Installing the Fashion Pieces (Rebuilding Tally Ho EP61)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Installing the Fashion Pieces (EP61)
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    EPISODE 61.

    In this episode we install the Fashion Pieces, which will form the connection between the hull planking and the transom. We have to cut the heels, drill and chisel the notches in the centreline, and bed them with Red Lead paint and bedding compound (Dolfinite
    & pine tar). Rowan also works on fairing the bottom of the frames in preparation for the cast bronze floor templates. Finally, I work on adjusting the frames to be fair at the sheer line, in preparation for the beam shelf (sheer clamp) and bilge stringer.


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    Dan Lebowitz - Hiiltop

    Bad Snacks - A Caring Friend
    Wayward Jane - Old Train ( )
    Joey Pecoraro - Jazz Apricot

    61. Installing the Fashion Pieces (Tally Ho EP61)

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    1. Sampson Boat Co

      What do you guys think of the new Outro, featuring Pancho??? Also, make sure you check out Rowans video ( ) and thanks to Wayward Jane for the music ( )

      1. Bob Barry

        Sampson boat company

      2. Charlie O'Malley

        johnod1955 ?j

      3. Tony Grimes

        @Online Christian Fellowship KJV Scriptures Only Pancho is a *she*

      4. Tony Grimes

        @John Ratcliffe *She*

      5. Harrison Wheeler

        Perfect! Pancho seems to be a very happy bird.

    2. calartian85

      Interesting to see the shed timbers, framing table and props all aging in the weather over time. The urge to rush and enclose everything quickly must be intense.

    3. Lorrie D Mussett

      Leo's choice of music is so uniquely his. No matter the genre.....every song sets the right mood thru out the video!

    4. Lorrie D Mussett

      It just dawned on me why this is so appealing to me. Simply put..good people seem to attract other good people. Of all the different types of interests out there ( bird watching, Chinese asian art, old masterpiece oil paintings, cooking, HO scale railroads & miniature ...just to name a few ) that I look for to learn from or be entertained by.....this entire project & more important the entire list of people involved has resulted into the most authentic expression of man's abilities and the kindness they have to share with open arms. We need much much more of this!!!

    5. Sandy White

      Leo, I'm late to the viewing of your project but what a massive undertaking! Whew, I am still watching your video's (in order) and as a woodworker, love it! Keep it up and we will keep watching. I agree on these folks who always offer a thumbs down...very interesting.

    6. clockguy2

      Rowan's van conversion:

    7. Tim

      Everyone looking just a wee bit less youthful.

    8. Andy Aim

      I can’t comprehend the skill level required to do this work. I truly hope it doesn’t become a dying art.

    9. Big Dan

      When you launch and sail away , will you get your own Pancho ? I bet you will miss him .

    10. Calum Hunter

      Pancho is a mega-star.

    11. Charles Seymour

      This must be the most high fashion clip yet with the fashion pieces being attached to the stern post. Lookin good now like a fare ship.

    12. Copcon

      Both of you and your girlfriend are so down to earth.....

    13. A D

      Where did you get that hand planer with the curve??

    14. xpez

      Why are they called fashion pieces? How does the word fashion relate to sailboats in this context?

    15. TheBoraxKid

      youre really bundled up, must be close to 70 there

    16. nagualdesign

      (6:08) Go Nads!

    17. James Fenton

      Damn dude, put a ring on that girl, life is short....

    18. Andrew Collins

      I am just now getting to this milestone in the videos an am enjoying watching the progress. Is the ASA building a volunteer house next door? Can’t wait to see her finished in two years.

    19. Savage Hornpoke

      Black Locust went extinct from a Japanese beetle disease in the 70's...or so I thought. First it was the Dutch Elm, then the Black Locust.

      1. Dan Cook

        I thought he said it grows in fair quantities in the area hes in. I may be wrong, my memory is awful!

    20. Zedhead

      LOL! Poncho!

    21. Deane Hill

      Pancho adds to the variety of this channel. You do amazing work and you certainly know how to use tools. Keep having Cecca included.

    22. Andrew Davies

      Love all the shots of Pancho

    23. Mike Wolowicz

      I love watching your videos, but always feel sort of... lost. Spend a couple seconds on explaining what a rabbit is, please. I'm watching you carve massive pieces of wood to install a rabbit, but have no idea what that means. You also talk casually about a trunnel but spend no time telling us what this is. A couple of hand gestures in the right direction would help us better understand what you're talking about. Love watching your work.

    24. Chad M

      Rowan seems like a nice boy.

    25. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    26. Bob Bailey

      Having power tools greatly improves and increases your productivity imagine how much time the original craftsmen must of taken.

    27. Mathias Falk

      I love Pancho!

