Massive New Pilot Cutter Build / Ferry Planks - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP17

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Visiting Luke Powell’s latest Pilot Cutter / Planking a traditional wooden ferry boat. Support; Become a Patron;
    THIS episode, I visit local boatbuilder Luke Powell and his team, who are building an enormous Pilot Cutter called Pellew, which is a copy of the Vincent, originally built in 1852. Then I head back to Butler & Co’s yard in Penpol, and explain how I fit a shutter plank into the hull of the new traditionally built Ferry that is being constructed there.
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    17. Massive New Pilot Cutter Build / Ferry Planks - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP17

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    1. Andrew kim

      The fluttering pastry archaeologically lie because vessel extragingivally wave worth a volatile pie. deranged, awesome event

    2. Bruce Fulper

      You've come such a long way. We remember when you were just a lad playing in the tub with your boat. Amazing!

    3. Barbara Ballentine

      Don't sail but was wondering why a small shaft with propeller through hull in rear that would be attached to a small auto generator to charge batteries while underway. Would generate power day or night as long as boat is moving. Stupid question just never seen or heard this being used and maybe for good reason!

    4. calartian85

      14:16 whatever you say, man.

    5. Lloyd Gower

      Hi Leo you are doing a great job a lot of guts a true disciple of joshua slocom wishing you all best wishes for Christmas from new zealand

    6. Lucie Nicole

      I'm just watching because my boyfriend wanted me to and I promised him that I would haha ( not kidding, but it actually seems interesting)

    7. bomaite1

      The work is beautiful. I know it is going to very rich people. But the process is so vital that we have to make sure there will be people who can do it in the future.

    8. bomaite1

      Are things being done to ensure that wood will be there for future boatbuilders? We have to make provisions now for makers 100 or 200 years in the future.

    9. bomaite1

      Do you make things from the waste? Can you show what that might be? Is there a product that you might sell to finance your future products?

    10. bomaite1

      Do you use spacers to position the planks? What is the ideal space between the planks? What do you use for the caulking? Is there a traditional material versus a newer product?

    11. Bob Bailey

      As always your work is phenomenal

    12. joeey459

      At 14:38 the crane in the background has a registration plate from Cork, Ireland. Tally Ho won the Fastnet race in 1927, Fastnet race is name after Fastnet rock in West Cork.

    13. Luuk de Boer

      What a fantastic 'trade'. I'm dreaming of a job like that. Handcrafted. Our modern economy has selled out real craftsmen that can make things like this. Great effort to preserve this. The coronavirus had exposed the fact that we can't even produce our own products and that we rely on foreign countries like China. We're left with tons of people relying on welfare that can't do nothing anymore. It's a shame!

    14. Qavi Laghari

      we are you palace

    15. Try Thinking

      Watching this in 2020.

    16. Chris K

      He's building "a copy" of the boat. Not replacing 98% of the timber, using the old lead and calling it the original boat. I like his style. I like it a lot. When new preservation techniques allow you to put discarded bits of a boat together and re assemble the original, whatever that was, with no original timber was not the original boat. Period. Still think Loyds think it is, re assemble the original parts and ask em which is the original boat.

    17. Mr Me

      Leo the mad Englishman boat builder has done it. This mad Englishman has accomplished a great feat. You raised a graceful hull from the bones of a rotten boat. Keep going sailor.

    18. Don Raptor

      Fantastic workmanship BUT... Worms will eat it!

    19. michael nelson

      I like the older guys wall colanders!

    20. pow hana

      Nice posters

    21. coug96fan

      Amazing how much of the boat building work is done with just one person. I lifestyle that will keep you fit!

    22. Joe Mama

      7:59 build ships and stare at tits.

    23. Brian Norton


    24. John Stride

      Just discovered these videos. A stripped 1912 yacht sits in a local barn waiting for us to start work in her and this is all very inspiring! Great to see the desire to get young people involved in the industry. A shame about the comments re the pinups. Some people got rather carried away I think. They don’t detract from what you are doing.

    25. Orion DeYoe

      Anybody recognize Ilmango's theme song in this episode?


      Paying it forward is a lost quality in most trades, sad to say. This is a fine gentleman.

    27. Robot Munkee

      wow, what an astute gentleman from Falmouth dropping some life knowledge. Nice calendar girls too :D

    28. Rajeesh Rajeesh ct

      Hai... How are you...

    29. Jerry Lifsey

      Do wooden boats get a layer of fiberglass and epoxy before getting painted ( to add strength and waterproofing)?

