The Kindness of Strangers - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP26

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    This episode, I have a number of interesting volunteers and visitors, who help me out with various aspects of the project - a welding machine, a sign for the shed, some much-needed modifications to the massive ship-saw, a forklift service, and a ride in a classic muscle car. Meanwhile, I continue lofting inside the shed, and we are nearly ready to start re-framing!

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    26. The Kindness of Strangers

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    1. Premier4378 NZ

      There is a modern way of lofting that can save countless hours. Whilst there is proprietary software for designing yacht hulls it can also be done using a 2d version of autocad. You use the information from the original lines drawing and recreate it full size with autocad. You use the same method to fair the lines as you would on the floor but doing it on the computer is far quicker not to mention far easier on your back and knees. Once all the lines are true and fair they can be printed out on A0 sheets of translucent mylar. The mylar sheets have reference marks at all 4 corners allowing the entire lines drawing to be assembled on the floor by laying down the sheets and pinning them together with drawing pins at the reference marks. There are numerous advantages to this method including the ability to lay out each onto the timber you intend to use for each individual frame. This allows you to transfer all buttocks, waterlines and other reference marks directly onto the frame. I know you are way past this stage now but it could be useful in the future or, for any of your viewers that might like to try their hand at lofting. It's a hugely satisfying endeavour. Leo I find your videos utterly compelling to watch, your skills are very impressive.

    2. Iain King

      its called CAD mate

    3. Benjamin Scoville

      8:46 biceps... Woah 😻

    4. toadamine

      That car is awesome! 😍 That boat is awesome! 😍 That saw is awesome! 😍 That sign is awesome! 😍

    5. Jeff Sherman

      I'll be honest, Francesca is half the reason I watch this series! lol lol

    6. David Aitchison

      Such an amazing job, I am completely impressed. I can appreciate how important 'lofting' is to the completed project, but I have to admit it was getting a bit 'techie' for me.

    7. Bill Wheaton

      HAH! My brother had a 62 Ford Falcon. Good times

    8. J Hemphill

      Did you say buttocks when you meant to say futtocks, several times? Be honest.

    9. Tom Oakhill

      Fifty one years ago I graduated from high school in Michigan, and my best friend went to Brisbane where he still lives. Now that he is retired, he flies up to visit every six months. I love the South Main Auto channel here on IThomes. Eric was born in 1978, so he says things like, "it has the BIG 3.1 engine." I say "HA." In 1970 I was working in a GM assembly factory, at the engine drop. We were dropping in the big 7.5 engines. I love the car in this video. Those were the days. Eric shows setting the play in the valves, in one of his SMA videos.

    10. Real Talk with Aaron

      look! its the old ship captain

    11. Damian J

      Good to see some more Aussies helping out :)

    12. philip Brailey

      Riley, Aussie, Aussie, Aussie 🇦🇺

    13. Pibal Ibedeiby

      Is this process the basis for how we now use the word fair? Fair meaning even or in this case smooth.

    14. Ram Fra

      This man is a genius

    15. Lady Dew Build

      DUDE! I used 3D CAD to loft my boat...

    16. philip Brailey

      A helpful Aussie. Great stuff.

    17. André Ewert

      Yeah boat, fine, yadda yadda. I'm watching to find out when he will finally marry Francesca.

    18. winston cat

      FYI Leo, it's called a "iterative" process. From mathematics, but also applies to the practical world.

    19. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    20. Doug Dorn

      There has to be an easier!

    21. Jacquobite

      People with long hair should tie it up when using power tools.

    22. Brunel Motos

      Amazing all the kindness around you! I wish I could put in some hours helping also. Thanks for sharing this amazing adventure.

    23. DownunderGraham

      Won’t the ship saw be in a swimming pool when it rains?

    24. 1MinuteFlipDoc

      Brisbane - I love the koala sanctuary there!

    25. Pavol Timko

      Wow, what a beautiful bunch of people!

