Cutting and Fitting a Keel Timber Scarph Joint - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP14.PART2.

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Cutting and Fitting the Keel Scarph in a massive piece of hardwood timber Support; Become a Patron;
    THIS episode, I cut and fit the big hook scarph in the Purpleheart for Tally Ho’s Keel timber. It’s a very dense hard wood, so it takes me some time, and lots of tool sharpening, to get the faces nice and clear, fitting well. Moving these timbers around is a real challenge because of their weight (the larger one is about 1.5 tons), but is possible with lots of levers, jacks and rollers, and is just the kind of work I enjoy.
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    14. Part 2; Cutting and Fitting the Keel Timber Scarph Joint - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP14.PART2.

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      Just recently came across your channel via Keith Rucker. I'm so glad he was doing a job for you. Love your passion for this Eleventy One year old yacht. I bet it will look absolutely gorgeous when you have finished. That Purple-Heart is damn beautiful wood. Just stunning!!!! So satisfying to see the scarf joint come together, just incredible craftsmanship. Damn excellent scarf joint Buddy!!!

    2. Don Nelson

      It's so inspirational to see you carry on the work of our ancestors and get a feel of what it took to create our past. Great work and dedication Leo.

    3. Doug Koyama

      That was pretty satisfying.

    4. Jan Dehn


    5. JD Gleason

      I am exhausted after watching that. Nice work putting that together.

    6. Luuk de Boer

      This one was really nerve-wracking but you confidently finished the job step by step. Amazed!

    7. Ba d Neighbour

      Was that a Cambodian song at 9:06?

    8. Doug Larson

      I love the craftsmanship but why not set up a simple jig and use a router to cut that scarf joint? You use plenty of power tools anyway...

    9. peterxrocks


    10. vtwin6

      Awesome work..!!!!

    11. coug96fan

      Your craftsmanship is incredible. Building the Scarph joint by hand and getting such a great fit is quite a testament to you skill and passion. And I think all boat yards need a dog, chickens and a parrot! :)

    12. Harbour Dog

      Just wondering, what kinds of arseholes give these videos a thumbs down? Explain yourselves, please.

    13. Harbour Dog

      9:30: Uh, yeah, be careful there, lad, or that lovely Cecca may not be paying any return visits ;)

    14. John Ferris

      superb workmanship... but the matching feathers and hair at 10:43 is the best part... look at that...

    15. David Potter

      Voted best sound tract for boat building

    16. Dick Jones

      Beautiful work on that scarf joint. I've used purple heart for box tops and I know it is expensive, and I was wondering all through the video what it cost. I wonder how many board ft there was in the two pieces.

    17. Mitch Gates

      Impressive man, geez.

    18. Finn Engen

      For planing the joint. Buling a sled for a router that is true in relation to what you are working on, and sanding/planing down the last few ridges.

    19. Real Talk with Aaron

      sure do look into the sun a lot. its called a scar, or scarf, the union between the two pieces? oh, scarph, thanks

    20. Michael de Guzman

      How do you even get purpleheart that big

    21. Higinio Pintado

      With a curve blade in a handplane (fore plane, very strong iron) you could remove much faster material than with and electric plane, than you change to a larger hand plane to smooth: you save money and time, and you get fit. But you made it anyway, you have great actitud. Saludos desde otros mares.

    22. Rob Smith

      What a gorgeous grain on the lump of purple heart :-)

    23. Jerry Lifsey

      Can you get sponsorship by doing tool review videos and maybe tool manufacturers would be willing to give you tools to try/keep and maybe give money?

    24. Jerry Lifsey

      Did Poncho come with the house/workshop or it is your long time pet?

    25. Antonin Besse

      The most satisfying video in the series so far! Well done, amazing job.

    26. philip Brailey

      I love the music.

    27. David Marshall

      how many days did it take to connect the keel timbers? is there a technical reason you did not use a longer timber or just not available?

    28. Armand79th

      At least you didn't buy some Ryobi junk from SprawlMart..

    29. Shaun Oakes

      great job .. I know i'm years behind :) .. but that Timber Scarf Joint was truely amazing !! ..

    30. Rick Knight

      How many hours do you estimate that was put into the scarf joint?

    31. Seamus McGrath

      Great job, well done!

    32. andrew taylor

      amazing work ... but could not help thinking "router + jig" the whole time ... would love to know the pros/cons here

    33. º¿º

      well done!

