Cutting the Bow timbers! - TALLY HO EP50

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht Cutting the Stem / Bow pieces / EP50.
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    EPISODE 50.
    …in which we finish the templates for the bow assembly and cut out all the pieces with the chainsaw jig. Meanwhile, I have to deal with a damage to a power-plane, the Shipsaw, a chainsaw, part of my camera, and my wallet! Jack and Joe lose their minds organising all the fastenings in the workshop, and I get to do a bit of amateur furniture-making with a mirror-stand for Cecca. We plane everything in sight, and eat our lunch on a very expensive boutique purpleheart table.
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    45. Cutting the Stem / Bow pieces (Tally Ho EP50)

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    1. Слоупок Ленивецшвилли

      1:20 АААААААААААААААААААааааааааааааааа!!!!!

    2. Michael Ratliff

      I hope he is keeping all the templates, so he can build a sister ship once he is done with this one.

    3. Michael Haas

      I loved the timber dining table motif. Brilliant!

    4. Search4TruthReality

      1:19 Splinters are inevitable.

    5. coug96fan

      Leo: A boat builder and Sailor (AND: Farmer, furniture maker, cabinet maker, Tool wrangler, Documentarian, adventure seeker, and living life to its FULLEST!)

    6. Gybe1132

      Has the parrot gone deaf with all the power tool noise

    7. Bill Dyke

      This is why you should always have a filter on your lens... UVs don't do much but they're cheap. Lenses aren't... No parrot. Disappointed... p.s. that's 50 episodes in 3 days. Time for one more...

    8. Jorge Viera

      Broken Lens filter needs removal. Me: Grabs hammer and vice grips. Broken Lens filter needs removal. A man who literally has every tool in creation in his workshop: Grabs hammer and vice grips. I love this channel.

    9. Mitch Gates

      Loved the reaction when you dropped that thing. I related hehe.

    10. Muu Music

      Just had a thought that you’re actually using no “heart” of the Purple Heart so it’s just purple.

    11. Lee Tingler

      Lol we photographer's call the lens filter a Sacrificial Front Element

    12. James Wagner

      How do get access to Leo's "Wishlist"......I don't see any refence to this on the Patreon website.....?

      1. on4xb

        see in the description of the video: My Amazon Wishlist

    13. J Hemphill

      Damn, if it took you near two years to finally admit Cecca is your GIRLFRIEND, you're as good as engaged.

    14. Tom Oakhill

      Yes! At 8:23 you see my basic problem. I am an amateur woodworker of 40 years experience. I have made several dinning tables out of purple-heart, and think of it as an exotic tropical hardwood that is only used in the highest level of fine furniture.

    15. Tom Oakhill

      "...wants a stand for this I'm going to whip one up.(2:55)" Leo then cuts four mortises, four tenons, a square hole in two of the tenons, use a router to round over the corners of the parts, rounds their ends, and finishes it without glue or fasteners. " good quite fun to do little projects like that..."(4:45) Oh yes! To a man who shapes whole timbers into forty foot keels, this is just a "little project." To the weekend basement woodworker this is A Project.

    16. Ruth Moreton

      That is why you always use a filter even if you think you don't need one

      1. on4xb

        To protect the lens off course: an UV filter is perfect for it, has no influence on the pictures and is very cheap

    17. Robot Munkee

      22:05 I thought you were gonna say 'thank you Phill"

    18. Robot Munkee

      Bird needs hearing protection too

    19. Real Talk with Aaron

      why is that triangle piece out?

      1. Gojeep

        Not cutout, the timber was just not wide enough to include it.

    20. Twotone

      Cecca want a 3 bedroom semi, it's Sunday evening so I'll just knock one up.

    21. Rv4 Guy

      Can’t imagine what those purple heart slabs cost

    22. Rob Smith

      Filters have saved a few of my lenses over the years - drops, doors, rocks etc. have all contributed to the downfall of filters at a few quid each rather than the hundreds it would have been for lenses.

    23. Mark R

      Salut y a des volontaires qui viennent pour donner un coup de main et ils font que trier des vis ! pas cool, pas sûr que moi j'aurais apprécier.