    26. ARTYON BR

      Nice !!!!

    27. Josh Drexler

      If you still think that "blowing up a design 16 times blows up the line thickness by 16 times" then you really don't know a thing about CAD. Any competent CAD draftsman could have completed your entire lofting and fairing exercise and sent the final frame template drawings out for printing at 100% scale (with fine lines) in three days, max. That includes digitizing the original drawings, entering (and verifying!) the Table of Offsets and fairing all the lines. As a bonus they could have generated a 3D hull half-model to be sent out for CNC machining at any desired scale. What a collossal waste of effort.

    28. Richard Curtis

      Lofting the boat seems analogous to laying out the patterns for complex sheet metal joints and intersections.

    29. Strothy2

      You never talk trash over a german engineer building his own freaking Ford Falcon..

    30. Pfalzgraf

      I just started watching your channel recently. Seeing how much time has passed for you, I really feel with you since by now I am really eager for you to get to the really constructive part! Yes, the keel was already constructive but my guess is from now on things will be more visible. Great respect for your work!

    31. Halibut 1

      Always interesting to see who will show up to lend a hand. All generous and helpful.

    32. Jeremiah

      I am soooo impressed how you can keep alllll those lines in order and in your head! That’s talent and skill.

    33. anthony white

      Excellent work! Great video! Thanx!

    34. Eckhard Koehler

      Boats, dogs, building, friends, and a female companionship. You are the richest man alive! Enjoy your blessings! I know I'm enjoying you sharing them

    35. Rusty Reckman

      That car is muscle

    36. Gene Goodman

      I'm sure getting the saw lowered and the guards put on will make it safer and much easier to use. The lofting you are doing is the only way to get the ribs or frame laid out right. You keep showing me how smart you are by doing things in the right order. Stay safe

    37. kairon156

      Thanks for the concise overview of what the lines mean and how Lofting will be helpful when you get to the next step.

    38. Alejandro Martínez Marchi

      Autolatina presente también en tus videos Leo! genial mezcla de diseños y estilos! Acá en Argentina el Ford Falcón es un auto muy apreciado por restauradores y aficionados amantes del automovilismo. Así que sin duda es la representación del estado del arte en lo que hacemos con pasión y amor, sin importar de que se trate, sean yates, autos o naves espaciales! Muy buen trabajo! Sin duda quiero ver ese yate navenado! Autolatina also present in your videos Leo! Great mix of designs and styles! Here in Argentina, the Ford Falcón is a car that is much appreciated by restaurateurs and car enthusiasts. So it is undoubtedly the representation of the state of the art in what we do with passion and love, regardless of whether they are yachts, cars or spaceships! Very good work! I definitely want to see that yacht sailed!

    39. Lordp00m

      Good job guys!

    40. Stuart McMichael

      You have some great friends helping out. They have worked their butts off, just shows in the world we live in there are kind people always willing to help, and what a fantastic job they have done. I’m so glad to see your girl back with her GSP, having two GSP’s myself I just love em !👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⛵️

    41. Focused on the Road

      One EASY things you can do to help out Leo’s channel and help him out..simply watch all the adds all the way through. It may be a small but I’ve been told IThomes gives him more $$ by watching all the way to the end of the adds..... Also check out his patronage page and donate a little for each video. Subscribing and smashing the like button on each video works to help others find this channel. Keep up the great work Leo!

    42. Gregg Senne

      I came late to the lofting process. I have to wonder if it would go faster and easier in a CAD environment. You could start with the original design but in short order find all the points where things don't line up. The other thing about CAD is you work in "full size" and since the computer "knows" all of the dimensions, you can make your precision as close as you want and never lose track of anything. Maybe on your next boat?

    43. Peter T

      Oi... Ford Falcon, that is an Aussie car..... Mind you, what that mad German did to it does us Aussies proud.

    44. scal92253

      We are going 100 mph huh huh huh... Love it!!!

    45. Richard Bohling Sr

      Your getting close to cutting wood. Yea.

