Replacing more 108-year old Frames / Wooden Boatbuilding (Tally Ho EP39)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Intermediate Frames, a Storm, and a Christmas Tree! Support; Become a Patron;
    EPISODE 39.
    This episode, we continue replacing frames, starting now on the intermediate frames in-between the station frames. Washington is hit by severe wind and power cuts - will the boat-shed survive?!
    Brad is still helping out, and we are joined by a young guy from Illinois who is keen to help out and learn a little about boatbuilding.
    In other news, we get a Christmas Tree in the loft, and make some improvements to our bunk-room.
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    39. Intermediate Frames, a Storm, and a Christmas Tree! (Tally Ho EP39)

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    1. Riley Hunter

      We want to charter her for a day.

    2. kerry scott scott

      well done with tally ho

    3. Bill Dyke

      So the table saw has acquired a guard...

    4. Bill Wheaton

      Seems like you could tilt that router and dispense with the chisel work? Probably too late now, nearly two years down the line :). This is an amazing series


      you cut your finger on that jig for the thicknesser blade sharpener

    6. Schnapps ist gesund!

      12:09 the third time, I literally allmost spat out my drink

    7. Jerry Lifsey

      I'm guessing that everyone willing to help now has to sign an injury waiver and/or prove they have health insurance. It would be a shame if Leo's costs have to go up with workers' comp insurance and/or liability insurance

    8. Paul Harris

      I started from day one after coming across Your videos. I wanted to see how this Vlog started. It’s been a journey.

    9. Scot Fenn

      Making those frames just boggles my mind. Amazing guys , just Amazing.

    10. nemskiii

      Hey Leo, love the videos mate! Just wanted to warn you that you should chock the car up with some wood before getting underneath it. I knew someone who broke their back when the jack rolled off. Keep up the good work!

    11. Pepper Spray

      Cutting butt futtocks will never be the same.

    12. Peter Brickwood

      You seem to work a lot at night, hope the neighbours don't mind. Some Canadian volunteers are in order, I think.

    13. George Mcnaughton

      You lucky Festool Bastard.

    14. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    15. Oneofdazzz

      guess you didn't cut you fingertip off with that big ass circular saw ass you are still holding it wrong.

    16. O. H. W.

      ohhh that poor finger!

    17. Dylan Pitcher

      I wish I could like more then once!! Sooo good

    18. Doug Wray

      Every time I see that ship saw in action it delights my heart. An old 'piece of junk' is once again doing what it was designed to do: BUILD HISTORY! :-D Just wonderful.

    19. P Run

      Admittedly, I haven't seen all the videos. Has the local building inspector been around yet? The boat shed, the living quarters....they like to harass folks about stuff like that. Before the virus made local health department restaurant inspectors the only thing that stands between life and death, there were the building inspectors.

    20. whotknots

      Hi Leo. I am greatly enjoying participation in your project via the video files you no doubt spend considerable time creating, so thank you. I noticed in an earlier episode that Pancho was trying to take a bath in her relatively tiny water dish. Having owned a parrot for 15 years or so I have learned that many if not most of the tribe love a good bath. So I wonder if her family would mind you providing a nice big shallow dish with about 4 inches or so of warm water so she can take a really good proper bath?

    21. 1MinuteFlipDoc

      13:36 I'm not gay (not that there's anything wrong with it!) but that dude is a huge stud!

    22. Zihnigür Dereli


    23. Mason Craine

      $400 for a O2 sensor replacement! HA. that's absurd. I'm glad you figured it out yourself!

    24. Gruntslayer 35

      I bet pancho bit his finger off and they don’t want him to say anything because then animal control will force them to put him down for being violent

    25. Kaffeebohnson

      11:28 lol wut Brad is super hot without that beanie XD

    26. David Akridge

      Just put some tape over that Check Engine Light and you'll be fine.

    27. Jeff Collins

      In this episode Leo drills a hole in his hand farting around with a Christmas ornament.

    28. Victor Rocha

      Don't ever comb your hair. Ever.