    24. xpez

      @09:50 skate-able scrap wood..

    25. Planarity Theory

      know what would be hilarious? if you built a flimsy-ass boat out of all the patterns

    26. Stephen Heightman

      Oh man I felt that sliver

    27. Russ Martin

      I'm a fine art photographer. I earned my MFA in 1974. Anyway, you can remove a stuck filter with a jar opener. The type with the strap and a piece of wood works best.

    28. magheti adrian

      That forklift ,hiden hero

    29. astier78

      The longer i watch those videos the more you're looking like a pirate leo

    30. redhughdl

      Always put on a VU filter on your lens !!!! is that a canon 24-105mm f4-5.6 STM lens?

    31. Gary Kagel

      thats why i was taught to always keep a filter on my lens. at least a UV filter to protect from scratches or damage.

    32. Allan Dugan

      What a fantastic job is being undertaken. What I don’t understand is how only 1/20 bother to give a thumbs up. Is it due to you not feeling he is doing a fantastic job, or you don’t realise the importance o thumbs up. Be devils & show your appreciation by hitting the thumbs up tab.

    33. MrPossumeyes

      Don't just make the woman mirror stands, Leo. Marry her. She's a catch! Women like her don't come along every day!

    34. Peter Brickwood

      Having a tiny bit of understand how to make wooden furniture, I am in awe of what you refer to "whipping up " a mirror stand. Also as I binge my way through these videos I have forgotten to mention that I enjoyed the dinghy racing, that I hope your face blemish was not cancerous and using attaching a chuck to a ratchet and slotting in a screw driver is a useful take away for me.

    35. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    36. DeadlyIce Cream

      Now I've see so much. How the hell did Leo cut off hes finger?

    37. Paul Baker

      Jolly good..

    38. David Dooley

      How much free wine are you getting from Fairwinds? I hope it's a lot.

    39. Hugh Reeves

      You are much better at delegating. I don’t know if I could have let someone else cut my gigantic purpleheart slab that cost thousands of dollars. Whew. Were you hovering overhead?

    40. Calvin Horch

      I used the same ply to do shiplap wall coverings for my wife down our staircase. It is EXTREMELY splintery. I feel your pain.

    41. jthepickle7

      I get it! It's not about rebuilding a boat at all! - it's about masturbating & social media & Paypal.

    42. Divided We Fall

    43. Divided We Fall


    44. jeff woods

      Lg kh kh Lg

    45. Zihnigür Dereli


    46. OccasionalGamer

      Kudos to Jack and Joe! An organized workplace is an efficient workplace.

    47. Blaž Bohinc

      idk why he bothers having good lenses if he's just gonna upload in super compressed 1080p that's gonna absolutely destroy and quality the picture might've had coming out the camera..

    48. Peter W. Meek

      Too late now, but what you needed was a filter wrench. They need to be sized almost exactly for the diameter, but they are very easy to make. You cut a circle in a piece of sheet material like plywood or hardboard (Masonite™ or the like) that just fits the diameter. It should be cut in one end of a rectangle about 20% wider than the diameter and twice as long. Cut a wedge from the circle to the other end of the rectangle. Slip the circle over the filter and squeeze the sides of the wedge together gently. It gets a great grip without collapsing the fragile frame of the filter. If you can trim the head of the wrench to leave a uniform band around the opening it helps make the pressure even. Reshape the handles for comfort if you plan to use it more than a few times. (Or Amazon sells them; search for [ camera lens filter wrench ].)

    49. Orxenhorf

      0:37 - Oye! Hope somebody got Pancho some new perch parts there soon.

    50. Arnold Glatzel

      You recommended the videos about tiding up the workshop. Its EP3 and EP4 and they are not available. where are they???? Greetings and krep up the good work!

