Developing A Wooden Boat-building Team! -Tally Ho EP36

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    EPISODE 36.
    This episode I welcome Francesca back to the workshop and introduce a couple of volunteers who are going to stay here for a while to learn some boatbuilding and help out with the project. But before they arrive, I have to replace the huge roof of the shed over the boat, and make some improvements to the workshop kitchen, with a bit of furniture joinery. Then I show the guys how to fit a pair of new frames, and we also cut out all the pieces for the next set on the shipsaw. Now we have four pairs of new double-sawn frames in the boat, and another pair ready to assemble.
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    36. Developing A Wooden Boat-building Team! -Tally Ho EP36

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    1. calartian85

      You’re a wonder, Leo. So many things that must be done that are not directly related to the boat. That is the moment when many lose their inspiration and momentum yet you keep going. I imagine that you must at times calculate time to completion and the impact of these seemingly unrelated delays yet you keep going. Admirable. Cheers.

    2. Bernard King

      So, I'm so excited to see your next installment on the videos. When do you think you'll have another one out? I have seriously never seen craftsmanship anything like this before. Amazing...

    3. Christopher Purcell

      she's the best

    4. Christopher Dawson

      about 10:56 *buttock lines* really? Haha you mean futtock lines . . . I didn't even know about futtocks before watching your channel, Ive learnt so much! Thanks for the education! Hopefully I can build something 1:10 of this scale one day.

    5. peter kangas

      Poncho's Back 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    6. Mark Jennings

      The music lol

    7. Bill Wheaton

      Francesca is cooking with that huge thickness planer next to her??? That woman is a saint.

    8. IcyMidnight

      Nothing better than sharing knowledge!

    9. Vee Dragon

      Pancho chewing and dancing! >3

    10. Andrew Last

      Cecca is priceless. My wife wouldn’t even spend the night in a work shed, much less rolling up her sleeves and help with a project.

    11. Twotone

      "Just put up a few shelves" - Norm Abram nods in approval. Let's face it they weren't just going to be 'shelves'

    12. Radial Orbits

      i was very nervous watching him sharpen the blades. good way to cut yourself really deep

    13. Paul Harris

      You were very lucky to find the band saw, thank you to who donated it.

    14. Vincent Fumo

      Dumb Question: Are the Frames attached to the Keel with just tar? Or will they be attached better later? I feel like once it's in the water, the keel (with that lead) will just drop off into the sea.

    15. Joe Bayley

      Flannel shirts must be worn at all times to comply with safety regulations.

    16. rusedorange

      Did the baby crow make it?

    17. Gary Baldy

      There's a lot of love in those shelves I believe :-)

    18. Tom Richter

      Ok if she is not your serious girlfriend I have lost respect for you. She seems very special and very cute

    19. Denny Fuller

      “Quick little jobs”.... we speak a different language

    20. Seamus

      The sunlight breaks them down.

    21. Jo LiMag

      Hope the old roof went somewhere awesome Steven would have approved ...

    22. steady bloke

      Do you pay minimum wage to people working on your sole property?

    23. Peter Brickwood

      Knock up a few shelves, eh? If you get tired of boat building you can become a cabinet maker.

    24. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    25. Paul Baker

      I can't believe you were able to replace the roof all by yourself.. then I saw you used a broom. Never mind. : - )

    26. avryptickle

      Get the helical head. It’s quieter, and you can spin those little indexable carbide bits and get 4 runs. Not too pricey to replace them either

    27. Page five S

      Oh boy. You should have used the fiber reinforced plastic.

    28. sleazysquid

      Cecca: "I'm mostly here for saylor" Leo: ...

    29. Robert Mecalis

      Bless your heart is not one thing it’s another.

    30. philip Brailey

      Amazing how one guy can do so much.

    31. JareK Pawlowski

      as if I saw myself on this roof thirty years ago

    32. ilmarinen79

      *Parrot adopts forklift driver*

    33. randal kramer

      I think I know which neighbor complained about the boat shed and reported you to the building inspector.

    34. Zihnigür Dereli


    35. Gavan Duffy

      Haha, I think the spell checker caught you out at 10:57!

    36. PanzerDave

      Your "temporary" kitchen, workshop, guest quarters, and home are better than many permanent homes and shops!

    37. Anton Spilhaus

      Ha ha, planer is in the kitchen. Or is that kitchen in the workshop? Love how Cecca(?) uses woodworking tools to cook with, lol...

    38. Andrew Bailey

      Just wondering if those holes drilled in the keel timber will be filled in. Weren't you clamping those router jigs before, rather than screwing them in?

