Finishing the Stern Frames! (TALLY HO EP47)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Frame-raising Party! (Part 2). Support; Become a Patron;
    EPISODE 47.
    Now we enter the final week of intensive Frame Production, with the team of volunteers going at full swing to finish reframing the entire stern of TALLY HO before our deadline. Spirits are high, and we celebrate by throwing a party in the workshop, and then organizing a very small dinghy regatta in the nearest bay. The fully-framed stern of the boat looks amazing, and it’s time for a short break - so after all the volunteers have left I pack up my own things and head back to the UK for a couple of weeks.
    Kirt (In spirit -USA), Finn (UK), Arnaud (Belgium), Thom (UK), Pat (USA), Max (USA), Robert (UK), Glenda & Bill (USA).
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    47. Frame-Raising Party! (Part 2) / Tally Ho EP47

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        @Mmmyess The thing about Canadians, the accent varies greatly in different parts of Canada. Newfoundlanders have a very heavy Scottish influence. Quebec is heavy French accents. Other parts are many combinations of many different cultures. We are an ethnic melting pot. It’s not like Hollywood shows , so “take off eh, what are you all aboot”. Lol cheers from Canada.


        ask to see if ABOM 79 , here on you tube can make your iron braces

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    2. Dudley Davis

      This is one AMAZING series. Some commented earlier that “you may think you are rebuilding a boat, buy you are actually changing the world” that may seem a bit strong, but I have never seen a young man with such courage, resolve, talent, love of sailing and so willing to share it with the rest of us. This may be the single best true documentary I Have ever seen. Dudley Davis

    3. ACU

      I wonder where they all slept. I know from the videos only your sleeping place + the guest room with 2 beds.

    4. Kelly reynolds

      I would like to know what the orange adhesive is?

    5. x0965

      I can’t wait for the launch in two years time. 😉

    6. Mark Jennings

      Could have done some close ups of the neat dinghy!!

    7. Up North Yooper

      You are a lucky man!

    8. Bill Dyke

      Boat people are astonishingly generous with their time and, (often meagre), resources. I've lived on the water for 10 years and love it. Houses are weird ..

    9. Bill rouleau

      Elegant design is an understatement!

    10. Tim

      It is nice that Leo makes an effort to introduce everyone and then say goodbye and thank you when they leave, on camera. It can’t be easy to keep something repetitive sounding genuine, even when it is.

    11. AwakeAmericanow.

      When you enjoy doing something it is its own reward.

    12. C O

      Pachita, the golden breast beauty needs a partner. She's been your constant companion, as well as the doggie.

    13. Samuel Willis

      What an amazing to watch Tally HO come back to life... She has the right care-taker who has brought the most excellent people to come help her heal.

    14. Grunions

      Sad to see the back of Finn there, what an uplifting guy

    15. Thomas Davison

      Leo, I love all your explanations for why the joinery is done on Tally Ho and on ship building in general. I love the art of joinery and ship building is the epitome of that art. Thank you.

    16. Rv4 Guy

      What an incredible accomplishment (so far). Must have been a bummer once everyone left. I am building an airplane. Everybody asks when it will fly. I always answer the same thing. Tuesday.

    17. William Turner

      Something happened at 14:04 that made my dogs go nuts.?

    18. Акакий Татьянович

      very nice peaople. very cute. pure hapy to see. look all videos, one by one all day. good jod guys!

    19. Jason Simon Smith

      OMG such a great episode.. those frames are taking FOR. EV. ER. !!

    20. winston cat

      So you also had a small fleet of sailing dinghies in the "magic" workshop?! Goodness, I wonder why you talk about going back to the UK. You seem to have the makings of a wonderful, diverse business in boat building, education, and recreation, right where you are.

    21. Hans Taagen

      how tf you make them bitches curvy?

    22. NAMELESS

      5:34 that’s a joint in his mouth isn’t it 😂😂😂

    23. Christopher Allan

      Those cancer sticks will kill Finn one day... but god damn he looks cool.

    24. Jack Owen

      a group of big hot men (and leo) rebuild a 100 year old boats stern frames

    25. MrPossumeyes

      Just magic!

