Planking Tally Ho! (Wooden Boatbuilding / EP86)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Planking Tally Ho! (EP86)
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    EPISODE 86.
    In this episode, we start to get the “hang” of the planking! The first quick job is to put the Stopwaters into the centreline seams - softwood dowels which will swell up and prevent water ingress. Then the first Angelique Garboard is hung, and is quickly followed by more Topside Planks and Broads.
    Meanwhile, I jury-rig a circular saw to cut rolling bevels, which helps speed up cutting the planks out. The other guys get into the swing of riveting, with the help of a homemade “Dolly” (otherwise known as a “Bucking Iron”).
    We are still speeding up, but by the end of the first 2 weeks of planking we have 12 planks on the boat, which I’m pretty happy with!

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    86. Planking Tally Ho! (EP86)

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    1. Sampson Boat Co

      Thanks for all the great feedback! It seems that some people thought my rant about butts vs scarphs was some kind of dig at A2A, which it absolutely wasn't! I tried to make it clear that I think butt joints are the best choice in this particular situation - IF the planking stock is long enough. A2A's planking stock seemed to be on the shorter side, which is (I assume) why they chose to scarph their planks - a completely reasonable decision considering the circumstances. As always there are many ways to skin a cat, and each situation demands a different approach.

      1. David Black

        @RiggenbachDE Similarly, I kept bending every nail that I was trying to hammer into treated wood using what I think is an electric lineman's hammer. No matter how softly I tried to hit the nails they kept bending. Then I discovered that if I used a hammer a third of the weight I could drive the nails with no problems.

      2. Johm Strom

        Lil shade thrown, lil shade. Quite obvious. Youll be getting flack for ghetto this time 'round. And so it goes...

      3. Johm Strom

        @Gottenhimfella Dont be gettin all sensible n shit.

      4. William Hurd

        Sampson Boat Co 9

      5. MattOGormanSmith

        I was left wondering why they didn't use the Japanese style of scarf joints that PLFL used on their timber framed house. That would deal with the peeling problem and would stay structurally sound even without the glue.

    2. Kurt Dykstra

      This episode is not part of the playlist. Started getting into episode 87 until I realized that a bunch of planks went up with no video footage.

    3. Sam Wainwright

      This video seems to be missing from the 'Rebuilding Tally Ho - From the Beginning' playlist?

    4. highlander valasik

      When you cut some timber with a saw mill, as you cut that stress and tension will appear like magic and be a real pain

    5. Jerry H

      I stumbled on to this gem and decided to watch the whole episode. Very impressive. I can't wait to see the finished product especially since my left ankle is in a 50# plaster cast making it very difficult for me to do much of anything else. I'll be waiting for your next upload.

    6. Peter McErlean

      A rabbet (American English) or rebate (British English) is a recess or groove cut into the edge of a piece of machinable material

    7. David Elliott

      A thought about your butt jointed planks. Could you use triangular scarfed finder joints(?) where short fingers interlock at the plank ends. Set them in pitch to seal. Is this appropriate or too much hassle?

    8. David Elliott

      It's too late now, but could you pressure inject polyurethane mastic into the old pitch sealed joints? I'ts stuff that sets under damp conditions so should seal the cracks. I'm thinking about something like the "furmanite" process used in engineering to seal leaks. Lower pressure on the boat - we don't want joints forced apart. Stop dowels can be added later.

    9. Jerry Farrell

      Great building. what wood is the planking?

    10. Benjamin Scoville

      That dog gotta be full of sawdust lol

    11. Audentes Fortuna Juvat

      ed sheeran as boat builder

    12. MyUboat JVO

      would you please put the date when you post. .Its seems U tube or whatever keeps changing its algorithm and send me back to past episodes . .I have hit the bell more times than closing at the local pub. Subscribed ,liked as well . .Maybe they don't like us in Western Canada. .However the date would help instead of back to befirvthe bronze castings. thanks Leo. happy new year. Ps I understand you have the episode. but date would really help if possible

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        Just use this playlist - all videos in order!

    13. D.

      Years ago I worked at a boat shop in the winters building custom sport fishing boats. There was a winter dart league and three of us formed a dart team and named our team The Starboard Garboard. (I had read somewhere that traditionally the starboard garboard was the first plank put on a boat, and as we were boat builders and intended to to take first place in the league, the name seemed to fit. We won the league and the play-off tournament.) We were different from the other strakes.

    14. Douglas Scott

      ☕️ 🥩🍳😁

    15. rtmordecai1

      And there we have it, finally, Rosie the Riveter.

