Buying BIG Centreline Timbers! - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP40

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Buying big centerline timbers! Support; Become a Patron;
    EPISODE 40.
    This episode, I start by installing and running a new helical cutter-head in the planer thicknesser, before making a pair of oak frames with the help of some volunteers, and notching those intermediate frames into the keel timber. Then I take a trip to Port Townsend, where I visit the Western Flyer, a historic fishing boat which once took John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts around the Gulf of California. Finally I visit Edensaw, to buy the huge purpleheart timbers which will make up the remaining pieces of Tally Ho’s new centerline!
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    40. Buying Centreline Timbers! (Tally Ho EP40)

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    1. x0965

      Leo: It took me three minutes what could have taken twenty or half an hour to get this degree of straightness. Conversion therapists: Teach us your ways.

    2. Mark Jennings

      This boat is being built to such high tolerances! Is that necessary?

    3. Bill Dyke

      Good wood is never cheap. Even though it does grow on trees... (Does that make sense outside the UK)?...

    4. Liberty Sings

      Love the jazzy Rendition of Johnny comes marching home. Love the content! And would love to volunteer my time on your venture someday

    5. Let's see how it goes

      16:40 "Once completed in 2020" Oh no "she'll sail down to California" OH NO!

    6. JandT LivingLife

      We switched four different machines over to Shelix several years ago and never regretted it. Get a good supply of high quality drivers for rotating/changing cutters. The fasteners are hard and the drivers have a short life. Otherwise, the best move any shop can make if they run any amount of hard, curly, knotty, or silica-loaded woods through their planers and jointers. Issues like tear-out, burning and ridges from chips instantly become a thing of the past plus noise levels drop both in decibels and pitch. Retired B.C. cabinetmaker/yacht joiner here. Stay safe, everyone. P.S. To all the young guys out there. No ear protection equals tinnitus. Trust me.

    7. Will Wagner

      Watching this process of lofting and cutting the templates is driving me mad. It just feels like modeling the frames at full size in 3D and cutting the templates on a sheet CNC machine would have saved months of time that would have easily justified the cost of the model and the CNC.

    8. Vee Dragon

      Oh god that price!

    9. Tom Oakhill

      I have watched as many abom79 videos as SampsonBoat videos. Adam is a machinist. He runs tool that do to metal, what Leo's tools do to wood. Those little square cutters are "inserts" (see Tipped tool on Wikipedia) made to cut Hard Steel. They are a new invention ca 30 - 40 years old. Just as Leo uses a laser leveling device, now woodworkers can use those metal cutting inserts. They work wonders in this application.

    10. Try Thinking

      Watching this when they are casting the floors and beam shelves. Wow, the boat is really moving along

    11. Charles Seymour

      Centerline redesign is brilliant. By avoiding unstable heart section, he has created a masterpiece. Keep the clever edits and dialog going. Great episode Sea of Cortez side line story was great.

    12. Radial Orbits

      Planer took is finger. I'm convinced. Those things are nasty sharp, and he seemed very careful with it in this video...

    13. john ekins

      As an apprentice trained carpenter I use face and edge marks whenever marking out. How do shipwrights manage their marking out?

    14. donald english


    15. Michael Colgan

      So funny I can do so much better on a string line with my finger on it, then you can with a laser straight edge mark on it .

    16. Teej 1000

      That bones the same shade as Sailor. I thought he’d lopped his leg of in sympathy

    17. fountainhead

      Really good editing!

    18. irgski

      ear defenders or ear protectors?

    19. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    20. Bob Bailey

      Beautiful job those timbers are awsome

    21. RobKenchu

      Very charming rendition of "Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye" in the background there, my dude. Also, you're the direct inspiration for me to finish my wee stitch and glue sailboat at long last after sitting idle for four years.

    22. Ken Urquhart

      I JUST LOVE ALL THE footage you are an inspiration to all.One question about the premises was this a boat shop in the past All the amazing machinery and huge lofting floor .