    26. Влад Цебеш

      The most difficult thing in this whole situation is to find words of gratitude to the people who helped you. I join to Leo and say thanks you guys! To Tom for being so funny, to Finn for being so skilled and thank you to everyone!

    27. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content


      I really need to say Leo this Video felt like time travelling. I mean the Music, the wood working and just the hole love and passion you all show for the project. Thank you and the crew for saving this old Lady and giving her a new life. Thank you for sharing all this information with us in your Videos and thank you for beeing just such a great person. I wish I could help you as a volunteer but you are allready completly booked out. So all I can do right now is thank you, watch your Videos and wait until you need some new guys to help you out.

    29. MrLes Berg

      Leo, here I am binge-watching your odyssey (it's not a channel, and it's far more than an adventure) and I find you mentioning you just built a chicken coop. That's honestly really funny. I discovered you channel a couple videos before you discovered the bad deck beams - while looking for information about post and beam construction while _building a chicken coop._It's been amazing following your journey and I wish my dad was still around. He was a sailor in the US Navy by trade and retired here in the Pacific Northwest to spend another twenty years in cabinetry and woodworking. He would have been your biggest fan. And with his cooking skills, you wouldn't have been able to figure out whether to put him in the galley or on the front lines of the frame building.You're an inspiration. Thank you.

    30. Robski

      Fantastic...amazing work done by an amazing bunch of guys headed by Leo...well done fella's

    31. Olivier Thoma

      Il n'y a qu'un Belge, pour faire de la dance traditionnelle en tong et en chaussettes! Arnaud, t'as tué mec! Only a Belgian can do folk dancing in flipflops and socks! Arnaud, you killed me!

    32. Paul Bucco

      those guys all had a great work ethic. Finn esp was a beast!

    33. Shadow Bee

      i wonder if poncho (I'm sorry if I miss-spelled her name) sounds like a chainsaw by now xD

    34. J Greenseed

      Howard Hughes built the spruce goose in case anyone wondered. Surprised he didn't mention him

    35. J Greenseed

      This is my kind of boats and bro's... and one Ho.

    36. 1bcordell

      Love that song with the cat screech and the firecracker sound effect. Fitting.

    37. Zihnigür Dereli


    38. Michael Tuckerman

      Curt my sincerest condolences for Diego

    39. Michael Tuckerman

      The Spruce Goose what an amazing airplane I was fortunate enough to see it up close when it was on display in Long Beach next to the Queen Mary those who don't know it was the brainchild of a man named Howard Hughes at the time probably the richest man on the planet a very eccentric fellow his story is truly an amazing story like his will and testament the richest man on the planet didn't have one

    40. Mason Craine

      That Purple Heart is beautiful. Any way you won’t have to paint over it? 🤔😂

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        'S beautiful wood, but all the weather-exposed faces need protection, & all underwater surfaces need anti-fouling. Only a small %age of this wood will remain unpainted.

    41. Arron Davison

      Well done guys great job! Amazing team work!!! X

    42. Anton Spilhaus

      What an amazing achievement. Remarkable!

    43. Carlos Sanchez

      Your remind me of my axe it is 300 years old I all ready change the handle 4 times and the blade 2 times .Keep up with the good work

    44. claverton

      Obviously a really good team of young guys who got on really well together, with great backup in the kitchen. So it's not just a great boat that's being re-built, but a team of people learning new skills, new friendships and a time they they will always remember fondly.

    45. claverton

      I see a little Drascomb Lugger there! Fantastic little boat

    46. Arska Heikinaro

      Greetings from Finland. I like very much this boat building project. This is better than anything on TV.

    47. martin T landers

      This is such a privilege to see the work ongoing,, great craftsmanship 👍👍👋👍👍

    48. TheJustonemore

      Party,whoot whoot....

    49. anthony white

      Eventually we'll be launching the boat two years ahead of schedule. Gas. Great video...Thanx!

    50. anthony white

      I wonder if the Spruce Goose story is true? That is worth checking out.

    51. Mike Skelly

      Perhaps you could start calling Polly 'Ponchesca'...

