Moving Tally Ho - Rebuiding Tally Ho EP2

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    Having decided to take on the restoration of Tally Ho, I clear the new site and wait for an enormous truck to bring her up to Sequim, Washington state... but will she fit around the side of the house?!
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    The Trumpeteers - Little Wooden Church
    ProleteR - April Showers
    Trampled by Turtles - Help You Live
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      had visions of the ground being too soft and it just keeling over into her house...pun intended haha, glad it didnt

    2. Vornamed Nachnamed

      ProleteR - April Showers is just a great song. Do you know "Faidherbe Square" from him?

    3. Barrie Charmsway

      Without the dog's supervision it would have all gone to pot. Next they have to call in Pancho to get the real work done

    4. Michael Williams

      I’ve noticed he doesn’t seem to reply to comments

    5. chas sisom

      I'm just looking back and wondering, " what were you thinking"?

    6. Charles Seymour

      Music has been excellent from the first episode... compliments to the videographer and editor.

    7. Charles Seymour

      I now rewatch old episodes as I wait for the next planking video. Love the first comment in episode number 1. "Overwhelming amount of work here " Yes and now the hardest parts are over. 14 December 2020

    8. philip Brailey

      I think you were flying in a 737 Max. You’re lucky you are still here.

    9. goinghomesomeday1

      Love the choice of real music :-)

    10. RiggenbachDE

      04:55 - 05:00 a very thoughtful moment ...

    11. Jamie Saltsman

      Ed Norton restores boats?

    12. Jesse James

      2:30 what track is this?

    13. Erik Lewis

      I stumbled across one of your more current videos and part way through, I knew I needed to start at the beginning. I was prepared for the growing pains of a new channel, but I'm impressed with your camera work, your choice of music and your explanations. Here I am, commenting on the second in the series. Unusual for me to comment and subscribe so quickly. Your work ethic is obvious. I hope you give some backstory at some point, I'm interested in knowing more about the character of the man who would attempt such a task. I'm excited to experience a portion of your ride. Thank you for sharing.

    14. Shaun Olinger

      @4:58 That look says "OH F*** WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!

    15. Tarman The Champion

      man i wish i could have let you borrow my 20inch STIHL chainsaw!

    16. Allen Russell

      This project has given me so much pleasure. Have learned so much.

    17. nomirodin

      jesus christ this is a massive fucking undertaking.

    18. Matt Lewandowski

      looks like you have your own ship of theseus. looking forward to getting caught up on the series.

    19. Wattie Newton

      First time I've seen this part of the TallyHo story thanks I've seen many of the latter chapters . Wattie n Ruth Newton by the Sea Maketu Bop NZ

    20. Paper Towels

      this is my favorite rabbit hole ive found

    21. Pc118Gamer

      My grand parents used to live in Sequim, until they sold their house and traveled for a few years, before settling back down on the other side of the state

    22. David Verespey

      Rewatching this since it showed up in my recommendations. Wondering if now that you've recreated her original shape that she is wider and might be a more difficult fit on the way out?

    23. Taaamas

      I don't know what i had in mind other than dragging it behind a truck on the main road, or balloons

    24. KSD Zafeer Gaming

      Good work bro

    25. Sourav M

      What an absolute madlab!

    26. Renato Saavedra Alarcon

      Por favor traduce al español

    27. Sayeth We

      "Across the country" has a different meaning in the US. at best you went across a state or two.

    28. Copcon

      so how much did you pay for the tally ho.

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        He bought her from the Albert Strange Association for £1.

    29. Bagenius

      *The boat was in Brookings Oregon and the site is in Sequim Washington* "I travelled across the country to prepare the site" No, you didn't. You went North 600 miles. That's not across the country

      1. Bagenius

        @Sampson Boat Co Oh ok lol. My bad. I like the work on the ship. Very nice

      2. Sampson Boat Co

        I travelled from Newport RI where I was working on a different yacht.

    30. andy pugh

      Knowing what you found when you started the strip-down, I am almost surprised she survived the road-trip and crane transfers.

    31. primeguy 98

      Did i saw that correctly.. HE BOUGHT IT FOR 1 MISSERABLE LITTLE POUND 😲😲😲

      1. primeguy 98

        @on4xb daaammmnnn

    32. xpez

      @ 4:56 that moment when you realize there is no going's either firewood or a sailboat! big moments that test your determination!