    39. Homs86

      i like how you give hte apprentice all the gear for health and safetymeasures there are :) thumbs up

    40. brad willingham

      I have watched quite a few of your videos I seems to me when it’s said and done you are actually building a new boat ?

    41. Steve Nichols

      two words Ikea Shelving

    42. Catherine Hackett

      Love the kitchen and of course all the rest as well.

    43. KENBUILT79

      if you guys are hearing hearing protection please get that lovely lady some as well! Keep up the inspiring work.

    44. Gene Goodman

      Where the frame goes into the large main beam do you use glue? Do you have across beam inside the boat that's connected to to each frame that holds them together? If that is just some little shelves, I'm going to love the inside of the boat or is it a cutter?

    45. Scott Smith

      What a perfect use for a beautiful mallet - smashing lemon grass!

    46. Stuart McMichael

      It’s good that your getting volunteers who will learn front your boat building, carpentry skills along with your all round knowledge of putting it into practice. Also, with Checa back and using her culinary skills to feed everyone it’s all coming together.👍👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⛵️

    47. Martin Matias

      Pro tip, look for somone who have special tool for sharpening your blades, its critical to make them equal. For high speed tools.

    48. Barrie Charmsway

      I love the romance of this project and these two hope it lasts Should make a film of it.

    49. Ok Can'tbelieveit

      My wife has a brother-in-law who’s a boatbuilder . He’s built three houses for himself as well as doing boat building. I’m damned envious when I watch him work as he’s a natural perfectionist. Everything just seems to flow. Can’t see the joins in different pieces of timber. Lofting , as far as I’m concerned, is a black art. 😳

    50. Mar Kee Ta Farmer Uses Fence tubing

    51. Daniel Güntner

      Marry her!!! Come on ;D

    52. scal92253

      You Sir, are not only a shipbuilder, but you are also a true Craftsman

    53. Richard Bohling Sr

      I like the kitchen shelves. Folks got to eat and that should help a lot. Good to see your getting some helpers for the project.

    54. ramosel

      oh, this foretells of good things when you get to the interior of the boat!

    55. Sean O’Donnell

      Great job replacing the plastic sheeting on the shed, Leo. You can tell he is comfortable aloft.

    56. j4d3 goat

      Mmmmm, Francesca........ sigh......... :) Her lovely face and the sparkling eyes.........

    57. Bob Eden

      Saw dust with your lasagne?

    58. Brian Fairey

      This guy is GOOD, well what do you expect he"s a Brit.

    59. Del Coleman

      " Shelves" more like a work of art. If the " Titanic" could be raised, Leo would be able to restore it.

    60. Billy Stump

      along with the weather you have earth quakes so on your shelves you need to stop things falling off shelves really injoy your videos

    61. James Johnston

      Mad woodworking skills and quite the handyman.

    62. jblack1854

      What language is Steve speaking? Can you do some closed captioning? :)

    63. oussama merabat

      Do you need someone to help you with your work,

    64. leith bodin

      The best looking 1st mate I have ever seen hahahah enjoy this time working together

    65. Gene Seale

      Perfect setup having already made fuel to do the work

    66. main mast

      playlist, please.

    67. Patrick

      So curious about whether you pulled a permit this time;)

    68. skunkhome

      We are truly people separated by a common language.

    69. Mark Shaw


    70. Dane Cook

      Have you though of Sampson Boat Co. Shirts? id buy a couple.

    71. Ryan Simon

      I decided to create a subreddit for this project since there is not one already. The link to it is Obviously there isn't really anything there but if I could find a couple people to consistently post on it then I could maybe make them moderators in the future. I'm hoping the sub could one day be a place where people can openly talk and discuss anything related to this project!

    72. Tom Miller

      Love your videos Leo!

    73. OldSkool 55F100

      The Ship Saw seems to have come in Handy...

    74. EvanTheFox

      That wooden mallets look like it from Rust

    75. Neil Martinez

      Happy Thanksgiving team!

    76. Des Silverson

      are you going to bring her back to Shoreham where she was built? its now the Sussex Yacht Club

    77. Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS

      Leo, such a pleasure to watch your expert work! Thank you for showing us... ;-)

    78. Richard Perrin

      ŠdaqaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaSSÇi | ^ z

    79. RVH MON

      Looking ahead at possible masts may I suggest that since you are here in the Pacific Northwest may I suggest a tight ringed north slope douglas fir from Vancouver Island or up in the Queen Charlottes Islands. I did stone work on a Whistler mansion and every log was a north slope tight ringed western red cedar. Just gorgeous. Each log was hand picked as a live tree from north slopes from Western Forest Products somewhere in the Queen Charlottes. I'm sure they have douglas fir from north slopes as well. Wood floors were Pacific Yew. Stunning.

