Shaping the Keel / Adze work (EP59)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Shaping the Keel / Adze work (EP59)
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    EPISODE 59.
    In this episode, after roughing-out the starboard side Rabbet into the Stem, I make a jig to transfer the measurements for the shape of the Keel Timber from the lofting floor to the boat itself. Then I start working on actually shaping the keel to its final shape, firstly using a TurboPlane wheel on a Grinder, and then switching to a good ole’fashioned Adze. I also add some small pieces of Purpleheart to complete the shape of the Forefoot, and make a small book-stand for my hosts here.
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    Perry Gordon & His Rhythm Club - At The Jazz Band Ball (check out their IThomes channel below!)
    Audionautix - Totally Looped
    Topher Mohr and Alex Elena - Uptown
    Jeremy Blake - U In My Arms
    John Deley and the 41 Players - Dixie Outlandish
    Bad Snacks - New Moon
    59. Shaping the Keel / Adze work (Tally Ho EP59)

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    1. Sampson Boat Co

      Thanks to Perry Gordon & His Rhythm Club for the awesome music! Check out their IThomes channel and website:

      1. Juan Wiggil

        @Perry Gordon & His Rhythm Club tþþþþþtttfffyyy

      2. Темный Принц

        Что на перфоратор долото поставить ума не хватило?

      3. Try Thinking

        @Teddy. Purple Heart is the dark wood, Live Oak is the light.

      4. teddy paragas

        what kind of wood that you used it. the red one and the yellow what wood is that

      5. Semua Ada Channel

        also visit my channel

    2. calartian85

      Right handed on the lofting floor but a left handed adzeman. Curious. My son is right handed but shoots with his left eye.

    3. martin threms

      Marry Christmas from Limhamn Sweden 🇸🇪 to all your family

    4. al jalil Bwk

      Kren mester kapalnya besar

    5. Samuel Brotherton

      I just found this video. Awesome Work! Does anyone know what the wood species is the keel timber? It is beautiful.

    6. x0965

      Leo: So I have this tool, its really sharp. Leo's Fingers: BRACE YOURSELVES!

    7. Fix News

      This would be a really bad time to fuck up.

    8. Jan Dehn

      the correct way to use an adze is to let it rest on your waist, holding it there with one hand, while using the other hand to raise the head, which is then allowed to fall by its own weight. it is critical that the adze rests on the waist. keep practising!

    9. potatomonster7

      The PPE is a lil excessive.

    10. Marcos Jesse Maron

      Madeira contrabandeada do Brasil. Paises ricos e milhonarios são os maiores apoiadores do desmatamento predatório organizando do mundo. Eles mesmo apoiam quem contrabandea a madeira.

    11. sungtae son

      걍 체인톱으로 하면 쉬울텐데요

    12. Dario Martin Lobos

      This is a project that I want to strart maybe is interesting for you. I dont have so much experience in building so any comment or you are interested in is welcome. PROJECT INTRODUCTION AND DESCRIPTION FUNCTION OF THE SHAPE PERIMETRAL SURFACE WEIGHT GRAVITATIONAL CENTER METACENTER MOMENT OF INERTIA LONGITUDINAL STRENGTH OF THE BOAT

    13. Scribe

      Steer away from those brown polyurethane adhesives

    14. Miky Schuster

      I love how the wood chages color after being cut.

    15. phooesnax

      The subtle curves are nice. Desk and boat too:-0)

    16. Mitch Gates

      This job is the definition of DAUNTING. The time it took to design a plan of attack was time well spent. After that it's 'just' about self belief. x)

    17. drail80s

      It is really neat whenever playing Scrabble, you can use the word Adze in the game, a lot of people do not know what it means, or what it is.

    18. AwakeAmericanow.

      Two things have become very obvious watching these videos. One; boat builders of the traditional style must be fit and agile, and have lots of stamina with good hand eye coordination. Two; boat builders before the advent of power tools needed all of the previous characteristics, on steroids. Also it occurred to me that the adze is one traditional tool which has not been replaced by a ‘motorised' version.

    19. Hex

      So the whole keel is purpleheart?!

    20. RichardofOz

      For those of us who aren't shipwrights or boat builders, it would help to understand why you are removing this material from the keel timber, and why the shapes you've chosen.

      1. 98279Tracy

        He discusses this in previous videos.

    21. Ishan Sha

      If someone wear Casio like that i know he can do something....

    22. Belo MOLNAR

      Laser LEO.

    23. Esteban Eduardo

      good job

    24. Esteban Eduardo

      good job

    25. komang pande

      Sya bangga dengan Kapal pinisi indonesia

    26. Karl Komec

      It’s RABBET not rabbit! Funny! These auto translation things are so amusing. They are a long way from the Star Trek ‘universal translator’...but trying.

    27. Mr. Rudy Bigboote

      I am a wood worker and can build a lot of things but... the thought of even attempting to build a large boat is not something I would ever dream of.

