Assembling the Bow Timbers! (TALLY HO 51)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Assembling the bow timbers / EP51.
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    EPISODE 51.
    In this episode we finally dry fit the purpleheart bow assembly timbers. In other news, we come up with a short-term solution to a damaged Babbitt bearing in the Ship-saw, and we remove Tally Ho’s Transom. We say goodbye to Jack and Joe, but meet two new volunteers, Renaud and Rowan. The chicks are growing up and I nearly drop a big timber on my head.

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    51. Assembling the bow timbers (Tally Ho EP51)

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    1. Sampson Boat Co

      Can you help make this video more accessible by writing closed captions? Please do so here - thanks! ithomes.info_video?v=Lau8vqCTPU4&ref=share

      1. Paul Orchard

        Leo, I am a shipwright and I am really enjoying watching your journey re-constructing that marvelous piece of history! What the heck is a closed caption!!! Something taught now-days at schools between gender diversity and medieval basket weaving?

      2. AntimatePcCustom

        no need. most danes speak fluent english. :P or a good school version of english.

      3. Theophilus Jedediah

        Sampson Boat Co >He could probably use help in getting a volunteer instead of yet another demand on his time. I’m sure you’re agree this is a near impossible one man (team) task!

      4. 2212db

        I spent the first 5 minutes wondering what the "master" was, but I believe Leo was saying "mast step" These damn southerners really need to learn the Queen's Engrish :)

      5. Llewelyn Colebourn

        Hi Leo, I'd be happy to start doing the closed captions for your videos on a regular basis to help support the project and make the videos better. Let me know if you are interested

    2. Old Iron Shops

      making a new babbitt bearing is not a bit deal they are normally pored in place around a dummy shaft or perhaps the original shaft search for pouring babbitt bearings should find some good info

    3. Caroline LaBass

      Wow, the stem is lovely, and it's so exciting to see it come together!

    4. John Yap Chin Paw

      Joint venture company V titanium highest quality standards.

    5. Mark Jennings

      Sad seeing the transom go.... :-(

    6. Klaus the German

      Just got to know your chanel. What I learn so far: Come for the boat stay for the food :D Would love to help out some day, don't know if I'll be able to come before she's finished though.

    7. Dario Martin Lobos

      I want to learn something about boat building. This is an structural part and the one that receive mor knoks for wave and a crash. Exist any reason to assembly it vertically and not horizontally. The other is why it dont have encedings like dovetail joint or use a bended wood over the assembly. Like this Over the assembly can be bolted a bended wood is not common this? I dont have experience making boat but I worked as a carpenter years ago!Asr3Ewn45KOLm364VaI4kZ7AJlN6?e=AjaE5Z And I made an design an oud a chord instrument!Asr3Ewn45KOLrTI-2ri8H6VtplyC!Asr3Ewn45KOLqjHD-awFUX2ww3am?e=hjs7zM And I know how to calculate the keel and the stability And I calculated the keel for a big salvage float!Asr3Ewn45KOLmFffQ41Y4mW31kqz?e=dneF6v and this are some design considerations for new wood boats:!Asr3Ewn45KOLxEzXjN82ltxZiPSz?e=oOBRVq But I dont have the contruction details knowledge. So I am learning with your videos thanks.

    8. nimzomitch

      Heyyyy same music as the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Atlanta's channel!

    9. Ruth Moreton

      babbet is expensive and tricky to recast. how do I know this? because I watched HandToolRescue do it on a project last week.

    10. Twotone

      Those looked like nice notches, in fact buenas noches.

    11. Rv4 Guy

      Saw daylight between the stern planks! Pouring babbit is actually pretty easy. Lots of vids on yt.

    12. Szilu Channel

      3:56 Why is the hungary pin removed? The hole is still there on the map.

    13. Jake Barrera

      Man Leo at first when you took on this project I thought you were a madman but now that I’m watching these videos the more amazed I get at your skill and know,edge and craftsmanship. Watching this video has really got me into boats and how they are made thank you for doing this and KEEP IT UP!!!

    14. FeahterNL

      so it was almost a full year until the transom was put in the boat again!

    15. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    16. Hambali Li Hambali


    17. Martín Vallejo

      I'm binge watching this series since I found out about it a few weeks ago, and I still am impressed with the precision of the joinery for so massive pieces of wood. If I don't get to lend a hand on the building, at least I hope I'll have a chance to se her live on the water. Cheers!

    18. remco ankringa

      11:29 lucky leo

    19. krankschaft

      the way you use water to indicate where to plane is awesome! i am learning new things in every video you make!