    52. Александр Ваулин

      big job !!! ОК :-)

    53. Kaffeebohnson

      So how many FPS did you get?

    54. shiner

      Just an old man wishing... The woman in gray pants... along with the rest.

    55. Arne K Vinge

      What a great time I have watching You all in this harmonic team. Some skilled but it looks like everyone are learning. (Don't mind my bad english). To get a newbie up an running fast boost his confidence, and the effort pays off fast. And giving away responsibillity is a big step. And nice to see Leo so open for new way of dooing things. That is sure å big inspiration for all this kreative minds. Well done evrybody!

    56. hans guenter

      Eine irrwitzige Arbeit, ein irrwitziger Aufwand, ein irrwitziger Einsatz von Zeit, Geld, Ressourcen, Material, Werkzeugen;....!?!?

    57. Denero Rahming

      1:40 Poncho..."Shiver me timbers what the fuck was that"?

    58. shaddec55

      I"m absolutely stunned and amazed, Leo, that such a young man as yourself knows so very much about such traditionally built boats as this. And your engineering skills for improvements to it are even more impressive. You're obviously a highly skilled boatwright. That said, I think you could have been more than passively allowing one of your volunteers to show some love to the 'Acorn to Arabella' project. You said, "He's lucky I like those guys". C'mon, dude, they deserve a decent shout out, not just some dodgy acquiescence. Ya know? I follow several boat building and boat rebuilding projects, and most give a sweet nod to the guys behind Arabella. They're not boatwrights, but they're seriously building a magnificent vessel. Be kind. It won't hurt. Anyway, I'm no less impressed with your progress on Tally Ho! Push on!

    59. Chris Lehr

      Wait a second, nobody else just unrolls a bandsaw blade by tossing it in the sky? :)

    60. Cosmic Mariner

      At 14:57 So, sad Kurt could not be there. To Kurt and the passing of his little "Diego." There's nothing more painful on earth. Sorry Kurt.

    61. Lordp00m

      9:41 Wow, just wow. Great job, can't wait to see it finished!

    62. SiTReP 24

      Yea yall are pirates

    63. Jamie Morgan

      I'm sure that you have it figured out, but is the route to launch the ship an easy one without its mast and spar ? I live for sailing ... Only you'd understand ....

    64. TWIN FORD

      I hide In disguise, a man willing to ply. Forsake the plow of others , be not surprised at the consequence.

    65. TWIN FORD

      If my efforts are underappreciated, no problem. If I witness the neglect of others efforts, doom for you.

    66. TWIN FORD

      One man can accomplish much, never forget the help you received.

    67. Jocelyn Girard

      ''Bloody'' good work!

    68. Bob Bates

      What are the two liquids you are applying. The one is orange and the other looks like grease

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        The orange stuff is red lead primer paint for mold / rot protection. The black goo is Dolfinite bedding compound mixed w/ pine tar, to fill any voids between the mating surfaces.

    69. Antoine M

      what will you do with old frames ?

    70. where there's a will

      every time, i still hear the original intro, ' i'm an English boat builder and sailor ' :)

    71. mainstone media

      suggestion - around 3:30 you are sitting in front of the original tally ho timber. I'm sure people would pay $20-30 for a small piece of that, just a few inches block.... you've probably enough to make hundreds of cuts / blocks... would be a good money earner and tally ho would be treasured by thousands for years

    72. Ronnie Stanley

      Usually I say its hard to find good help. But, in this case it looks like they found all the best help! Insane!! The amount of extreme detail work done with so many different people in play is awesome!

    73. Graham Higgins

      Where does the weight of the frames sit? if its just 2 bolts going in at that joint, seems a bit light ...

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        The 2 screws at the bottom of each frame are just place-holders. The full strength of the joint will develop when a) the cast-bronze floors are bolted to the frames & keel, & b) the hull planking is fastened w/ bronze screws & copper clench-nails.

    74. Eric Ellithorpe

      It appears you are replacing the boat one piece at a time! I'm wondering how much of the original boat will be left in the end? Don't get me wrong its still a great boat and project and it seems using an old boat as a template to build a new old boat works. Great job!

