Sailing as crew on the superyacht Adix - Rebuilding Tally Ho EP5

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    In this episode; I have to take off to Maine for some sailing work aboard the mighty Three-masted Schooner Adix, and then furnish and move into the workshop loft when I get back. I also make a lofting table for the Tally Ho drawings, , in a thinly disguised attempt to put off all the real work waiting for me just outside the workshop.
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    David Szesztay - One More Round
    Gillicuddy - Springish
    Thiaz Itch - Isma Roktar

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    1. jay gallivan

      Then vs now? You are now a Professional. ;)

    2. gooptroop124

      Landlubber question. Why is the Adix sailed and manned constantly? Is she promotional? A side hobby of the owner who simply wants to travel? Search and rescue?

    3. Charles Seymour

      "Picture myself on deck. That's the vision" wow . There has been sustained effort for three years and now planking is started December ¹4 2020

    4. S Han

      Do you have a link for lofting table plans? Thanks

    5. Cliff Stevenson

      (11/31/20) So much fun to view this retrospectively. Feelings of joy to know what the 2017 Leo couldn't - the scary scope, public response, and eventual triumph of his Quixotic project. Next week - planking begins, perhaps the garboard? What a great story.


      i have the first of many questions. how are you going to keep the sawdust out of your living area and computer? maybe later on i'll find out. years ago i worked for a carpenter who had his shop/home in a loft on Bleeker St. in NYC. i did the same thing in homes that people lived in while the work was going on and after spending a load of time isolating the work area i still had to hire someone to clean out the cabinets. it was fucking crazy.

    7. Jeff Anderson

      You must be filthy rich. Cheers mate

    8. Jason Coburn

      This may sound weird, but this basically seems like my ideal home

    9. Android480

      Why did I pick the sort of job that bends my back over a computer for 10 hours a day

      1. SusiesRepeat

        I also thought computers were the way to go, retired now and all I do in my old age is work (play) with crafts wood and metal. Crafts are much more soothing to the brain than anything electronics.

    10. Seymour Settler

      Keep working.

    11. Jeffery Holliday

      XD Love this!

    12. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    13. Peter Brickwood

      My Dad was a Merchant Marine Bosun. Nothing like this though.

    14. Chris M

      Why does this have only 4.8k likes and over 175k views

    15. Asger nyboe

      what do you work as? now im confused since i thought you work as a ships carpenter

    16. Nicholas Devine

      Now that’s what I call a winch! 3:02.

    17. barkebaat

      3 years ago as of writing this; and look at where you are today ! I believe you've chosen just the right time in your life to do this huge undertaking, Leo. Young enough to have the courage, stupidity and drive, old enough to have the experience that makes it possible. Just keep at'er !

    18. David Earnest

      Watching this from 3 years in the Future. It would seem this project has aged Leo a bit. Boats, Women and Children. They'll do it to ya.

      1. XSAVIER busy


      2. Splestrie

        David Earnest Age does it, too.

    19. Turd Ferguson

      I live up the road from Camden. Love that town.

      1. Turd Ferguson

        Episode 4. Sailing on Huge 3 masted schooner/ Maine.

      2. Turd Ferguson

        @lame duck Camden Maine. He went there in one of his videos returning from England.

      3. lame duck


    20. Pfalzgraf

      Still re-watching these films … and I am amazed and kind of worried after the fact at how tired you seem all the time!

    21. claverton

      amazed at the skill level

    22. John Whitehead

      cool RAGBRAI T-Shirt

    23. Doug Carroll

      You have come a long way leo

    24. bill ibbotson

      Uuu e

    25. Keith Staton

      ..".Dream untill ur dream Comes true..."

    26. Randall Watson

      I've decided to sit through the ads i see on Leo's channel because it helps with revenue for the project. First ad, "faster internet in 60s!" the ad was nearly 5 min long!!!! wtf!!!

    27. Harland Mayes

      This would be material for a spectacular book. His technical skill is immense. and communication skill also praiseworthy.

    28. Gene Goodman

      How did you get the shop and place where your working?

    29. Gabe Ruesswick

      I live in Camden and I hike mt. Battle all the time. This was so cool to see

    30. edward leroy

      At anchor and day cruises I would be ok. On the sea forever at 4 to 8 knots average I would go nuts. Have fun good luck.

    31. Y Sanchez

      I watched your videos before last year found them again...Love your work...

    32. MrHotbulldozer

      You are crazy, I like it!

