The Life of a Futtock! Reframing 1910 yacht (Tally HO EP54)

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    Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - The Life of a Futtock / EP54.
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    EPISODE 54.
    In this episode we follow the life of a single Futtock, from being marked on a template to being installed as a finished frame. Frame-raising 2.0 is going well, with more than half of the last section of Frames installed already! In other news, Cecca finds out that Janice is actually a boy…
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    54. The Life of a Futtock (Tally Ho EP54)

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    1. Slashley gibbins

      That big old saw needs a service.

    2. Mark Jennings

      For phuts sake ..not yet more phuttock footage.

    3. Bill Dyke

      Futtock, of course, is a corruption of foot hook. Which isn't funny at all...

    4. AwakeAmericanow.

      What happens to the off cuts? And in the days before power tools how was all the machining done to achieve the shapes, thickness, bevels of the futtocks? And how are all of those lines with intricate curves drawn to size on the floor rendered in actual size?

    5. C O

      Do all boat building yards have a floor plan like that? Would be so nice to have a program and a laser engraver with all the calculations, attached to the roof and engrave all the ribs. Just day dreaming?

    6. Tom Oakhill

      I have binge-watched these over the last two weeks. Leo says in this video, that this batch is the last of the frames. Obviously, Leo is not aware of this, but not once, never ever, in all those frames, does he show the ships-saw in action in REAL-TIME. Every single last time Leo edits the angle cutting into fast-time. This means I have absolutely no idea how quickly the person running the crank to angle the saw has to react to the angle information. How fast does the crank have to be turned? Could you post a special video showing the ship-saw being angled in real-time? Maybe with several different futtocks being bevel cut.

    7. Rv4 Guy

      Anybody know why Finn makes sort of a scoring cut on the plank pulling the chain saw at a shallow angle towards him, then he goes full depth holding the saw vertically pushing away from him? Fast an accurate and I count 2 hands, arms and feet, so he obviously knows what he us doing. And he does every futtock the same way. I think he knows something (or many things) that I don’t.

    8. rusedorange

      Are all frames the same thickness?

    9. TJ

      The Futtock episodes were my favorite(s)... I loved the trunnel making/inserting and the painting using the orange/linseed oil melange. Why u ask, bc I could do that. PEACE.

    10. John Dunlap

      This. Is. Insane. I have a newfound respect for wood craftsmen.

    11. Rev. David Willerup

      Have you approached Mikita for sponsorship on your next build?

    12. J Nixon

      What a great series... just found the channel, and working my way through. I was hoping to learn what the orange stuff is exactly?

      1. on4xb

        Red lead paint, it is mentionedd many times in several episodes including this one

    13. John Morrison

      How were the full size drawings on the lofting floor made?

      1. on4xb

        episodes 24 and 25 give you the answer

    14. Keith Russell

      I never realised what an extremely complex thing a boat is, amazing skills and accuracy, absolutely entrancing to see determination and teamwork

    15. krisenjosefful

      the adventures of 7a

    16. fountainhead

      Really good episode. Great editing and thoughtful!

    17. MrPossumeyes

      never mind futtocks, Leo, marry the girl, for heaven's sake!

    18. Wayne G

      If you told someone to go futtuck themselves would that be a complement or and insult? Love the vids watch them all so far. If i was a younger man I'd love to help. I love woodworking, some carpentry, but mainly furniture building. But these vids are inspirational and almost spiritual in their own way. I don't have money or much building room, but maybe a canoe of small skiff might be in my future. I just wish i had a local source of such beautiful high quality wood.

    19. Peter Brickwood

      Men in the kitchen. That only took one episode.

    20. George Mcnaughton

      Thank you for the free content

    21. cameron simison

      dolphinite and tar. the forbidden nutella

    22. Baz Man

      A futtock sounds like something I'd call my mother-in-law, behind her back

    23. Brendan Hart

      Red lead? Unable to buy red lead here in oz, thought it was only used on ferrous materials to stop corrosion.

    24. Sopir Japan CHANEL

      Sedih terlalu..

    25. Laymon Phelps

      I have watched all the videos up to this one. Love ur series. Thank you for the knowledge an entertainment. Have a wonderful day

    26. Eric Turner

      I love this peek into the build process!

    27. Sedated and Restrained

      17:20 had me cracking up! There's something amazing about the camaraderie when you're working hard with good people!!!

    28. John Opalko

      So, one of your adolescent hens turned out to be a cockerel. I guess you got the Pullet Surprise. (I'll see myself out...)

    29. Matt Moody

      I told you that was a cockerel!

    30. Kevin Lovdahl

      I'm sure some of these techniques will translate to the 16' runabout I have to restore 😂

    31. Finn McCool

      That's Futtoked'd up!