    16. Arthur Fleck

      The precision of fine furniture carpentry brought to wooden boat building!

    17. Martin Kenny

      Getto engineering,, ??? I see you have not visited cuba,

    18. Ijustcamehere Ijustcamehere

      When the Tally Ho finally sails the whole world will be roaring! You will be able to hear it where ever you are.

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        Not a port in the world where she won't be welcome.

    19. Joseph Demro

      Leo, stupid question,- I would have thought you would have to have steamed the planks to make the bend on the hull? The tension is spread and the amount of clamps and rivets keeps it there but doesn't the tension remain without the steam process?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        The tension in unsteamed planks will gradually relax over several weeks.

    20. Barry Pierce

      God bless...

    21. mechniack

      Put two planks on the boat clamped correctly with a space a little smaller than the router bit. Run the router the full length now you have correct bevel and perfect fit

    22. 89Ner Tv.

      always if youy watch the video just to support the project. From Philippines

    23. madpainter69

      Fantastic video. happy belated Thanks givving, (sorry my main pc took a poop )

    24. Howard Swing

      Why are they not using a rivet gun?????

    25. John smith

      Why don't you plank the boat form the bottom to the top as opposed to starting the planking in the middle of the boat?

    26. Betty Arrington

      Very interesting video & all of you guys seem like you have happy personalities. Really enjoyed this 👍

    27. Mike

      Very talented man keep up the great work.

    28. azren maiza

      Stupid talking

    29. Truth

      Hi Leo I have really enjoyed your videos. I think I have watched all of them. Just wondered what camera and mic are you using to make them? Thanks

    30. Christopher Leeson

      I would have guessed the sòft wood water stops would more likely force the joints apart and also work like a sponge in the sense that water would be transferred 'through' the sòft wood with the flexing of the boat and continue into the bilge. That said this boat is a work of art an absolutely gorgeous physical evocation of purest love.

    31. NEWMOON54 Cannone

      Very very interesting video! You've made watching boat rebuilding really fun to sit and watch, and truly enjoy what would normally be a droll experience generally speaking!!! Thanks very much!!!!

    32. Ohskelily Wurarah


    33. William T. Musil

      Hiya Leo

    34. Paulo De Oliveira

      What is red lead? Is it somekind of primer?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        Well it is a primer, used to prevent mold & rot.

    35. Charles Seymour

      Your choice to no plug advertising into your videos is so refreshing. Sterling quality production.

    36. Peter Francon

      Thank you Leo. For me it's a meditation, watching you form each plank so accurately, and then fitting them to make such a beautiful shape.

    37. Charles Seymour

      There is one thing about your videos I really do not like; when they end!

    38. Charles Seymour

      Riveting episode! Well done.

    39. TJ

      Pete's worth his weight in diamonds... and that's saying a lot bc everyone that's chipped in here has been very good.

    40. Nick Soper

      Question about how to keep the hull planks water tight. I didn't see any caulking, so how do you keep the hull water tight?

    41. Rod Fair

      Where do you get your wood from?

    42. Bóbr Bobrowski

      glue a stripe of joist rubber tape thats for dampening between flor boards and joists to your guiding plank so you can use third of all this clamps :) btw impressive collection of them

    43. b filler

      I can’t possibly go through 2,096 blabbering ignorant comments looking for a hundred or so that are on subject and add substantial feedback to this young mans project.

    44. Bob Bailey

      Your dolly or buck is called a bucking bar in the aviation world. Your Craftsmanship is to be highly commended.

    45. Langston Rowe

      What a job!👍

    46. Brian Anderson

      The planking stock is some amazing wood, that's sure. Nice.

    47. Larry Sorenson

      Leo: IThomes has chosen to censor all references to the American election. I simply cannot support them any longer. I want you to know how much I have enjoyed getting to know you and your work a bit. You are an extraordinary and talented person. Your craftsmanship and knowledge are superb, especially in light of your age. I am truly sorry that I must debarked here and trust that you will succeed brilliantly on the remainder of this voyage and on many, many more. Best always. Larry Sorenson

    48. m69h

      Will he Choose White again, or Wood/varnish?

    49. Jane White

      My 2nd watch of this episode and I enjoyed it more. It reminded me of Ep 19 with Mr Cross which I've watched 5 or 6 times because it's so different. In the end I'll start again at No 1 and enjoy it all again.