    33. Black warrior

      Good job trucker, looks like a risky load

    34. bill ibbotson


    35. bill ibbotson


    36. Adam Pierman

      Will never see the water.guarantee

      1. on4xb

        Have you seen later episodes ? (latest episode is 82 now) and she is almost ready to plank. Only "two years" left and she sails

    37. Michael Colgan

      I found the location

    38. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    39. Blanco Niño

      damn. you must have spent a fortune on shipping.

    40. Who Am I?

      Bought for one euro. Fantastic.

    41. John Nelson

      I just time-traveled back from 2020 to watch this. For those still in 2017 you'll be glad to know that Tally-Ho is doing well and is coming back to life. By the way you may want to start investing in PPE. Well... back into the Tardis. I'll see you in 3 years...

      1. John Nelson

        To those who found my comments about PPE to be wrong, I'm sorry. I wrote that 6 months ago before the pandemic had caused as much suffering and as many deaths as there have been. Please accept my apology.

      2. Richard Perrin

        @John Nelson :

      3. Ucupp Sani


      4. John Nelson

        @Russell Weber III - Man get some help.

      5. phooesnax

        Me too

    42. Oscar Barrera

      A donation... for a ride in it on the future.

    43. jgsmith16

      Love the dog!!!!

    44. Mr Vlastitiel

      Дерево то вековое зачем рубить(((

    45. Landry Munroe

      Fucking love truck drivers, what a pro

    46. MIQ art

      Sank that to resin 😂

    47. Sean Denny

      They should’ve paid you to take that boat the only thing they could’ve sold you is the name because you’ve had to rebuild the whole boat but it’s awesome to see the history

    48. Jim Zucker

      coming back here after 2 years on what became one of my fav build on youtube and is fantastic to see Leo ralising how mad he is at minute 4:59. Keep up the good work!!!

    49. Daniel keirstead sr

      They should pay you to take it out of there..

    50. Rob C

      You would never realise she was this bad ...

    51. Koneko Ray

      Second video and as she gets hauled in on the back of a truck, you see her in her entirety for the first time, reduced down to a rotting, empty hull and a crumbling deck, and yet despite all that, despite her sad, sorry state, she is still beautiful. The sight of her even in that condition still made me tear up and almost cry. Such a gorgeous vessel.

    52. J.J. Maaskant

      Holy Mook, what an endeavour. ❤️👊

    53. Jeff Becker

      Back to the future here from episode 73. The futtocks and deck beams, keel, and all the other beams, are ALL NEW. Now I'm just wondering how much, if any, of the original planking will be used.

    54. Dom Draper

      Who would have known that nothing would be left of the former boat.

    55. 86lowrider

      It would be very cool if the driver that delivered her picked her up for the relaunch.

    56. C F

      Two years later I was figuring how is he going to get the boat back into the water. Than this video popped up again. Totally forgot how Tally Ho got there in the first place.

    57. Bionic Bob

      The name when restored will be....Tally Ho II no doubt.

      1. on4xb

        NO ! it will be Tally Ho... In every phase of the rebuild/restoration the ship was always there. See episode 58:µ

    58. Bionic Bob

      I applaud you for taking this chance. I have watched several of your vids an it is a monumental task, deserving our admiration. Its basically a total rebuild. Lot's to learn and love, keep it up, as a woodworker and sailing enthousiast I enjoy it tremendously.

    59. Candy Anne Masters

      Associated moved our boat too, very professional job!

    60. DELTACX10

      Well done to that truck driver.

    61. C.A.

      Anyone who would use that small of a chainsaw to cut down a tree that size is sure to generate some interesting content!

    62. BluetoothSensei

      04:58 That "Oh my God, what have I done?" moment.

    63. Strothy2

      I wish I had the skillset and the money for this... normal carpentry yes count me in but this would be so over my head :D

    64. james lance

      I’m so happy I stumbled on this.

    65. Koning Bolo

      4:58 The moment you realize people think you have big cojones... or are barking mad... ;-)

    66. Koning Bolo

      Hello lovely neighbors, my name is Tally Ho, I am in a bit of a sorry state but if you will be baring with me I will be an increasingly more beautiful feature in your neighborhood for the next few years...

    67. Try Thinking

      Just rewatching this. Props for the Seahawks shirt.

    68. freshlysquosen

      This video should forever be know as "before". To see her now just makes this moment even more historic.