    46. Tom Sramek, Jr.

      "And now my forklift can go 100 miles an hour....."!

    47. ramosel

      When I went to the Naval Academy, I thought all I needed to know about a ship was it would be the platform to launch and recover (Cat & Trap) the fighter aircraft I was going to fly. The engineering dept thought I would be better rounded if I had a course in Naval Architecture. I passed the class... but now thanks to your last 3 videos (lofting) I actually understand those things I learned oh so many years ago. Thanks Leo and best of luck to you on this project.

    48. John Stanton

      Did the original shipwrights in Shoreham lay out a loft like that , or did they work from experience from the drawings?

    49. Clint Grantham

      The lesson here is that average people are very kind. Be a good person, go to work on a noble project, take pride in your work, be kind to the people you meet and then watch what happens.

    50. William Overton

      Fantastic many blessings to those that so generously lend their help.

    51. Nate Hernandez

      When it gets finished you should gather all the volunteers and take them on the first sail

    52. Andy C

      Now this is my kinda episode.. Ford Falcon lol

    53. tachikoma10101011

      Love that ol Falcon, hell of a car

    54. Sebastian Storholm

      Might be quite an obvious question, but can’t the parrot fly or is it just lazy? :) Anyhow, keep up the good work mate, I worked as a painter and fitter once at a wharf specializing in wooden boats, and it’s really great to see that this type of work is still a living skill!

    55. Brian Jacobs

      If you weren't all the way across the country i would absolutely lend a hand. Amazing work your doing leo. If i find myself on vacation in the near future by you. Id have to give you a couple days work.

    56. shatteredsquare

      how much alcohol does it take to have this much motivation

    57. shatteredsquare

      Dude with a vectoring program you could do that stuff so fast, you can attach points to a line and that point will bend with the line if it moves down the way. There's really good freeware ones, Gimp, inkscape. You can build the skeleton, then input dimensions for various pieces and then everything will stay attached as it blooms, as you input all the dimensions of the lines

    58. Braden Williams

      Great video!

    59. Lee_ k65

      if Francesca will be there ill come and help btw great job

    60. starving030

      Curious. At this point with so much being replaced why not just replace the last bit and call it new?

    61. Bruce Evans

      I had a 66 Ford Falcon. It didn't look anything like that.

    62. Humphrey Mellish

      That German bloke is a legend

    63. Braden Williams

      Great video!

    64. Benny Hill

      have you dont a video about you? like your accent is british but you're living and working in the usa. you have a huge woodwork workshop and a house and a yard. so are you british or a yank with a british accent? is that your house and shop or family or friends? who is fransesca? etc etc. these are the questions i keep thinking of when i see your videos! great videos. cant wait to see tally ho in the water

    65. Theophilus Jedediah

      Couldn’t you just have mocked it up in a good CAD program then sent each section out to a commercial 3D printing company? :-}

    66. Immanuel Lasker

      the more I watch at this project, the less I understand why rebuilding the boat from scratch wasn't a better idea than refurbishing. As far as I can see in the end it will be completely new anyhow.

    67. Rohan Skead

      Does Rylie have facebook? I’d love to catch up with him!

    68. Sailing Lady Africa

      Thats a hardcore boat build you got there leo , whats the end plans ? any sailing and to where ? Regards from South Africa Ricky and Simone sv Lady Africa

    69. Frank Hartranft

      In a few frames of this episode Francesca is shown operating what looks like an angle grinder. She's wearing eye protection but her long hair is down below her shoulders. Back in the sixties I had hair that long and got it caught in an electric drill, which snatch me bald over about a fourth of my head and ripped my scalp open at the crown. Lots of blood and enough pain that I passed out. Please warn her that she's not safe if with her hair down while she's running a saw or a drill, etc.

    70. Barry Williams

      Slow boats and fast cars.....What a fabulous mix, keep up the good work !