    50. Вася Пупкин

      Please tell me what are the dimensions for the length and width of your ship

      1. Вася Пупкин

        @Frederick Stibbert Thank you

      2. Frederick Stibbert

    51. Richard H Jones

      Great project and great videos as always. I would be interested in a video of two of you all after hours hanging out or having dinner and sitting around chatting and conversing joking and just enjoying the off time.

    52. Jay Dee

      Hey Leo! I was watching that ship saw video where that fellow helped you get it running on 3 phase using single phase. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction as to finding out more information on how that works. Would it be possible for me to contact the fellow who got it going for you. Then maybe I could pick his brain a bit. Thanks for all the videos keep up the good work!

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        search online for "homemade three phase converter"! If that doesnt work send me an email at

    53. Halcyon Yachts - International Yacht Delivery

      She's coming on nicely!!!

    54. Try Thinking

      Covid is no joke

    55. x0965

      Anyone: (gently applying oil or “boat soup” to Tally Ho) Me: WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? YOU WILL NEVER REPLACE HER!

    56. sam yeates

      Cool saw mod great work! It takes a great man to know he mad a mistake and fall back and fix it right. Thanks for sharing.

    57. Martin Olsen

      Thanks Pete for the deep dive it is great to try to understand the reasons behind the decisions The no compromises are unique, And I hope to have a chance to se the product in live The sooner the better _/) Love the shine of the bronze work, not sure any similar Bristol pilots can match those :-) BSR a big fan of your work

    58. Alan Beckett

      Leo, it would be very helpful if you would use a white board to illustrate some of details that you and others explain. For us visual learners, showing the cuts and tapers, etc. would make learning much better. The planking descriptions would be better understood with some simple diagrams.

    59. Ian Lockwood

      Hi Leo, once again thanks for some great entertainment. Looking forward to the future and maybe see you racing against Jolie Brise, have you seen Tom's 1st Dec video? Will Tally Ho be as fast as Jolie Brise? Hope one day to see you in Whitby.

      1. on4xb

        Jolie Brise is bigger (56 ft) than Tally Ho (47 ft). That makes a big difference in speed. Only time will tell what the performance of both yachts will be .

    60. Sailor376also

      On long and reaped rips,, I have had excellent results with an old style steel rip blade. Chisel teeth, wide set and zero side blade bind. Annnndd the teeth are easy to give a quick sharp to with a flat file. I just chuck it up on the bench vise with a pair of scrap soft lumber in the jaws to grip the blade. You can make the teeth wicked sharp with just a few strokes. Beats a modern carbide blade hands down. The carbide may be able to cut 40 times longer,, but a proper steel rip blade will cut with 25% of the force required, and twice as fast.

    61. David Hellewell

      moto beav

    62. Matthew Perry

      Nice work


      Resumo da obra VOCE REFORMOU TANTOS BARCOS, que nao aprendeu a construir um do zero. O acertado seria ter tirado os macacos do barco sucata, e teria metade do trabalho em construir um novo.

    64. jthepickle7

      If you parallel out your table saw blade, to about 2 thousandths or better - parallel to the right hand miter slot, you get a much better table saw. (loosen trunion bolts and touch up with a hammer)

    65. Teresa Conley

      A planking we will go, a planking we will go, high ho the Tally Ho, a planking Ho we go, hehe

    66. Nicholas Trado

      lol, you and Pete should open a shop together.

    67. Clyde Willis

      Why are slot-head fasteners used when more 'secure' designs are available? I personally have ruined enough work slipping out of slots (millwork) to the point I frequently proclaim that slot screws should be illegal!

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        It'll be much easier to clean the slot, if the screw must be removed for future repairs.

    68. JimTheSoundman

      19:00 I realize you are using silicon bronze because it's more historically authentic, but if that wasn't a consideration, would it be possible to use stainless steel wood screws? Or would those not work?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        Sreel or iron fasteners are not at all the thing for a wooden boat. In a wet environment, iron ions corrode the wood cell proteins, weakening them (iron sickness) & allowing biological rot to set in more quickly. In addition, iron-oxygen corrosion (rust) is expansive & weakens the grip between fastener & wood. These probs aren't a big concern if you only expect your boat to last 20-30 years, but Leo is looking 75-100 years ahead.

    69. John Seifert

      curiosity question. I didn't see any caulking so far. and the abutting joints between planks and between garboard and keel seem flush, so no room to pack caulking in after the fact. I understand this is an obvious limitation in my knowledge of shipbuilding, but how do you make all these planks leak proof now? LOVE this series. It is THE BEST!