    33. Larry Preston

      You were either in Portsmouth, NH or Kittery Me, as there is no Portsmouth, Me.

    34. David Cooper

      You have mad skills. Love these videos!

    35. J C

      Portsmouth (Maine) doesn't exist. There's Kittery. Portsmouth is across the river in New Hampshire.


      Nice ragbri shirt

    37. b awesome

      Let's all help by showing this to others!

    38. Ryan Simon

      I decided to create a subreddit for this project since there is not one already. The link to it is Obviously there isn't really anything there but if I could find a couple people to consistently post on it then I could maybe make them moderators in the future. I'm hoping the sub could one day be a place where people can openly talk and discuss anything related to this project!

    39. Stanley Banks

      The old days... Awesome rewatching these videos.

    40. M Haight

      I am curious what the no sailing scenario is as far as safety and weather goes.

    41. David Catanach

      Everest is climbed one step at a time

    42. Barrie Wright

      or-some know i can see the vision .

    43. fred dieckmann

      I thought you were a madman but now I see you are a visionary...

    44. Erga Omnes


    45. Scott Sandberg

      Just catching up on old episodes! Watching from Iowa and what do I spy, a bicycle Iowa shirt!!

    46. Ford Fan

      Put one foot in front of the other and soon youll be walking across the deck!

    47. Braden Williams

      Great video!

    48. Mark Chamberlain

      I have a suggestion the next boat rebuild call me that shop and shed was a huge job for one person looks great!

    49. Shoestring Tom

      Bobbing about on the end of a chain somewhere in the Pacific, with a delectable young lady onboard, and a refreshing cocktail in hand is as good an incentive as I have heard. I feel that incentive will have to be applied on many occasions in the coming years though. In your case Leo I think it's going to be the journey as well as the destination, Tally Ho! .. The Adix is magnificent you lucky young sea dog.

    50. Braden Williams

      These videos are great, thanks!

    51. Christopher Neely

      Building a lofting table... If only that were the only lofting surface necessary, eh? Don't look back, my man. The wind favors you, now.

    52. eddie bowens

      you the man

    53. sdj9776

      Love the project! Had the opportunity nearly 30 years ago to help build an Ian Ferrier designed F28 trimaran. Nothing by comparison but taught me that I could build just about anything I set my mind to doing. Keep up the good work!

    54. ian cleary

      Bloody good vision

    55. Cruisers of Australia

      do we get to come for a sail once she is done if we donate? nice work

    56. Bryon Ensminger

      I watched salt and tar he and mostly his wife bult it from scratch and their like 2 1/2 years in and their like jyst installing the propeller shafts and the haul will be ready to soak they still have to buld the inside and mount the mast and rigg her

    57. gwheyduke

      Using your imagination to create a forward looking vision is a great way to motivate the project forward. I like it. Having done a bit of sailing, I can "see" it from your description.

    58. shartne

      yes a railing is a good idea. Looks comfy.

    59. Bill Roberts

      Nice loft living space.... let the adventure begin.

    60. hestetube

      Adorable, awesome, genious. What is your original profession? Carpenter or Noah 2.0?

    61. TheHumbleApprentice

      I hope you don't sleepwalk. Great work, amazing project.

    62. just tim

      I'll bet you've got girls knocking the doors down to meet you, luck dog.

    63. David Flythe

      wonderfully eclectic music choices

    64. Patrick Wentz

      Holy Cow you sail for a living and are restoring a boat! Luckiest dude in the world!

    65. Bud Man

      You will get there! See it and it will happen.

    66. Rottingboards

      Living in Iowa and love cycling ...Awesome shirt

    67. Paul

      If you pressurize the space with air blowing in from a filtered source, you should be able to keep dust from drifting in

    68. Maj. Tom

      Permission to come aboard sir?

    69. Hamal Jay

      That rug really ties the room together.

      1. Paul S

        Obviously your not a golfer

      2. Tim


    70. Compression Ignition Army

      Please retire the US. FLAG ! Turn in to local VFW.! Love the channel man! keep it up

    71. Peggy Cook

      Just WOW!

    72. Nicole K

      Please don't use that flute music again. It's horribly out of tune.

    73. 129jaystreet

      Just curious. Did you make the plans for the boat ? Or where able to find them.some where?

    74. 129jaystreet

      Love men who can build and fix things.

    75. Lucas Richard Stephens

      Cool in every way

    76. Martin Eyer

      You are just amazing tradesmen. Good luck with the restoration. I am sure it will go well.

