is the star after the boat of course 😊

    19. Jacquobite

      Orca whale? I think you mean Killer dolphin. Technically the Orca is a toothed whale or Odontoceti it is just funny to hear someone say Orca whale.

      1. 98279Tracy

        You'd laugh a lot then if you lived in the San Juans. Our Orca whales are precious and that's what we all call them. Cheers!

    20. Mike Giffen

      Loving this music

    21. Alex Paden

      poor dukes missing some fingers

    22. Zihnigür Dereli


    23. Andrew Bailey

      Now that's one hell of a bridge on that tugboat!

    24. Mark Miller

      Really Leo , you had to let that jerk spout off about climate change ? Good bye .

      1. Carter Kupchella

        Sorry about your brain damage, that's too bad

    25. rotex

      Henry David Thoreau built a cabin near Walden Pond in Concord Massachusetts. An experiment in simple living. No electricity or running water. He lived a little over 2 years in his self-built cabin.

    26. yolanda231000

      Lumberman missing fingers..a true professional.

    27. Deftones Dsm

      So i just realized this is same guy who gave Arabella her keel timber. Cool lumber from same place in both boats

    28. Jeff

      That tugboat engine room gave me a little wood.

    29. Frost DX

      which bmw series is that?

    30. pangrac1


    31. Van

      A tree fell because of Climate Change... IT'S CALLED WEATHER! It has been her forever and it will be here after the sun wipes everything out. Or a meteor. Serious question. Besides shutting down all production of everything that burns oil. And stop making babies. What are the plans available to alter Earths climate?

    32. Slick1G3

      leo don't worry about how you call this state we who live here call it Coruptacut..

    33. Theophilus Jedediah

      If you need more milling done I have a mobile hydraulic mill that would back right down your drive. I’m about $500 gas from you and would mill for free.

    34. Jason Will

      Duke's been huggin those trees a bit too hard.

    35. Thomas Russell

      Leo, there is a lot of eastern timber going into this boat. Did you consider this when choosing a north western location to do the renovation/rebuild? There is added cost to ship all of the live oak and white oak timbers. Just wondering, I guess, why you picked the location to work in over being closer to the materials. Thanks for any responce.

      1. Thomas Russell

        @on4xb makes sense.

      2. on4xb

        Because the boat was there , euh about a few hundred miles south in Oregon

    36. anthony white

      Loved this video! thanx!

    37. Andrew Wilks

      I remember the episode where you went and looked at some local decking material and there was some checking and gaps in the joints. While it was noted that this adds character and didn't weaken the joints, I commented to my wife that I didn't think you were too enthusiastic about that and were probably going to keep hunting for other deck timbers. I think Tally Ho will have British character more like Mary Poppins, that is, practically perfect in every way.

    38. Grant Bratrud

      WoodIf you don't get this composite substrate, go to Hell, rtfn.

    39. billyl allen

      Ahahahaha climate change, neither did the dinosaurs endure climate change, damn cars killed them all.

    40. Arnold Glatzel

      would like to see video 4,5,6. Where are they? YT says they are private

    41. pointer G

      Hi Leo, I just found your videos a couple weeks ago and have been binge watching to catch up. What a great project to undertake. I can't imagine the work involved. The only issue for me is that I have watched so many videos lately that I am now thinking in a British accent. Bloody horrible it is.

    42. adrevia anota

      You could check out, they some emergency shipments, where they pay pretty well. you could probably cover your expenses and probably pay part of timber costs. Just need to become a trucker fro a couple weeks. Cheers, Alexis

    43. American Aussie Aloha

      Climate Change 🤦‍♂️...omg...while building a wooden boat.....Spare us....

      1. Joiner113

        Your country was on fire for the best part of three months. What do you call that?

    44. Eva Odland

      I think somebody has been thinking about motors....

    45. Charley Pearson

      Hey Leo: Another great video, and near my turf! One thing tho, it appeared as though you drove straight through the covered bridge. Remember next time - you're supposed to stop in the middle and give that pretty girl a kiss!

    46. Johm Strom

      ah bugger off! Humble? yes. Cheers. Something happening here...

    47. Stephen Sanchez

      Pretty heavy snowfall of late in your area. Hope Tally Ho came through unscathed.