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        Leo hasn't been very explicit about it, but they are definitely shaping a 'caulking bevel' into the plank edges.

    70. Don Turco

      Can someone Buy this Guy a Nice Big Table saw so this Boat gets done before half of us are dead. Thanks. Somebody had to have won the lottery last week. Stop being cheap..

    71. Stuart Dixon

      What a fabulous project. What is the principal timber you are using?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        @Gareth Hynes Trenails - Black Locust Deck beams - White Oak Hull frames (ribs) - Southern Live Oak

      2. Gareth Hynes

        Keel and stems =Purple heart, Ribs & Deck frame= White oak, Planks=Angelique and Wana, Stop Waters =Ceder, Trenails= i forgot

    72. Jim Pennock

      I forgot, Sampson, what do you think about scarf joints?

    73. Yaivenov

      The menagerie of your shipwright boarding school is growing.

    74. Paul

      How I remember port side to starboard is with an old saying “Is there any port left in the bottle” so port side is the left side. Paul

      1. John Seifert

        or as my father put it - "To drink port is never right!"

    75. Rosie Hunter

      please can we have more dog content thank you xx

    76. Eddie Cox

      I could tell as soon as you started making your tool that I had no idea what you were making

    77. Paul Bucco

      Leo explaining the foundry cost OAFAH!!!! And i thought old volkswagen parts were expensive!!

    78. Anthony Merck

      Miss the there any wood left ,or is this a new boat replica?

      1. on4xb

        To quote Leo: "She will have her original lead ballast keel, some planking, other re-used original timber, and various bits of hardware, as well as the continuity of looking like the same boat in any one given day. According to Lloyds, the Greeks (see ship of Theseus), the wooden-boat community, and myself, it will be the same boat! But, people are free to disagree and call it what they want."

    79. 55longboarder

      lose the stupid music,,, Jaysus.


      Like the technical explanations. She's looking good

    81. Randy Lovesky

      I do caravel planking in Syracuse NY for hire!

    82. Zer0

      Someone should definitely open a pub called “The Starboard Garboard”

      1. Chuck Prichard


    83. plx dumont

      this is word to describe

    84. harrygibus

      Dick Clark: Hey Poncho, what do you think of Leo's new song Planing Planks? Poncho: It's definitely got a good beat - I can dance to it!

    85. TaffytheGreat

      Looks like you’re making one of those. Lol

    86. Сергей Д.

      Sorry guys, it seems like I missed it previously - but what kind of wood is used for planking? It looks to be a beech wood to me, however at my knowledge, it's not that good for making boat planks.

      1. Gareth Hynes

        Angelique and Wana (Red Louro), not beech

    87. CrossThread Aero Industries

      Sweet, just found your site.

    88. jagsfanrick

      I heard they are shutting down the USA on Dec 9th. So hope you can get your girl over this week.

    89. S D

      Great work! I imagine what an effort it must be doing the planking on the original Tally Ho without that circular saws…

    90. Old Scout

      Your making a gismo!

    91. Old Scout

      You keep saying you are rebuilding the Tally Ho. In reality you are building a copy. You4 haven’t used anything from the original.

    92. steven gould

      What is the planking stock?

      1. Gareth Hynes

        Anglelique and Wana

    93. Todd Abraham

      If you have a need for some strong yet rust proof brackets you may look into making them out of steel and silicone bronze spray welding them. You would have the strength of steel and unless the brackets crack, are scraped or rubbed constantly will remain rustproof. The best way is to arch spray welding, the old powder in flame way will work but heats the steel a lot more. Looks great have been checking in from time to time to see how its coming.

    94. anthony white

      Thanx for the explanation on how you cut the angles.

    95. anthony white

      Excellent work, thanx for sharing.

    96. Nahdee Outdoors

      Awesome video guys very interesting to watch! So many hours of work it’s amazing! On average at a steady pace how long would it take to make a ship this size? And do you know of another channel “Acorn to Arabella”? Was just wondering if you are in touch with these other ship builders.

    97. morganfreemanwannabe


    98. Rath

      You're lucky to have such a dedicated and hard-working crew. Love your videos

    99. Ed Kramer

      Did you have to use the word " transitioning ". There must be synonyms available in the Oxford. I mean a million lonely souls have been duped by gender confusion manipulation, and the EU couldn't be thrown out without using the silly word.

      1. Ed Kramer

        see also Tavistock Institute 'gender dysphoria tactics in the manipulation of social media millennials'.

    100. Sascha Oswald

      Leo and his crew....single handedly keeping the clamp industry alive during covid!