    20. Kevin Silva

      I have a new appreciation for my bar clamps!

    21. SIR Robert Taylor

      would have loved to have helped on this project

    22. Gabriel Malta


    23. J Greenseed

      You know your fitment is good when it literally falls in place, instead of on your head.

    24. Jacob Degeling

      What's that you put on the end grain before planing it?

      1. Jacob Degeling

        @Frederick Stibbert thanks for that... I'll give that a go...

      2. Frederick Stibbert

        A little kerosene I think, to raise the grain so it's easier to plane.

    25. Matus Horvath

      11:30 Just casually almost died, head directly below a heavy piece of unsupported timber. Made me feel very uneasy and I'm just watching a video, not living trough it. Are you sure you don't want to wear a hard hat when moving around heavy objects like these?

    26. Zihnigür Dereli


    27. claverton

      Nearly every volunteer comments how good the food is ... Francesca must be an exceptional cook!

    28. Jerry Kays


    29. anthony white

      Nice Video. Thanx.

    30. Steve Madak

      Francesca is this unique contrast to everything else.

    31. Mohammed Alexia


    32. joe ham

      Charlie chaplin new junitor

    33. Nur Sam


    34. Radial Orbits

      Bore it out slightly, sleeve it & under-size the new shaft for the new sleeve? Look after that old cast iron!!!

    35. Toby Que

      What tool was that at 12:59 and what is its purpose?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        It is an adjustable bevel gauge.

    36. Glen Crandall

      Very nice work. The joinery is excellent. Most impressive. It's a shame all that purpleheart will be covered up.

    37. Tom Mohnasky


    38. Lordp00m

      Did the bird say: "I think so"? 9:41

      1. LOGIC SE7EN

        Lordp00m i think so

    39. Andrzej Cichy

      Always a thumbs UP!

    40. Callum Guthrie

      now thats talented i build balsa wood models

    41. Stephen Nelson

      Hey Bro please incorporate Safety practices into your work environment. This will reduce accidents. No one needs to get hurt in this Grand project you are doing.

    42. Ken Parnell

      I honestly didn't recognise a wood I have used in knife and axe making most of my life because I have never seen section of Purple heart that large. I would still be wondering what they were had the fellow not said what it was and even then I didn't believe it. Bloody hell! I had no idea you could even get anything like it any more.

    43. Nnadozie Njoku

      Love the work, I've been trying to find a template and a person with the know how on building a wooden roundabout boat.

    44. Tim Hartsock

      Are you going to put out a DVD/CDRom with all your videos? I would love to buy a copy of all of them once you are finished. Thanks.

    45. Greg Pallett

      I find it oddly satisfying to watch you work smart, not hard - all those levers and rollers and pulleys and wedges to help move things, rather than brute forcing those enormous blocks of wood.

    46. Matthew Eddy

      I hope all the exposed purple heart is just clear varnished. It is so pretty....

    47. Hendra Kodjo

      Really enjoy u're videos. Next project maybe u can build Indonesian Traditional Boat, PERAHU PINISI

    48. Michael O

      Dig the Tides Tavern tshirt! Great fish n chips!

    49. roadkill5333

      You know Leo, when you enter Sampson into the IThomes search box, the top choice of things to see is S A M P S O N B O A T C O !!!! You're moving on up in the world!! ;-)

    50. Jack Randle

      SF bay area shout out, three cheers for Tally Ho... hip hip hooray!!! all deckhands wishing to have biscuit and tea, please report to the lovely Ms Francesca's galley. Cheers Tally Ho!

    51. eijithesecond

      Can I come give a hand?

    52. Wasilij Marz


    53. Thomas Russell

      Man, I absolutely love the look of the purple-heart. That is one gorgeous wood. It will be a shame if you paint it instead of oil or varnish. Man, that sub-assembly is freakin' huge. It is looking more and more like a new build rather than a restoration. Maybe the planking and/or part of the original interior will go back in. Don't get me wrong, I love the project, but not sure how much "Tally Ho" is going to be left to really call it a restoration. Keep on building Leo, she be a beauty either way.

    54. kentblairl

      Love the tennis balls!

    55. Steven Ross

      Can't get over how beautiful that purple heart wood is...gorgeous.

    56. Roger H

      I just discovered this channel! This is simply amazing what you guys are doing. I have tried to go back and watch as much as I can but I still have question. (Sorry if you've already answered.) You say this is a 'rebuild'. Was the purchase of the original Tally Ho to be used as a 'template' while building a replica? OR, will there be a significant portion of the original Tally Ho remain on the new boat?