    28. Timothy Keech

      I haven't seen all your episodes Leo but I have seen a lot and I watch them with fascinated admiration - for your persistence, your skill, your knowledge of the work, your versatility. determination and your reaction to adversity. When things go wrong you are at your best. Of course, giving up on the project is unthinkable but you need to call upon your resources of spirit and optimism sometimes and somehow you come shining through. I would have loved to be involved at some point but that's not going to happen so I shall admire from afar and follow your progress to its conclusion. You've had some great help there and the guys who have done their various bits seem to have had an absolute ball helping. Power to your elbow Leo. You carry all this off with genuine good humour and I wish you well.

    29. ed holm

      wanna say : You deserve the nobel price. beautiful work, commitment, Im stuned!

    30. Roger Chapanis

      What types of wood have you been using? In particular, what type has the beet color?

      1. Donna & Dan channel

        Purple Heart for the keel etc and live Oak for the frames. The frames pieces are pinned with Black Locust.

    31. Zihnigür Dereli


    32. S B

      Talk Less, Think More, Work Harder

    33. Diomedista y Martinista 100%

      valla que son increibles, son muy jovenes soy de colombia de una región donde hacen barcos similares, tambien soy constructor, pero en fibra de vidrio enbarcaciones pequeñas, creo que me veré todos los videos excelente, realmente son muy buenos en este oficio.

    34. Richard Gordon

      Kudos, not only are you a master craftsman, you are also a fabulous filmmaker. This is really interesting stuff!

    35. eduardo couto

      is Pancho not able to fly? How does he come to you in the morning? Do you pick him up from your landlord's house?

    36. runningray

      So strange that I got emotional at the 13:00 minute mark. It's amazing to see an object that is made by the mind of man to be supremely in charge of his environment, but also in harmony with that environment.

    37. Gene Kloszewski

      looks great leo , excellent job

    38. Altamont Chin

      Great chickens I wish I had some in my garden by the way what is your age

    39. agus cibi

      Way no Wood..

    40. Janez Jonsa

      Listen Leo... whatever you do, in any phase of built, suck wood primer, or two hands on it. You cant over do it. All of the wood, before every glue joint, has to have copius ammounts of marine wood primer. You cant put enough of this on your whatever, planck, board.. Drown it. Agent orange baby... just nuke it all.

      1. Janez Jonsa

        And before you go plank this lady, i advise you go every 3th or 4th planck making half width sized, half width planck of pine, up to 30cm above water level. Its for worms. Thats how we do it in Dalmatia. And we fucking nuke it all, agent orange at all costs. Priming or death. We do nothing with wood, unless its primed first. If build is new, then we do twice. I see nothing at your shop. Bare wood, fancy glue... not enough. Good luck cpt, I love your vids. Sbscrbd

    41. Sayed Hasan

      amazing good job. god bles you

    42. Dave S.

      We are reaching angles that shouldn't even be possible!

    43. anthony white

      Great video thanx!

    44. Pointpilot

      Leo, one cannot discredit your work ethic. Surly you you must not find it hard to fall asleep at night. Pancho has become quite the "Star". Your lady friend appears to be a good sport and "all around" first mate. You are a lucky man. Pointpilot

    45. Coby Scheldt

      You are a force of Nature Leo. Tenacity like the sun and moon, you just keep doing it, literally dawn til well after-dusk. It's a shining light this vessel. Glad to see you still have the assistance of so many good people, including of course that damn good woman. (Samantha?)

      1. Coby Scheldt

        The piano after Poncho is lovely and compelling, thank you Madam Tally Ho can be described all kind of ways, of course. by "shining light" I could have also called her a Song. A long, song to be sure, but the Haiku version no doubt will be when you're sailing her. At this stage of completion one can imagine her lift over the first wave beneath her keel after so many years. She creaks and mutters a bit as she adjusts her great pile of living-parts, then rises gamely to meet the next one. Okay, enough of this malarky, I'm veering dangerously close to the anthropocentric. Thanks Shipwright!

    46. Robert Fay

      *Hopefully this will be of some good use for you. [taken from **** ] "Fulfilled, not Famous: Stories and Insights from Content Creators on Building a Relationship with your Audience, Creativity, and Perseverance": ***