    75. coba Manuele

      You could have sold them old frames as bar and ore yard and barn art

    76. Shop Dog

      It looks beautiful

    77. Larry Olimb

      I hope you and Acorn have talked about meeting at some port once you get on the water. That would be awesome.

    78. Tarman The Champion

      That's pretty cool you guys mentioned Acorn to Arabella!

    79. trevor clapsadle

      8:17,,, Love the plug for A to A!!!!!

    80. macelius

      Man you look tired at the end but the hair looks anime awesome!

    81. Mr Me

      Unbelievable work! Great job!

    82. Joiner113

      I think if I lived and worked somewhere where they thre a Ceilidh when their frames had been raised, I would never want for anything ever again

    83. Daniel Güntner

      2:02 heheheh

    84. Arthur Kortekaas

      that stuff squeezing out from the joints make me think of a delicious cheeseburger.

    85. Steve Reinhart

      So what percentage of the boat will be original?

    86. blinkinbaboonbiskit

      You should send all those tennis balls to Kiva! Heeeeheehee!

    87. craig sawicky

      While "Poncho" is a man's name, look up "Poncho" Barnes. A rather Famous Aviator.

    88. aporiac

      This project often seems to bring out the best in everyone.

    89. Andy C

      Hey Leo, I see you've never tweeted but check your account if you have access to it fella... Good cause requires your input if you have one.

    90. robert miller

      You are doing fantastic work, your exactitude in copying the parts and reusing the original techniques as much as possible is epic. But I wish some international body would set the percentage of original wood that must remain to be the same ship - not a museum quality reproduction with a few original pieces. Reminds me of a displayed "complete" dinosaur skeleton that has only a real jaw and 2 vertebra. I am not just attacking you, if you have the log book and ships bell , you can register and insure a copy/recreation of a yacht claiming it is the same boat, this has been fought in maritime court and the re-builder won. The new yacht has the title/ build document of the old one. A friend of mine just read the above ask me, if I ever get my brain and spine put in a cyborg body will I still be me. So since I will be me, your yacht is TALLY HO .

      1. on4xb

        Josuah Slocomb stated that even when only one nail is original it still is the original ship. Lloyds register concurs with that standpoint. The "Ship of Theseus" theory confirms this also. Normally faulty parts are gradually replaced, but the neglect this ship suffered needed the replacement of nearly all of the parts in one go.TH is TH (and not TH 2.0, whatever one would call it).

    91. Richard Bohling Sr

      Wood as a thing of beauty. Well done to all.

    92. Martin Cabalzar

      Great work! Hope you'll enjoy sailing in Europe and also find some time to relax. Such a huge project must be exhausting. But she looks great and I really admire what you and your team are doing and creating. Have a great time!

    93. john lewis

      Hello Leo I had an idea that might help you make money for your build. The off cuts of the new keel and any of the old timbers and keel wood that still have any usable wood. Take and cut them in to knife blade scales for handles and wooden coins with a burnt in image of tally ho. They could be sold to the people watching your channel so they can have a piece of Tally Ho with them and you can have the cash you need to fix Tally Ho.

    94. Earl Hall

      I had a similar cold molded dinghy made by Hamish Davidson in Vancouver. He had made them while working at Boeing during the war and then went on his own. He started with the cold molded version and then fibreglass with a wooden transom. The first fibreglass ones had no gelcoat and apparently people were concerned as they could see the shadows of things on the bottom passing under them. He added gelcoat or paint to assuage that concern. His son is a Doctor in West Vancouver and has a collection of all the Davidson boats made. I had the 12 foot fibreglass version with the wood transom. Earl Hall

    95. Jared Paul

      I think we need a race across the Atlantic between Tally Ho and Arabella in a couple years.

    96. William J McCartan


    97. MT Mals

      Joshua Humpheys designer builder of America's first six frigates is dancing a jig in his grave. The old art lives. Congratulations.

    98. Robert Adams Metal Detecting

      Caught up on your build over the past two weeks. Truly amazing craftsmanship!

    99. Joe Garcia

      Leo, I could not find an address at the Sampson boat site to send you tools? Thanks, Joe

    100. Dustan Balkcom

      What a legendary team of volunteers