    28. Mama Thoudaba

      Koi - Hamei-Bon-Yonbi - Bolte hue suna hongein to Alag hona chahiye !🙏

    29. Mama Thoudaba

      Hamei-Khudong 🕵🙏

    30. Horatio Hornblower

      A real shame to see all that expensive wood being chopped away...

    31. STUFF 'N SUCH!

      I think a log wizard would work great for this.

    32. Steve Harris

      Love your videos - great tunes too!

    33. John Arrington

      Fascinating to see your ergonomics evolve over time as you became more skilled with the adze.

    34. Mohammed Havier

      It was cake all along.....

    35. ilias Alexiou

      GREECE 💙 👍 💒 🌳 ⛪ ✔

    36. alcyonecrucis

      Swing with a bit more mustard! :P

    37. xpez

      @10:37 The boss!

    38. Gracie Bish

      Love this channel, however it's a bit like Triggers broom

    39. James Jackson

      Or have you thought about an electric chainsaw for some of this work??? Save you a lot of work... and a 6” makita electric hand planer...

    40. James Jackson

      I wood have gotten two makita miter saws for the price of that Kapex. Don’t get me wrong... I might have 3x the festool stuff you have ... but... I wood have gotten two 2200 big hand shaper routers... considering how big of rabbets you make... Whoah.. too much chiseling... but.., props for doing it the real old school way.... including getting your wood from Steve... which must have been a trip. I live in middle Georgia... and Steve is in the sticks.... and it doesn’t represent south Ga any better than him. How about that accent !! Lol

    41. michael hadsell

      I've watched the whole series, twice, and now I'm looking all over the web for anybody & his brother who's building a sailboat.....just so interesting...will leave a donation at your Patreon site.

    42. Pavel Komarov

      Sufjan's Age of Adz should have been in the background.

    43. Peter V

      I was always told to keep your left hand and the butt end of the handle against your torso at all times, that way if it glances off the work it's swing will be limited and it's not going to take a bite out of your leg. The one time I got tired and sloppy and tried to hurry through the work by swinging into it with both hands the way you are here it did just that and I hit my knee. Luckily it missed the tendons, just bled a lot and hurt like hell but no lasting damage. Could have been worse. Be careful with the adze!

    44. Deane Hill

      Good to see Cecca back. She adds to the glamour. Seems to be a quiet and reserved girl. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    45. Mogipbob

      I watched this video, including the adze (ads) :)

    46. Ken Marapese


    47. todd Sween

      Amazing work.

    48. ༒Gorm Auslander༒

      How much does it cost to commission a yacht like this?

    49. Paul Boucher

      Great project, I worked on deep keel 30's blue water yachts in the late 70's and this is a great reminder

    50. carl simpson

      We never put a back bevel on an Adze my old man use to be very very good with an Adze could get a planed finish with it ,he use to make lock gates from Greenheart and Purpleheart. The secret is to relax when using the Adze don't be to stiff and don't try to take to much off at one time as your arms will ache. The process of removing the timber with the Adze is called dubbing ,the shaft is called an Elve the one you are using doesn't have enough shape in the Elve a standard one never does we use to make our own with more sweep shape in the Elve we would laminate them with mixed woods dark and light they look really nice and your arms won't ache as much due to the better shape. Sorry to go on im proud of my trade even though i don't do much in the way of work on boats or ships anymore im second generation Shipwright keep up the good work. P.S. my only claim to fame is that i spent 6 months in a loft shed lofting out and produced a half body plan in templates for a steel hulled Gaff called ''The Greater Manchester Challenge'' there is a video of her on youtube being sailed she was designed by Laurent Giles and in 1980s when built no one could see the drawings as they were top secret LOL.

    51. Mephisto

      "a few coats of varnish"

    52. Lost Boys

      Leo your Boat figurehead must be Cecca!!!

    53. Ram Homier

      I just want to say thank you for not speeding up the sound track.

    54. Fitrian Hidayat

      It will keel

    55. Kyojin_9

      Maybe making the ads handle shorter will help

    56. Vorky Vorky

      Mad props to you for undertaking aquiring such a traditional shipwright skill as working with the adze. While initially it looked a little nerve wracking, I can easily see you gaining greater skill and confidence with it. I suppose you get a great sense of accomplishment having stretched yourself and came out better for it, all while moving foward on getting the Tally Ho sailing again.

    57. The Home Cinema Engineer

      what is the exact tool you are using on your angle grinder to shave off wood??!?!?!!??! I need it so bad!!!!?!?!?!?! do any one know?

    58. Grosse Banane

      Not that impressive...sry but truth is that all these methods would have been harder and more technical; too pull off 300-1000 years ago but they still pulled it off with 99.9% accuracy and skills ...would have taken way more manpower, but that was O"plenty back then... reality his this made way more sens and was much easier to build back then... we have much better and more efficient technique then those with modern material now...I know comparing both dont make much sens... Im saying reproducing old production method is stupid and pointless unless your doing it in a museum for education purposes... Otherwise stop doing it its a waste of time, effort and brainpower just for the sake of monetizing YT video....

