Chainsawing & fitting huge new Keel Timber in a 1910 sailboat - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP21

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Shaping and Fitting the Keel Timber. Support; Become a Patron;
    This episode, I work on turning an enormous lump of Purpleheart Timber into a new Keel for the historic sailing vessel, Tally Ho. I make a plywood pattern from the old keel, then plane the surfaces of the new wood, before using a custom chainsaw jig to cut the rolling bevels. Poncho the parrot watches as we manoeuvre the heavy timber underneath the precariously balanced 20-ton boat, using jacks, rollers and levers. Finally - fresh timber in the boat!
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    21. Shaping and fitting the Keel Timber - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP21

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    1. Sampson Boat Co

      A couple of people have raised concerns over the safety of planing lead. I really appreciate your concern for my health, and I want to give my thoughts on it here to clear up any misconceptions, and so people don’t have to keep asking about it. The practical; Firstly, ALL the fine dust came from the putty on top of the ballast keel - it is NOT lead dust. The lead itself was very cleanly cut by the sharp planer blades into easily visible and collectable strands, all of which I collected. Since concerns have been raised, I have meticulously gone over the whole area again to collect any strands that I may have missed, also skimming off a layer of the wood-chip in places. It has been pointed out that the putty (that made the fine dust) could have contained white lead. This is possible, but white lead powder was only really mixed into putty to be used in places like topside seams, where the far more common read lead powder/putty would show through the white paint. In a bedding application like this, if any lead was used, it would have been Red Lead, which would have strongly coloured the putty and still be visible (that being the whole point of it being red - as a warning) The philosophical; Life is an exercise in managing and assessing risk. My assessment is often very different to that of many - I have done lots of things that many would consider stupid. Crossing the Atlantic alone with no GPS or engine in tiny, leaky boat is an obvious example. I feel that my life has been enriched again and again by making my own assessment of which risks are worthwhile, and ignoring the consensus. Taking on the Tally Ho project at all was an inconceivably large risk. And although I take small risks with my health daily, the more severe risk in my personal opinion is the risk of not finishing the boat before I run out of money / before my family situation requires my return to the UK / before my hosts get sick of me here. And so I try and get on with it, occasionally upsetting the more cautious observers along the way. The MOST severe risk in life, I believe, it to be so afraid of risk that you can’t do anything - a modern epidemic. Anyway, my point here is that the risk involved in making some putty-dust is considerably less that many things we do daily - crossing the road, eating macdonalds, smoking, etc. It seems like almost everything has been declared poisonous, and the truth is that none of these things, if done sparingly and with common sense, will do much harm. But for sure, eating mcdonald’s every day of your life or working with lead every day of your life will probably mess you up. In conclusion; Please don’t worry about my risk assessment for my own health - I have been doing this long enough and carefully enough to know my limits with power-tools, etc. The speed and editing of my videos often make operations look far riskier than they are in reality. HOWEVER, I do appreciate that some things also affect other people/creatures and in this case, if there is any lead contamination, I wouldn’t want it to harm any volunteers, chickens and dogs. This is why I am meticulously going over the area again, clearing more topsoil, and have ordered a lead-testing kit to know for sure. I have a fence, so it is easy to keep the animals out of the area until then. Sorry for the essay, but I hope it may have shed some light on my philosophy. I do appreciate everybody’s concern, and I know it generally comes from kindness. Okay - back to it!

      1. Michael E Jean- louis

        Mate completely understand you people has gone soft too much of the leftwing snowflaks bs going around these days.


        "The MOST severe risk in life, I believe, it to be so afraid of risk that you can’t do anything - a modern epidemic." Two years later fear of the risk of a virus has ruined more lives than the virus ever could.

      3. Zake Harrop

        Always a treat to read responses from true skilled tradesmen. The fact that you put it on the line for the love of what you do, and not for what may be done, is truly an inspiration for any mortal man. My grammar sucks, but the idea is strongly visible. I agree that safety, conservation and respect for all things are always very important. When done correctly within your skill set, some thing's may always seem more dangerous if not familiar with the process. I think that this project is amazing, stick with it man. Jealousy or ignorance can cause a pain, but it's not worth your worry to assume any explanation. True tradesman here folks, watch and learn. Fantastic job man, I could only inspire to recreate such an awesome achievement! Thanks for the incredible videos, keep keepin on!!