    23. stevensrspcplusmc

      I’m still on the original first side on my Byrd s helix.. it’s amazing the cut it produces 😊👍

      1. JandT LivingLife

        Make sure you have a good supply (more than you think you might need) of drivers for when you do rotate. The fasteners are hard and the drivers have a short life. Otherwise, Shelix heads are one of the best additions our shop ever made.

    24. Iain McClatchie

      Every time I look at those butt joints I wonder why he's not scarfing them. Even if the single futtock is strong enough, he's got a large change in the stiffness of the frame at that butt joint. That just can't be good.

    25. Zihnigür Dereli


    26. eijithesecond

      What do you do with all the old wood you remove from the boat? Could make some interesting furniture pieces

    27. American Jeeper

      Oh, how awesome, you do know Chris! I was hoping to make a trip out to Port Townsend this year to see the Western Flyer, but I doubt it will happen, given COVID-19. Did you see the other ship saw, while you were there?

    28. Bob Bailey

      Another great video thanks

    29. Niklas Alopaeus

      Love this channel. So informative, interesting, and everything is explained really well. You clearly know what you're doing. Thanks for the videos. :)

    30. anthony white

      Have you ever watched this. Check out the construction and design issues encountered when building the Sydney Opera House.(You might have to do more research to get to the good stuff) If you haven't already...I think you might enjoy it. There is some valuable information on load baring and stress / energy transfer in construction design. ...Nice video thanx!

    31. Artvandal

      WOW! Western Flyer out of NOWHERE.

    32. Steeltoedboots 58

      I have a grizzly table saw , it’s a great machine and the few times I needed parts the Grizzly company representatives couldn’t have been nicer , and they still had parts in stock for an old machine

    33. Minhthanh Bui

      Sao không đóng những con thuyền bự bự chút coi cho sướng há , kaka

    34. Chris Graham

      That tracksaw is a nice tool, we use them at work, and put them through their paces. they hold up to some abuse and torture too. Invest in the vacuum setup and buy a second track and you can make long cuts in a single pass and no mess!

    35. Martin Matias

      wow nice to see this is best what you can do. with tihs you can take more from material. super realy nice

    36. Ray Ellis

      WTF are you talking about,I can't understand half of what you are saying!

    37. Richard Bohling Sr

      Ouch, but worth it and 100 years from now you'll be glad you changed them out now. It's easy to forget the time table that your working too. Putting the work into the skeleton of the boat now is the right thing to do. It will never be this easy later.

    38. James Mitchell

      For the thousandth time (probably) how did you injure your finger??

    39. Gregory Veizades

      Are those carbide or high speed steel inserts on the planer blade?

    40. mick coomer

      Never heard “Night Riders” played like that before. Very nice.


      Cutting your finger had to hurt! What machine do you use?

    42. Randall Watson

      Leo, maybe you've already addressed this, but every time I see you beautifully notch a frame heel into the keel timber I think about the a line I read somewhere (Herreshoff perhaps?) questioning the wisdom of such a technique. Primarily suggesting it forms a pocket for moisture to get trapped in and potentially rot to form (either frame end grain or the keel itself - in spite of the red lead and bedding compounds). Do you feel it adds anything in the way of strength in any particular axis? I assume the frames will all be fixed in place with through bolted floors anyway, which will prevent any fore/aft movement of the frame heel I presume. Anyway it's great to see the progress. I look forward to the updates. R

      1. Noel Nicholls

        Note he tells one of the helpers that the bottom of that notch sloped out to avoid any water collection

    43. Elvis Lives

      sorry if this been asked before what the heck glue are you using????

    44. Lucid Leaf

      is any of the original wood even going to be on the finished project?

    45. Charles Lyster

      So far I’ve noticed you putting in trenails first dry, then dipped in Stockholm tar, then in linseed oil and now in red lead paint. Are you trying to find out which is best, and can you reply to this in say, 100 years to tell us which was the most effective in protecting the timber?

    46. pangrac1

      Long exposure to noise kills people. Avoid it. As revealed from research in countries with dense populations in Belgium or Holland, ppl who live near noisy airports die earlier than ppl who live in more quit places.