    32. anthony white


    33. bfarm44

      None of my friends know what I’m saying when I yell out “FUTTOCKS” when I mash a finger on a bike or car but they think it’s funny. I won’t tell them yet

    34. Steve Syncox

      I would bet, many people would love to buy a piece of offcut. Put me down for a piece of Purple Heart.😉

    35. Ólavur Mortensen

      What was it they used to glue the futtocks to the keel? Red led and dolphinite?

      1. on4xb

        Not glued : red lead paint and bedding in a mix of dolphinite and pine tar. The screws hold the heel of the frame in place. Later strong bronze floors will be added tying the frames and keel together

    36. Rusty Reckman

      When they make the hollywood movie: ewan mcgregor as Leo and zooey deschanel as cecca

    37. Gene Goodman

      So she had a bunch of chickens, went away came back and she has a roster. Have you not heard of sex change operation? Oh yes but only in America the good old USA, paid for by Medicare with taxpayers money.

    38. Arop Ayop


    39. fakta fakta

    40. Lordp00m

      18:14 Fine tar and dolfinite? Kinda looks like Nutella to me...

    41. z PEPACLOTH


    42. It'sOnlyAcomment snowflake

      Was there any update on how he lost the end of his fanny feeler?


      where is ep.55 ?? please

    44. eppot1

      waiting 4 my next fix... i neeed a video..:-)

    45. HotRodSixString

      Get a move on Joe

    46. East Texas Craftsman

      If you don't post your next video tomorrow, we might just form a search party and show up on your doorstep.....


      Leo you can buy 1/2 by4 inch bronze plate make a templateout of cardboard showimg the sketchfor the floors, take it to a goood metel fabricator and bend them per sketch,

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        Tally Ho's metal is 1 x 5 in, not so easy to cold-form or weld stock of that size.

    48. MikeAG333

      Leo, Leo..........what's happened? You're late, late late (almost a week) with your video! Come on, you're giving me palpitations.......

      1. Brian Shriver

        MikeAG33 really !! Me too! I need my biweekly fix of craft and “can do” ... Leo where are you?!

    49. David Lucas

      LPS and a few other companies make a waxed spray that basically leaves a wax film that works great on areas like the exposed rusty gears on the ship saw where you don’t want to be running into a big wad of grease (especially around the wood).. it acts as a protector and lubricant. Really similar to what guys use on motorcycle chains...

    50. Terence Lishman

      Imagine the cost, but the pure artistry is AMAZING

    51. Jeff Strang

      I'm subscriber 120,001 yay

    52. Justin Berwick

      Am I ever happy to be watching this project. I now have a much better idea of how much work is required.

    53. Guy de la Pétodière

      Hi, what an enormous work! A question : why don't you bill a new boat directly from the plan, instead of replacing each of the old one?

      1. Tentō

        If you dont mind ill answer for him, He said that this way he feels like he just fixing it and not actually rebuilding it.

    54. Katherine McIntosh

      My husband is anxiously awaiting your next video:) We both enjoy them actually. Hoping all is well.

    55. John Walsh

      Am itching to watch the latest video Sam been here from the start coming along nicely Great teamwork Will come out sometime to help sometime 😅 Wirral 🇬🇧

    56. James Ford

      17:20 Eddie Deezen imitation is spot on.

    57. meestahwah

      Those shots from stem towards stern that show the shape of the frames are absolutely lovely. Tally Ho has a lovely shape to her Hull!

      1. Brian Shriver

        T shirt design .... Leo’s rakish grin in front, hand grasping a plane or chisel, parrot on his shoulder and his shapely timbers behind... and the words “just get on with it... “

    58. Jeff Becker

      Missed your bi-weekly video yesterday, Leo. Hope all is well. Cheers.

      1. Jeff Becker

        @Frederick Stibbert Thanks. I learnt sumthing today.

      2. Frederick Stibbert

        Yes, dimensioned wood is often specified in quarter-inches. If I buy 2x12 framing lumber, it'll be 1-5/8" x 11-1/4". If I want actual 1-3/4" wood, I'll specify dry 7/4 S2S (surfaced both sides). But if you order fresh-cut green wood, best you specify 7/4+, meaning that you expect rough-cut oversize boards that will plane down to 1-3/4" after drying.

      3. Jeff Becker

        @Frederick Stibbert 7/4" ? would that be an inch and three quarters? :))

      4. Frederick Stibbert

        Yes, 40-foot lengths of Wana (Red Louro), prob'ly rough-cut (green) to 7/4"+ x 20"+.

      5. Jeff Becker

        @Frederick Stibbert Thanks for the reply. Planking timber?