      4. Andy Bush

        The risks to Leo are up to him. The risks from the lead are already existing whether the boat is scrapped or restored. Addressing the chances of others later coming into contact with the lead as is being done, would appear to make the risks to others minimal.

      5. Justin E

        Interesting to read this comment in the context that Leo (most unfortunately) cut off part of a finger later on in this project.

    2. Michael E Jean- louis

      By the way loved the hill biily contraption at the saw mill in Georgia thats vintage American intuition

    3. Eric Francis

      Years ago I was into traditional archery, which is where I learned about purpleheart and all its amazing qualities. But I am still utterly blown away by the GIANT pieces of purpleheart you used for the keel! I'd love to know where you found timbers that size, and if you don't mind telling how much they cost. Also, while I know what makes purpleheart good for a bow, can you talk about what makes it good for a sailing ship? Thanks!

    4. ernie w

      after a couple years the chicken have eaten all the lead fines on the ground . the resultant lead residue in the eggs and stewing hens has been consumed on site. not much made it to the sanitary sewer .S

    5. Joe Scola

      Glad you were thinking about all the potential safety issues when moving that thing around! Massive amount of work, so impressive!

    6. Chris Debono

      That keel is a work of art

    7. dennis jump

      Love the videos and the awesome skills. Can we lose the annoying jazz though ?

    8. Trip Robinson

      No keel laying coin mate?

    9. D NY

      Ask your GP for a Blood Lead level. Peace of mind ok? And I take the point of my colleague about leaving lead where others may come into contact with it, especially children and mothers to be. That is certainly a hazard for them: gentle reminder. Great series, very enjoyable.

    10. Marko

      Leo, “I’m a boatbuilder”. What a massive understatement that is.

    11. Up North Yooper

      That floor jack you are using s very collectable.

    12. Roger D Deane

      Can some body introduce him to a hand winch, I think in USA you call them "Come to me" winch.

      1. BGB thabun

        I believe you are referring to a come-along, and I was thinking the same.

    13. MustObeyTheRules

      Wow. I know absolutely zero about ships so I was surprised that a wood like Purple Heart was involved in the construction.

    14. Juncus Bufonius

      I had to take a second take when I saw the shot with Sailor. It looked like you'd laid a load of red rugs down. ;-)

    15. Josh Eddington

      Loving watching this build! Your craftsmanship and determination is outstanding. Thankyou for sharing knowledge on this impressive trade, and also getting me through quarntine 👍🏼

    16. Richard Plantagenet

      The dog's no help at all.

    17. jessdigs

      I love how the bird just hangs out with all the noise going on. Doesn’t even phase him


      The wood color is amazing

    19. redneckhippiefreak

      A Jointer is always a Jointer but a Planer is also a Thicknesser..You can not change the profile of the Planer/Thicknesser blades but a Jointers blade can be changed into any blade needed to make any given Joint

    20. William Lively

      Over 50 years ago when I was a teenager in wood shop we called the machine a jointer/planer. So there you go.

    21. Vee Dragon

      You are a problem solving machine!

    22. Vee Dragon

      That chainsaw setup is great!

    23. david ouellette


    24. Damian J

      haha.. I like your good sense of humour! Well done

    25. Tom Oakhill

      Oh do NOT do that 9:41 ! No, no, no. Use a "pusher" every time, as Leo does on the table saw at 10:14. I am missing the top half of the end bone of the longest finger in my right hand, because I did what Leo does at 9:41. The planer threw the wood out from under my hand. I did not lose my hand because, unlike Leo, I never ever let any part of my hand go *over* the cutter. I was pushing towards the cutter, and was able to stop my hand's forward motion soon enough to lose only a half inch of finger. It healed completely such that it is impossible to see any damage now. New skin, and fingerprint. But for a decade the end of that finger was super-sensitive to being bumped.

    26. Tom Oakhill

      Oh no! Saylor (ha) the dog has collapsed 2:48 into a puddle of dog fur. That is the sign of a dog who is with a beloved human. The dog gets utterly relaxed, and lets the human stand guard. Complete dog trust, that can only be earned by a true dog-person. Way to go Leo.

    27. jdhalvo

      Some of your offcuts would be a lifetime supply of purple heart for some woodworkers! Amazing...

    28. J JJR

      your patience and perseverance are really admirable.

    29. lame duck

      Such a contrast to what's happening in Portland where these egotistic, attention-seeking, aggressive, talentless, immature and abusive children only want to destroy not create.