    47. Western Flyer Foundation Channel

      Thanks for the visit and including me in your video stop by any time. Cheers

    48. Thomas Brown

      Get a bigger track saw - look at the bigger Mafell saws (one of their drill stands may also be useful to you as well). All their kit is very popular with timberframers.

    49. Willow

      Did i miss you explaining how you cut your finger? Or are you not disclosing? Either way hope its healing well!

    50. David Brandt

      Love your videos. I build 17' Greenland sea kayaks.

    51. Jason M

      I would have built the centerline out of carbon fiber reenforced mat.

    52. Glenn Jensen

      beautiful work, I stand here in Denmark with a 32 foot wooden boat that is 124, years old in very good condition. previously, an association has looked after the boat. now they are too old. next week it will be cut to burn a sad fate

    53. mike hayes

      my aunt was born on the post at Fort Worden in Port Townsand, ps know the pain costing 5k to reengine my ford ranger i got new 20 years back, question as a amateur radio operator what kind of radios did they use or did they have any?

    54. Rethink Science

      More episodes please great project

    55. Area85 Restorations

      Hey Leo! Just wanted to see if you're ok!! Its not normal for you to not update every week lol! Best wishes and thanks for the amazing content! :)

    56. kevin skinner

      you still haven't told us exactly what happened to your finger

    57. Xavier Bell

      Love it mate

    58. Try Thinking

      Loving this. Have worked in sawmills and my fathers hobby was woodworking. Just awesome to have you putting this up. Gives me a better idea of why boatbuilding is compelling.

    59. PC Laney

    60. Bob Hudson

      New video coming this week?

    61. NERI Rogern1e5r0i5r4j4

      super on en redemande on aimerai voir la suite

    62. wayne p

      would you have a look at the cracks next to the keel in this fiberglass sail boat 2 young people are fixing on youtube.. i don't think thats fixable. i think the keel may rip out and sink them in a minutes. somebody put patches over the surface.. that's not a fix.. that's a hide it to sell it.

    63. honor harrington

      I think what you are doing is wonderful. I am reminded about the joke about 'Great Grandfathers Hammer'. One man is talking to another about tools, he says "I even have my great grandfathers hammer from when he was a young man back in the old country! It's had the handle replaced fifteen times and the head twice!"

    64. Paul

      John Steinbeck is my favourite author, would be awesome to see the boat when it is fully restored.

    65. Eva Odland

      all those new frames at 11:02 are lovely...

    66. Peter M

      Sorry, index finger.

    67. Peter M

      How is your thumb? Becareful not to hit and change the dressing often! The boat is really looking good and amount of worek you have done is amazing.

    68. Vince Belloni

      I am curious if all goes well is this expected to be a 5 year project or what is your plan after completion? Thanks.

    69. Elli P

      Yay, Leo. Just... yay. All right, mate?

    70. Robert Boyd

      Really enjoy watching a guy who likes and cares about his talents, specifically someone that puts more effort doing it quality over quantity . I would definitely hire this guy, if I could afford him.

    71. rv sorce

      Hello I found your channel while watching salt & tar, I'm a old nuke navy type trying to find my back to the sea, And I love the craftsmanship you show, my own is limited to restoring old furniture, keep up the good work, be safe I almost had same thing happen.

    72. Stephen Lane

      Toxic Masculinity Overload.

      1. Tom Hutchins

        I think he means testosterone poisoning. Grunt grunt big machines good Big boat good. Its a USA JOKE.

      2. Sampson Boat Co

        would you care to explain what you mean?

    73. gwheyduke

      Do a test cut before you try your boat piece! Measurements are hard in machine.

    74. duck my sick

      Timber or lumber not wood ..

    75. Jason Taylor

      hopefully, someone could donate or trade you the larger saw for the smaller one

    76. Bill McCaffrey

      Have you tried using a good marking knife instead of a pencil. I find a knife always gives the best accuracy.