    30. Paul Harris

      Watching this classic ship builds, now in 2020 seeing the disposable ships of today being beached in turkey for recycling

    31. Robert Alexander

      What type of sail set up in the pictures

    32. goodtimes

      "It's a lifestyle. It pays the bills, it buys the beer, and that's all that matters." Said with sawdust on his shirt and a pinup girl behind him. I may be an American framer, but I know a damn fine carpenter when I see one.

    33. J Mac

      Great conversation about transferring knowledge/skills to the next generation. Reminded me of now dead Douglas Aircraft engineer telling me about all his tricks to transfer shear flow with riveting and sheet metal and clips. The key is to NEVER stop making the product in your town that puts the fifty something next to the twenty something people.

    34. Scot Fenn

      at16:30min Not good to hammer a plank with a steel mallet like that. It bruises the wood and that area will go bad quickly.

    35. philip Brailey

      Looks difficult to get accuracy. Very interesting.

    36. Mitchell Martin

      6:00 is that a mallet in his pocket or is he just happy to see me?

    37. Seamus

      One of the greatest things to have when one is older is passion.

    38. Andy Bush

      The skills to get those boats built are amazing. I know I could work for a year and not get that plank to fit.

    39. Beaky Twitch

      I did lots of hammering oakum. Smells nice... :)

    40. Novianto 611

      Maaf Saya komentar juga,Masih kalah,soal teori sama orang kep babel kalau bikin perahu .

    41. Dc Rogers

      I regret I have but one like to give.

    42. Dean Hueter

      What’s up with the hairdo, or lack there of?

    43. tigress63

      Every time I see you I think you are related to Neill Finn or Gotye

    44. deadheaders86

      I just want to be an apprentice. I will work for nothing if you can arrange for a work visa, and let me sleep in or around a boatmor the boat.

    45. declan ocallaghan

      nice curves 7:40 !!

    46. tactus tenebris

      look up the planking technique used on Restoring Susanna (youtube) episode 56. The shipwright uses a simple sheet of door skin cut narrower than the plank you need to pattern, hot glue the needed length with the general curve needed. a small gauge block is used to mark the offsets at each frame to the adjacent planks. you can then transfer the shape to the board you are cutting to make the plank. I think the process is considerably more efficient than making the strip patterns you're making. when you get back to talley ho, it might save you some time.

    47. Rick Knight

      The extra wood is not wastage. It's firewood to keep you warm in the winter.

    48. DasVERMiT

      18:02 - Missed a nail?

    49. Foreseeable1

      I love this video, but I was appalled with all the saw chip and dust fire hazard, nothing short of right is right.

    50. Benjamin Harvey

      Really enjoying the guitar music

    51. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    52. Jesse Taylor

      @18:10 - that Bonaventure boat, though. Damn that's beautiful.

    53. Bill Reitsema


    54. Sleepingbeagle Studios

      "It's bought the beer...and that's all that matters" Great Philosophy !

    55. O. H. W.

      My yacht club is full of old farts. All young sailors, male and female, get pushed to the side regularly. It's so counter productive to us all.

    56. David Dranka

      It’s great to see so many female shipwrights! I’ve always assumed it to be a largely male dominated profession. Mainly cause of the heavy lifting, but since most of the work is done using power tools now I guess it doesn’t matter. Great stuff! Also, the pics were amazing, thanks! Hahah 🙂

    57. Fly-Away

      I'd rather be a shipwright than a shipwrong...

    58. zse4cft6bhu8mko0

      Anyone else notice that the music at 16:30 is the same as from ilmango's intro!?!? Or maybe I'm just the only person that's into both sailboats and Minecraft lol

      1. dave miller

        lol i dident notice but i watch minecraft and wooden boats

      2. impaulse

        You're not alone, I noticed it as well :D A few episodes earlier there even was Mumbo Jumbos outro music. Coincidence?


        Baila mi cumbia

      4. PixelHydra

        I scrolled down to specifically look for this comment.

    59. TheTillinger123

      I really like how medieval warhammers are an essential tool for boat building

    60. Johan Kotze

      I notice the tideal ranges, and find it interesting. I have recently read the book, TIDES

    61. Joseph Rogers

      How about an update?

    62. Uller Uprising

      Pellew more famous as a frigate captain than admiral in my opinion.

    63. OccasionalGamer

      An awkward angle with the pin-up girl in the background. Otherwise, another splendid and interesting video.

    64. Richard Gordon

      I can’t think of a more satisfying profession. It would be amazing to learn from a guy like him. He obviously has a true love for his craft.

    65. Spikes

      i like their poster

    66. Frank Cassianna

      Luke Powell's building my favorite rig... not surprised, glad to see him again... and pursuing my pleasure... Cheers to Luke... love your philosophy on boat building.

    67. voitmusic

      Wow! Very educational and really well made series ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    68. parvalde galvena

      Вобще интересный проэкт !

