Fitting the first new planks / Wooden Boatbuilding (TALLY HO EP85)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Fitting the first new planks (EP85)
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    EPISODE 85.
    After a much-needed week off, we head back into the yard and begin the next stage of the rebuild - making and fitting planks! The last stages of the lining-out are completed first, and then templates are made and transferred to the wide boards of Wana that make up our planking stock. After the planks are cut they get various bevels before being hung and fastened to the boat!
    Meanwhile all the planking marks are transferred to the other side of the boat, the knees get one last polish, and we mill up some Purpleheart to be used for Butt Blocks.
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    85. Fitting the first new planks ( TALLY HO EP85)

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    1. Michael Haas

      I’m pretty sure that Pancho (the parrot) wishes, no demands, to go on the first voyage!

    2. Doug Kehoe

      The bird...hmmm The bird always cool waddling with wings behind inspecting overseeing and then!... A chicken.

      1. Doug Kehoe

        Chickens...allways stealing someones thunder...

    3. Bob Carruthers

      Top Tip dont let black Pete go through any metal detectors at the airport....all his metal accoutrements will likely set off alarms. ....He would make a good extra at a Pirates of the Caribbean movie....but he wouldn't make much of a meal for the Caribs** .....The big plus...they wouldn't need to take him to makeup too often...his often foul and unhinged blasphemous speech is also spot on. **Caribs" being the origin of the name Caribbean. Famously Princess Margaret the Queens sister was "nobbled" on the island of Mustique by Mick Jagger the renown satanist and rock star.

    4. calartian85

      Leo, perhaps you need a matpromo department. Bring the merch!

    5. Carlos Sanchez

      I think the parrot look the boat at a big nest, thank you Leo Happy New Year

    6. Kamil

      Very professional job well done! Here in Seychelles we are fisherman rebuilding our boats and appreciate your work.

    7. f150bc

      Check out "Bristol Ship rights" on IThomes planking a ⛵.you may enjoy this site.

    8. Andrew kim

      The jealous fairies disappointingly accept because chicken visually moan barring a windy factory. meaty, cloistered distributor

    9. William T. Musil

      Hiya Leo

    10. Blue Tab

      A wooden boat is a hole in the water that swallows your money twice as fast as a boat made from the next worst material for shipbuilding.

    11. James Marsh

      I just saw the video where you cut the end of your finger off, I know how that feels, EXACTLY, about 20 years ago I CHOPPED the end of my finger off also, same hand, same finger, same amount, using a metal stomp sheer and I have a warning, the needle sharp pain to some point will never go away

    12. jthepickle7

      To keep bronze from tarnishing simply polish and wax weekly. ( that's what you get for being too cheap to gold plate them )

    13. Leo Ljepotić

      please no more music! or cut level by 50%

    14. Ivartshiva

      Wait a second - does this guy have perfect fashion sense or what?

    15. John Grossbohlin

      This particular video is a bit nostalgic for me... Back in the early '70s we had a Honda CT90 (and other bikes) in our household. In the early '80s I used to going flying with my friend in a Cessna 172. In the mid-to late '80s I worked as an 18th century craftsman at a living history museum. Thus I appreciate the work Leo, et al. are putting into the Tally Ho. Good stuff!

    16. Thomas Dick

      I think youd find alot of interest on tik tok!

    17. Rok Špoljar

      Well, Im finally up to date. After finding this channel, because of the live oak milling, I had to neglect my life for the last three days to watch the whole series so far. Absolutely amazing, from all possible points of views this is right on many levels, I hope to see more of this in the world, as it is inspiring so many of us. I hope I can contribute in the near feauture.

    18. Ian Gordicans

      I don't know what it is with youtube, they keep unsubscribing me from my favourite youtube channels, including this one

    19. ShadeTree HandyMan

      I first stumbled onto this project when one of the bronze casting videos showed up in the recommended videos... quite an amazing project... it was a couple of weeks before the live oak sawmill showed up and after that I was hooked. I've not seen all of them but quite a few... I was wondering what kind of wood the planking is?

    20. Kevin Reardon

      this is worth my small contribution.