    47. Klayto Too

      Yo Leo -- have you done any thinking as to how you are going to furnish the inside/cabin. I ask cause I'm ah bit of a Fine Furniture Maker(40+yrs) would enjoy a collaborating with or lending you a hand on your Mega Project … tables/desk/beds andor etc.. Cabinets.. PS: You are impressive in your knowledge-raw Talent-+skill + impressive personality. several things about your excellent Videos --- 1 is that your choice of Music is great. Your skill, knowledge portrayed in them is fantastic. I not saying this too well. many premier Universities Must have your Complete Video series in their Achieves. also you may not realize it but many Universities would be very interested in you, your Project and the Fantastic preservation of Your and the Art an Craft and skills that your skillful demonstrate, explain and then do.. several points: 1is it is possible that many Universities would consider giving you a PhD for your demonstration of your University Level Knowledge and and experience/skill. many Universities may be very willing to give you significant grant$ our Buy your Video collection.. and this is NOT Limited to just American Universities. Tho USA prestigious Colleges should be willing to "die" for having you/your work in their archives. also- doing some speaking presentations/Q/As -- etc - - you hype up you fascinating efforts-- cause it dose not seem your collective work(s) is not seen by enough people of the enabling $ort... so, I'm rambling on, spontaneously; I'm gonna work up a bit of a "Press Package" and get the word out about your Project and depth of knowledge.. PBS BBC and many others Oxford University Harvard, Yale Stanford many schools in North East where US Boat Building was done would to know of and learn from YOU Oh and Happy New Years from one crafts man to another :)

    48. Ramphastos

      God imagine doing this job without power tools!

    49. Steve Garneau

      Leo, you, are remarkable in your dedication and determination to see this project through! So impressive.

    50. bfarm44

      I have no idea how you know what you do but god help us all if no one else ever learns this. I mean here I am fumbling around with my Phantom adding a bow sprit and a bit of working jib and I thing I’m accomplishing something. I’m in first grade again

    51. cyberman

      Where are the bloofers?

    52. Philippe Bateman

      I just wanted to wish you and yours the happiest of holidays......I enjoy watching your series very much and wish you the best of luck with your entire project.

    53. Luis Carrasco-Cortes

      Reading about you in the RORC yearbook! What an inspiring story, Leo. All the best

    54. Charles Reliable

      Pleasant Music.

    55. Charles Reliable

      Is that You singing, Leo?

    56. Jack Walker

      There is no such thing as too many clamps.

      1. Greg Pallett

        Jack Walker how many hundreds of clamps - and thousands of dollars worth of clamps - do you suppose he has?

    57. Bruce Kepley

      I'm impressed further with your candor, of displaying your mistake at 8:04, and , of not using the 'blue tape' suggested by Rowan. Character.

    58. Keith Wignall

      Hi, Leo, praying for you at this Christmastime. Relax, come back renewed. I look frward to seeing Tally Ho on the water!

    59. Danethanor

      You need to give the bird his own episode, like A day in the life of (don't know the name of the bird) and condense it to 24 minutes. I built a boat when living on the Gulf in Texas when I was 11 yrs. A broken fiberglass bow attached to old pallets and no telling how many nails. It weighed too much for me to move it, in hindsight was probably a good thing if it actually floated.

      1. Tony Grimes

        Pancho is female.

    60. Ian Craig

      Leo I am absolutely in awe of your skills. So good to watch.

    61. Nicholas Petrish

      Great memories. When I was in HS, i was a wooden boat builder apprentice at Freya boat works in Anacortes back in the late 70s. We built the Sophia Christina. 42 foot double masted schooner.

    62. gwkdad

      Would you consider showing your setup for starting your shipbuilders saw? It looks like you use a separate motor to start the saw motor, it must be 440v 3 phase?

      1. on4xb

        episode 22:

    63. Bely Bob

      Came across the Dutch Wood boat builder using wood from Alaska! Touchwood BV is based in Holland but, through a joint venture, we have our speciality sawmill in South East Alaska where top grades Sitka Spruce and Alaska Yellow Cedar are sawn.

    64. John Templeton

      Leo you will want to watch a video about steaming planks .......... go to: Steaming Planks - Acorn to Arabella Dec. 13 this video shows a interesting way to steam planks onto the frames

      1. CaptainBarry

        I'm sure Leo knows whats up with planking, He worked with the Providence's (the ship i work on) shipwright, they're all a very capable group of shipwrights.

    65. talisay

      That hole drilled for the propeller shaft is too small by far. Maybe when she was first built, an engine that fitted into her ER space was large but lacked HP but today, 150 Hp can be had from a small diesel easily and to move the mass of TallyHo you will need HP and at least an 1 3/4" SS shaft ( better to go with 2") which means you need room for a shaft tube and a cutless bearing on the outside and a shaft seal gland housing on the inside. Build that area up now before you start sheathing with hull planking and you will save yourself a lot of grief in the future. Ignore it and every time you need to motor I'll wish you could kick yourself in the arse....

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        it's just a pilot hole. It will be bored to over 2".

    66. Alisson Leite

      Que tal por legendas em português, vc tem vários seguidores Brasileiro!!!!!

