Pouring Bronze / Fastening Floors - Wooden Boat Rebuild (EP81)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Pouring Bronze / Fastening Floors (EP81)
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    EPISODE 81.
    Having poured all the smaller bronze Floors, we have to build a bigger flask in order to cast the largest ones. Packing these big moulds isn’t without it’s setbacks, and we experience the frustration of having the sand collapse onto the ground after a whole day of shovelling and ramming. Eventually we make a successful pour, and after this piece is ground and finished it is bolted into the boat alongside its siblings.
    Meanwhile, the last of the patterns are made - including all the Lodging Knees and Breast Hooks. The crew become obsessed with a small wooden puzzle that arrived mysteriously in the mail - all apart from Pancho, who is beyond the limitations of puny human diversion.
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    81. Pouring Bronze / Fastening Floors (TALLY HO EP81)

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    1. Gary Lee

      How did you keep your Macaw from chewing up you boat? Mine would have left her MARK

    2. Tim Herndon

      What was wrong with the original brass that boat was built with? Amazing work btw!! Absolutely beautiful.

    3. jeffrey spilker

      watching this is like watching art being made

    4. William T. Musil

      Hiya Leo

    5. Paulo De Oliveira

      Your channel has the best of everything I love: yachts, ship building, bronze casting, woodwork. Never second guess yourself on things of the heart.

    6. William Howard

      like puting a boiler front around the burners

    7. John Utting

      Why did the breasthook bronze not go further into the stem, when the through bolt is pulled up will ti spread the stringers.?

    8. Gary Seaman

      Interesting hearing about the foundry. Thank you.

    9. Juncus Bufonius

      Bronze is the right thing.

    10. Michael Simiele

      The casting scene editing around the 7:22 mark roughly.....was absolutely positively amazing and should receive an award for it...seriously...great job!!!

    11. Fix News

      A centuries old shitty process.

    12. Rok Špoljar

      showerthought: parrots are used by pirates and shipwrights totest wood quality, anything he can chew on a ship, is of inferior quality

    13. Justin Bank

      14:42 ilmango intro, anyone?

    14. Jaime Mendoza

      There must be a better way!🤔

    15. Noel Anderson

      Hi Guys . You should be using the CO2 process (hard sand) Using green sand in a box that size without having bars across the box, is too much weight for greensand to support. Also, the pattern must be tilted slightly upwards at the joint line to assist in clean extraction of the pattern from the mould. I have made many hundreds of castings for marine use, including floors. I think you need to get hold of the Forseco Hand Book, it may help you, and it seems to me you need all the help you can get. Me, tradesman moulder, foundry manager, President of Foundry Institute, and chairman of national apprenticeship committee. LOL

    16. Caroline LaBass

      I love the parrot inspecting the floors, like, "Hmmm. Yes, this will do."

    17. Scott Cheek

      The metal work has been extremely fun to watch. Keep up the good work!

    18. Slashley gibbins

      You could have given the brass a coat of epoxy to keep it shiny.

    19. John Yap Chin Paw

      Flying boat coaster in mighty.

    20. 4snowdog

      I wish you much success in your project! All of you are doing amazing work and teaching others. Tally Ho is a beautiful sailing vessel and how proud you all will be when it feels the sea once again!

    21. A Philippines Adventure

      absolutely beautiful....

    22. james grieve

      I love watching this . . .

    23. Ezi Bierx

      Just to let you know that your channel is being watched, enjoyed and appreciated from South Africa. Pity that I am not closer to where you are, would have loved to be able to help. The exchange rate USD to ZAR unfortunately makes it impossible to contribute meaningfullly.

    24. wm price

      Why did you cast the bronze instead of forging silicon bronze barstock? Forging produces a stronger product and, with a good blacksmith, seems like it would be both easier and less expensive.

    25. C O

      Nice editing on the foundry bit.

    26. Mark Jennings

      I always considered bronze too weak a metal for use in heavy load situations?

    27. Space Cowboy

      Wth is squim?