    21. Theophilus Jedediah

      Actually the kind of Renaissance wax needed for long term exposure of bronze or brass to harsh elements is the very hard paste wax. And it should be applied when the metal is uniformly heated to 125F deg. Once applied it should be warmed again to 80F deg and left to cool to ambient temperature. This wax is used in preservation of patinated surfaces and will last for many years if done correctly. If you want a more permanent finish in harsh elements you can order Urushi 2 part lacquer from original Japanese Urushi lacquer makers in northern Japan and highly polish the metal then apply a very thin layer. Repeat this at least 12 times and the finish will last a hundred years or more. There are many examples of this lacquer lasting on battle armor from the 16th century and still performing as a sturdy finish today.

    22. leotard

      This guy's proof that Casio-wearers are the coolest.

    23. Boomer Dioramas

      Beautiful build. Don`t ever marry a boat-builder . . . Lol. Cheers.

    24. antonio mihovilovic

      I expected plank's end to meet on the ribs and the ends to be fastened to the ribs. Well, my boat was built that way but we, Mediterranean's, don't know how to do things properly so it doesn't matter.

      1. antonio mihovilovic

        @Gareth Hynes Calling me hater because I'm not approving someones methods of doing something is odd at least. You don't have to hate someone you disagree with unless you hate everyone not aligned with your thinking. This comment reveals an attitude of hatred towards dissenters rather than depicting me as hater. To cut the long story, I've lived among people who built wooden boats for living not fun. If they did it Leo's way they would be extinct by now.

      2. Gareth Hynes

        @antonio mihovilovic So you used no types of metal whatsoever in your boats.Last person who did that was Jesus, he just walked on the water.What did you use for an anchor ? Listen, haters will always hate, this boat build is fantastic, i just widh you were not so negative and appreciate humanity is diverse.

      3. antonio mihovilovic

        @Gareth Hynes Thank you for taking time to draw my attention to reasons why Leo have chosen inferior way of planking Taly Ho. I've seen many wooden boats built and helped to repair mine on several occasions. However, Leo's methods are so time consuming and odd if you ask me - I've never seen a wooden boat built with so many metal parts - that it's painful to watch. Hence I unsubscribed from the channel. Short clip of shipbuilding history in Korcula

      4. Gareth Hynes

        Leo did explain why in the video.The ribs on this size of boat are not wide enough to space out the required number of copper rivets.Making the joint between the ribs into blocks allows more fastenings and not all forced into the same small end position.

    25. Vincent Williams

      The pic of the progress on Tally ho made a great screen saver for my pc

    26. Joshua Diment

      Rolex of boats. Amazing

    27. statongeo

      Good to see you take time away from your labor. Come back refreshed.

    28. Alfredo Giavoni

      Its been a week lets go with another episode

    29. UcanEAT thePnuts

      Hey before you chuck on tally ho’s lead keel back on you should find out if its free from nuclear isotopes from modern processing after trinity nuclear test and the arms race after it might be worth a pile of cash

    30. Siamect

      Do parrots eat lead primer soaked chips?

    31. fourth panda

      I just wanna say, I absolutely love your videos. There is something just so pure about them. They are a great distraction from the day to day grind.

    32. Michael MacLachlan

      love your videos and project.. tx for sharing. something interesting for you maybe..

    33. Jeff Gingell

      Hi from not too far off (Forks area). Awesome project! Must have been intimidating at first. Looking forward to seeing Tally Ho come to life.

    34. Joseph Demro

      AWESOME WORK, Keep Rolling Brother She looks AMAZING!!!

    35. John

      I knew you had to be particular in boatbuilding but I never expected you to be measuring down to the Planck scale.

    36. Fifi Finance

      What would you suggest as a more non-reflective lip shades? Have a new YT channel and working with lights is cumbersome. Would be great to get your feedback👍🏽

    37. Vusal Bayramlı

      Hello. How are you. My name is Vüsal. I am from Azerbaijan. I've been watching you for eight months, you have a very beautiful bird, your dreams are very big. But I do not understand why you decided to restoration such a large ship. That is, you could go to sea by renewing a smaller ship. Another issue that interests me is where do you find the financial support needed to develop this project? When do you think this project will end? Please give the answer here, not in the video.I say it because my English is not good. Thank you.