    30. Daniel Passau

      To remember concave and convex: Is the belly concave, the girl was well-behave Is the belly convex, she probably had se...

    31. Schnapps ist gesund!

      "If her belly is convex, then mommy has had sex."

    32. tenaxxband

      Chuck Norris builds boats?!

    33. Mario Denig

      nice but this annoiing BANJO F*CK grrrr....

    34. Ibh111142

      Reviewing this video it is plain Cecca is not around. Using the wooden pasta spoon as a tool could have seen the first loss of a finger tip.

    35. Matthew Breschini

      You and everyone that has been a part of this beautiful journey are what really life is all about..with tha being yourpasssion!

    36. Rev. David Willerup

      What have you done with the purple heart off-cuts?

    37. Rev. David Willerup

      Do you have poncho t-shirts?

    38. rikiwakwak

      Have recently discovered your channel. Am enjoying this series. May i ask where you learned to build boats, and is the Tally Ho going to be yours when completed, or are you doing this for someone?

    39. Clarke McGee

      What craftsmanship!!!

    40. Heid Bumbee

      I'm years late but if you want to remove tar from a furry animal then margarine is the safe way to go......never eat it use it to clean animals. I got that from a vet when my cat got under the house floor and slept on the tar damp course......nightmare mess

    41. Trevor Blythe

      You're right,Leo,the boat not falling over and crushing you to death is a good omen.Nice one,as always.Cheers!

    42. Jasman35

      Man that's a sexy keel timber 😂 they wish this one was the original

    43. Brian Madigan

      Those are huge pieces of Purpleheart to rip. Nice job, that looks fantastic. - toxonix

    44. Peter Brickwood

      Never mind the boat falling and crushing you I'd have been terrified the chainsaw would get away and chew you up.

    45. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    46. Bruce Henry

      Nice job! I almost couldn't watch the ripping of that timber though. I just kept thinking that if that saw had kicked, your femoral arteries were right there. Yikes! Man! That purpleheart is fantastic wood! Tally Ho will have the prettiest keep ever!

    47. Ken Marthick


    48. Ken Marthick


    49. Lost Boys

      Omg i fuckin LOVE how inventive people can be!! This Chigsaw plate is such a GENIUS thing! And great thanks to you leo for showing us the whole Project.

    50. avryptickle

      That’s a clever chainsaw jig.

    51. Appie Happie


    52. Try Thinking

      Balance is the key. Learned that pulling green chain at a sawmill.

    53. Seanoldio Sweatio

      I've always referred to them as a jointer/planer. But if I just said planer, I would be thinking of a thicknesser(? I think that is what you said)

    54. Alex Lavoie

      I must say. this keel is a beautiful piece! Props to you. Its actually what pushed me to subscribe to your patreon

    55. J Greenseed

      Buddy, stop worrying about people's opinions

    56. andres Jones

      chuck Norris came for the help

    57. Andthen 01

      I don’t know how you do all this on your own

    58. JareK Pawlowski

      great work is very pleasing I know I'm late but I just started watching ;-) :-D

    59. Gavan Duffy

      Amazes me how sensitive the purple heart is to changes in the light...

    60. Kim Doss

      Got 2 go 2 bed catch U 2 morrow night. Regards Kad. PS great work. |

    61. shane john

      Lord....I don't know how you made yourself cut into the new Keel. So MUCH had to go JUST right. I was nervous just watching.

    62. Matthäus Frick

      I love all your videos, but this one is espacialy great! Great work

    63. anthony white

      Good video. Thanx

    64. Luke Yeagley

      After watching you work with it for a few episodes, I'm amazed at how beautiful that piece of purple heart is given the size of it. I've seen much smaller pieces of it with more flaws than that massive timber.

    65. Chris Miller

      That hand planer sounds like Axel Rose

    66. JAK

      Ya, I'd by a stamped purpleheart coin. "Bob's your uncle." What a curious saying.

    67. Илья Илья

      Не сдавайся! Молодец!

    68. nagib ali

      Is it necessary to be the keel of lead?.thanks

    69. Larry LeBlanc

      your an awesome fellow....keep it real and never mind the choir....when they get tired more will be soon too replace them.....

    70. Jeff Collins

      I’m glad you didn’t get get crushed to death.

    71. Dominic Smullen


    72. maurice ouellette

      Bonjour du Canada.Incroyable,les qualités d'homme de métier,de ce jeune homme. M.O.

    73. Howard Wells

      A Renaissance Man ! Gosh, I am impressed!

