12. Chainplates & Knees / Live Oak & Bronze - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP12

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    Rebuilding a 1910 Sailing Yacht - I get attacked by a rogue falling deck beam, remove knees and chainplates, and launch my Patreon page. Become a patron; www.patreon.com/sampsonboatco Support us; sampsonboat.co.uk/support-tally-ho/
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    Hi! My name is Leo and I am an English Boatbuilder on a mission to rebuild and relaunch a historic wooden sailing vessel that was built in 1910, called TALLY HO.
    Firstly, thanks for watching and reading. This project is the biggest thing I have ever undertaken, and it's both labour-intensive and expensive. I am experienced, hardworking and dedicated, but I will struggle to finish this project without the support of people like yourself.
    When I considered taking on TALLY HO to save her from being destroyed, I knew the amount of work and expense would be extraordinary. As I thought about ways to tackle it, I developed the idea of documenting the rebuild, and involving volunteers. I hoped this would not only help make the restoration possible, but also turn it into a wider-reaching project that will be of interest and benefit to a range of boatbuilding and sailing enthusiasts, and also introduce others to the craft and the way of life that has bought me so much satisfaction.
    Having moved the boat 600 miles to a site on the Olympic Peninsular, WA, the rebuild is now progressing well. We are still in the deconstruction phase, although I am currently sourcing large amounts of timber to start putting fresh wood back into the boat early in the New Year (2018). I have begun to take on volunteers, and although the documentation takes a lot of time, it is generating great support all around the world.
    I hope to restore TALLY HO with as much historical accuracy as possible, whilst maintaining the highest standards of materials and workmanship, so that she will last for at least another 107 years. Eventually I plan to sail the boat back from the Pacific NW to the UK, which will be a journey worth documenting in itself, and race her in the famous Fastnet Race, which she won in 1927.
    Although I have been saving money as hard as I can for the last few years, this project promises to be ludicrously expensive. The cost of timber and of bronze fabrications will be the first major hurdles, but I am perfectly willing to return to paid work periodically to top up the funds. Any financial support I receive through Patreon / PayPal donations will help me to keep this project flowing and minimise those interruptions, helping to pay for timber, tools and materials, food and expenses, filming equipment, and so on and so on.
    I want my videos to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their means, so I will not be featuring much "patron-exclusive" content. However, credit to individual Patrons will be given in my videos, and I am working on a range of ideas, such as unique gifts, that will show Patrons my appreciation for their help in saving this historic sailing yacht.

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    1. bob smith

      did this guy really get bunk beds with a cute girl damn

    2. anotherdrummer2

      British man brings invasive species to new land on boat. Well that's just the whole history of the empire isn't it?

    3. Andrew Mantle

      Great sound track

    4. Slashley gibbins

      Those adjustables at one point were called adjustabubblers, but now they’re called bubblers. Got any bubblers? Where’s the bubblers?

    5. Jesper Hagström

      Back here watching now when all the bronze knees has been installed

    6. Bill Dyke

      They look like bees, not wasps. Have you not heard of bees' knees?

    7. Si74l0rd

      Pete at the foundry is definitely one of my favourite people. I wish I lived close enough to work in his foundry. Hard work, but fulfilling as hell.

    8. Harbour Dog

      16:45 Did the arsehole nosy neighbour call the "authorities" and complain you don't have a permit for that fire???

    9. Jacob Rudy

      I am sure that other viewers have posed this same question. How much of the original vessel will be left after the rehab is finished? - it seems like the answer may be "very little". If that is so - can you really call the finished project a rehabilation? Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to build a "new" Tally Ho using the prints that you have and integrate the usuable original parts of the original Tally Ho into the new build? Wouldn't that be the same thing - the same result? Perhaps the logic is that removing damaged parts and replacing them one by one as they are identified somehow retains the "soul", character and history" of the Tally Ho? I don't know that there is an answer to that question but I do enjoy watching the work and the committment to the project.

    10. Lorrie D Mussett

      Well, it may seem like I have zero creativity, but others have already said it for me.....I do not know how you appeared in my IThomes feed, but just too settled in for my 3 day off when to watch. Your personality, profession, passion, choice of music etc etc etc sucked me in fast! Love this all!

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        Welcome aboard!