    38. Attila Deák

      Ive found your channel through Sailing Yaba channel, where someone recommended you (r channel) for them to get in contact for tips about their boat. I think, im gonna binge watch now.. :)

    39. Jordan Frayne

      this is getting so exciting!

    40. Drew Feyereisen

      I love everything you are doing and am supporting in what ways I can :) Out of curiosity what kind of beer do you and your crew like to drink?

    41. Bryon Ensminger

      That there insanely small level as you call it is known as a line level you can put it on as long a lines you want but Mason's line is best you can stretch it and pull the slack out of the line Mason's line is made to stretch and tighten up as you fo

    42. Trip Robinson

      Need a journeyman electrician in the future. Ill make myself available.

      1. Trip Robinson

        Volunteer of course.

    43. Дарья Глухарева

      привет из москвы

    44. Dante Valentino Poroli

      legit thought the guy with the glasses was seth rogan for a sec

    45. TotalVikingPower

      Hey, remember to like alright ! Good on you mate

    46. TylersHow2

      Sounds like Powderpost beetles! Fumigate the lumber with Boracare

    47. The American Patriot


    48. talullahlabelle

      Wife wants to know ‘Where’s Cecca??’ 👋

      1. on4xb

        Stuck in the UK (Covid) travel ban...

    49. PJ Thatsfine

      I've been waiting for planking for so long!

    50. Joed Taylor

      What kind of wood are using to plank your fine project Leo sure looks pretty not a knot in it.

      1. on4xb

        Wana (aka Red Ouro)

    51. Richard H Jones

      Oh that is great. I will be looking forward to seeing those videos as well.

    52. jamierodg1

      In 2020, there are few things we can count on. Leo is clearly one of them.

    53. Wireless Int'l

      How long did it take the original builder to build the Tally Ho? It’s impossible to compare the two since it appears the workmanship and quality going into today’s Tally Ho exceeds the original. I’m just curious how long did it take them in the early 1900’s.

      1. on4xb

        The plans are dated 1909, TH was launched in 1910, build at a well established wharf by many shipwhrights... Difficult to compare, i think

    54. Thedevontree

      You should make and sell wooden tools from the scraps of the project that would be awesome

    55. John barfneck

      i can no longer give a comment/opinion-have an opposing opinion - thumbs up or thumbs down/subscribe or share you tube video links on any you tube videos due to googles new guidelines,because it may offend someones sensibilities.

      1. Tony Grimes

        You've offended me by making a comment!!!!!

    56. Charles D Petrone

      SUGGESTION No. 2 FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY: Pete: You mentioned the you didn't use the water level because it had bubbles in it. A few drops of liquid dish soap added to the Water Level will reduce the surface tension of the water and allow the air bubbles to escape more easily. In effect, the surface tension causes the water to collect in globs (scientific term) and to stick to the tubing inner wall which traps pockets of air. Reducing the surface tension also allows the level to "settle out" after each change of position. Using a larger diameter tubing also helps. Also, a little food coloring added to the water will make the water level easier to read.

    57. Scott D

      Why do use an adhesive that needs moisture to cure on plywood ?

    58. Joe Clarke

      Trail bikes have come a long way since those Honda CTs. Still, a neat little bike. Boat looking good.

    59. Charles D Petrone

      Leo: SUGGESTIONS FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY: When fitting the planks it might be easier to flatten the curve of the rib rather than trying to carve the underside of each plank. Flattening the mating section on each rib would only take seconds using a block plane or a belt sander. It Is easier to fit and join two flat surfaces than two curved surfaces. You have already flattened the planks with the thickness planer. Those ribs have plenty of extra material so flattening the surface under each plank shouldn't be a structural issue. Just a thought.

      1. on4xb

        Leo answered this question in an earlier comment on this video

    60. Bob Dylan

      Leo, I truly envy you. Not just for what you are doing but more for what is about to come. As a retired aerospace Chief Design Engineer, I know the satisfaction you get from putting your thoughts and ideas down on paper, manufacturing parts and assembling a thing of beauty which, up until then, had only really existed in your head. However, nothing ever came close to the feeling of watching that first ever flight. For you it will be the day she goes back in the water for the first time and the day you first sail away from the mooring. Not many people get to experience that feeling, but you undoubtedly will at some point in the not too distant future. I look forward to seeing Tally Ho when she returns to UK waters.