    29. Linda Fine

      *Nσɯ YOU Cαи Bυıldd Yσυя Ðяεαмм Bσαт Wıтн Oνεя 500 Bσαт Plαиѕѕѕ > *** බෝට්ටුව ඇය මත ලස්සන මිදි වැලක් ලැබීමට සුදුසුයි!

    30. macelius

      So nice to see that row of new frames in her!

    31. Space Cowboy

      Bear 🐻

    32. Richard Bohling Sr

      It seems like your drawing a good steady group of volunteers to help you with the project. Great to see young people willing to come by and help because they see the value of what your doing. Keep on doing what your doing.

    33. Charles Reliable

      Important Bevel Talk, happens at min 11.52

    34. Charles Reliable

      Nice Music to Verbal talking, volume level.

    35. Kevin Pollock

      There's a video out there someplace of them setting a new mast.... Holy shit!

    36. Kevin Pollock

      Hi, Leo. I enjoy watching your videos and have so much respect for you and that brain of yours! Wish my dad was still around he would have loved watching the series unfold. A true sailor he was. Wondering what you think of the Norwegian 'Viking' sailing vessel "Draken"? Quite an amazing life the whole crew and legitimacy of how things are done aboard. I'm sure you know about it but if not check it out. Couple years ago she was in our neck of the woods, Detroit area in the Great Lakes, but with horrible weather as she was coming through our area I didn't actually get to see her. A big tall ships Great Lakes Festival happens every few years and that's what this was. Anyway keep up the awesome work and thank you so much for letting us all pay attention to how things should be done.

    37. goulash75

      There's something very therapeutic watching you guys cutting wood down to size and shape. 10:00 .... Where's the mistletoe? ^^

    38. midgetrace

      I was wondering if the original ribs were steam bent or if steam bending would be any easier or faster? very nice job you are very talented and so impressive. good luck with this.

    39. Elvis Lives

      Not sure totally that "Amazon Wishlist" link working as i get a lot of "No sellers are currently shipping this item to your location" because i live in the middle of no where.... guess its not mapping it to your location...........

    40. shaunsprogress

      How in the hell was this done in the past without power tools?

    41. john47742

      Great project. I look forward to seeing the finished boat,.

    42. Ugliest Bump

      Thank goodness you got some help out there.. thinkin about you're finger; its just seems safer to have another person around in case of an emergency. Lovin the vids, seeing all the progress, soo COOL!

    43. faircompetition1

      Rebuild ? Looks more like replace the boat bit by bit . What will still be left of the original ? All said fantastic work and skill , and I guess such is true of all old wooden boats , they are more living and slowly being replaced .

    44. coba Manuele

      I wanto see the frames done..

    45. Six Points Wood Works

      I really liked this video Leo. Maybe it’s just me but it seemed you let a little more of your personality out, relatable, good stuff.

    46. Albert Monson

      sweet jesus lofting is a bore. You have amazing patience

    47. blakerwalk

      Greetings from Kiel, Germany! Thank you immensely for creating and sharing these videos. It's inspiring to see your progress on this project.

    48. rea reo


    49. Gary Yuh

      Need your address to ship a couple of saw guides I found on Festool Owners Group. Guides will allow connecting to your’s so you can cut without scooting guide and realigning. Will order connectors and ship separately. Gary. Only request is to get them back when the boat is done. 2-5 years - no problem.

    50. Ash Powell

      Merry Christmas Leo, great progress.

    51. Candis Brendel


    52. jimdevalk

      Just discoverd this channel while looking for a jig design for a planing sled. Now i’m binge watching all episodes. Keep up the work and please stay in one piece!

    53. Ethan Dieterich

      3:21 this is a really cute behavioral thing for macaw where they act like they’re falling because they want you to give them attention

    54. talisay

      What are you doing with the frames you've replaced? Great following your rebuild !!

    55. Apocolo

      That bird is a ham.

    56. MT Mals

      Happy New Year Leo and crew. Steady as ya go.