    51. Dutchmann

      Leo, have been catching up with your video adventure of rebuilding Tally Ho and sharing your conquest of this rebuild through your videos has been just terrific, incredibly informative and inspiring!! I was particularly interested in one of the powered compass planes you're using, I believe you said it was made by Veritex? or something close to that spelling, anyway I was trying to locate more information one and can't seem to source it and wondered if you could brief me with some more detail regarding that tool. Thanks so much please know there is tremendous support for your efforts!

    52. steady bloke

      make it an X bow and smash those waves

    53. Halibut 1

      "This filter actually saved the lens by making the ultimate sacrifice." Have to laugh at that one!!

    54. TheJustonemore

      How did you meet Her? Cecca

    55. doorran

      the shop looks really grreat.

    56. Gene Goodman

      Leo that's why we use filters. Your commenting on the cost rising, just think if it wasn't for all these guys helping out, the cost would be spread over the next two years. Then it would not seam so much.

    57. Drummer Boy MacLeod

      Epic. Watched every episode and this truly is a saga. A journey of your life Leo, the Tally Ho and for everyone involved. Inspiration through endeavour.⛵️

    58. Jack Walker

      I wish I spoke boat English. :)

    59. Gerry McGuire

      bronze silicon keel rabbit stem deadwood stern etc bolts so why not bronze silicon floors would be so awesome

    60. Bob Bates

      Very cool work. Maybe one day you will build a new wooden yacht that can sail the world

    61. dusty


    62. Andrzej Cichy

      Go go go...! 😄😉😂🤣

    63. A L M

      I once was tasked with organizing about 2 pick-up truck beds full of sockets, oh what a lucky Man I was!

    64. Ronnie Stanley

      When I was 13 I got in trouble with the law. My father made me work with him every day for a year without pay as punishment. Sorting through a hundred jumbo coffee cans and organizing all of those fasteners was my first job. It lasted for 3 weeks. I kept that job until I graduated high school then went to work for the Mack and Freightliner dealership as a mechanic. For some reason this video made me think of that. It actually taught me how to identify different size nuts and bolts at a glance. Jesus! That was 30 years ago! Time and all.

    65. Bas Wit

      Hi Leo, for restoring a babitbearing: ask Keith Rucker he restores old machinery on his IThomes account “ vintage machinery”. He did a video how he fixed an worn out bearing. I know you never did it, but I think you can do it Really enyoing the whole project, I restored a 12 mtr Classic yacht, it took my 8 years. Notting beats a wooden boat, greetings from Amsterdam

    66. Ken Shores

      Remember that filters are much cheaper than lens. That is the reason for having the filter.

    67. Bryon Ensminger

      When you wear out power tools and need to replace them you should look into Porter Cable power tools I been in construction all my life and had really reliable service from Porter Cable tools

    68. Richard Stiger

      I wasn't going to say anything, but I can't resist...... So I have this mirror...... LOL

    69. Elli P

      Mmmmmm, purpleheart...

    70. Dmitri Sukanov

      Hello, is there a name for that sled type tool you used to cut the curves in the bow timbers with the chainsaw?

      1. on4xb

        Episode 42 at 18:30 : He has a webpage but there is nothing on it:

    71. axel usul

      That mirror stand better be top drawer, think of it like a "Welsh Love Spoon" as a token of your esteem. Plus get used to looking after the no 1 Lady in your life not Tally Ho. LOL.

    72. Fancy Shoes Vlogs

      Leo Do you know any boat designers who could help me design a boat?

    73. Stu Lora

      I would buy a dinner table like the one at 8:26. And I also could use some help tidying up my workshop.... ps. excellent choice of music as always!

    74. rtmordecai1

      More Cecca, she’s not building a boat, but she’s keeping you afloat in more ways than one I imagine, and her smile makes me smile. So bittersweet catching up to the last of these videos so far. It’s truly incredible what you are doing and I desperately hope to be in a place that I can make a road trip for the launch in two years. 😉.

    75. Henning Heinemann

      Hi Leo, been watching a while. In your neck of the woods looking at an 1890 tug, would like to visit.

    76. Anthea Cookson

      Hey Leo 😜 I’m gonna keep tagging you electric propulsion video links until I see some being installed on Tally Ho 😂 It just makes sense!