    59. Elli P

      This is a soppy Comment, but it's worth making. I was just thinking what a great way to use a tree boatbuilding is. I mean, the poor thing's been standing outside in the same spot for hundreds of years, weathering storms, surviving droughts, fighting off beetles and beavers and woodpeckers and 'Car Boot Sale Here Next Sunday' signs... It deserves something more than to be chopped up for firewood or turned into toothpicks or chopsticks or a coffin that's going to be either lowered into in a hole in the ground and left to rot or slid into a furnace and cremated. No, if I were a tree I'd want to be part of a boat: my precious timber painstakingly selected, expertly handled, worked and fitted and blended into part of something that's going to be admired and cherished for hundreds more years. Of course, I'd still be out in all weathers, still weathering storms, but at least I'd get to travel and see a bit more of the world. ;-)

      1. nagualdesign

        Fair point, but since you're not a tree how do feel about your bones being made into something useful after you die? Part of a boat, perhaps.

      2. Brian Shriver

        A new life as Tony the Futtock!

    60. blair rowton

      Ok, Tally Ho withdrawals!!!!! Come’on, we’re ready to see what yawl been doing!!!

      1. Mr. E

        @Frederick Stibbert holding you to it.

      2. blair rowton

        @Lloyd Butterworth x 2

      3. Lloyd Butterworth

        @Frederick Stibbert thanks for that i am waiting to

      4. Frederick Stibbert

        Ketch the next video (expected ~0900PST Sat 07Sep19) for good news.

    61. Mortimer Jenkins

      I remember seeing external hard drives on your Amazon wishlist a while back. I hope you are saving all the raw footage on them. This will make a great documentary or 12 episode series on something like PBS or Discovery.

    62. Minhthanh Bui

      Đóng thuyền gổ rất bụi , bụi gổ hít vào bệnh lắm mà không thấy đeo khẩu trang y tế để tránh bụi , mong được coi những video đóng tàu mới và bự hơn coi mới đã kaka

      1. Senapspiser

        Ding dong!

    63. Ford Fan

      How much of the original boat will be used?

      1. leonbroekx

        Only it's name.

    64. Texas Urban Sawmill & Refined Elements LLC

      Fantastic stuff. If you ever need massive live oak timbers, contact us at the Texas Urban Sawmill. We get some of the biggest live oaks found across the world. Texas is full of them and we save 200+ year old trees especially after large storms.

    65. StarSEO Ltd.

      Where is the next video. Get to work.

    66. HO

      This episode was fascinating, one of the best ever. More with this structure of explaining what's going on please.

    67. HazMatt Container

      I had *NO* idea how complex the construction of that ship is. Great job shooting, editing, and explaining what you do.

    68. William Mesmer

      You've made some incredible progress... and it only cost you the tip of your finger (yak yak yak)!

    69. Brandon Laumer

      This is the reason IThomes was created.

    70. M.Harris

      Who works out the initial plan? Where you had the drawings on the loft floor, who works out the radius’s and bevels etc? Thanks great vid

    71. Bishop0178

      Dude you guys are awesome, i have seen the jig to flatten stock only with a router. Using it with a planer is a brilliant idea

    72. Serg Cvetkov

      Hello, at 10:41 what glue and resine do you use to fix the frame?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        hi Serg, they are not using glue & resin. The orange coating is 'red lead primer', it's a toxic paint to prevent rot. The black goo is 'bitumen roofing tar', it fills the spaces where water might get in. Sometimes they use a yellow liquid to hammer in the trenails & wedges, that is 'raw linseed oil', it's just a lubricant. In general, glue or epoxy is not used. For some small repairs or inserts, they use 'polyurethane resin'.

    73. BRUDAS Dm

      I spotted a west port charter boat on Craigslist named Tally Ho.

    74. Frost Roxie

      Looks Orange 🍊

    75. Tyler Dobson

      What does something of this scale cost?

      1. Frederick Stibbert

        Leo doesn't make much mention of costs, but he's spent ~US$45K for the Purpleheart & Live Oak timber. Add in all the pine lumber, plywood, coatings, fasteners & tools - well, you get the idea.

    76. razvan isa

      Bravo respekt 🤝❤🤝

    77. Andrzej Cichy

      Nice boat. As if I had tickets I would be happy to help you whit this boat. But naw I have to finish my one😁😉See how I'm doing😄

    78. Iain McClatchie

      Why are the frames butt-joined rather than scarf joined? It seems you are getting just half the strength that you should be getting from those frames.

      1. Iain McClatchie

        @Frederick Stibbert Thank you for the reply! I'm confused how the fastener issue drives the lack of scarf joints. I am speaking from ignorance, but just from watching videos the Arabella team seems to make simple unbolted 12-1 scarf joints with very little work. Staircased scarfed futtocks seem like they would be significantly stronger than staircased butted futtocks, even without any clench bolts, for a minor increase in workload. Is there a downside to scarf joints besides the extra 15 inches of material on each side and the overnight gluing step?