    57. Matt Vliet

      @12:47 Looks like hes growing some chest hair

    58. Ben Veenstra

      It's awesome to see this channel grow along with the project and how Leo is bringing these people together. The transparency of how its all done and the personal but also honest touch Leo brings makes it feel very real and that's amazing. I can only imagine how challenging it must be to learn how this youtube platform works, how to manage the people, edit these videos and also be the brains behind building this boat! After hearing the volunteers tell about there experience I'm seriously considering to ask Leo if I could come and help for a month or two! Keep up the inspiring work and my best regards from the Netherlands!

    59. Graham Hyde

      Hi Leo - I just wanted to let you know that I have cancelled my payment to you through Patreon. I am letting you know publicly as I want others to know that this is nothing to do with you but rather a protest at the way Patreon has behaved recently. As a long term supporter I am fully behind what you are doing with Tally Ho and wish you continued success. I have accordingly set up a Paypal monthly standing order and would encourage other Patreon supporters to do the same. Congratulations on producing some of the best work on IThomes and all the very best for the coming year.

    60. Andy Reynolds

      Hi, I trimmed my right hand middle finger on a planer 25 years ago. It took more than 10 years to stop holding that finger out of line when doing any work, I see you are doing the same, war wounds from an interesting life, cheers

    61. Warren Harpster

      I have been learning by watching, your supporters are awesome

    62. kyle abingdon

      Hi Leo. You don’t know me but I’m a Boatbuilder that’s recently moved to Falmouth. we share a couple of mutual friends. One of them told me about your project. Over the last few weeks I’ve been working my way through them. Great stuff mate. Really inspiring! I just wanted to say keep up the good work. I hope our paths will cross one day. All the best for 2019!

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        Thanks a lot Kyle, say hi to Falmouth for me! Glad you're enjoying the videos, I'm sure we will bump into each other one day :)

    63. Elli P

      Thinking back to those early videos, Leo, you must be SO GLAD that you decided to replace the whole keel timber. A huge undertaking (literally!), but trying to cut crisp new housings in the old original would have been so bitty and messy and frustrating compared to the fine results you're achieving with that gorgeous new chunk of purpleheart. Another bold decision pays off. Bravo!

    64. Elli P

      I've been reading Pancho's tweets...

      1. on4xb

        @Gaptooth Goblin Good one !

    65. Sylvain Lepine

      did you plan on finish it before your 80th birthday? lol

    66. John Shipley

      Happy new year to you Leo, and the rest of your crew. I have so enjoyed watching all of your videos in sequence since early this past fall and have hooked many others on your channel... Well done, really! I'm guessing the jointer did your finger in. I had a student lose the same amount of his finger in wood shop class last year... NOT PRETTY. Hope it's feeling better by now.

    67. HOMadsen

      Happy New Year to all of you !

    68. Mercmad

      @ 13:00 It's called learning and life experience. 😂

    69. anonymic79

      Poor Hunter. He doesn't seem to be having as much fun as he thought he'd have.

    70. Daveinet

      Just curious if each volunteer signs their name somewhere on the boat.

    71. Shawn Geraghty

      Leo, the boat frames are looking very schweet!!! I thoroughly enjoy the videos ... so much that I'm headed off to be a Patron!

    72. Steeltree - fabricating and customs

      Hey Leo I wanted to urge you to look at wranglerstars latest video About patreon And please forward

    73. Archibald Tuttle

      Was in Sur in Oman today and visited the place where they still build the traditional Dhau‘s. Immediately thought of Tally Ho when I saw the heaps of wood they had in store there.

    74. rockubtzer

      If your finger is still a bit sensitive look for a product called tube gauze if it's still healing use nonstick covering first then cover with tube gauze it pulls in all directions pads boo boo's and allows some movement and it is cheap. and isn't overly bulky stays put when working.

    75. Rory Hogan

      You know what these videos are missing? Some good ole' Autofellatio......

    76. Auarhau

      When do we get the story of the finger?

    77. Same Backwards

      Hey Leo, how often do you sharpen, or change blade on your band saw? I wonder, cause that is really hard wood that you work with.

    78. Scott Wallace

      What a lovely quixotic project! May Neptune further your endeavors!

    79. Tom Hutchins

      You can see the great lines of that boat reforming. Its like watching an aging video in slow motion reverse.