    61. Ken Richard

      I started watching you right from the start i tune in time to time to check on the progress you do such amazing work and you have the love and the history boat building

    62. David W

      This is an awesome vessel build and very interesting. Hope more frequent videos can be posted in the future. I drive by often but cannot see much from the road.

    63. Julian Salmon

      Look what you've started Leo! Great project.

      1. Julian Salmon

        @MULLAC22 Thank you. I'll have a watch.

      2. MULLAC22

        This ( Sail Cargo ) project is the one that Alix ( of Acorn to Arabella ) visited earlier this year. He took some tools and equipment down from New England to Costa Rica and stayed a couple of weeks to help out. There is a video on the A2A page on youtube if anyone is interested.

    64. richard easther

      Glue always fails -that is the rule I was told

    65. jdogg661420

      nice sticker on your minibike. i ride a grom daily. lol. nice ship.

    66. thomas savage

      I've never seen such primo knots at all.

    67. Tom Legrady

      Are you following the Vendee Globe?

    68. Michael Lachowski

      Your guys and everybody in the future, will ceaselessly try to keep the brass shiny. And the brass will do its thing and tarnish back. Endless fight consumming endless man hours. When you were doing the first floors, I suggested to gild all that thing and get a shiny, fat, decadent Golden Permafinish. The expense? maybe 200$ in gold, 10 man work days of fumbling and say another 500$ for auxiliary things. Just think about the jaw dropping surprise on your visitors faces 10 years from now when they visit the boat and see the shine. Priceless.

      1. Charles

        It's bronze, not brass. And if it's kept waxed, there's no reaspn it won't stay shiny.

    69. Brian Smith

      Nice to have the first plank on! What is the wood species? Looks kind of like teak or mahogany?

      1. Brian Smith

        @Frederick Stibbert Thanks!

      2. Frederick Stibbert

        The planking is Wana, aka Red Louro, except for the garboard, lower broads & uppermost sheer-strake, which will be Angelique.

    70. davidmellott50

      It is amazing that when this boat was built way back, all the boards were cut by hand. This is definitely a labor of love. I truly admire your dedication and grit to keep going and going.

      1. Tony Grimes

        @Charles More than 100 years old.

      2. Charles

        They most definitely were not all cut by hand. That ship saw (giant band saw) standing in front of the boat is probably 60 to 80 years old, and that is hardly the first of its kind. We've had powered saws for centuries, but for some reason most people assume they didn't exist before we harnessed electricity. Of course, portable circular saws didn't exist, and there was a lot more manual labour, but that doesn't mean it was _all_ manual labour.

    71. Waljah Ras

      Quick question. Maybe you said but i did not hear. Would scarfing the plank joints not create a stronger conection than butt blocks?

      1. on4xb

        Leo answered that question in the early comments of this video

    72. S Otobfree

      You might be a plank... but I’m completely compounded!

    73. S Otobfree

      An absolute pleasure to watch.. thank you!...

    74. TractorsNStuff

      I found this channel about 2 weeks ago. I binged watched almost every video, only skipping the ones that didn't involve progress on the boat. I just caught up and I am no bummed out that I have to wait for the next episode. :( Awesome project. I'm onboard.

    75. Caramela Mcphee

      Fantastic series on your build. You have the skills & knowledge of a retired shipwright .

    76. Coby Scheldt

      Hanging pkanks! Good on you mate. The Song called Tally Ho. Thanks Leo. (and helpers!)

    77. Bob Hill

      Pneumatic hammer cheap and can easily pound those brass rivets in

    78. zSimpleman zSimpleman

      Not to speak badly about Charlie. But I kinda wonder if editing the videos was alot more work than he actually thought. It surprises me how many do think it's so easy or they have done alittle but they believe they can do production quality. They may not be the reason idk. But I do know that this series is lovely an I always look forward to these episodes they are so calming an encouraging! Boat building is out of my reach but you encourage me to follow other positive dreams of mine !! Can't wait to see her on the water an look forward to be able to see your journey traveling

    79. MrTim3990

      Polishing the bronze (even if you don't see it) adds corrosion resistance. Think of the hydraulic ram they are highly polished yet resist rusting.