    34. John von Horn

      The song at the end, for all you hip, young things that like to sail to south pacific atolls and party hard is by, "The Pharaos" - Pharaos' Theme. A group of wild things from Sweden. Surf's out. Ride the wave of reality - I always wipe out.

    35. Henry Robinson

      All I can say is wow!!!

    36. philip Brailey

      Love the music.

    37. W Dustin

      Absolutely fascinating! The music could not have been better. Wondering what the foreign language song was. Looking forward to the continuing episodes...

    38. Chad Lietz

      WOW! That is some damn fine wood work.

    39. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    40. Ken Marapese

      Unbelievable! I appreciated every bit of that.

    41. Robert McAusland

      Just watched the first 14 episodes and can't wait to get back at it tomorrow! Unbelievable dedication, knowledge and work ethic. Wish I had done something like this when I was his age. Cheers!

    42. Maarten Beute

      the parrot is the coolest

      1. Maarten Beute

        he should be on your merch


      Just a Big Big Woooaaaaah for the good job.

    44. Phil Saunter

      Oh man, looking at these timbers joining is sooooo satisfying.

    45. Seanoldio Sweatio

      I like that your straight edge is a saw

    46. Zureal

      Iv got to say, that was some sexy ass woodwoodworking. Very nice work :D I love how you explain why you are doing everything to, from when you picked out the wood to now. Very cool man!

    47. Stan W

      Really nice work.

    48. Jason Lockhart

      When you put the two kills together at first I thought wow that fit together nice but at the end when you fit them together I couldn't believe how well they fit together unbelievable you're doing a great job keep up the great work can't wait to see it float

    49. O. H. W.

      12:25 a collective "...holy God what an accomplishment..."

    50. J Greenseed

      Someone, for the love of bacon, get this guy a skidsteer.

    51. Benjamin Marks

      Wow a lot of boomers in the comments talking about "them young people don't know work!" 🙄

    52. Per Larsen

      Did you secure, that this piece of purpleheart was lumbered responsible, or did you just buy you self a illegally piece of the endangered rainforest?

    53. John Parker

      Just realised you used a spare page in your passport to draw up the demo of cutting a scarf! Respect!

    54. Eric Turner

      When you build a tender, please name it Poncho.

    55. Kurt Rohlfing

      In your opinion how well would the Japanese wood joining would do with a keel of this size? Having no rails.

    56. Anton Spilhaus

      Watching you scarf those two huge bits of timber together was just beautiful. Wow, amazing work there. Following this project with geeat interest!

    57. Will Fishing

      I've worked with purple heart quite a bit, but apparently, I've never really worked with purple heart! that's a big piece of wood, I bet those splinters felt good

    58. OccasionalGamer

      Watching you work, sans all the modern tools, is like watching someone in a shipyard working 250 years ago. It is a thing of beauty!

    59. Paul Tribbett

      boxed , microwaved lunches,, and ramen noodle bachelor soup ,,just sayin

    60. Paul Tribbett

      no home cooking should have been nicer to the cook

    61. C.A.

      Seeing those two pieces drop into together was awesome!!

    62. Dale Furman

      Can your parrot hear the music? He seams as tho he's dancing to it... BTW your's seems as though a labor of love! I wish I could come to assist you! I'm a poor man with a history that could have been you had I taken better turns in my life.My Grandfather was a contractor and builder since 1910. My father, his son, was a cabinet maker and Mechanic. I assisted my father at 10 years old at tearing apart and restoring a 1940's Century 15' outboard Mahogany runabout and he raced a 1935 Rudge 500 cc flat-tracker (British)! I'm 65 now and disabled but I grew up around our huge wood shop and the smell of fresh cut wood. I'm a poor man now living only on Social Security so I can't afford to donate but watching your videos takes me back to before my Dad died ( when I was 12 years old, 1968) Thank You for the dream as I follow you through your dream through your Video series! P.S. My Great- Grandmother was pure British (Burt)...

    63. Stephen Gile

      Would it been easier to finish out the scarph joint dimensions by using a router sled?

    64. Cadwaladr

      I thought I'd cut some fairly large joints before. Well, that is one hell of a nice job.

    65. Sam Pennyfather

      damn dude when that joint lowered into place. Feels good

    66. Rod Parker

      Terrific Sir .

    67. Mick S

      God dam it man - you busted my heart when you included that footnote about the bankruptcy. I know I am a bit late discovering your channel but I hope that everything did get better for you.