    77. Duncan Mac

      Cozy space. I like it. Thanks for the video.

    78. Robert Foedisch

      so when will you get back to Tally Ho?

    79. vincent7520

      Niiiiiice ! … But don't you mind the wood dust from the shop?… Sooner or later your lungs will not like it … and that's for life (I know from personal experience) … Dust don't have to be as conspicuous as it was in the old woodworking woodsheds. But it's still there and the more dangerous that it is invisible : air cleaning filters are great but will never do away with the real dangerous stuff… Beware !… Thanks for posting anyway.

    80. Keith Staton

      Number one thingey: dont---forget---the-kid. Nber two: build a bar. Good luck, great project, big ass windlass

    81. Scot McPherson

      I spend my work week in Kittery Maine. If you are passing through, I'd love the opportunity to talk about your experiences.

    82. Scot McPherson

      Nice Ragbrai T-Shirt

    83. Joe Brown

      You're quite the craftsman. Really liking this channel.

    84. Rustie

      My guess is 7 years....

    85. LongDistanceSailor

      It's a nice life. Hope to see you out there sometime. I rebuilt mine as well but I started with an old fiberglass hull so I had much less work. Still took 10 years to get the boat ready and save enough to leave the US. Best of luck PS. Leave when you can - not when you are done. Boats are NEVER done. I'm in Florida refitting now. It's an ongoing battle.

    86. spinnaker5514

      OMG! I don't know what's cooler? Your living space in the loft (really really cool & a short commute to work) or the Tally Ho project. I think it's great that you keeping something so beautiful alive. I'd love to see and hear about what kind plans you have for her interior??? I'm refitting a 40 year old sailboat myself right now, so far for two years. I can't imagine what this project is going to take. You are brave! Can't wait to see the progress. I will be subscribing and looking forward to each new episode! As soon as I can clean up some of my own expenses I would like to a very small way of course! Please keep up the great work! And get more of Cosi in there to! Love to see her standing on her head....LOL!

    87. How2RC

      When I was a young man I would have killed for a workshop like that...

    88. Brad Taylor

      True Man Cave!

    89. Sailing With ISHI

      Youth is on his side we were all there one time

    90. John Benoit

      Those old boats are so beautiful the detail such art. They just don't make them like that anymore

    91. Richard Lubbers

      Consider building a 2x4 wall (with railing) covered by clear marine shrink wrap for your loft instead of a curtain, it allows natural light in, protects against dust and bugs, and gives you some privacy, much like a shower door. Also, put a box fan in the loft on the floor, set on low speed, with a furnace filter in front of it to constantly filter the air in your living space. I do both of these and it's cheaply awesome!

    92. Gregg

      Watching the organization in the shop & loft ... please built a proper hook for your guitar it looks like a nice one every sailor needs a gift fiddle mate keep up the good work

    93. Rick Nelson

      It might help for people to see what your vision of the boat is when you are finished, Drawings, photos of other boats like her...

    94. Cssfiend

      you are like patrick swayze in Roadhouse if patrick swayze was a shipwright instead of a bouncer

    95. Kevin

      Wow, I don't know if you realize that you are spending your time between two of the most beautiful places in the country. Congrats :)

      1. Daniel Lang

        @Jacob OToole Yes.

      2. Jacob OToole


    96. g2macs

      Jesus! Why do you need to spoil it with the bloody awful 'ditties'? You don't need music all the time especially the YT copyright safe stuff, that's like listen to cats fighting on a blackboard.

      1. Raoul Cruz

        A little background music for the non-speaking parts is o.k. , I guess. But, while you're talking, just talk. That's interesting enough.

    97. TVCanT

      Seeing the extent of the rot it looks more like a rebuild than a restoration. Good thing you have some drawings as it looks like you will be replacing every piece of wood.

    98. Archibald Tuttle

      Sorry, have to subscribe!

    99. growingknowledge

      Getting close to the good stuff, a great base - you a very lucky to have such helpful friends to help you with space and I am sure this will go well.

      1. 129jaystreet

        growingknowledge he's charming intelegente young man. It's would be hard not to help.

    100. Sailboat Story

      Cool, now I can picture you sitting in your loft editing video. What camera are you using to film? You've got skills for sure. Very nicely done. I'm really enjoying your channel. :)

      1. Lazy Jacques

        Don't you be getting any ideas, now, Ben. Your audience expects, nay they demand, to see you back on the water with the family pronto!