    80. K9 Six

      The bird is a loon....... hahahahaha

    81. Ron A. Bolton

      Hope you all had a great Christmas. Have a Happy New Year, and keep safe.

    82. Paul Hitchman

      This is on my wish list of things to do...just need to finish my sloop first

    83. hestetube

      Wonderful pictures, wonderful music compilation, and really hard work. Lets go 2019!

    84. Isaac Ray

      Happy Christmas!

    85. Milling Around

      Merry Christmas.

    86. round51

      Ya know, I keep thinking that a parrot like Pancho, cold take the end of a finger off if you were not careful.

    87. Richard Todd

      Sorry Leo, this video answered my question (below) it was something I had been wondering about a while, should have watched this video in full before placing my question. Should have also said that I enjoy your videos very much.

    88. Richard Todd

      Hi Leo, I'm very interested in wooden boatbuilding although have to regard myself as a landlubber however as an ex engineer/ draughtsman and with woodworking as a hobby your project particularly interests me. I found your descriptions and videos of the lofting great as it answered questions that I had wondered about. It would be nice if you could make a video of the frame sawing process, I appreciate why the frame edges are angled to give smooth boat lines (and how you arrive at these angles) and during the actual sawing the "man on the handle" changes the angle of the blade to create these angles. My question is: how does "the man on the handle" know what angle is required and when to change and so on, I know there are angles marked at certain points but the angle needs to change smoothly so how does he know when and how fast to turn his handle, I haven't noticed you giving him instructions.

    89. Mountain Views

      Your new help seems like a nice and quick learning young man and he wants to learn that's a rare thing now days I'm sad to say we like you Hunter great job

    90. StonyRC

      Merry Christmas Guys - Leo, I hope your hand is healing well.

    91. Jari van Lieshout

      Hi Leo and cecca, Wish You al the best an lots of succes Your video’s are a true inspiration. Regards from Holland

    92. Chad M

      That bird is loud as hell

    93. Patrick James Collins

      The music is loud and annoying....

    94. Halcyon Yachts - International Yacht Delivery

      Happy Christmas Leo... Keep up the great work!

    95. francisco gil

      wish I could come and give you a hand...

    96. thegarbone

      I get the feeling this rebuild is being done to a quality, tolerances and a level prescision that was not achieved during it original lay down. A joy to watch.

    97. Gary English

      High Leo , great to see your latest progress ,I am still wanting to know are you going to use traditional ropes for all your rigging and rope work,or will you go for modern man made rope ?I would really appreciate an answer I know your busy ;

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        not sure, yet, probably a mix of both! cheers

    98. steamerAE

      Pancho is a rely funny parrot.Nice video, thumps up.

    99. William Mesmer

      I know how you lost the tip of your finger and I swear, I whispered to myself when I saw you do it the very first time. You reached in between the keel timber and the first bracer to grab the base of a frame you were fitting to the pocket and I said, "He better be careful or one of those is going to dead-drop and catch a finger". As a woodworker of some 40 years now, and having hit my fingers with some pretty big hammers in the past, all I have to say is, O-U-C-H-!

    100. John Cooper

      What's the orange coloured glue you are using to make up the frames? It must be seriously strong stuff. Be really interested to know :-)

      1. JED

        Near as I can tell they hold them together mostly while the boat's being built. They're also held together by the pockets in the keel, then there will be floors & stringers, whatever the highest stringer along the gunnels is called, planking, etc. Yes, given the loads that sailboats absorb it's remarkable that they hold together at all, but let Leo be the one to teach. I'm not without skills myself, but he's the one who's demystifying traditional boat building & making me rethink things like modern methods & materials in cold-molded hulls (which I'd been pretty much set on till this guy came around to sacrifice fingers & whatnot).

      2. John Cooper

        Thanks JED :-) That's amazing how just a few wooden pegs provide enough strength. I guess that would be the traditional way it was done. Thanks for teaching me something. Binge watch in progress.,

      3. JED

        That's just paint (or primer). It's the trunnels or large pins that hold the frame halves together. If you're enjoying this some holiday binge watching would be well worth your time.