    67. Alasdair Trimmer

      She’s looking beautiful

    68. John Petersen

      Leo! You trunnel maker you! :-)

    69. Hendrie official

      I am from Indonesia 🙏

    70. hestetube

      What can I say which has not already been said? Only this: I wish you a very Merry Chistmas and a very Happy New Year. Can we expect the launch of Tally Ho in 2020?

    71. Alain Moran

      Is everything OK? ... starting to fret here!

    72. Tom mcluckie

      ship happens lol we all have brain cramps even after 40yrs still happens lol

    73. Su Yenta

      Bagus dan kokoh tetap semangat, walaupun saya tidak bisa buat kapal.

    74. Fergus Drufas

      Все хорошо, кроме помошника

    75. IronShips

      getting there... 😌

    76. get in

      Did you train under someone or are you just naturally "brilliant?"

      1. Tony Grimes

        See &

    77. Robert Fay

      *I hope you enjoy the feel and craftsmanship here as much a i did when i found it. **** ""From delays to launching" The Holmström Family in Klungsten, Hållnäs 1972, has a long tradition of building boats. The Holmströmsboats are known for being well built and sea-safe.*

    78. Ben Harrison

      Amazing work! Love seeing your progress and appreciate all your hard work on this lovely boat!

    79. sea change

      Pancho deserves her very own cameo. Bravo!

    80. peter sgouros

      Go Nads! Good to see another RISDoid around :-)

    81. Harvey Kimsey

      That’s real skill maneuvering those stern pieces into place! Thanks for a great video, Leo.

    82. Gruntslayer 35

      I just found your series and I watched the whole thing in two days, I love it. It's almost like a children's book, you're taking on this huge task one step at a time and you have all these friends and new people coming in, and all the animals of course.

    83. Simon Elenor

      Just saw this and thought it might be useful.

    84. Saoirse N Mikey

      I thought this Episode was excellent viewing Leo. I am hoping that you are going to get some muscle in for those beams as I should think there will be some serious weights involved when moving such cumbersome sized wood into such a confined space? Seriously mate be careful 😬👍🏼 Ps how anyone could thumb the craftsmanship and effort going into not only this project but the quality of these uploads is beyond me? There are some sad bar stewards out there. As I like to say to such sorts... Away n raffle yersel

    85. Grumpy G

      Better than coffee in the morning.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    86. Charlie Cain

      Went back to episode 13 when you removed the stringers to compare the framing, new frames seem to be a little more curvy to my eye at any rate! Cast bronze floors! Ever seen those brick walkways with donor names engraved on them? That would be kinda cool and sbould generate a bit of revenue.

    87. Little Bear canoe company

      Perfect 👌

    88. M B

      How are you paying for all this??

    89. celalettin ışıksal

      sen harıkasın keşke bende senin ülkende yaşamış olsaydım da sana yardım edebilseydim .o ruhu bende yaşasaydım allah (god) güç kuvvet versin seviyoruz seni.........

    90. Johm Strom

      Such a pleasure to watch. She is quite the beautiful beast! Robust! The thought of sailing her is intimidating to this landlubber (nevermind the construction, daunting~/\10th). Ha. The editing screams for a Dragonshead bowsprit-or perhaps a Parrot head (Pancho not Jimmy!). Well done, as ever. Bacon butties on me!

    91. MikeCharlieAlpha

      I know it’s only been three days but I’d like another episode now.

    92. Hamadanners

      Bees wax would help cool the bit with no adverse afects on the wood

    93. Jed Perkins

      I'm finally caught up! Found your channel about a month ago and have been working my way through the videos! Love the work your doing!

    94. jonathan greedy

      You mention beam shelves and sheer clamps. I was of the understanding that the sheer clamp is fitted vertically and the deck beams housed into it as you are doing. In some schools and some boats the beam shelf is a different component that sits horizontally underneath the deck beams not necessarily the full length of the sheer and can stop short of the stem and it’s end can be rounded in plan. It is horizontally bolted to the sheer clamp and adds considerable strength. The attached image has both components. Great work.

    95. Lars Lange

      I give one thing, you have two beautiful birds looking after you. Love your work.

    96. AG

      bird: dude stop rearranging my house it’s fine! “Fished boat sailing the Gulf Stream” Bird: wtf.. it’s flying

    97. Roland Lowhorn

      Hopefully brings clarity the parrot the chicken the girl folding things maybe she'll go beyond pancakes and make croissants . Everything is wonderful in this is a very wonderful time making a vessel that is alive is a powerful thing the wood would be happy to have an adventure

    98. Wil

      Looking forward to more videos

    99. Jack pine Savage

      With all the bad news I'm bombarded with everyday, your videos have a calming effect on me.