    48. cumminsscout

      Happy to see lots of good old diesel equipment making the world go around and supporting sail boats. Diesel and sail boats go hand in hand! Climate change nuts think all diesel = bad but rely on it just the same!

    49. Guy Frawley

      Leo, your tastes in music is a joy to me. Thank you

    50. James Mcalarney

      Thanks from Las Vegas millwrights usa

    51. John Sherborne

      Would a post derrick be a help to get the beam shelves and stringers up into the hull? I remember they used to be quite common in timber yards as a kid and as a sailor rigging is your natural forte.

    52. Falina Sofiyatul isma

      Next video

    53. vecair

      Leo I have a historic 1941 metal lathe in New York that I am looking to ship to Prescott Arizona on a flatbed. I couldn't find a way to contact you so drop me an email at: and maybe we can figure out how to share a load coming this way. I have been researching shipping so might have some ideas. Cheers mate! Gary

    54. the merrigans

      Climate change, what's that they say. 60 degrees here in Massachusetts. Yup.

    55. marc bunyard

      I'm really glad to see the effort you're putting into sourcing timber, I'm watching this sat in the galley in my boat, and can fit my little finger in the gaps where the deck beams have shrunk, which by the paint in there was before I was even born! Keep up the good work :)

    56. Rick

      I love this as I used to be an electrician at Eastern shipbuilding in Panama City, Florida,,, brings back memories!

    57. Deep River

      Try Uship

    58. Greg Warner

      After 400 years NYC is still a very active seaport and New England is still producing timber for wooden ships. Thanks for the video.

    59. Dorian R

      thanks Leo for this video, merry christmas, l m actually thinking of passing through UK next year in between my climbing trip in Nepal. I would definitely love to pass through your workshop and support you with some handy woodworking labour energy.

    60. Robert Fay

      *I am guessing you and your viewer/membership will enjoy this: "Tips from a Shipwright Goes to Chile - Episode 1" ***

    61. spg77777

      If a tree falls in the forest and there's no Ct. liberal there to hear it, does it still mean that "global warming" is to blame? ; )

    62. Robby Lafont

      Besides the climate change propaganda, this video was good....

      1. Joiner113

        We'll see who's laughing when the crops start failing in 10 years' time.

    63. John Nebilak

      Great show. Good to see my old stomping grounds. True old wood working guy; three fingers missing. Great music too especially the blues.

    64. Jeremy Cosby

      A hot shot driver aught to be able to accommodate your load.

    65. Richard C.

      Leo was spray painting his 'choice' oak planks before Duke got done describing where they come from. lol

    66. Hank Merkle

      SO looking forward to seeing that White oak on the Tally Ho - it is going to to look incredible! Prayers to Duke in his many battles and here's hope for a continued longevity in the business!

    67. Phil Case

      That's really neat. I'm in the same area of the world as that mill and I've got a sizeable piece of wooded property in the family. If/when any of the hardwood trees die or otherwise need to come down, I'll be sure to give them a call to see if they can be brought to market.

    68. Chuck Thompson

      Glad Duke is still hanging in there. I bought some lovely huge slabs of oak for my Concordia Sailboat restoration about 6 years ago. Did the sternpost, deadwood, and all the laminated frames out of it.

    69. John de Giorgio

      Wonderful work. Thought you might like this.

    70. Charlie Cain

      Really glad you found some cured wood for her deck frames i about gagged at that schooner you looked at with the huge checks in her deck beams, and you didnt say acword about them.....your doing tally ho proud

    71. Karin Long

      Fantastic white oak just north of you on Vancouver Island. Several mills in Chemainus.

    72. ClayZ

      Thanks for keeping us informed. I don’t doubt that you will make a good trucker connection. Happy holidays.

    73. Scarlet Joe Handsome

      What a beautiful episode! Honestly, I think your best yet. Story, footage, editing,.. It‘s all there. You are seriously getting really good at movie making. Thanks for all the hard work and sharing it with us!

    74. Richard Miles

      another interesting, informative your looking forward to getting back to the UK for a while.....