    11. Harrison Mundschutz

      Yeah but if the entire boat got replaced over time and then you took the old pieces and reassembled them, which would be the original boat?

    12. Jim Fisher

      I'm in love with Cecca. So cute

    13. Rv4 Guy

      Does that foundry do a lot of maritime castings? Is that their bread and butter? Seems to be more than a coincidence that they are in the same place as several shipyards. In Bath Maine, there was a huge shipyard in the 1800s that made 4 and 5 masted coastal schooners. Next door was a foundry called Bath Iron Works. Now the shipyard is a museum and BIW grew and grew as wood gave way to metal construction and now they build frigates. Btw, why not a pneumatic rivet gun to knock out various fasteners?

    14. Robot Munkee


    15. Robot Munkee

      Watching in 2020 during covid semi-lock-down in California.

    16. Robot Munkee

      Love how Tim smiles so big whenever he notices the camera.

    17. Real Talk with Aaron

      i recognize that wrench from ep76. is this an episode with parts made later and then added? just curious i like learning about nautica and i dig this show

    18. MicroplasticNews

      So cool to watch this now and know that you actually did manage to cast them in bronze.

    19. Tom

      Entomologist here, those are actually flies in the family Syrphidae otherwise known as flower flies, quite harmless.

    20. B No

      What wonderful lovely lady. A rarity a good attitude, fun and infectiously pleasant. A gem a real gem.

    21. Adrian Polley

      Nice to see someone holding a punch correctly ( 2.10 ) , palm towards you ! Something I was taught at school 50 years ago and never forgotten.

    22. gudleifur kristinsson

      Your best asset is your girlfrend!!!!!

    23. Alex Nagle

      2 years later, casting floors with Pete!

      1. WunHeart

        I have just started rewatch this series and I am finding so much more new details that I had missed. As you said great introduction to Pete here. Leo: Amazing progress from here. Love the whole project.

    24. James Fenton

      If you ever run into bald faced hornets again try non chlorinated brake cleaner, it works so well. I have allot around here, I always have some brake cleaner nearby, it works on intruders, hornets, wildly pissed off Exes, and it works instantly. You might not need a gun, if you have a fresh can of brake clean handy.

    25. John von Horn

      @ 13:00 The dudes abide.

    26. Beaky Twitch

      Well, am enjoying watching, but am done with contributing to wooden boat restoration after a stint helping a guy in the UK in the early 1990s. He got lots of work out of us, then in various ways drove everybody away and recruited new volunteers. A sort of fiefdom, and very snide. After that I had no more interest in boats, and neither did the other volunteers.

    27. mfalc855

      Dear Leo, Any way of giving out your play list of music? Great taste of eclectic jazz.

    28. Galerak

      That poor lamp. I'm pretty sure that's the 3rd time I've seen it suffer 'rapid unplanned disassembly' during this rebuild so far xD

    29. redhughdl

      they were bees not wasps (aka hornets)

    30. enlightendbel

      There's a lot of bronze statues being taken down this year ....

    31. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    32. Who Am I?

      A boat is a complex whose parts are extrinsic to the whole. There is no “boat” there is an assemblage of parts. It is, in the most technical sense, an artifact. And so in a boat there is no substantial change no matter the degree of the change, since it is itself technically only an accidental arrangement of parts. Just saying.

    33. Peter Brickwood

      Can't wait to see the Tally Ho rigged and ready to sail.


      Those are not wasps. They are flies that mimic bees.

    35. Oneofdazzz

      didn't see a post on it but was the PVC part of a retrofit bilge pump in a semi recent retrofit?

    36. Mark Gilder

      In 1910, I wonder how many men it would have taken to construct “Tally Ho” in the first place. Even in 1910, not a cheap vessel to build.

    37. ShamanSTK


    38. Rudy antheus

      hello , i watched your video all the night , because of you , xd i thinking about your keel , do you watched this ? ithomes.info/net/ytuR1cNrd2FnlaQ/video and can you explain me please , why you do your keel , thank you very much , i learn a lot with you, thank you very much , rudy

    39. TinyNStrong

      The patreon link isn’t working

    40. Robert Mecalis

      Somehow I never saw this video and I thought I’d seeing all of them at least three times don’t know how I missed it but it was a good one

    41. Brent Hudson

      Here's to the inventor of the high-speed grinder!