    69. Big zo

      I​ love​ dog​😆😆

    70. Joshua Michail

      Wow! That yacht only cost you 1 pound? What's that, something like $1.75? That seems like a steal, until, of course, one starts considering all the costs of restoring it.

    71. Mathieu DAVID

      what a crazy adventure!!! really nice to see the personnification of the boat, like you adopted she, way before the see her...

    72. kairon156

      Mumbo Jumbo... Is that you? This music used to be on his intro & outtro themes until Warner Chappell called for copyright on a sound effect or some such thing, even though Mumbo asked the creator of the song if it was okay to use.

    73. Bob Bates

      That boat looked much more like an old ship when it was first put on the truck. It sure is a huge project you have taken on. You are all doing so very well . I sure hope it gets in the water and sails again

    74. J

      That whole area around Sequim is absolutely stunning and the coast is probably the most beautiful coastline I've ever seen. The small town of Forks is where they filmed the Twilight series show and nearby is La Push and Rialto Beach. You picked a beautiful place to rebuild the Tally Ho.

    75. Llewelyn Colebourn

      A boat for 1£, a restoration project... My dream

    76. Matthew Eddy

      I think there is a smaller chainsaw you could use to cut down that tree :-) Looking forward to seeing more about this project. Seems daunting!

    77. Teagan Smart

      1€ that is $1.13 in us dollars for a famous boat that is good

    78. Teagan Smart

      That is awsome

    79. Marshall Murrell

      Just found your channel. It was linked on IThomes to Acorn to Arabella. Thank God there are still young men like you with vision and a soul. It gives me hope for the future. God speed.

    80. stickshaker101

      4:57 That was a "What did I get myself into?" grin.

    81. Rdly Kryk

      It's never as easy as the "Smooth operators" make it look. Great job to all and a wonderful start to a wonderful project...and yes, you are crazy for such an undertaking but most, I believe will agree that this will be an achievement of a lifetime. Good luck to all involved in the process and may she sail longer than the rest of us.

    82. WATER-MAN

      who's place were you at? did you rent it? or is it yours?

    83. Area85 Restorations

      It is so weird to look back at these old videos now.

    84. deweys

      hell of a driver!!

    85. William B

      Good to see that you have the interest and the support of others to help you along in this journey of your large sailing ship restoration program. I have already seen you demonstrate your skills and that you are not afraid of going the extra distance where physical effort is concerned. From this Older person's perspective, I am well qualified to let you know that I am proud of you and your endeavours. Some 20 odd years ago I taught myself to repair and restore old pendulum clocks. Listen not to people with a negative mindset they are no benefit to you. There are not enough people like yourself in this World. Keep striving young man. Cheers, Old William.

    86. Ryan Simon

      I decided to create a subreddit for this project since there is not one already. The link to it is Obviously there isn't really anything there but if I could find a couple people to consistently post on it then I could maybe make them moderators in the future. I'm hoping the sub could one day be a place where people can openly talk and discuss anything related to this project!

    87. Craig Beezley

      btw,big job bull you must have big balls haha

    88. Craig Beezley

      can you tell me who that is singing on the soundtrack 50 secs into the 2nd ep

    89. T

      so you were in for a penny and in for a look forward to keeping up with progress

    90. FuckOffAlready

      Thanks youtube for recommending me this. I'm a total noob when it comes to ships, but this is awesome!

      1. Nick Turner

        Get a grown-up name, you puerile clown.

    91. Erga Omnes


    92. Braden Williams

      Great video!

    93. dustin penner

      Good god that thing has a beautiful shape!

    94. vlada Bocanek

      I wonder what parents told You when seen 1st time :D

    95. Dennis Downes

      I am a sailor living in Rhode Island. I have sailed on Herreshoff S Boats and once had an Alden designed Indian. I should NEVER be Watching these videos, because of the insanity involved, but the cleanup and organization of your shop alone has inspired me and caused me to subscribe. Good Luck........and may God have mercy on your soul.....hahahahaha!

    96. Three Hammers

      Hopefully the hull doesn’t get any wider or she won’t get out of the driveway lol! Nice job man!

    97. Mike A Drover

      Outstanding Film and hard labor from all! Only my second bit of film by I am happy I signed on! ~M~ NJ 07922 Now for Ep3

    98. Braden Williams

      These videos are great, thanks!

    99. Peter R

      4:57 the look on his face

    100. Henryk Hales

      Mad dogs and English men, Good any chance of naming the Greek sounding music in your fist episode,