    77. Phil Case

      That's a worn out babbitt bearing in the saw. See if you can get in touch with one of the experienced IThomes machinist, like Keith Fenner from Turnwright, Adam Booth from Abom, Keith Rucker from Vintage Machinery, or Tom Lipton from Ox Tools, for some advice. I know Fenner has done a video of him pouring babbitt, but I'm not sure how the process would need to be changed for that particular application. Usually there's a split line in the middle of a babbitt bearing and the thing gets pulled apart for cleaning both before and after the pour... I feel like the ideal, long term, would be to bore it out for a pair of ball bearings. But that would require bringing that part of the saw to a machine shop, and that seems like a big pain in the neck as well as a major disruption to your workflow.

    78. Jonmurray Murray

      My dad bought my cannon AE1. Wish I still had it

    79. Andre Picard


    80. terrykilo951

      Really enjoying the video's. They have caused me to pay that extra bit of attention to detail in my projects. Love your always positive attitude dispite set backs. A rare combination of leader and inspirer'r. Keep up the great work!

    81. Elvis100

      You should sell the mirror stand to Ikea as the Leö

    82. Thomas Russell

      Also, did you get the shipsaw (bandsaw) fixed?

    83. Thomas Russell

      Nothing like lunch at the stem. LOL I guess this answers my question from the previous video, it looks like the entire stem is going to be purple heart. I've never seen a powered circular plane. Nice donations. Gotta love those fellow viewers who can afford to help out. Thanks y'all.

    84. Enrique g

      What kind of Wood is ir? Thanks

    85. John Fenn

      This guy runs The Old Steam Powered Engineering Shop and he could fix you ship saw. He could even link your two endeavours. In fact this video shows him pouring Babbet Bearings.


      Украина за тебя! Меня Глеб зовут, я из Одессы, построил каяк, мечтаю о яхте, ценю такое отношение к жизни!

    87. Dinsdale Piranah

      Envious of that screw, bolt, nut organisation!

    88. J C

      Hope you boys have some radio on whilst working. I start talking to myself when I don’t!

    89. Really buddy

      Option 3 wrap some brass shim stock around the shaft and Muck it up with grease

    90. Albert Einstein

      Guys over at acorn to arabella received a toy parrot from a subscriber. There taking a vote to save it or give it to there dog to rip apart. They show no respect.

      1. Tim Brown

        That was a thing called a "joke". You may want to research the subject. The A to A guys have been nothing but gentlemen, any drama is in the minds of people like you.

    91. Benjamin Hathaway

      Oh It's Sunday evening got an hour to spare. girlfriend wants a mirror, I'll just whip one up real quick! You make us all look bad Leo! Haha

    92. Daniel Lawson

      I've been a subscriber for a while now, though I've never commented. But I've got to say, purpleheart is a beautiful wood highly coveted by wood turners. I was just thinking that if, after you're finished with the keel, bow and stern assemblies, you have any remnants of the purpleheart left, you could sell these online to woodturners to increase revenue for your build. Just a thought.

    93. Raphaël Havranek

      Bonjour Leo, When I see this video, the energy and the different tools you need to cut these huge pieces of wood, I imagine you doing the same job more than 100 years ago... Respect to your profession passion. Besides this, I note you have a colorful finished works inspector who constantly monitors you, I hope it's not too stressful :+) Amicalement, Raphaël

    94. Michael Panella

      Remember when you were mulling over replacing that keel timber? LOL how far you’ve come.

    95. Garritt

      8:30 I'm offended by your salads. Still love your channel though

    96. mphRagnarok

      Angeline the Baker!

    97. Andre Martel

      Bad audio

    98. dogpatch75

      How do you get it all done! Would love to see snippets of how you balance your time, figure out the logistics, and keep everything and everyone on track. There must be a lot running in the background that is difficult to present through the camera lens! The project is awesome in every way, but managing the overall production has to be even more incredible!

    99. Peter Geen

      And not an adze in sight! Stihl the job gets done...

    100. Nathan chalecki

      When do we hear what happened to the finger