    42. Alex Lavoie

      2:00 Rest in piece lightbulb

    43. John Chattaway

      Triggers brush comes to mind... four heads and two new handles... 🥴⚓️

    44. Ko Phyo

      She is so cute😍😍

    45. J Greenseed

      He so wanted to say "motherf**king pins" at 14:13

    46. Andthen 01

      Watching from the start after Acorn to Arabella mentioned you when talking about bent frames vs sawn frames. I’m really enjoying the series, your manner and the aspiration. Great work and cheers from down under.

    47. bill ibbotson


    48. BluetoothSensei


    49. Jim C

      Down here in Texas I can get you all the live oak you want.

    50. TheJustonemore

      Thanks Tim

    51. anthony white

      I decided to check your older videos out. Alone across the Atlantic? Nice one! Keep up the good work.

    52. Rick W

      No Worries merely a flesh wound .......?

    53. nandordena F.M.

      2:44 Delphinidae SAW

    54. zSimpleman zSimpleman

      Theirs only two knees left, hey what am I doing wrong, I only have two knees to begin with. LOL

    55. Ole-Egil Hvitmyren

      Really enjoyed the dolphin-possessed sawsall at 2:42. That has to be a good omen.

    56. Gene Goodman

      Check around you may find some honey, them there bees ain't wasp, their honey bees. I think this is my 12th video tonight and if I watch any more you will say I'm binge watching. Good night stay safe

    57. Adam wall

      why not build a new one

    58. Martial.Lore

      Presumably the interior was gutted before you bought the boat. Do you have information about the cabin fixtures and materials from when Tally Ho was built?

    59. alvaro damico

      Hello friend, I greet you from montevideo, uruguay, south america, I make a comment, it would be good to me to understand that the videos had subtitles in Spanish, so that people who do not speak English can enjoy them too. opinion nothing more. Greetings again and I really like your videos.

    60. Jeff Collins

      I’ve been rebuilding 750 sq ft deck and the demolition is killing me. I can’t imagine what a boat that size is like.

    61. Ronnie Stanley

      Ya know, Harbor freight sells LED drop lights pretty cheap. As many of those drop light bulbs he has busted he could have paid for one! Lol

    62. Mar Kee Ta Farmer

      Ever think of reusing some of the original fittings that aren't bronze and powder coating to protect from rusting ?

    63. Adam Wyles

      You are insane, but this is wonderful! Absolutely loving it

    64. Nick V

      2:44 sounds like a cartoon dolphin going bananas.

    65. James Linderman

      About the chain plates, I agree that if galvanized & coated properly they won’t rust anytime soon. Bronze will also oxidize & leave green streaks down the hull. Just saying. What a big undertaking having said that good job & keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to those of us who have the same dreams regardless of the size or material used in the construction of the vessel being restored,,

    66. Jeff Becker

      @12:00 Aluminum bronze is easy to make for next to nothing - beer cans and scrap wiring/pipe.

    67. Bob Eden

      Knees out mother brown? haha!

    68. Daniele Florean

      At about 9:00, we solve the Theseus' ship paradox

    69. wan-der-lust

      Hey Leo, I stumbled upon your channel yesterday and I'm starting from the beginning and watching to current while I rehab from a total knee replacement. I am totally blown away by your: Tally Ho project, knowledge and boatbuilding skill, filming and editing, and many more attributes. I used to build custom sailboat interiors back in the day (the largest an 81' maxi racer). But for having a very high propensity for seasickness I might have built my own boat and be cruising the the seas now. Looking forward to catching up to your story and follow you through to the launch of Tally Ho. Thanks for this vicarious journey.

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        welcome aboard, and thanks!!

    70. BirdDog Mason

      Just climbed on board, and really, I don’t know where you get the vision for a project like this. Good for you! How about wooden belaying pins made from the wood taken from the boat to sale. That could raise some money.

    71. Gilbern Invader

      I know I'm way behind watching this, but are you reusing/recycling all the old bronze that you are removing????