    75. M Haight

      10 Thumbs Up. I love this video. Thanks.

    76. Josef

      An age of 120 is relatively young for a white oak. Under perfect conditions, a white oak tree can live to be 300 or more years old. However, under urban conditions, most white oak trees will only live to be around 150 years old.-from

    77. edward leroy

      Have you talked to Duke enough to feel comfortable in asking him if he is using Mushrooms in his battle against cancer?

    78. Elli P

      Oh, come now: "House-sitting for some friends..."? We know what that means. PAAAAR-TAAAAAYYYY!! Have fun. Vacuum thoroughly. Leave no fingerprints. Admit nothing. ;-)


      I was reading the comments about missing fingers and missing parts of fingers . That is the reason Sawmillers (AND Leo) are such good business men--- They can count by fractions ---One ---Two ----Uhhhh Two and Three Quarters ETC ETC . Steve Cross akaSuperAX

      1. James Adams

        All these jokes about missing a few fingers,try doing without a couple or three and see how you feel

      2. Thomas Russell

        Funny analogy. Sorry, not sorry! Fractions of a finger to make counting partials easier, LOL.


      Leo -----Really Awesome to see all the Progress on The Yacht Tally Ho and details / documentation of all of Your work both on the actual Yacht Tally Ho and how much other effort You have to make sourcing material . I was speaking with our friend and associate Ross Gannon / Gannon and Benjamin Marine Railway and He also said Your Work and Progress is Amazing . Steve Cross akaSuperAX

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        Cheers Steve! All the best to you and your family :)

    81. Royden58

      He lost me at climate change

      1. Alexander Menzies

        Me too.

    82. Frank K

      I live in Massachusetts, so cool to see you visiting so close to my home! I've been following along with your build for sometime and I was very surprised to see the title of this video!

    83. Gilbert Franklin

      Leo, some would say you were lucky to find a beautiful lady like that - but I would say that she was most fortunate to find you! 😁👍

    84. Current Batches

      11:33 - Fortunately, you *can* move it that distance without customs duties.

    85. TgWags69

      See if one of the wood suppliers on the west coast would be interested in some white oak and see if they would split the cost. That way you could do a full load.

    86. Gordon Laplante

      Yep 1:59 I'm there every day. You were close to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Should have stopped by

    87. Michael Vazquez

      I live in nyc I wish I could have met you two. Next time I guess 😁

    88. Thomas Armitage

      That's where I grew up!

    89. John Payne

      Happy New year guys.

    90. Chris Wills

      Gets to this sweet sawmill and there are 2 Mack Trucks, just sitting there, looking handsome. Brilliant. Why not make a kontiki raft out of the timber and sail it round? Much less carbon footprint. Mate, that looks a LONG way away.

    91. steve1966

      Not understanding why you have to ship to Washington ? Then to the UK?

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        The boat is being rebuild in Washington state

    92. tgs2012

      Can’t help thinking... Big gratitude for truckers in this world. Everything would stop without them.

      1. Sampson Boat Co


    93. John Petersen

      It's going to be and is, a real challenge to find acceptable boat lumber due to the Climate Crisis. It may never again be possible to have a healthy tree be harvested 400 years from now. The climate conditions that allowed Leo's White Oak to flourish 400 years ago will not be present 400 years from today. I suspect we will be relying either on another type of material that is somehow sustainable in the new, harsher climate and/or using a whole lot of epoxy to laminate inferior wood species/scraps. Your vid took me back to my 'ole stomping grounds of NYC. Thanks Leo for getting us on those incredible Tugs - always loved 'em. Cheers and your videos always mange to leave a smile on my face despite my grim comments.

    94. Jonas Grumby

      A tree falls down due to climate change. If that isn't a simpleton way to look at things then I don't know what is. Damn man.

    95. Jamie Parfitt

      Happy new year Leo from southwest England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    96. Lars Lange

      Happy new year to you two. Thanks for a lovely year of vids.

    97. Shortribs Longbow

      Enjoyed the video, every stage of construction is enlightening thank you for sharing your dream.

    98. John Paquin

      If your still needing more for the boat the best hard woods in the US comes from the mid south states like th KY VA NC. Also there is a top noch ceder mill right nere were I live here t in th they 've Ben mill ceded for about 100 years now

    99. Matt Fairy

      Leo, I live in CT - if you need a place to stay - I can put you up

    100. Lucky Goose

      3 fingers, GONE.