    71. Cape CodBob

      Here is a link to a couple that has just gotten their hand on 22' mostly wooden boat that they are going to refit. The inside is like church work.

    72. Robert Gemski

      You are an amazing ship builder its a joy to watch you work

    73. Bill Carson

      What day of the week are the episodes released ?

    74. michael warlick

      You are doing a lot of work in the lofting. Will you ever sell your results to other boat builders who could use copies of your lofting and templates to make copies of the "Tally Ho"?

    75. Mike Tarzwell


    76. Benters

      Hi Leo. Plank thickness???? Can you please explain why the drawings and the offset measurements include the external planks. Would it not have been better to just have the shape of the frames, then you could put whatever thickness of plank on the top that you liked. This is just one more round of calculations and drawing. There must be a reason, but if I was inventing this from scratch, I would not do it like this. Cheers!

    77. Grim Reaper

      Q:why do live oaks make the best frenemies???????????????????????????????????????????A: because they are the best at throwing shade

    78. John Croucher

      Riley from Brisban: That was mighty damn cool of you to take a working vacation and build the safety guards on the saw!

    79. Kim Fuck U

      Awesome people helping you out!

    80. Robert Trotter

      You are having THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE. Do you know it? Enjoy it my friend.

    81. Salvatore Ingletto

      Best tally ho episode ever... I think than who knows about wooden boat building and restauration is thinking this is the most important step about the entire project... Keep going like this... Don't give up... I'm following you constantly!

    82. briantobin9

      Can you tell us more about the bird again... Did you say that he was wild?

    83. Braden Williams

      These videos are great, thanks!

    84. Pete Nash

      This video is living proof that the regular world is a good place but if that is not for you then the alternative is not far away. Another great video Leo and continued good luck.

    85. Justin Budreau

      Are you sure that isn't the german slingshot guy?

    86. karl

      Rebuilding a historical wooden boat, sailing around the world, improving our own craftsman skills, this is fantastic stuff. But all in all sometimes I wonder wether Cecca wouldn't be the best life project.

    87. inverlass

      A lot of work, though if you enjoy creating things? An enjoyable experience.

    88. Life On The Hulls

      Great stuff, glad to see you getting some well deserved help.

    89. Tom Hutchins

      Also your attention to safety on the band saw is very professional and commendable. A good captain /leader always puts the crews safety first. Only self centered morons have cocky attitudes

    90. Tom Hutchins

      Im normally a results driven person BUT In my opinion in this case the lofting and careful design is a wise investment and will really pay off. Unlike an other builder that has a giant useless rusting hulk in his front yard. Tally ho!!

    91. Daniel W

      love the music in your videos. thanks for choosing it. now do you happen to maintain a playlist of all that songs?

    92. echopeus22

      it would be really interesting to get what You've done through the process of Lofting into a 3D program to show how what you're doing affects the object in a 3D space plot all original points; adjust points as you change and manipulate the lines to "fair" out the curves

      1. echopeus22

        this is exciting stuff, can't wait!! thnx

      2. Bryan Anderson

        Keep watching...

    93. Hiliner60

      I'm still trying to figure out how anyone can give a thumbs down. There are at least 23 slackers out there that have nothing good to say.

    94. Me Now

      Do not let that girl leave... ever.

    95. Jonathan Ryder Richardson

      Love that beast of a saw!

    96. OneZombieKiller

      Need to turn them J Hooks on your new fancy boat sign to the outside . Because the wind going to blow and it's going to knock the sign off and it's going to hurt somebody .

    97. Edward Johnson

      The sight of Riley in his shorts and all of a sudden my wife is interested in boats!

    98. dphotos

      Very cool sign

    99. krazed0451

      Come off it, we all know a Ford Falcon is basically a boat ;-)

    100. Chasing The Dream

      Hey Leo my name is Elliot I've been watching your videos I think is fantastic what you're doing I live in Tacoma if I ever get a chance to get a little break from work and working on my own boat I'd be happy to come out and give you a hand