    72. Patrick

      Isn't Tim the best? I love Patreon, and have since they started. I already followed the first couple of folk on patreon (one of which is married to the fellow that created patreon). I'm quite poor on disability, but after the first, I might kick down $3/video or so. It's not much, but everything helps, no? It's funny, I live in San Francisco now, but I grew up in South Texas, and there _chest of drawers_ was normal usage. Quite loved Pete. He was that rare human being that had a wonderful breadth of knowledge and who _loved_ sharing what he knew. The world grows from people like him. I'd like to work for him even as a free intern, but fear that since I'm 63 no one would want me because they wouldn't get much use out of me before, you know, I'm not useful any more. The boyz look like brothers if not twins.

    73. Ed M

      Anyone who restore a beautiful boat like this using this muck love and care deserves some sort of lottery funding. Your doing a great job

    74. Jo Anne Collins

      I know nothing about boat building and I can't stop watching these videos. Thanks so much for doing this!

    75. Curtis Depatie

      I am currently loving and plowing through your videos. You are an incredible worker. I cannot wait to see the part where your craftsmanship begins. Your videos are incredibly entertaining and I look forward to another year's worth until I manage to catch up and then have to wait for you to make them like everyone else. I'm not sure how many videos she is in over the next year but I can tell you for sure that there are three things that take your videos from great to fantastic: puppies, parrots, and Cecca. Keep up the great work.

    76. Jay Byington

      Do you have the rigging for this boat ?

    77. Tony Two Toes

      how many light bulbs did you go through...i hate those hanging lights...you could have bought and LED for the price of replacing the bulbs

    78. Andy C

      Those wasps are disguised as honey bees ;)

    79. Bill Anderson

      You have the best music tracks of any british wooden boat builder on IThomes :)

    80. ttaibe

      Inspirational! Also I like the comments.

    81. Braden Williams

      Great video!

    82. WelLRoundeDSquarE

      it defies reason that 130,000 people will view a video, but only 4,300 will like it. What gives? Easiest way to show your support is by liking it. Please step up viewers and give a like. Takes 37 milliseconds, and will go a long way in helping you get to heaven

    83. Chad M

      Ill take the top bunk

    84. Thiago Ennes

      tally ho is not the planks that make her... she is the space between the planks :)

    85. Bingo Sun Noon

      nodular iron knees

    86. memikell

      I have to admire your work ethic, a project like this would drive most to despair. You understand "restoration" as opposed to renovate. Good luck, good sailing!

    87. M L.

      wait, you didn't have a guest bed already.... Also, have you heard of an air hammer?

    88. Harrison Wheeler

      Binge watching your channel! It just feels like at some point, that boat is going to just split into! LOL.. taking the keel apart, and the deck, it's still an amazingly strong old boat! My hats off to your effort! Oh, and Sub'd!!!

    89. Randy Ross

      my brother has a couple curly maple in Monroe wa I have a chainsaw mill. don't know if it would help. message me on facebook . im from Coeur d alene id.

    90. Braden Williams

      These videos are great, thanks!

    91. Carsten Rich

      I'm addicted

    92. Kim Glidden

      Love this!

    93. Kim Glidden

      Patreon is a great idea!

    94. w450f Tired of Pavement Racing

      you need a pneumatic wrench or a torque wrench bud!

    95. Michael Teeple

      Ive just gotten into this ordeal. You seem to be the man for the job, you have a well rounded set of skills and the boat is lucky to have found you, sorry if youve covered this or plan to then i can wait but do you plan on modernizing with a.c., gen. Set, and such or keep with the era of the build. I wouldnt bash either way, just not sure it would hurt the value if nothing to drastic was done, whats your thinking on it.

    96. Larry Campbell

      those were bees not wasps. fyi...LOL wasps are angry little buggers that are full of hate.

    97. Don Krypton

      So...when you renew a piece of _Tally Ho,_ it slowly becomes _Tally Ho,_ too. And when every piece is renewed, it's still _Tally Ho!_

    98. Gort Newton

      110 volts AC lighting, yeah, no site helmet (probably wiser but doesn't look good), heavy items not secured prior to lifting, no safety harness when working above a height (even modest height falls can wreck your spine/brain/liver/whatever), often working alone, tsk, tsk - that's not safe.

    99. Paul Hitchman

      there's a lot of sail on the vessel, have you wondered where you're going to get the sails for this yacht/ship?

    100. UcanEAT thePnuts

      Fantastic channel leo , heaps of talent not least your demeanor . If i wasnt in Bermuda id definitely lend a hand on this important project. . Its completely enlightenedme to the mystique of the wooden craft