      2. Frederick Stibbert

        hi Iain, it's true that there's a lot of unrealized potential strength. In a much larger ship, the futtocks of a single frame would be scarfed & face-bolted together. HMS Victory (100 times the displacement of Tally Ho) is fastened in this way, but like Tally Ho, the adjacent frames stair-case their futtock joints & are side-fastened together. V's futtocks are 15" wide & up to 15" deep, while TH's are 2-1/2" wide & 3-1/2" deep. V's futtocks are wide enough to support 2 x 1-1/4" copper clench-bolts at each end of the scarf, similar to TH's keel scarf-joint. TH's futtocks aren't wide enough - the face-fasteners transfer the stress in the direction of the wood grain, which is not nearly as resistant as the across-the-grain strength that the side-fasteners lever against.

    79. Mark Troiani

      Leo you’ve created a shipyard! 10 years from now you’ll be in Bristol doing this in your own place keeping the craft alive! Very inspirational.

    80. Tizona Amanthia

      your hair. is extremely distracting; I can't tell if it's just extreme bedhead, or if it's actually a hair style...

    81. Kevin Behr

      Looking good Leo :) :)

    82. Tom McCarten

      A wonderful education....thank you for all your hard work.

    83. bashmentist

      Starting to look beautiful now👍

    84. atassano2001

      Leo. You are doing it very well!! Congrats from Argentina!!

    85. David Shaw

      Arrrgh, I've just binged on 54 episodes straight. Now I have to wait?? Sheeze. I'm totally sucked in. Great stuff. First subscription where I've hit the bell, but the bell doesn't work. Doesn't matter, I'll be looking for the next one anyway. Cheers.

    86. Little Bear canoe company

      My hats 🎩 off to Leo and all his fine volunteers. Everyone involved will go away with a learning tool for the future. Great work indeed.

    87. Sailor376also

      ",,and I am on a mission to rebuild and restore this,," Leo, It is becoming obvious to me, this is neither a rebuild, or a restoration. You thus far have utterly replaced every piece that you have come to. Your lofting is from the original plans. At some future point the only thing reused on this vessel may be the exact space she sat in, and the name of the vessel. This is becoming a new build based upon the old plans. And what a magnificent build you are creating.

      1. on4xb

        "She will have her original lead ballast keel, some planking, other re-used original timber, and various bits of hardware, as well as the continuity of looking like the same boat in any one given day. According to Lloyds, the Greeks (see ship of Theseus), the wooden-boat community, and myself, it will be the same boat! But, people are free to disagree and call it what they want." Leo Goolden

    88. Tom P

      Will there be any original parts or wood on the ship when it's finished?

    89. Larry Sorenson

      Just a joy to observe from Arizona. No fake drama, no personal conflict, just nice people coming together under the hand of a leader to achieve a goal; an ambitious goal. Wonderful. Leaders with this skill, knowledge, organizational ability and HUMILITY are uncommon. We are lucky to see him in action.

    90. Byrdog

      Thanks for this one Leo; I was thoroughly captivated. Speechless and satisfied. 🙂

    91. John Bender

      Best produced video yet; edited superb!

    92. Nicholas Sway

      I wish this was named "What the Futtock!"

    93. Shaun Toomey

      What a lot of Futtocking about. :p

    94. john dunlavey

      9:47.. . . ." Stack it, Clamp it, Drill it, Unstack it, Paint it, Stack it again, . . .Wack some Trunnels through it" Might be lyrics to some song. Rough sawn on the Ship Saw.

    95. ShortStop

      Thicknessing machine. It's a planer.

      1. Tony Grimes

        In UK it's a *Thicknesser*

    96. CJ Schmitt

      Flathead screws ?????? BLASPHEMY !!!!!

    97. Richard Johnson

      At this point, isn't it going to be a recreation when everything is said and done? Maybe a winch, or porthole from the original? You guys are basically building a new boat.

      1. Tony Grimes

        Read about Ship of Theseus


      That yard band saw is magnificent! What a beast!...Working with wood, is so rewarding! Appropriately; Tally Ho! Oh Ye shipwrights!

    99. Guilherme Cotta

      I wonder what's gonna be left from the original boat wood in the structure

    100. Harold McBroom

      That's pretty awesome! God gave you some great skills :) By the title, one such as myself, not versed in shipwrighting could easily think this was a video covering the lifespan of some exotic fish called a "Futtock" :) ...but what amazes me even more, is where you happened to find a piece of paper as big as a boat... Put a paper that size on the floor in some houses, you may find some dog has left a surprise :)