      1. on4xb

        Sequim, where TH is being rebuild

    28. Jonny Mud Mower

      When this is done what percentage of it is the original boat?

    29. TJ

      This was my favorite episode of "THE GREAT GUITAR BUILD OFF" thanks, Leo, love every... OH WAIT... Sorry, This boat project has bled onto my video brain.

    30. ApocaPenguin223

      Pancho was so delicate as she was climbing off to the side. Almost as if she knows 😂

    31. Stagger Lee

      Your videos on the foundry work is great Leo! No apology needed. I’m glad you used the bronze instead of it’s original cast iron. They look amazing and you said they’ll be better with corrosion resistance👍🏼... Your videos are great as well and your mission has come a long way. I look forward to future episodes. Thank you!

    32. Jan Pieter Wagenaar

      I think it is a interesting job. as for an engine have a thought to use an electric engine vs a diesel one. it is silent and clean. present battery technology is quite goood en electric engines have less maintenance. and it can provide a constant wieght.

    33. Chrmngblly

      Do the floors attach to the frames somewhere or in some other video?

      1. on4xb

        That happens when the planks go on

    34. Marti Nito

      Must be a pirate ship :)

    35. Jason Malone

      I’ll bet the foundry guy is very nice, but I have never heard of a professional foundry having so many problems. Of course, I have never cast anything, but have watched quite a bit on IThomes and the pros just don’t have this level of difficulty. At least they don’t show it. Or is it because your guys are doing it, and they are pros?

      1. Port Townsend Foundry LLC

        Go figure! All of the volunteer help has never done anything like this , let alone made molds that are this big! Even with the perceived difficulties they saved the project thousands of $$$$$. and they are all done.

    36. Bill Dyke

      That 2nd hole through the stern timber is officially called the 'sink hole'. Unless, of course, you remember to shove a bolt wrapped with magic string through it...

    37. Rob T

      whats up with the dude wearing a pink hard hat. h.ah.aha.ha.ha.aha.ha.ah.aha.ha.aha,ha,aha,ha,ah

    38. Tim

      Not boring at all, don’t worry.

    39. Dream Mauriora

      Great to watch such skilled work and raw material shaped and cut to fit its purpose wow!

    40. Paul McGee

      That bird is going to get a movie deal out of all this. 😂

    41. Let's see how it goes

      Molten metal has no right to look like the worlds coolest milkshake. The slow motion was beautiful btw

    42. Wander Hillen

      Whoa that Baila Mi Cumbia song is super catchy. I have a new alarm clock tune and may it give me as much energy as I see in every video!

    43. Richard Arnold

      Mesmerizing! Love the pouring photography from minute 7.30. Like watching alchemy. Love this channel. Such a pleasure to watch something so fulfilling rather than all the usual hate filled online content. Do not stop!

    44. N3KOS are life

      16:14 that floof!!!

    45. kairon156

      I'm enjoying the bronze work in these videos. It's not something I'm into but I like that skills like this is still around.

    46. nomirodin

      this channel is just sexual

    47. Martin

      Anyone else notice the song from around 12 mins is also in ilmangos intro ?

    48. octane

      22:02 me after a few burritos...

    49. Mark Arnott

      🦜au - oh boy will yah just look at that Bronze 🥉 😲 16:06 🦜aye! when do we sail capt kid stay away from them stupid Puzzle's time wasters serve no purpose yah best learn how to make watchmahcallit's for thingymebob's that go in OR on things😅

    50. J Greenseed

      I immediately thought that puzzle should be spun. Lucky guess

    51. J Greenseed

      Why can you pack that sand with a hydraulic press or use wet sand? Maybe that's been addressed. But I missed it.

    52. Ilia P

      What is the bronze alloy composition that you used?

      1. Ilia P

        K found it in ep12, 12min in the vid ithomes.info/net/p7GRlLRpoJWcjWk/video Thanks

    53. Adam Roberts

      Thousand percent better than Oak Island or Alaskan Scratters!!! An education and no bullshit.....