    59. Adam Turnbull

      How does someone get such skill and certainty at such a young age ?? I'd expect this from a grizzled 55 yr old !! I mean its like this his 5th Tally Ho. Oh and by the way, at 16:00 am I the only one who was thinking that the weight and balance of what has to be a very heavy frame just got kicked out and is supported with a 4x4 post and hes under it with a chainsaw ?? I'm going to the store for more beer and popcorn !!!

    60. Debabrata Dutta

      You are doing a nice work. Hats off

    61. Networked Television

      How did you girlfriend cope with you being away so long?

    62. Noel Nicholls

      Using the adze. Somewhere in my shadow of lost knowledge didn’t they call that bodging? Where the term came from?

    63. Rudy antheus

      why you dont used the chain saw after the first step , for removing between you done with the hache ?

    64. Mikuláš Konečný

      10:32 this really reminds me of the movie called Vivarium

    65. Killer Raspberry

      We can buff out those scratches

    66. azerbijan 123

      Hoe maak ik een inhoudsopgave in word?

    67. опилкобетон опилкодом

      А нельзя ли чуть меньше болтать ,я все равно не чего не панимаю

    68. Lego Man 12345 12345

      The adze I feel like is the same case with a file vs a belt sander, the sander takes less material per stroke vs the file, accept that the file has slower and shorter strokes than the fast belt sander

    69. Joe Mama

      What wood is the keel timber made of? It looks to me like purple heart.

    70. Undo

      Making do with what you got and bug fixing on the way. Technology has changed - techniques on solving problems not really.

    71. David Dranka

      Me: furiously taking notes Also me: ok got it, I’m gonna go build a boat. Be right back

    72. kevin bock

      I wonder if a gutter adz would be faster...or a big gouge.

    73. dennis england

      What is the spike on the back of the adze used for? dengland24

    74. jthepickle7

      The smaller the chip the longer it takes.

    75. J D

      I figured this guy had money when I saw that boat. But I knew he did when I saw that Festool chop saw.

    76. mercer

      "No... this is mr. Sampson."

    77. identity theft

      “Honey, the neighbor is building a boat again..”

    78. Los Santos City

      Bruhhh all those scrap red wood I can do for carving 😭😭😭...

    79. P Smith

      Puts what I call carpentry to shame! Fantastic videos. Even better workmanship! Thanks!!

    80. Turnedover Woodstudio

      Want to compliment you with the choice of music during this whole series of videos ... stil catching up

    81. Всего понемногу.

      Терпение и упорство может сделать не возможное. well done.

    82. Glenn Irving

      A picture of the absolutely beautiful Cecca on the bow waving the Jolly Roger would make a awesome picture on a T Shirt

    83. pforce9

      The purple heart keel caught my attention but when I watched you cut a rabbit line into a keel with a chisel, I was hooked. I watched the "Matthew Turner" being built in Sausalito California and I made sure that I understood and documented every step but you are doing things a lot differently than those guys. I blundered onto this video but I am going to subscribe and go back to the earliest one.

    84. Nathanael Wendel

      Yeah but that forklift safety tho 4:41

    85. Jaap Versteegh

      The guys in 1910 would have killed for a laser level... Come to think of it, they probably would have killed for most of your tools!

    86. H

      Most legit human I have seen in ages. Fuck yes. X

    87. Mr. HitnoTizer

      Cicca is back. So that we sex later so that im happy woohooo

    88. wayne wayo aveyard

      ~ 10:42 i would have made a jig to be able to use a router because that looked so time consuming hahaa

    89. richard mitchell

      Why are you ripping it out?

    90. Mr Fluffy

      wouldnt it be faster to make some sort of wedge for the circular saw, to control the depth of the cut and then chisel it out?

    91. kenp3L

      What a massive piece of purpleheart. Must've cost a fortune.

    92. TheOutlander82

      nice work Floki.

    93. Craig Jackson

      I have no earthly idea what this man is doing or why it takes so much working out. I could take an axe to a big boat, no bother!

    94. Eric Turner

      How do you insure a project like this? It's a huge investment in material alone! Glad to see Cecca is back working on Tally Ho.

    95. Mesh Grow Bags

      I love the chainsaw.

    96. twickersruss

      Jaw dropping amazing skills in someone so young. ADZE is great word in scrabble too!

    97. Jon Heuton

      The mind that builds humanity

    98. Tu te Kohe

      Cecca is beautiful. Great video. 👍

    99. SKS Corporation

      What's the name of the wood made of boat

    100. Peter Wallace

      That’s a massive undertaking, one man & a wife. I’m at a stage where I freak out about the lawn. ☹️🥺 You are unbelievably unreal lad. You truly get my vote.