    80. RVH MON

      I'm a mason so there's not much I can contribute to the program but, if the building inspector returns you can call the shop extension a 'flying buttress' for the main shop like the French and English Cathedrals. Draw it up on the modified building plan and good to go.

    81. FlatFifties

      Francesca is looking great, she appears to have lost weight. I always look forward to seeing the bird. John seems more confidence inspiring without the stocking cap. Are you familiar with a tree known as Osage Orange? The wood is very dense, hard, tough, and rot resistant. Fence corner posts set in the ground in the mid-west 100 years ago are still solid. Might be as good as black locust.

    82. Rodney Jensen

      Was re-looking at when you visited the Pellew; would you mind explaining the gap between the end of the deck beams and the shear plank? I get a sense that in going to weather there's a fair amount of torsional forces transmitted to the deck beams, is it to isolate forces away from the shear plank and instead onto the frames? Or maybe they cut the wood short (like that's going to happen).

    83. Mike Bockey

      stop trying to salvage what little is left. look seriously at what is not being replaced and weigh the difference between that and trying to leave a few bones in her. the same structure all new from the keel up or the questionable few parts along with the added work of trying to save something that’s not really there. you have the ability, the loft drawings and the opportunity to do it right.

      1. Tom Hutchins

        I think its teak and teak can look ruff on the surface but with a little sanding it comes right back. I restored a rotten (looking) teak swim deck once it was amazing how it went from rotten firewood to looking new. And teak is expensive these days its sold by the inch not the board foot

    84. Joseph Shaughnessy

      Thoroughly enjoyable as always. Not to steal too much away from the Sampson Boat Company, but this is a delightful video many here may enjoy as well:

    85. Richard Ball

      Well, that’s great. I’ve just watched 36 of these back-to-back and this is the last one. What the hell am I going to do now? ! 😁

      1. ADD Dude

        Luckily, I discovered this a year later than you! Although I'm dreading that moment :D

    86. AidGear

      Leo... You're killing me. Where's the next installment video? Don't you know it's what makes my weekend that much more enjoyable?! Keep up the great work!

    87. Dennis M

      Ask your girlfriend to put on ear protection when you are running an electric planer, jointer, etc, near her. Take my word for it. It's a very good idea !!! Nice videos and nice work. Steaming new ribs in my 30' foot sloop was easy compared to the Tally Ho.

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        Cheers - but don't worry, she has earplugs in!

    88. Mark Coulthard

      This is similar to what you are going to achieve,

    89. OKuusava

      Like your woodworking , this time the kitchen! Always wondered why there is so rarely used the finnish innovation from 1945: drying cabinet. We have had these hm, from the 1940:s ;-)

    90. Tom Legrady

      Talpra Magyar! Yeah Ben!

    91. Martini V8

      Great project, the pox on the negative thumbs down!

    92. Urbino237

      Just an FYI Leo: I'm sure you have adequate sources for tarpaulins, covers and the like, but Cover-Tech in Canada sells not only complete portable structures but also just the cover: - if you were unable to get a cover strong enough for the conditions where you are. Secondly, these 4' LED workshop lights at 3800 lumens do quite the job, inter-connect up to 10 in series: The new kitchen shelves are as elegant - and functional - as heck. Just 'threw them together', right?

    93. UNA CAMPER

      The Chick is a hottie,,,,,,wish you all spoke english. It would make the vieo better.

    94. Elli P

      Um, there's quite a big difference between a wooden-boat building team and a wooden boat-building team...

    95. Elli P

      Of course, one way to keep the weather from slowing down progress is to turn Tally Ho completely upside-down and do the rest of the rebuild 'arse-uppards' as the old boys used to say. [Note: THIS IS NOT A SERIOUS SUGGESTION AND WAS ONLY MADE FOR - oh, what's the use. Some humourless goit's going to get upset...]

    96. SailnBlue

      You better marry the cook...before someone else does!

    97. collophonium

      this might be a useful tecnique if you dont already know it...

    98. Leo Waldron

      Just found this channel took me 2 days to catch up can't wait for the next video

    99. tandem compound

      more Pancho, less pot cooking.

    100. Kurbelweller

      It's an absolute delight to see the care you take with even the smallest detail of something to make the working environment pleasant. The pride you take in something as apparently trivial as putting up some shelves in what must be a temporary kitchen is a joy. You are a true craftsman.