      1. Tony Grimes

        Roger H - This is Leo's reply to a similar comment - *She will have her original lead ballast keel, some planking, other re-used original timber, and various bits of hardware, as well as the continuity of looking like the same boat in any one given day.. According to Lloyds, the Greeks (see ship of theseus), the wooden-boat community, and myself, it will be the same boat! But, people are free to disagree and call it what they want.*

    57. Court

      Leo, could you do an overview of what is left after this project of the original boat? So far it us looking like not much.

    58. Elli P

      This is terrific stuff, Leo. And what a joy it is to read the Comment sections on your videos - always so full of positive, interesting thoughts and constructive ideas from so many genuinely nice people. [So I apologise for lowering the tone with some more of my frivolous nonsense!] I'm not really in a position to offer any practical help, but I'd be happy to pose as the generic female body model for Tally Ho's new carved figurehead (yeah, right), before you personalised it by adding the facial details of a certain young lady close to your (purple?)heart, but I'm afraid my mighty bum might give you ballast problems. ;-) (Hey, pirates with parrots like plenty o' booty, don't they?)

    59. Andy Bushnell

      Are you going to use "Stop Waters" . Just saw them doing that in Acorn to Arabella.

    60. ernie w

      i am a fan and supporter of these videos. but you tube makes it hard when they expect me to watch 8 minutes of commercials to watch a 17 minute video. as a supporter i let them play as is read yahoo news. Leo thanks for the content

      1. Sampson Boat Co

        Thanks for the kind words! Feel free to skip the ads (especially if they are so long!) - I don't think it makes much - if any - difference. Cheers

    61. Mark Egstad

      How long did it actually take to build the original Tally Ho? And was it built with the exacting tolerance that you have done?

    62. Jerome Walton

      Damn right you have 10k likes on that video!!!!! Well done all, this vessel is taking shape.

    63. axel usul

      That forklift really doesn't like you Leo, but in this "cotton wool world" you have to get on. Never forget being held upside down in a "deep trench" on a main city road digging under a high pressure gas main to get 6 way telecommunication ducts under as the job would have come ro a halt. Totally rediculous, the trench was unbattered. It took me 1/2 hr but felt like an age and came up dizzy and as red as beetroot for an hour or two. Never been the same since or eaten pickled beet either LOL.

    64. Theophilus Jedediah

      Drives a perfectionist to quite a state trying to fit a 450 year old joint on a furniture piece without losing too much wood! Good up! Mate for fine work!

    65. Sail La Vie - MKE

      I know I’m three beers in but holy cow Leo you’re doing such an awesome job of building the boat and putting these videos together. Cheers!

    66. Nexio Septimus

      I'm a luthier - literally lutes, not those flash-in-the-pan 'guitars' that will never catch on, you just wait, you'll see - and when people watch me work, they often ask if all of the planing and chiseling and sharpening of planes and chisels *really* affects the instrument. It does. But watching you use that little block plane to make sub-millimeter adjustments to meter+ timber faces makes me wonder the same thing about ships... furniture makers would be proud of joints like those - the ones at the *beginning* of the video, *before* the numerous assemblies and disassemblies and further rounds of plane work. (I always tell them that once one inaccuracy gets in, every piece that follows must be made incorrectly to correctly fit the inaccurate piece. But it is still difficult to see how the final ship can be affected by those tiny adjustments.)

    67. Sam Cooper

      Fantastic job scruff. Wish i could pop over and give you some help. Look after the parrot for example. Suspect wife and kids may object.

    68. Linda NWFirefighter

      There are already closed captions in English on this video.

    69. Duncan Frere

      When Pancho accepts a ride on an offered hand, as when Leo extends his forefinger, I marvel at the trust and possible affection she feels in the act: "Sure, let's go. Where are we going? To my stand...? To my night roost with my parents in the house up front who let Leo use the shop?" I also wonder how she feels riding on the noisy, vibrating fork lift, watching the shenanigans of her mates working all these slabs of wood. Pancho is a great part of the Talley Ho build.

    70. Ford Fan

      I'd love to make a gun stock out of that wood.

    71. Brody Hawker

      Who the hell down votes these videos? Jesus Christ.

    72. Phil Case

      Shims. Brilliant. That's why he's the antique machinery expert and we're the IThomes keyboard warriors, right there.