    68. Rod Bennett

      G'day Leo. I'm new to this project having come across from Keith Rucker's channel. OMG! I was wondering what kind of machine you were going to need to cut an accurate scarf. But you did it with ordinary hand tools. And a whole lot of skill. The hair on the back of my neck stood up when it went together so perfectly. Absolutely gobsmacking. A real craftsman at work.

    69. Michael McIlrath

      The way you doggedly go about this huge task is absolutely inspiring and motivating! You are a shining beacon of hope. Salutations!

    70. R O M C H O M P A

      That bird is such a character, looking for a pirate with a boat, and found one! amazing pieces of timber there, so beautiful.

    71. Gregory Hart

      Bloomin 'eck mate that is one epicly awesome joint - super impressive! Purple Heart looks like a magical timber, Hopefully I can get some (if the trees haven't gone extinct yet) for the furniture I make - in VERY short supply locally - now I know where it all went, LOL

    72. TaffytheGreat

      That’s the beauty of soft wood. You can clamp it tight and it’ll squeeze the imperfect joints together. Of course no good for what you’re doing. You have to be spot on 👍👍👍

    73. Wayne McKee

      I can not believe the amount of work this project is! My back hurts just watch you.....oh to be young.

    74. Mr Brightside

      I have been taught the meaning of the word "patience" by someone half my age. Hats off to you mate, I don't know how you can face such a massive task on your own. Your skills and resourcefulness are impressive.

    75. Gene Goodman

      That was a beautiful piece of work, very few people that can do that type of precision work. There were several around 100 years ago, but only a couple left. There a little British kid up in Washington working behind a house, under a piece of plastic that can do precision work. He's the only one I know of. I wonder if we could get you a non profit classification, would it help your donation? lol stay safe

    76. Brian Horn

      Tough work to be sure. Did you have access to a scrub plane? It may helped to remove material more quickly when bringing down those scarph joints.

    77. kairon156

      I really like that your replacing like for like. At least when it's needed and fordable.

    78. shiner

      How many guitar bodies did you turn into sawdust? Oh my poor heart.

    79. Kevin Wimberly

      Amazing how strong that wood is. So dense it sounds like glass!

    80. Greg Sargent

      Did you ever get it sorted out with the building inspector? I noticed that you have a privacy fence up now.

    81. Scott Bowen

      Are you getting the tools you’ve purchased to do a little sponsoring?


      Cet homme est fou !

    83. Llewelyn Colebourn

      the joint looks like it was done with cnc machines. doing it by hand is amzing

    84. Joe Bee


    85. Alan Abrams

      I know this is going back a bit (I just found you, thanks to Arabella,) but how long did you work to get the scarphs so precise? Taking off the thickness of a sheet of paper at a time.... wow!

    86. Richard Bohling Sr

      Beautiful strong joint that should last 100 years. It's worth every penny and drop of sweat.

    87. Clare Degroff

      Imagine doing it with the tools of 200 years ago

    88. Dick Ross

      I think I may have shed a tear as those pieces came together. AWESOME EVERYTHING.

    89. Lee Humes

      That is a sweet joint. Way to go....

    90. Bob Eden

      Your craft skills are amazing! I Salute you!

    91. Bob Eden

      Maybe you should have used Jarra as we did when we built the Endeavour Replica in Fremantle!

    92. MURPHY, M.

      need a "wood smell" scratch 'n sniff button

    93. Current Batches

      I would have done more tooling/jigging and less hand work, but either will do.

    94. Raymond Best

      Stunning carpentry.

    95. darrel stinkmeaner

      That much purpleheart must have been REALLY expensive! amazing.

    96. creativehandsnc

      Congratulations on a tight fitting joint!

    97. Paul McGee

      "You magnificent bastard" he says at 12:34 :) :) :)

    98. QNTN SNGPL


    99. duck my sick

      Nice work mate .. you are not just honoring the Tally Ho but also the timbers/trees that are going into it .

    100. MegaBait

      I know you want to save this vessel and being from the UK but you could have bought a very sound hull from Florida for a fraction of the cost made from fiberglass especially after a hurricane ? set up shop in Florida where you would have good weather all year repairing and curing the glass work outside 365 days a year ? Just a question mate.....fiberglass = no worms, no leaking, no painting and way less maintenance . Looks like sooo much work and wood to re-fit and replace ? good luck..........

      1. MegaBait

        Wood Boats always need lots of money n work :)