    80. Tim Gay

      She is starting to take even more shape and the level of detail is fantastic. If I was over there I would love to come and have a look and even help, but alas I am in Australia.

    81. mark farnell

      wow, about my favourite video from the series. Beautifully made and such a milestone to get that first plank in place

    82. Tvideo

      Old downeast builders always called the Shutter plank the "Shudder" planks because of the pain in the ass fitting them sometime became.

    83. C Doe

      can your editor be consistent with the scene transitions for when the music is to start and when it ends? I can't figure out when to unmute the music in order to hear the dialog.

      1. Charles

        "His editor" is Leo himself. I suggest turning on the closed captions.

    84. IAm Lonefrog

      Leo can build a boat... and thrash a trail 90... I live this guy

    85. Moiseis Drone caminhoes

      Oi quando ficar pronto ?

    86. Mel King

      Just curious, why the had planing instead of the electrics?

    87. J Adams

      'Love the bike !

    88. Jerry Firebaugh

      Leo, is there a video or pictures of a boat similar to how you envision Tally Ho being fitted out?

    89. mdaddley

      Are you using Brasso Polish to polish those?

    90. randall watson

      Maybe this has b'n said/asked already, and I'm sorry if it has been, but with that wide planking stock, I see you templating off one side and cutting close to, almost on the line. I'd be a bit worried if there were any stresses in that wide planking stock, that you might get the cut plank springing off a bit and not matching the template. You're not creeping up on the line? Roughing out the plank first 'n then relaying the templet? Or is your stock simply so perfectly milled 'n dried (lucky bstrd!) that that's not a concern?

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        Good point! I'll talk about this next episode. Basically the stock is springy enough to edge-set back into shape even if it moves when first cut. Which actually means I can skip using templates at all for a lot of the planks.


      Hi Leo. Another fantastic video, Love the bronze work. I assume you are not using bronze diagonal strapping between frames and planking. Is it because you are replicating Tally Ho's original scantlings? You are doing such a great job that I'm sure there will be no hogging. Cheers from Australia.

    92. fingerbottom

      Leo, how do you keep water from sitting on top of the butt blocks?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        It's common to chamfer a slope to their tops, for this exact reason.

    93. RVH MON

      Does a buttblock reach from frame to frame or is it just a freefloating piece at plank ends?

    94. Sascha Oswald

      "I had some purple heart left over..."....and he produces a 100lb block of purple heart the size of a mini fridge! Awesome craftsmanship, glad to be supporting you!

      1. Sascha Oswald

        @on4xb yes, the fit on that scarph joint in the keel was amazing!

      2. on4xb

        Have you seen ep 14A and 14B (the ones where he makes a new keel out of Purple Heart) ?

    95. Will Fishing

      There is more wood in this boat than I would ever use for all my woodworking in my entire life!

    96. Mario Ivekovic

      Hey Leo, I've been watching your channel for over a year and the work you are doing is really beautiful. Being a naval architecture student I was wondering if you have to follow some Classification society rules while building a wooden boat like Tally Ho or is it different in this build.

    97. I don't know the first thing about

      I really enjoy your music choices, very original in every vidéo. Congrats on that (ans all the rest obviously...).

    98. lame duck

      Why aren't there any 'people of colour' helping out?

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        Unfortunately trad boatbuilding seems to be a pretty white past-time. I'd love for the team to be more diverse - but I can't choose who volunteers! One day I hope to do work which introduces a lot of people from different backgrounds to boatbuilding and sailing.

      2. Charles

        Because this is northern Washington, where the population is predominantly white. Leo doesn't seem like the racist type to me.

      3. Try Thinking

        Perhaps none have volunteered

    99. doorran

      Let's get this done! :0)

    100. JJ Ryan Law

      How does this get a downvote? Did some cinematographer find a petty focusing or perspective error? Some sound engineer not like the audio quality? Unless you’ve done what Leo is doing better, quit trolling.