    54. Sim John Daniel Bastareche

      Is he one of the descendants of athelstan?

    55. Dawood Bhaya

      Im captain of boat which i think is made in greece, actually i really don't know in which year its made but its same wooden dhow merchant boat,its 53meters long n 9 meters broud, name of boat is Dhowstar floating Restaurant. Its in dubai,n now it needs maintenance so i request u guys can u help me,,if u need i can send u photos our dhow boat,

      1. Dawood Bhaya

        We also built wooden boats in india , just search. JAMSALAYA wooden boats

    56. Glenn Miles

      New kid on the Block: ithomes.info/net/17qekMeif6GmqGk/video Leo, do you know this guy? Call the two of you, The Titans of Wood clash. Chisels instead of Missiles. Very articulate and knowledgeable, especially on new materials used with wood. Cheers.

    57. ClayZ

      I love the whole Tally Ho saga, and I have been particularly enjoying the bronze bolts and bronze castings episodes. I used to do moldmaking of rapid prototype aluminum molds for lost wax and plastic injection. The sand castings are an enormous amount if work and the forms for each casting are beautiful works of art, as are the resulting bronze pieces. The molding process is both simple in concept but complicated in execution, providing skilled judgement calls all the way through. Your documentation is as good as anything else. What a pleasure Leo.

    58. Stijn Dalenoord

      Can't wait till the next episode is online. When will that be?

    59. Conan the Destroyer

      Best to focus on all the good and good things in life. This project is quite amazing and interesting!

    60. willms99

      Most incredible woodworking skills the vessel is really looking wonderful!

    61. FC2TurboMSS

      ok, I just finished binging your entire series. THIS IS AMAZING! I'm just an old balding fat white dude who lives to damn far away to come help, but I REALLY wish I could have made it work somehow. Perhaps, in 2 years when you launch ;-) I may make it out to see the culmination of a truly awesome job. Well done Mr Leo and from one sailor to another, BRAVO ZULU Shipmate!

    62. joseph esposito

      I think you should explain what shrinkage is in casting and how you account for it. I haven’t seen how you have ... love this video!

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        They built the floor templates on a horizontal shim, theorizing that after shrinkage, the casting would drop down to meet the top of the keel timber. In practice this didn't work very well & quite a bit of grinding was needed for the final fit.

    63. joseph esposito

      How are you dealing with shrinkage? Isn’t bronze 3/16 per foot?

    64. martin8uq

      Just found this channel! Brilliant and subbed

    65. Kay W

      So is it done yet?

    66. j5ylim

      14:43 o hey ilmango

    67. Abbey Alexander

      I have been binge watching your videos for the past couple weeks. This channel is so amazing !!

    68. Teresa Conley

      Always love your shows, ive always wished if i lived in another age, as a kid, that i would have been a tall ship builder:) David

    69. Bartłomiej Derda

      Maybe stupid question but... instead of using hand hammer to move bolts though tight hole, have you tried to use power hammer (bigger hand drill hammer feature) with some socket on the end (to prevent it from slipping of the bolt) to smoothly move the bold/rod. I know this method is used to put some long rods into ground e.g. grounding for electricity. I wish you all the best and I find this series very entertaining :D

    70. Kropoc Leckor

      Great Documentary for us and future generation!

    71. 84toyota4wd

      Class act here... Thanks to you too man

      1. 84toyota4wd

        I've enjoyed every episode and the world of knowledge

    72. 84toyota4wd

      The company casting sounds like really good people

    73. Calebe Cb

      🏳📸🛶Uau Carpinteiro naval tiro meu chapéu, Brasil Espírito Santo! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    74. Doxie Lain


    75. woodsmn

      I have not seen and been aware that metal parts were a historical option in boats like this...certainly this is a vast improvement in strength of the basic skeleton of this vessel and the logical option...so I feel I have learned something important today...always consider ALL the possibilities...love the video

    76. Douglas Dexheimer

      Where can I learn how to make the puzzle with two sticks surrounded by a wooden square?