    77. Chad Simmons

      This chap makes a mockery of English language..(draw-ring)?..maybe the parrot should narrate?

      1. Tom Hutchins

        Actually he is speaking in English . In America we speak AMERICAN

    78. Jim Newell

      I thought you might have some purple heart left over from the keel. Below I see a generous donation of elm. ??

    79. Buy&Sell

      Excellent job !!! You are a Master boat builder. Keep up the great work

    80. Roy Hicks

      Another great video. I've enjoyed them all. I know nothing about boatbuilding, but can recognize skill when I see it. Leo not only knows how to handle chisels but he knows how to use a dial indicator on a magnetic base.

    81. Jeff inToronto

      I can't figure out how (at this point) 35 people can watch this video and give it a thumbs down. Happy new year Leo.

      1. Tom Hutchins

        Probably because of the connection with seeker

    82. Colin Jones

      Did you get a coffee at Sunrise Coffee Company? good stuff there.

    83. Dan Johnson

      What can’t you do Leo, I think the list would be short. Amazing as always sir. Fair winds,,,,,,,,,,/),,,,,,,,,,,,

    84. JIM C

      Leo, your boat will be better than it was when it was first made. JIM

    85. JimTheSoundman

      Since you are taking out a huge piece of elm and huge pieces of elm are rare now, could you end up selling that large piece of elm for a lot of money to someone who has to have some elm for a restoration project on furniture or a house or whatever? Seems like it would be a nice way to raise some funds.

    86. austin fuller

      Brilliant Leo thanks again..

    87. Frenchie French

      I installed Shelix heads on my planer and my joiner years ago,I never regretted it. Would lamination not be a good solution for the centreline replacement?

    88. Robert Cook

      The longer you stay quiet about what happened to your finger, the more convinced I am that it was the parrot!

    89. Matt Evans-Koch

      Thank you for the new year video Leo. Hope your finger is healing well. The work is progressing well and the new planer head looks great. Take care and keep adding to your wish list.

    90. Stu N

      Sorry, what did you say don’t have to wear ear defenders...oh.... I would wear them a decimetre onto your mobile and check the sound level....anything over 85dba and you should be wearing good quality ear defenders or your heating will get shagged...!!

      1. Tom Hutchins

        Yup especially at his age he still needs the hearing for a few more years

    91. Stephen McCluney

      HI, Just a quick question..i have been watching Acorn to Arabella and he steam bends his frames . What's the reason you have chosen to cut your frames from several pieces yet he steams his from 1 piece ???? Just wondering ! Thanks for the great videos.

      1. Tom Hutchins

        The acorn couple with have a boat with the structural integrity of a wicker basket

    92. Gary Lundberg

      Hi Leo, So I could I buy a piece of live oak scrap big enough to make a mallet from in exchange for a generous contribution to the Tally Ho project? 970 260 5656

    93. Luigi Gallerani

      I am now following every single episode, and really thinking one day I should come and visit you. You are amazing, and made me discover every video new things!

    94. chrispy_wa

      Hey Leo, did they sew the top of your finger back on or do you have a permanent shorter version?

    95. Dana Nelson

      Appreciate your love of boatbuilding, the skills and knowledge you possess. Thanks for the explanation, you're not going to do it the easy way, but build a boat that will stand the test time. Like how those cutter inserts can be changed. With as much planing as you'll be doing, it's a good Christmas present to yourself. Should really increase your production. I appreciate your work ethic, but I'm glad you took some time off. Keep going Leon.

    96. John Harrop

      Could you please do a bit more video on the work you have done as you seem to quick when showing it and we miss out on seeing what progress you have done

    97. m&m

      Great progress, Leo! Regarding the double frames, how does that change affect boat weight and balance?

    98. Tino Senf

      For the saw track, you can get short tracks an middle or long tracks an get connect them.

    99. Tino Senf

      Festool is a good saw, but Maffel is a little bit better! Im a kitchen Biulder an I have all my worktools in they TANOS Systainer!

    100. André Bériault

      Very educational and fun to watch...thank you