    73. Grant Bratrud

      Wow! Great! Love the purple-heart timber! (Note that old-growth tropical hardwood timber is now a controlled substance.) Let's take a moment to recall the historical importance of Bristol Pilot Cutters. Unlike some other ports around Britain the pilots in the Bristol Channel (old as I am, I was not there, but I believe this) were free-market: no system of spoils. Therefore, speed, and sea-keeping were paramount. Turns out, the free-market "designed" the best short-handed displacement hull and rig for those values. Which values, moreover, served, for example, Major Harold William "Bill" Tilman, CBE, DSO, MC and Bar, (14 February 1898 - 1977), lost at sea.

    74. Krassimir Vrangov

      Superb content as always, made my week. But let me mention once again - I don't think you need to edit the videos so much. They're shorter and more professionally made now, and I liked it better when they were longer and more rough. I know most people on IThomes have ADHD but I think yours is a different audience. We want to see more of the woodworking part, more of the nuts and bolts, more of everything. Regards!

    75. James Johnston

      Amazing woodworking and I love watching it all come together. I also love the fact that the Macaw enjoys riding on the forklift.

    76. Benters

      At 11:30 - the project nearly came to an abrupt end for all of us. Be careful!

    77. steve shoemaker

      Really fine workmanship....W0W...Thanks for the video...!

    78. pepe poo

      love the video`s can almost smell the wood .

    79. David Holdman

      Awesome 😎

    80. Daniel Parker

      As a guitar builder, to see that much purple heart makes me drool! I hope to help you with the finish carpentry in the new cabin...all the bright work. See you in a year or two!

    81. Llewelyn Colebourn

      Hi Leo, I'd be happy to start doing the closed captions for your videos on a regular basis to help support the project and make the videos better. Let me know if you are interested.

    82. Gene Miller

      It’s strange what people call restoring. This is a new boat. It might of been simpler to just build a replica and not have to rip out the old stuff.

      1. Burlats de Montaigne

        It's a wooden boat thing. They are perpetually being 'restored'. They were designed and built to be like that.

    83. anthony devita

      It's sad that SC cares only about making bikes for are those who are "pushing the limit of the bike" The HT was the most fun bike I had ever ridden because it felt in control thru terrain that pushed MY limits. FYI..Dads have more money, SC.

    84. Stu N

      Food can’t be that great...all of your helpers are matchstick

    85. JB Burton

      Ha ha you move quick when that bit of wood wobble, amazed at your accuracy so precise that wood looks so tactile to work can’t wait for next episode encore

    86. Brad B

      Such a fascinating project

    87. Gary Souza

      Looks like OSHA might have come for a visit at 17:12, requiring hard hats.

    88. Jake

      I love the fact that the hardhats appear right after the near miss event. Then disappear again. Reactionary safety measures. nice.

    89. Mitch Martin

      Leo, will the stem pieces require stopwater dowels?

    90. Wendell Best

      I am really enjoying watching the boat restoration. Your woodworking skills are top notch and you have way more patience than I do. Wish I could afford to support the channel, but all I can really do is offer my encouragement to keep going. I am excited to see the bow assembly finished and installed on the boat so you can move on replacing the frames. I hope you continue to have luck finding people to support the project. I appreciate the time you take to film, edit and upload the videos along with all of the work involved with restoring the boat and having to live in another country while doing it.

    91. laxmannate07

      I usually shiver my timbers

    92. Olskool79 1979

      Hi Leo, will you be turning threads on the silica-bronze bar on a lathe or by hand? I did all of Polly Agatha’s keel bolts by hand using an 80 year old Whitworth die, having destroyed the gearbox of my lathe when a tooth broke and decided to wedge itself in almost every other surrounding gear. Got to say, my arms still ache 15 years on! 🤣🤦‍♂️

    93. Halcyon Yachts - International Yacht Delivery

      Excellent - another great video Leo!

    94. Immanuel Lasker

      In the meanwhile Cecca...

    95. Stu Lora

      "The food's delicious" - cut to the chickens.… O_o

    96. Stu Lora

      Are you saving the tennis balls for Akiva?

    97. Tim Henry

      I lost track of ya. You have done a bunch. Been keeping track of seeker. I found your channel watching a sawmill vid. Good work.

    98. L K

      I've noticed that you use wooden mallets for most of your tool work vs a steel hammer. Is this done to the limit wear on your tools or is this just a personal preference? Cheers

    99. Nathan chalecki

      Purple heart looks like the most fantastic wood ever! Never seen anything like it! Nearly looks like plastic while it's coming off in shavings

    100. Nick N.

      I have been watching your videos all day and skipped ahead to see where the boat is currently at and see you are repping a shirt from my hometown. Go Gig Harbor! (although now I live in Texas). Keep up the good work.