    74. lawrence beeler

      If you ever get the time come down to the vancouver / portland area you can check out the fort plus Oregon city where the Dr. John McLaughlin house and museum are located

    75. lawrence beeler

      Are you aware of the British history in the pacific northwest such as Hudson bay trading company and fort Vancouver

    76. Peter T

      You can create a ripping chain from a crosscut chain by filing down the rakes a bit. The angle of the tooth is not the most important thing, it's more the depth of cut, which is set by the rake that is important. Reasons for my comments or means of experience gained. I've spent a LOT of time cutting fence posts from trees. Found the best setup was two saws. 1) standard crosscut chain for felling and docking to length. 2) standard crosscut chain with the rakes filed down 30% for ripping lengthwise. (any more off the rakes resulted in the shavings being to long and blocking the chainsaw. The reasons we went this way was specific ripping chains were a LOT more expensive than a crosscut. Which is why we modified a separate crosscut to save cash.

    77. Richard Bohling Sr

      You have just made a great step forward in the project and it looks great. Lots more work ahead but I'm confident that your aware of that. Be safe, well and strong.

    78. Torsten Behrendt

      If a girl well behaves, her belly stays concave - if she has sex, her belly might get convex. Not sure if this make sense in real English. Cheers from Germany.

    79. Assassin Mongoose

      11:28 over all those tools you use, over all the labels you see, you need to tape them over, with a new label that reads -- Your Name Here 4 $$$... You need to get paid, compensated, because you are promoting them.


      Just brilliant, superb attention to detail, mature professional decisions, excellent videos interesting, no 'holes' just want to keep watching, and cant wait to see her sailing, I would love to help you out, but just so busy at the moment, however if I can get on the water when your under full sail happy to contribute my work free of charge of course to have assisted in keeping one more of those beautiful things afloat! see youtube, for a small selection of my videos, Kind regards and all the best, Kevin

    81. Roger Dale

      As an ex engineer I have to admit you have done an excellent job for a young fella,and I cannot for the life of me understand those thumbs down mebe they are jealous of you,

    82. Dwayne Koblitz

      Found you from acorn to Arabella. So slowly catching up. What a massive task. I hope and pray Poncho gets to sail on her. I totally love him! ❤️

    83. nagib ali

      you are amazing god bless you

    84. Dan Pieraccini

      Thanks for featuring our music! -Dan and Forget the Whale

    85. Onesmo Metili

      Too much talking, do the job!!!!

    86. lanesteele240

      14:00. Is that tom norris. Chucks little brother

    87. Thomas Zhang

      Amazing work.

    88. NoNicheTV

      why dont build a new one rather than replacing the old woods?

    89. Niek D

      Poncho like Dorito!!

    90. Mel Shea

      Glad you are still alive, keep it up!!

    91. Tim Henry

      Chuck Norris at 14:09.

    92. WelLRoundeDSquarE

      Since you seem to believe you must play music, thus ruining a perfectly good video, PLEASE turn it down. It should be background music, not a rock concert.

    93. Glenn Jensen

      beautiful work, I stand here in Denmark with a 32 foot wooden boat that is 124, years old in very good condition. previously, an association has looked after the boat. now they are too old. soon it will be cut to burn a sad fate

    94. Blake P

      Great video, very ambitious project. Love the music.

    95. Angel Roberto

      EXCELENTE MAESTRO : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - )

    96. f0rumrr

      I remember the difference between concave and convex by remembering concave goes inward like a cave.

    97. VideoNOLA

      Speaking of "bowing" and "concave" timbers, I discovered a simple method for (at least temporarily) straightening dry boards, while rebuilding an old shed comprised of 2x12 planks. By simply pouring or spraying some water on the "bowed in" face of the timber, I could easily cause it to bend the other way, eliminating the bow. The water caused the wood fibres to expand just enough (helped by the sun's rays outdoors), while the dry side stayed put, effectively flattening the piece long enough to be fit where it needed to go.

    98. oussama merabat

      I admire your work very much I am one of the followers of the videos you publish I have a request I am from Algeria. I want to be your student Can you help me become a ship maker like you?

    99. Jhvanriper

      I think it took the guys at Acorn to Arabella a year to carve the keel and you did it in a day? Yeah there were some differences but man I wanted them to use the ship saw by moving it past the keel slowly but the chain saw seems a better solution.

    100. Kary Gregoire

      This is an artform. No other proper way to describe it.