    77. elizabeth koch

      Leo, you are going to have to get a Macaw of your very own to keep you company while sailing. That bird sure does love you. It appears that the feeling is mutual.

    78. Mousy Mick

      I'm a boatbuilding apprentice from germany and we even talk about you in school my dude.. I love your stuff!!

      1. Joshua Kuehn

        Dang that's high praise! I'm glad these older arts are being preserved and advanced!

    79. sjoormen1

      Regarding bolts, are you going metric or imperial?

    80. jerry kew

      If you haven’t seen this it is the most incredible real clipper footage. Just awesome. ithomes.info/net/ndiut6-hp4uOp6Q/video

    81. Quarlow 12

      Don't question quality Leo. You are doing it right and the best way possible and you don't have to answer to anyone for that. Love the foundry work, love the resto. Keep it real Leo.

    82. Jeff Lamb

      Tounging for the next episode

    83. Andy Aim

      Hope you don’t mind me posting this link. It’s a 1929 round the horn adventure. Truth be known my interest in your channel led me to this amazing journey. After watching it I’ve decided sailors are a crazy bunch. Good luck. ithomes.info/net/ndiut6-hp4uOp6Q/video

    84. Greg Chaney

      I love the casting! More, more, more. Bronze is beautiful.

    85. Andrew Wilks

      Do the bolts for the lead keel go through the floors or just the wood keel?

      1. on4xb

        The bolts for the floors go trough the wooden keel (are countersunk and closed with a tap in the wooden keel). The bolts for the lead keel go only trough the wooden keel

    86. Bruce Fowler

      Silly question. Have you seen around Cape Horn (1929). If not. You might like it.

    87. Manny C Weiss

      SHIT!!! All caught up....I'm Mortal again...

    88. Alberto dos Santos

      Two weeks is a long time to wait...

    89. Ian Mott

      Looks amazing great work team!

    90. hyppolite rbn

      ir's an amazing and impressive work. your videos are such intresting and really instructiv, it makes me want to try to construct a boat someday.

    91. Mark Mark

      this is truly wonderful to watch...but please...how much is this project costing...??...and who is paying for it..??...a bank.?????

      1. Raoul Cruz

        No. Just regular people donating money, time, talent, tools. Originally the project was funded from Leo’s own savings. But I think that is long gone.

    92. green rushrelief

      Wow all of this artistic work just to run with the wind and come about without falling apart.

    93. Paul Larson

      I love the bronze casting in the videos! So neat to see how it is done. I think you have enough people helping that you should be able to put out a video every week! haha PLEASE! You where the first person I subscribed to on IThomes and I want more haha

    94. Richard Curtis

      For a "woodpecker" you made an inspired decision in your choice of foundryman and foundry. You have been able to capture some of the magic in hot metal. Best wishes in all future endeavors.

    95. thereissomecoolstuff

      Will you have 2 strikes on the puzzle. First you are from Sequim, 2nd your name is Will. Some forces of nature aren't supposed to be tampered with.

    96. David Beattie

      Leo, you and your helpers aren't just building a boat, you are building a time capsule. The construction details you are building into Tally Ho will be examined and admired many, many decades in the future. I'm pretty sure no one is going to be questioning whether you could have done the work cheaper or cut a few corners here and there. Keep up the good work.

    97. 50gary

      Starting at about 13:00 drilling holes, please use a starter 'center' drill then maybe a 1/4", before the finish size. You're welcome.

    98. Marek Koralewski

      Dzięki :) ...

    99. Randy Leifer

      I wonder if the casting sand frame (welded steel).... should need some cross-bracing......to stiffen the sand mold ??....and to prevent torque or twist. When looking the tensile and compression strength that a butt-welded steel frame has..... "twist" can be accidentally built into the design if not addressed.

    100. Christian Benedict

      Came for the boat - stayed for the parrot! Hrrrrrr ...