    69. s swayzee

      Coming from a boat building heritage, we find it a shame that you don't have apprentice crew working with you on this project. One would think the end outcome would be of more value than financial or how many hits on IThomes by future endeavours of what you have learnt to continue.

    70. Tom McCarten

      You're an incredible inspiration

    71. Larry Olimb

      Luv the lines on that poster behind you guys.

    72. TaffytheGreat

      I always thought that copper and oak doesn’t go together? It’s all looking great 👍👍👍

    73. TaffytheGreat

      I hate that colour green paint. It looks like (aud de nil). Memories of when I was in the merchant. Navy

    74. Tim Binnington

      The Pellew is due to be launched 29 Feb 2020

    75. Caz

      crazy amount of work! Now I'm getting some sense what kind of business is building boats. Thanks Leo!

    76. eddie bowens

      Nice wall art

    77. Az

      11:08 It,s Rolf, Tie me kangaroo down sport !! lol

    78. bcabmac

      I can see what really floats his boat on the wall in the office. No wonder he has so much wood. Sorry, couldn't help myself from the obvious observation. I think they should carve an image of it in wood and mount it on the bow as a mascot.

    79. chalo colina

      I can't help but think that entire forests of oak trees are of much higher value than uneconomic, rot-prone boats that require more man-hours to keep up than the value of the work they do.

    80. SSDom Smith

      Ya have a tally ho there mate 😆 you mean roller paper Nar i mean , the boat mate.😎

    81. Mr Brightside

      Meanwhile kids dream of making radio controlled cars on 3d printers. Sort of sad, but great to see that wooden boat building is still happening in the UK. Maybe I should refer to this as shipbuilding not boatbuilding ?

    82. Julius Gonzales

      Watching this from Philippines. Been watching your vids for a couple of days now. So much interesting to watch.

    83. Shino P Chacko

      Which country

    84. Elaine Coc


    85. shaddec55

      I'm quite impressed with your skills at such a young age (I'm guessing you're in your 30s, roughly). Your video explaining that rebuilding a boat with entirely new parts from stem to stern was still the same boat was some great philosophy. I enjoyed it and I entirely agree. Another project rebuilding a historic wooden boat is also taking place in Washington State-- the "Western Flyer". The man in charge of that restoration (in which they are also essentially replacing every stick of wood in it), also explained how it's STILL the same boat. He didn't wax as poetic or philosophical as you did in his video, but the message was essentially the same. (For the record-- I liked your incredibly well-thought-out and historically-referenced philosophical thesis on this subject much more). Your presentation skirted along the lines of the ages-old problem of what constitutes "Quality"-- you know, what exactly makes one thing "higher quality" than another similar thing. We can know such a thing, but defining it is immensely difficult. Same with "NEW" versus "REBUILT". Even with all new wood... get me? I know you do... I look forward to your videos, keep 'em coming!

    86. Die Göttin der Jagd

      Hut ab phantastische Arbeit von dem jungen Mann .

    87. David Andersen

      Brilliant interview!

    88. Clare Degroff

      Will there be any original parts of the boat remaining when complete?

    89. kairon156

      Watching this makes me wonder about Newfoundland and if we have any active ship building docks. I recall reading about an old skooner ship that had a small engine in it. There's a model in a hotel in St. Johns.

    90. k

      He said complete in Spring 2019. Is it in the water now?

    91. Lanzogonzo

      I am too old to become a ship builder but from watching these videos of the rebuilding of the TALLY HO makes me wish I were. Absolutely fascinating.

    92. Coty Carr

      Are there any updates on this build?

    93. Roger Bayzand

      A neat way of spilling with the battens and pattern ply, always learning new tricks. The last boat I built was in 2000 and the guys in the yard were using patten ply and hot glue to make templates, I adopted that idea pretty damn quick !

    94. David C

      great video Thanks!

    95. Stelios Posantzis

      It's depressing to learn that old wooden boat designs are getting lost with time in the UK as well -which makes efforts like this even more commendable. Here in Greece we're still in the business of wrecking old boats a dozen a week. We've got EU short-sightedness and government ineptitude and indifference to thank for that. The art of wooden boat building should be protected and enhanced and old traditional shipyards be afforded industrial heritage status.

    96. Fly-Away

      Ya know, I'd much rather be a shipwright than a shipwrong. LOL

    97. barraabus

      Do the wall murals come with the boat??

    98. Robin Horton

      I am always amazed at how much skill and patience goes into every piece of timber, love your work.

    99. jeff blackwell

      Pretty in UK lots snow over there just think winter be here us for know it

    100. travis dunn

      Me - builds a stitch and glue canoe - "I'm a shipwright!" Me - watches this - "Oh..."